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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Disaster Mini Series Story 4, Episode 50

Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Disaster Mini Series – 4th Story

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Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show, welcomes all and speaks that there are still many communities in India where if the girl decides to live according to her believes then the punishment is meted out to her which is death. He speaks about today’s story is of Rakshit and Jeeya.

The story is set in Delhi 2012, and the story starts with jeeya’s father speaking with a hired killer/contractor about his daughter’s friend Jeeya killing by tomorrow (Poornima night). He speaks that for him the respect comes first and he will not accept his daughter’s marriage with  a boy from another caste. Furthermore, he promises to kill his own daughter while the hired killer has to end Jeeya’s life. The hired contractor informs that he has already assigned his most trusted man to put a full stop in Jeeya’s life and also suggests that the man himself doesn’t know to whom he is putting off.

Rakshit is seen doing kick boxing and practising hard and is informed by the same hired contractor about the delivery which he has to deliver the next day with much care. Rakshit speaks whether he has done any mistake until now just to prove a point on his efficiency. The hired contractor asks him whether he is not worried about his life when doing his work and Rakshit replies that he has make friendship with dangers. Rakshit is also reminded of the rules which he himself has set – not opening the parcels or checking it, not informing anyone about it, and if caught then he doesn’t need to speak his name or other’s name. Rakshit speaks that he is just bothered about payments, and is not bothered about parcel. He prepares to get the parcel next day and awaits his advance payment.

Next day, Rakshit comes to take the parcel in his car and then his car is taken by the hired contractor so as to load the parcel. Soon, Rakshit gets a call from a police inspector who wants him to end his illegal activities and surrender. The policeman also gives him assurance to lessen his punishment. Rakshit responds that he just works in delivering parcels of people, and is not doing illegal work. The policeman informs him that once he comes to know of his activities then he will teach a lesson. The hired contractor comes and speaks of loading the parcel in his car and also pays Rakhsit the fee for his work and gives him a small bag of cash. Rakshit looks at the parcel which is a big carton and is informed that he has to keep the parcel by next morning on Delhi’s highway. He speaks with the hired contractor that never before he was told to keep the parcel on a highway and he is also informed to go only by road. He also speaks that he was not told how to go (train, bus) to his destination.

The hired contractor doesn’t want any questions from him and wants him to do his work as told. He also informs Rakshit that if there is some problem on his way then he call his mobile. Rakshit responds to him to have assurance on his name and work. Rakshit drives with his car and soon hears some noise from his car, and then stops the car. He takes out the box and then sees the box to move. He becomes amused and is shocked and then takes out a small knife while remembering about the rule set by him and the contractor. Nevertheless, he opens the box and from the box Jeeya jumps out and falls on him and he looks at her. Jeeya is tied at her hands and mouth. She begins to run from there and he calls what the hell after realizing the situation. He follows her as she runs and soon both fell and he falls over her. Sooner, he carries her over his shoulders and reaches his car [Ek Villain Tune plays].

He speaks of opening her mouth and unlocking hands so that she can drink water but takes a promise from her that she will not shout. She agrees and he gives her a water bottle for drinking. He cuts the tape around her mouth and then she drinks the water. He speaks of breaking his rule after opening the parcel and wants her to go again inside the box. She requests him dearly to sit outside the box. But he speaks of not breaking the rule anymore. She speaks that he looks a good man and he responds of not being a good man. He speaks that for the first time he is facing such situation where his parcel contained a human. She suggests to him that how come he is sure since it might be the case that earlier too there might have been people inside his parcel. On that note, Rakshit looks at Jeeya, and again carries to put her inside the box. She speaks that she put inside the box during her unconscious state and wants him to kill her instead. He responds that thing is not in his contract. She promises to not disturb him and also cites that her last wish is to take outside air before death. He looks at her and agrees to her wish and keeps the empty box back  inside his car. She sits with him on the front seat beside him and he begins to drive.

She introduces herself as Jeeya and asks his name. He responds parcel and then informs that she is just a parcel for him and nothing more. He then asks her how does she knew that she is going to die. She speaks of being a danger for someone that’s the reason she will be killed. Sooner, the car breaks down and finds his tyre punctured. She finds the car’s keys and decides to flee but Rakshit comes there and stops her plan. He then ties her hands with robes. She informs him that his car is not getting ignition and has problems after which he tries to start the car but in vain [Ghoome Banjare song plays]. He learns that a garage and car repair is nearby and walks with her. He reaches K.F. Garage (car mechanic centre) and he informs her to not shout after going inside, and warns that if she does then he will put her back inside the box. Both goes inside and he speaks with the car mechanic there about his car’s problem. He wants the car mechanic to go to his car which is parked at 5 Kms away and bring the car, and he himself will wait for him and also take care of the garage.

