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The Anupam Kher Show - SRK and Anupam Kher

Anupam ji – the grand host with a smile on his face welcomes all to his show – The Anupam Kher Show : Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai and speaks on returning to television after 14 years. He speaks that his show is not scripted, highlights aspirations, and its based on positiveness and truth. He calls the guests as his friends, and its not gossip whatever they speak is from their heart which will touch your heart as well. Anupam ji cites few examples of anything can be possible in life. First, he speaks of Mahatma Gandhi who gives us freedom and his clothes were simple and wore a Dhoti, then speaks of Lal Bahadur Shastri (3rd Prime Minister of India) who in his childhood used to walk 10 kms a day for his study.

Moreover, if Anupam Kher can make a mark in Indian cinema then anything is possible. Friends, we live with wishes to realize our dreams and wants to reach zenith and life to be successful. He speaks of his own dream to become an actor which he realized, and now with his show today he wants to dedicate it to the acting stage or platform (Rangmanch). Anupam ji wants people to wake up to fulfill their dreams and shares a quote that – The dreams are just a reflection of desires. He speaks that we all have the same strength from God but only few handful knows the strength and realizes their wishes while the rest lead a sad life.  He speaks that people became pessimistic and started to not look for good things and we look for bad things. He cites that a sad person will find difficulties in every opportunity while a forward looking person will find opportunity in every difficulty. Anupam ji welcomes all and speaks that today’s guest (SRK) is an example of success, his achievements has been precious motivation for people in his own country and abroad. He has fulfilled all his dreams and calls SRK the luckiest person.

Drafting behind Shah Rukh Khan’s Journey – Part 1

Anupam ji adds the attributes – hardwork, mercy, confidence, courage are the ones which he owns is unmatched with others. He introduces SRK as the undisputed Baadshah of hindi movies and then King Khan. SRK comes on the song (Har Ghadi Badal Rahi Zindagi from Kal Ho Na Ho movie) and hugs Anupam ji. SRK speaks that Anupam has been his co-actor for the most times, and also he never did a villain role with him. SRK speaks how come Anupam ji played the role of his father when he was actually India’s best villain. Anupam ji replies that that he gets love from him while he instills in him the value of respect. SRK responds thank you and says Daddy cool cool and Anupam ji responds my son fool fool. Both were humorous at that time and gets applause from the audience.

Anupam Ji to SRK: Do you know Abdul Rahman ?

SRK: He doesn’t know anybody and then speaks that his maternal grandmother (Naani) has given him the name Abdul Rahman during his birth. He was a bit surprised when Anupam ji asked him that question since very few people know about it. SRK’s grandmother wanted his name to be Abdul Rahman and moreover he speaks that it was not registered. He then humorously speaks that if he used the same name and the movie Baazigar has introduced him with that name then it would not have matched well. SRK in and as Baazigar sounds better. SRK speaks that he got his current name from his father, and his sister’s name is Lala Rukh which is based on a big poem, and also his father has a female horse at that time sharing the same name as his sister. He speaks on the meaning of his name Shah Rukh which is Prince like face. He humorously speaks that he refers himself as Prince Charles face as he has a long nose. He goes back to his earlier name of Abdul Rahman set by his grandmother and speaks that he was teased by his cousins during his growing up years. They used to sing about a girl with a similar name – Rahmaniya. On that note, he speaks to people whoever is named Abdul Rahman is good, but he wants to have his name for himself. After Anupam ji informs his name to be unique, SRK suggests that both their names will be one and unique.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK's Naani gave him name - Abdul Rahman

