Comedy Nights With Kapil 6th July 2014 Colors, Yo Yo Honey Singh – Sneak Peek Snapshot

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Comedy Nights With Kapil - Yo Yo Honey Singh Episode 92

Guest on the show: Yo Yo Honey Singh – Rapper, Singer, Music producer, Actor.

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Kapil welcomes all  and comes on stage while dancing like a rapper and then asks a question to Siddhu, when did he danced last time ? Siddhu responds on his marriage day. Kapil replies which means Siddhu didn’t get a chance afterwards. Siddhu speaks that from the time the actress Malika Sherawat has opened up he has stopped dancing bringing laughter. Kapil speaks that audience sitting at home and also at the studio will be happy and in dancing mood since today’s guest is from Hoshiyarpur, Hirdesh Singh. Soon, singer Yo Yo Honey Singh comes on stage while singing Lungi Dance song while dancing with girls.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Yo Yo Honey Singh

Kapil welcomes him and speaks that it is now confirmed that Honey Singh is an international star since half of europe is dancing with him. Bua comes on stage and speaks in a romanticizing voice that her honey has came. Bitti makes a taunt on Bua that even Paan wala Dubey didn’t woo her, so how could Honey singh will try to impress her ? Bua wants Honey singh to organize a show with him in Dubai and Honey S. replies fine. Bua is happy but Bittu makes another taunt that when speaks of Dubai, the people will think her as mad and direct her to arabian sea. Bua speaks of having a big sponsor who has lots of money and can fund the show for her Honeyy.. and touches his chin. Bua then invites the sponsor who turns out to be Ramu – the ex-servant of Bittu’s family who had made fortune in Dubai. Bittu informs to Honey S. about Ramu and also suggests that he sells Pakodas in dubai. Ramu greets Honey S. and asks him does he know where dubai is located ? Honey S. replies just near here.. with a laugh. Ramu wants to organize a show with all surety, and speaks that the audience will be 12 to 13 people. Bittu responds that Honey S. goes on tours with 12 to 13 staff members, and Ramu speaks of regarding them as audience. Honey S. also have fun with audience and gives a bike ride to a girl on Bittu’s luna.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Yo Yo Honey Singh with a girl fan

Ramu speaks that nobody mingles with him in Dubai, there are few sheikhs who doesn’t mingle with him, and also there are few camels with whom he doesn’t want to mingle with. Sooner, Bua asks about the fee of Honey S. Ramu speaks that there is lots of money so no problem. Honey S speaks that as Ramu had been a servant of Kapil paaji (Bittu) so he will get a discount of 50 % and thereafter the total amount comes to 1 crore (10 million INR). Ramu speaks that there is no problem of money but he sells Pakodas in dubai. Honey S. also reiterates the similar extremes and suggests that he can do either work for free because of love or with high fee. Bittu wants to act as a negotitator and suggests Ramu to pay 7.5 million INR, but Ramu speaks that 0.2 million INR as the suitable amount for them. Bittu speaks that when Honey S. sings Yo Yo the bill is already 5 million and after hearing it Ramu wants to speak those dialogues himself bringing smiles.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Bua pampering Honey Singh

As bittu insists much for 7.5 million amount, Ramu speaks to take singer kailash kher instead of Honey S. Ramu also suggests to sing like him on stage with which people will be impressed. Honey S also wants to perform for free just for Bua.. Ramu wants him to sing a song as an advance. Honey Singh sings the song – Kudiye ni tere brown rang ne Munde patt te ni saare mere town de song (International villager album) and ends with Yo Yo Honey singh. Ramu also informs Kapil that he is now done with the show as he has already sang and dance with Honey S. Sooner, Pankhudi (palak’s mother) calls for Honey singh from the 1st floor and runs to meet him. Also, Daadi is on stage. Pankhudi confronts Daadi and speaks why she has taken her guest at their home ? Bittu responds that how can she speak about her guest and its to be noted that her own husband didn’t came to her home since 9 years.

As always, Pankhudi and Daadi engage in fight, and Honey S. declares Daadi as winner of the fight. Daadi decides to stop the violence on that day and instead play violin and informs the same to Pankhudi and suggests they will become friends and dance. Daadi, Pankhudi, and Honey S. grooves on the song Aaj Blue Hain paani song from the movie Yaariyan, and after some dance Daadi and Pankhudi again engage in fight. Kapil signs off the show wishing audience to keep smiling and watching his show.

Additional Info:
* Yo Yo Honey Singh was born as Hirdesh Singh in Delhi, India and went on to study at the Trinity School in the United Kingdom.
– Honey’s Singh works as – Indian rapper, music producer, singer and film actor.
– Some of the hit songs which he sang are:
Lungi Dance (Chennai Express), Party All Night (Boss),
– Music genres – Desi Hip Hop, Punjabi, Bhangra, R&B
– Composed music from movies – Mere Dad Ki Maruti, Bajatey Raho, Chennai Express & Boss, Chaar Botal Vodka (Ragini MMS 2), Party With The Bhoothnath (Bhootnath returns).
– Some of his recent Awards:
-> MTV EMA Awards – Best India Act 2013 for “Bring me Back
-> Zee Cine Awards 2014 for International Icon Male
-> BIG Star Entertainment Awards – Co-winner of Most Entertaining Singer (Male) for 2013.
– Read more about him at his Wikipedia page and at his Twitter page.

Image credit: Twitter page of Colors TV and official Twitter page of Comedy Nights.

Sneak Peek of CNWK with Honey Singh: 6th July
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