He gives his assurance of taking care of his garage and not stealing anything and to prove his honesty he gives the mechanic his expensive watch. Jeeya speaks of going to the washroom, and he takes her there. She continues to fall on him and both share warm eyelocks. He wants her to freshen up fast and she replies that even she has less time left. Rakshit speaks of staying at the same garage for the whole night after she asks him whether she will binded for the whole night. He replies yes. She suggests him to kill her now instead of binding her. He asks why she always speak of either getting killed or killing and informs her that he is not a contract killer and just works in delivery of parcels. She makes a taunt on his work. He unlocks the robes ties around his hands, and he asks whether she does something apart from his excessive talking. She wants to do one final work before her death, and then asks him why he is not interested to know about her death. He doesn’t want to involve in such matters, and she informs him that he was involved in her matter when he opened the parcel. He speaks that everybody will die one day so why to think on it much.

Jeeya opens up on the entire story and speaks that she is not worried about her life but is actually worried about her friends life who will be killed in the name of respect and then informs him about honor killing. She speaks that his best friend will be the victim of honor killing and cries. He looks at her suavely and wants to give a water bottle and hesitates to touch her but eventually touches her and gives her the bottle to drink. She drinks water and show some care towards her through his eyes and face. She speaks about her best friend Deeksha who fell in love with Dhairya in college even after knowing that they belong to two different communities. They didn’t leave each other sides, and Dhairya was send out from his home while Deeksha’s father after learning that both married in temple has decided to kill his daughter and husband by sending his men. She speaks that Deeksha loves his father much as she didn’t get mother’s love. Moreover, she speaks that Deeksha has never thought in her dreams that her own father will take her life. Rakshit speaks that such things are happening in today’s time and educated people are doing as well.

Jeeya then informs that she tried to help Dhairya and Deekha in their escape but she was caught and now know that they will be killed. He asks her how does she know of their killing ? She responds on hearing a talk about it and also knows the place of killing. She makes a taunt at him and suggests that with his help he is encouraging those people to commit such grave crime. He speaks of doing his work but she replies that he is doing the wrong work, and its not a fearless work, and calls him afraid of getting involved in situations like the one of her. He is not listening to her words (shut-up message). She wants him to help her in protecting Deeksha and Dhairya’s life so that they can die peacefully. He then asks her why is she doing all these things and even so big sacrifice ? She speaks of not been in love, and after seeing Dhairya and Deeksha’s endearing love wishes that she herself see such love in her life. Both faces their back and Rakshit ponders on her thought and she also adds of becoming a better person after seeing their love and carries a smile on her face.

Rakshit speaks to himself of not helping a person before but after helping Jeeya feels that he  himself is becoming a good person and then contemplates whether he is in …… with her and carries a smile as well and then looks at her. She also sees him looking towards her, and then she makes a request to him – either to kill or leave her. In a heavy voice, he asks whether to put her back inside the box, and then touches her shoulders, and wants her to sleep and wishes good night. She begins to feel something for him.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that in the name of honor, the crime is taking place in our society, and Jeeya stood against that crime and felt it was important to do so. Even Rakshit was inspired by her, and even he felt embarassed as he always thought himself to be daring and fearless.

Rakshit does some kick-boxing there at the garage, and speaks to himself that Jeeya though haven’t fallen in love but understand the feelings of other’s love and is even ready to give her life for that love. Sooner, he gets a call from the hired killer who asks him whether the parcel will be delivered by next morning. Rakshit asks him parcel or girl. The hired contractor speaks of giving double payment and wants him to kill the girl and also promises to remove his name from police records. He becomes angry but speaks of completing the work. Jeeya comes to him and he replies of helping her and she asks whether it is true and feels very relieved and happy. He asks about the place where her friends will be attacked. She speaks of a village close to their current position around 2 to 3 hours from there and its name is Gamnagar. He asks when his friend will be coming there and she replies by tomorrow night. She also speaks that Gamnagar is an isolated place therefore Bhuvensh patthan does all his illegal activities from there.