Anupam ji: Asks SRK about his plans to join army ? Whether it was passion or like young kids ?
SRK:  speaks of joining the army because of his heart, and also informs of taking an admission in an army school. He speaks of his interests in different sports – Field Hockey, Cricket, Football and Athletics. He thinks that in army school we get more opportunities for sports and athletics hence he took admission in schools located in either mount Abu or Kolkata. Sooner, he learnt that he needed to cut his hairs and keep them short and then Anupam ji asks him whether he didn’t join army because of short hair. He speaks that there will be a controversy if he spoke in that way. He cites that his mother didn’t sent him to army school since he was the only male child, and speaks about being brought up by women – aunts, sister. They became dramatic and his mother after thinking for 1 1/2 month decided to not let him join an army school. He speaks of being adopted by his grandmother until 5 years, and he stayed during that time in Bangalore/Mangalore and after completing 5 years, his mother brought him back with her. They decided to not make him an army man, and wished to make him an engineer. Now their wish is fulfilled as he has become an engineer bringing laughter on Anupam ji and audience’s face.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK not considered him good looking or good actor

Anupam Ji: What does his father wanted him to become ?
SRK:  He speaks that his father never told him what to become since when he was just 15 years old when his father died. But he continues to remember couple of things which his father has told him,
(1) Become one in which you have utmost interest and what your heart says.
(2) He was very close to his father and was like a friend to him. He speaks on his father’s words which said – Do work, and if you don’t do anything then that is also fine since who doesn’t do anything is also wonderfu (Kamaal).

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK's philosophy on who don't do anything-Kamaal

SRK speaks that his father was poetic and wants him to play hockey as he himself used to play hockey. Thus, he learnt hockey as his father wanted him to play sports. Anupam ji asks him about his father’s work ? SRK replies that he used to do surprising things (kamaal). On a serious note, he speaks that his father was a lawyer but he didn’t practice it and according to him his father was the youngest freedom fighter and at the age of 14-15 years he went to jail as part of freedom movement, and even stood elections against Maulana Abul Kamal Azad and even lost. He speaks of his father’s business after the freedom movement, first of furniture, transportation, restaurant and all of them failed. He speaks that his father got a small Kiosk as he was a freedom fighter at Willingwell hospital in Delhi. His father used to sell tea there. He speaks that his father was well educated – MA, LLB, and whatever he knows he learnt from his father. Furthermore, his father didn’t join politics, and also not took advantage of his freedom fighter and was very honest and during his last days of life, he used to run mess/canteen at National School of Drama (NSD)

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK's father youngest freedom fighter

Anupam ji speaks that he joined NSD in 1975 and stayed until 1978, and learnt that SRK’s father has worked until 1974 and then asks SRK whether he has seen all actors there in NSD. SRK speaks of a strange reason that he became an actor since no one in his family thought he will do acting. He speaks that during his formative years while he was studying at Columbus school at Gol Market area and he used to pick up his sister from Modern school at 12 Cross roads (Bara Khamba) and her school ends at 3:30 to 4:00 pm. From 1 to 4 PM time slot he was free and used to go and sit at NSD and he was brought up there are one of the great actors of India, they are Rohini Hatangadi ji, Rajesh Vivek, Surekha Sikri, Raj Babbar, Ajit Vachani , Raghuveer Yadav. They used to love him a lot, and Anupam ji speaks that those people were his seniors. Alkazi was the director of NSD then, he used in his lap in an old fort and there was double casting studies and he then speaks a dialogue as he remembered time until now and he speaks that dialogue from Razia Sultana – Yeh Durust Hai Ki Main Ghulam Hoon Mithi ka Siya Jise Khadma ke Neeche Rong Diya gaya Ho Lekin Hame Ek Sab Rutba Deta Hain..Khuda Hame Khoon ya Rang se Nahi.. Amal se Parakta Hain..

Anupam ji praises SRK and gets an applause from audience after his dialogue. He also speaks on seeing Manohar and Tukhlaq, Sooraj Ka Saathwa Ghoda plays as he used to be around there and used to see aspiring actors doing rehearsals and playing chess. He speaks that the atmosphere there might have made him the actor but he didn’t thought at that time.