He asks why she didn’t inform police ? She speaks of informing the police but they didn’t take any action because of Bhuvensh’s name and didn’t listen to her. He then calls his policeman well-wisher and informs that on night tomorrow there will be a honor killing of two people in Gamnagar and he will know all the thing, and disconnects the call. She asks him that if police comes there then he will be arrested. He responds yes if they come, and she then asks him why he wants to be arrested and why is putting his life in danger for her ? He replies on not knowing the answer and she replies of knowing him as a good person. He reiterates that he is not a good person, but she calls him a good person at least for her. She asks him why and looks at his face with sincere emotions. He wants her to come with him as it is getting late, and she informs that now she is not a parcel for him and smiles. He replies that she is jeeya for him and he is Rakshit and he then offers his hand and both go together.

Both of them reaches the village, and the rickshaw puller informs him that nobody wants to stay in that village as there is a curse and also suggests them to go from there. She speaks more about Bhuvensh’s bad works and suggests that all superstitions are spread by Bhuvnesh so that he can carry on with all his illegal activities. Moreover, he also does all the bad things by Muhurat and cites that tonight is poornimasi which is most suitable for him to carry out his crime. He looks at her and smiles and also informs her that she knows a lot of things and also nobody will do so many big things for a friend. Jeeya speaks that Deeksha is her childhood friend and also she has filled the void of her own parents. She also speaks of coming to that village with Deeksha during their childhood and cites that the swing there to be her favorite. She begins to take some rounds with the swing there, and Rakshit looks at her with a cute smile on his face. [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays..]. Sooner, Rakshit receives a call from the contractor and he again replies of doing the work.

Jeeya takes him to the temple there and she begins to pray while Rakshit continues to look at her. They spend more time together and she begins to prepare tea there and gets something in her eye and is comforted by Rakshit who comes to help her and holds her face. Both look at each other and share eyelocks and smiles and then drink tea as the night approaches [Yeh hai aashiqui title song plays]. She brings some Jamun fruit for him and he asks her whether she doesn’t get fear to end the honor killing believe. She asks him whether he is not afraid of police and his arrest. Soon, Bhuvensh with his men comes in a car with Deeksha and Dhairya and he starts to thrash Dhairya. On their end, Rakshit hugs Jeeya and she wants him to take care of himself and he responds to her the same and leaves.

Deeksha wants her father to kill her and he responds on killing her since she brought disrepute to his family’s respect. He speaks on first killing her husband and then will be her killing. Rakshit comes and beats Bhuvensh men’s who were just about to kill Dhaiya. After gaining upper hand and thrashing his men, Rakshit is stopped and captured since Bhuvensh’s get hold of Jeeya and puts a knife around her neck. When Bhuvensh slaps Jeeya, Rakshit makes himself free from men, and thrashes men, and carries a sword to stab Bhuvnesh to death. She stops him in committing the murder and speaks that he is a good person. Rakshit speaks that he has slapped her and then the police comes there with their men and arrests Bhuvensh. The policeman also arrests Rakshit and speaks that  he has finally helped them. Jeeya speaks to the policeman to leave Rakshit since he has helped the police in stopping the crime and is also a good person. Rakshit with a smile on his face informs her that he is not a good person but going to become a good person. She holds his hand and speaks of waiting for him because she got the feeling of love and have realized it, and hugs him. She speaks of waiting for him but he asks her to not wait for him since he is a criminal and before going with police wants her to keep smiling.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Rakshit will be completing seven years of his sentence as of now, and very soon Rakshit and Jeeya will be together soon. He signs off by saying – Keep falling in love guys !

Info on Cast:
* Rakshit is played by actor Shaleen Bhanot
– Shaleen was born on November 15, 1982 in Jabalpur.
– He is married to actress Daljit Kaur Bhanot.
– MTV Roadies (2004); Saat Phere as Karan (Zee TV, 2005)
– Nach Baliye 4 winner, Star Plus (2009) and Host of Nach Baliye 5 with his wife Daljit.
– Sajda Tere Pyaar Mein as Ranveer, Star Plus, 2012
– Read more at his Wikipedia page.

* Jeeya is played by actress and model Shamin Mannan
– Shamin Mannan is known as Shaminn and was born on 11th june 1991 in Dibrugarh, Assam, India.
– Role of Aditi in Zee TV’s Banoo Main Teri Dulhann and of Lolita in Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg on Colors TV, both roles were of parallel leads.
– Recently, played the lead role of Bhoomi in Sanskaar on Colors TV, the show recently ended on 30th April 2014 and got much appreciation and recognition.
Twitter page of Shaminn

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