Anupam ji to SRK: Why did he said that his father is the most successful failure on one occasion?
SRK: speaks that his father was soft, intelligent, soft-spoken with a great sense of humor. He saw his father last time when he was 15 years old and his father had left him too early. Anupam ji speaks of the last vision of his father, SRK speaks that one is very sad and says that his father came home as doctors told he is fine from cancer and he asked for vanilla icecream which he asked for after 8 months. The family thought that his father is fine now and the time was around midnight when he ate it. He went to sleep and his mother woke him up and informed him that his father is again taken to the hospital and it was around 3 to 4 PM. He went to hospital and touched his leg and it was cold as he had passed away and speaks that the last vision of seeing his father was the one of him eating ice-cream.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK regards his father as most successful failure

Anupam ji speaks that he is sorry to revive the old memories and then asks him when his mother died.
SRK: speaks that his father died in 1981 and his mother died in 1991 after a gap of 10 yrs.  His mother was alone after his father’s death and they were still in shock of father’s death and then his mother died. She wants to educate her children and only after her death he came to know that she took loans from people and put efforts for their education.  He speaks that his sister is an MA. LLB and he is a Master though he didn’t complete his studies. He speaks that during that time it was much difficult to pay even the fees but his mother used to work to take care of them. It took another 5 years to recover from his mother’s death and speaks that his mother was healthy and suddenly she got diabetes and died within the next 45 days.

Anupam ji: speaks on SRK praying at a parking lot of the hospital when his mother was battling out for life, and suggests that he was praying so his mother will not pass away.
SRK: He speaks that his mother was in ICU at Batra hospital and was told someone that until he continue prayers, God will listen to him and will not take any action. He speaks of a Dua – Nasruminallah wa Fathun Qareeb [SRK spoke the same dua in his movie Chak De India] which means God give me strength to win in all situations and he was told to recite 100 times. The doctor came to him and said that he can go to the ICU at first he didn’t want to go but later went as his sister and other said it is very important for him to go. He speaks of his believe that the human will leave this world when he is satisfied. He cites that if someone tells him to leave the world leaving behind his children, then he will say to that person that will not happen. Unless he is satisfied that his children will be fine then he will decide to go. SRK speaks on his theory of life that humans leave the world when he is fully satisfied. He comes back to his presence in the ICU to see his mother and there he did wrong as she spoke wrong things that he will not take care of his sister if she dies, and other things like he will not study, not take care of himself, so to make her unsatisfied so she doesn’t leave the world. He speaks that she went away because she might have a believe that he will take care of himself and his sister, and speaks that God knows better about it.

Anupam Ji: Asks SRK that he wears flat and ironed Pyajamas so that whoever comes in his dreams he will be seen in good clothes ?
SRK: He will never wear Pyajamas. He wears shorts or tracks during his sleep. Furthermore, suggests that the person looks a bit fool when wears Pyajamas so he will never wear it. Anupam ji also speaks of not wearing Pyajamas since long time. Both of them gets a laugh. He also speaks of sleeping in his suit if he gets that wish, and sleeps in well-dressed manner.

Anupam Ji: Shah Rukh, Do you sleep on your back or on your stomach ?
SRK: shares a witty line it depends with whom he sleeps after which both laughs. Anupam ji asks him how does he sleep when alone ? SRK responds that he sleeps first upright but later shifts to sleeping on his back. Anupam ji speaks that it is a common belief that the king feels very lonely during his sleep. SRK speaks that he too feels lonely in night and also he sleeps for small time only for 3 to 4 hours. He also informs that even his family sleeps late at night because of him and furthermore he does cheating with them and sleep more later than them. He feels alone at night and speaks of his belief that it is essential for creative people to stay late at night because the quiet nature of nature will shower new ideas to mind and heart. He speaks of reading, watching TV, and regards nights are lonely.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK does not wear Pyjamas in night

Anupam ji: first crush after seeing an actor ? he speaks after seeing a girl Oh my mother ?
SRK:  makes a small taunt on Anupam ji for calling the mother after seeing the girl and thinks of it as old style romance. He speaks on watching TV since at that time he was not allowed to go to cinemas. He speaks of his neighbour Arora, and coming to his first crush, he regards actress Mumtaz as his all time favorite, and also refers to her extremely sexy (though he doesn’t know whether it is appropriate to say so) and very beautiful. Anupam ji speaks why he is thinking so much before speaking and measuring his words and cites that he earlier spoke about controversy. SRK replies that nowadays people write anything they want and have time to write, they manipulate and give some other meaning of his saying. Anupam ji speaks that SRK’s special quality is to say spontaneously without thinking. SRK then takes back his sorry and whatever he said he holds on to it very much. Anupam ji speaks it is correct and gets an applause from the audience. He speaks of his favorite actor to be Balraj Sahni and the song to be Meri Zohra Jabeen from the movie Waqt and calls him very pleasant.

SRK’s parents favorite was Dilip Kumar and because of which he likes him, and his mother used to like Viswajeet who even thought that her son will look like Viswajeet in his adulthood. Anupam ji cites that even his mother used to like Viswajeet. He sings the song of Viswajeet – April fool banaya.. and used to watch his movies, and then speaks of his fondness for Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor. In the category of serious actors, he likes Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, and Anupam ji.

Anupam ji: How did he thought or planned to become an actor ?
SRK: speaks that he never wanted to become an actor. After his mother’s death in 1991, he did a TV serial because he got injured while playing football and he thought that his football career is ended. Around that time,  he was very worried and his teacher Barry John started a play – in which annie gives it those ones, and for that play it needs 80 girls and 10 boys and the play was by Lady Shri Ram College. He went for the audition in the evening as he was free and got the role of principal dancer and his line in the whole play was – I have a letter for you Annie and just needs to dance. SRK got the role in the TV show Fauji because the director  Karan Kapoor’s son opted to work in the show, and he instead got the role, and also informs that Karan kapoor was his neighbour just opposite to his home. He used to do Theatre as he has stopped playing sports and after Fauji became a hit he was at home and got a call from Harry Baweja from Mumbai. Anupam ji speaks that Harry was his class fellow. He also speaks that his mother wrote Harry baweja’s number on the wall after getting it on phone and cites that he will do anything even now for him.

SRK was told to come by Harry baweja to Mumbai with an opportunity in films, he didn’t do and sooner then received a call from Hema Malini’s niece who said that Hema ji wants to speak with him. At first he didn’t believe that Hema ji wanted to talk with him as he got a call at his home in Delhi and then speaks that he was not interested in acting. Anupam ji speaks then what you wanted to do ? SRK replies that he wanted to do kamaal (amazing things). He speaks on doing science, economics, and later did Mass Communication because he wanted to Ad films since they run for 30 seconds and also worked in Delhi for some Ad productions. SRK again comes back to his discussion about Hema ji’s phone call, he didn’t go and took the opportunity, and three months after his mother died. In Delhi, he was feeling bored and felt lonely and he came to Mumbai for 1 episode of Wagale Ki Duniya and worked with Saeed Mirza, Aziz Mirza, Ketan Mehta, and Kundan Shah. They were showering their love and also giving compliments on his acting. He felt very nice and Anupam ji speaks that he was good and stood out in Fauji. He speaks that he came to Mumbai for one year after his mother’s death for a change of scene and he was eating Lucky biryani in night and met producer Vivek Vaswani who asked him whether he wants to work in movies. He replied that he is doing good and speaks that he was working in TV show Circus at that time, and Vivek spoke that the movie is from G.P. Sippy and he also came to him next morning.

SRK was at the office of Aziz mirza and Vivek took him to G.P. Sippy (who was famous for Sholay and other hit movies). After looking at him, G.P. Sippy commented will he be a hero, his hairs look like a bear. SRK speaks that one thing let to another, and on that day he signed five films. He went to Hema ji who spoke that she will cast him because his noise is very aristocratic, Rajeev Mehra has signed him because some other hero didn’t do the film, Rakesh Roshan told him that his wife and children have told him to cast SRK for his film King Uncle, Deewana was made by Hema Malini’s relative and  G.P. Sippy’s Raju Bangaya Gentleman, thus on that day he signed five movies and decided that after working in those films for one year, he will go back to Delhi. He has told his friends from theatre Divya Seth, Deepika, Benny Thomas, Rituraj and Barry John all from his theatre group that he will come back in 1 year.  They are still waiting and some of them are here in Mumbai, and it has been 25 years since his arrival from Delhi and he didn’t went back again.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK signed five films in one day

Anupam ji asks SRK whether he thought that anything can be possible in life (Life mein kucch bhi ho sakta hai) after signing five films ?
SRK: speaks that for the first time when he came to Mumbai he even didn’t have the money to go back and he was standing at Oberoi’s hotel with his clothes not so clean, and spoke there that he faced many hardships in the city and is worried and also used to sleep on roads on few occasions. At that moment, he spoke to himself to come one day and own the city. He speaks that what he said at that time might be his childhood foolishness and didn’t speak of pride but regards of speaking it because he was angry with his situation. He  speaks on being alone at that time and cannot speak those words in front of people and carries a smile on his face. Anupam ji speaks whether he has spoke in mind or actually spoke. SRK responds that he spoke to himself those words. He then speaks of giving his acting short at convent villa in Hema ji’s presence and she first herself did acting in front of him and wanted him to follow her. She spoke the dialogue – Jab Chand Ko Dekh Kar.. She asks him whether he can enact the dialogue like her. He replied that only she can do it and also compliments that she is beautiful but he is not beautiful and wanted to do in his way. She agreed with him. While standing there, he thought that anything is possible in life, and even if you feel that nothing will happen then also anything is possible in life.

Anupam ji: So around that time, you met Gauri and she entered his life ?
SRK:  speaks that after three months of coming to Mumbai for work he married Gauri.
Anupam Ji: speaks that one hand SRK was not getting much work while he was in love with Gauri, and it is sort of a parallel track.
SRK: speaks that he met Gauri when she was 14 and he was 18 years. He speaks of parties in Delhi at that time where girls and boys used to sit on different sides and the boy needs to go to a girl and requests for a dance with her. At that time, he couldn’t speak to a girl which even he cannot do now as well. He speaks on being shy in his personal life and says that Anupam ji also knows about it. He speaks that if he goes to a girl and asks for a dance, then she will say NO and he will become fully dejected and sad at that moment. Anupam ji asks the audience who are the ones who will say no to a dance to SRK ? SRK speaks of not able to ask anything to a girl in his life. Anupam ji speaks that SRK is too shy which is very surprising and on other hand he is the Baadshah (King) of Romance.

SRK speaks that the ones who are shy are romantic while the ones who are outgoing cannot match well in romance. He speaks that he takes out his shyness on his work in movies. He studied at a segregated school St. Columbus in Delhi where there were no girls. He speaks that until 18 yrs, he never spoke with a girl but has grown up with some girls in his neighborhood. He speaks of not roaming in his neighborhood as Hero type and was called as Male Gadda as he used to run fast like a car. Moreover, in Delhi people are given names called Cheraye and even people and friends used to call him Maleaa.. and some of his friends name were Kalu, Binni, Bitthu, Gitti and Anupam ji speaks of a family in his neighbors whose children were named Tola, Pappad, Cheena, and from there he got the idea of his famous dialogue – Oh Gogi Oh Lolo Oh Papa. SRK  used to go to parties in white shirt and blue jeans, and speaks of never asked a girl for a dance. He saw his friend Ashok Vasan dancing with a girl and then wanted to dance with that girl, and his friend advised him to ask himself directly to the girl. He speaks of his three close friends – Ashok, Vivek and Raman. At that time Ashok requested the girl to dance with SRK and she agreed and then he danced with girl and found her nice, and asked for her telephone number. She agreed to give her number.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK was very shy to talk with girls when young

SRK speaks that the girl was the first one with whom he danced and also took the telephone no and says that he was fixated on her as she didn’t tell no to him and decided to make her as his partner. After 2 to 3 years, he asked her – Will you marry me ? He speaks at that time he used to have an Old fiat and he dropped her at her home in Panchsheel, and after saying  – Will you marry me ? he just left and even didn’t listen to her reply. He suggests that she might have said yes at that time since they married soon after. He speaks that she was the first girl whom he knew and when he went to become an actor, she didn’t like it since the actors reputation was not so good and also his marriage was inter-religion as she was Hindu Punjabi and he was Muslim Pathan and he was going to become an actor and also cites that his hair was like a bear (as told by G.P. Sippy during their first meeting).

He speaks that as of today if a boy who is like him and comes to ask for Suhana’s hand  (SRK’s daughter), apart from the religion part which he will not consider and if his hairs are like him and also preparing to become an actor and even his parents weren’t alive, then he will say no to him as well. So, he speaks that his in-laws at that time also said no to this proposal for marrying Gauri. But things were making them closer, and Gauri suggested him to speak with his maternal uncle and aunt regarding their marriage. He speaks of his brother-in law Vikrant who at that time was a Punjabi type mischievous guy and at that time everyone was like mischievous and Goonda (villain) type. Vikrant advised him in a funny manner to not trouble his sister (no hanky-panky) since his Mama’s (maternal uncle) biceps illuminates very well in moonlight bringing laughter to them. He speaks they are a beautiful family and has convinced them that he will take good care of their daughter, and soon became an actor in June and married in October. Moreover, their honeymoon was on the set of Hema Ji’s movie Dil Aashna Hai.

Anupam Ji: asks SRK, what was the quality of Gauri with which he was instantly got impressed with her ?
SRK: speaks that he didn’t met her before. Anupam ji speaks that after he starts to like her. He replies that don’t know its right or wrong to say, and then speaks that she was physically very attractive. Anupam ji speaks that’s a good answer and gets applause.
Anupam ji: speaks that SRK’s parents love story is very romantic as well ?
SRK: speaks that his parents love story was an amazing one. His father was the cousin brother of General Shahnawaz, and from red fort there was an announcement Mangal Dillon Shahnawaz which was their slogan. Shahnawaz uncle was from peshawar and his father used to walk with him at India Gate after having a dinner. His mother came with her father to see India Gate in Delhi around the time when his father was on a walk with Shahnawaz. His mother’s father was a chief engineer in Karnataka state and came with her daughter and family to see India gate. They met with an accident and their car was overturned, and his father and Shahnawaz uncle the two pathans helped in making the car come on its wheels again as the driver has ran away. In the car there, his mother, aunt and  mother’s father were there. The aunt got her lip cut and his mother have a memory loss after the accident while her father escaped unhurt. His mother needed blood and his father’s matched with his mother’s blood group and he decided to give his blood to her.

SRK’s father used to go everyday to see them and also carry food and during those meetings they fell in love. At that time, his mother was engaged (SRK speaks of not disclosing the name of that person since he is famous) and his father went to Bangalore and seek the hand of his mother. His mother’s family agreed to his proposal as he has helped them in distress and thinks of it as big favor from his part. He speaks that his Naani (maternal grand mother) also got a miscarriage after getting the news of her daughter’s marriage proposal and needed blood. Again, his father helped her and gave blood. SRK calls his father as the biggest blood donor in the world on a lighter note. The family was indebted to his father and they have four daughters, and suggested his father to marry one of them who is not engaged. His father insisted to marry his mother who was engaged at that time. The mother’s family as they were indebted to his father broke the engagement of their daughter and agreed to their marriage. SRK speaks at the age difference between his parents are of 13 years since at that time the age gap was not taken much into consideration for marriage. Anupam ji speaks that its a very great love story and wants SRK to make a movie on his parents lovestory. SRK speaks that he is afraid of giving blood otherwise he would have done it. He speaks of doing his father’s role as he cannot do his mother’s role bringing smile.

Anupam ji speaks that he thought SRK will give that role to his son.
SRK replies that if a good actor does that role that would be better right..Anupam ji wants him to be not nasty and then asks SRK what does his son wanted to become ? SRK responds that he gave him the same advice which he got from his father – The one who doesn’t do anything does wonders, do what is in your heart. Anupam ji asks him whether he used that line in films, SRK replies of not using the line in films until now. moreover, he speaks that is a wonderful line, and also informs that his father used to tell him that he used to walk barefoot and climb mountains at his age, and if you want to climb, then climb and if doesn’t want to do it then its also fine since who doesn’t do anything does wonders as well. He gets an applause from Anupam ji and audience.

Anupam ji: speaks that his parents used to do lot of poetry (Sher-Shayari) with each other ?
SRK:  speaks that his father was poetic, intelligent, well educated, soft and humorous and regards his sense of humor as getting from his father, and cites that his mother was a bit serious. He speaks that during his grown-up days he learnt a good things from his father, they were poor at that time and his father used to speak a lie to his wife that he is going to take his children for a movie but instead takes them to a centre near an auditorium. They were then told to look at cars, and from him he learnt poetry and his father even wrote a Diwaan for him. He speaks that his father loved creativity and the poetry he learnt from his father he is now passing on to his children and share with them poems and stories. SRK speaks on his believe that when you grow old whatever you learnt in your childhood comes back to help you out in times when you are not happy.

* To be Continued:: SRK’s rendezvous and talk with Anupam Ji will continue for next Sunday’s episode (13th July 2014) of The Anupam Kher Show @ 8 PM on Colors.

Next Episode: SRK speaks that he has no idea on how much he earns and how so many things happen to him. He kept a simple philosophy – Just wake up in morning and do your best work for that day, and if you feel of not giving your best on any day, then do more hardwork the next day. He regards his approach to be simple and basic. He speaks a witty line that one day after accomplishing all, he will sit and just wants to have some grams of fresh air. Anupam ji speaks that SRK is a bundle of energy and missed working with him in a movie. SRK responds that they are doing a film together now – Happy New Year. Anupam ji replies in that movie he is a doing guest appearance invoking a laughter.  A fan of SRK – Pallavi comes on stage and sits beside him on the sofa. SRK takes her hand and speaks the dialogue – Pallavi, Hum Ek Baar Jeeta Hain Hum Ek Baar Marte Hain.. Shaadi Bhi Ek Baar Hoti Hain..

Celebrities Guests coming on the show are:
– Akshay Kumar, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra; Sonam Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor; Kapil Sharma; Yuvraaj Singh; Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah; Alia and Mahesh Bhatt; Vidya Balan; Varun and David Dhawan; Kangana Ranaut

* Twitter pages of Anupam Kher, Shah Rukh Khan

Additional Notes:
* Anupam Kher was born on 7th march 1955. He has worked in 470 films till date and 100 plays. Apart from Bollywood, he has worked in Hollywood most notably the 2013 Oscar nominated movie – Silver Linings Playbook.
– Held the post of Chairman of the Censor Board and National School of Drama in India
– Honored with the Padma Shri in 2004 by the Government of India for his contribution to Indian cinema.
– Won the Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Comic Role five times, more than any other actor. Upcoming movie: Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania (Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt). Read more at his Wikipedia page.

* Rahman is an Arabic male name. In Islam, the name ar-Raḥmān, meaning “The Beneficent, The Most Merciful in Essence, The Compassionate, The Most Gracious” and Rahman is one of the 99 names of God in Islam. Rahman can be short for Abdur Rahman i.e. “servant of God”. Read more at its Wikipedia page.

* The play – Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai..’s director is Feroz Abbas Khan and the play length is 150 minutes. Incidentally, Bindass new show – Love By Chance’s tagline is also – Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai..Furtheremore, Anupam ji runs an acting school – Actor Prepares in Mumbai, India. Its website, and Twitter page.

* National School of Drama (NSD) is a theatre training institute situated at New Delhi, India. It is an autonomous public organization under Ministry of Culture, Government of India and was set up in 1959 by the Sangeet Natak Akademi. Read more about it at its Wikipedia page and its website.

* SRK and Anupam Kher were seen together in late Yash Chopra’s movie Jab Tak Hain Jaan, and Anupam ji playing the role of Katrina’s father and will be in SRK’s upcoming movie Happy New Year (HNY), but Anupam ji will be making a guest appearance in HNY as told during the 1st Episode of his show.

* After shooting with the veteran actor, SRK tweeted on Twitter,
– “It’s always nice to bare urself in front of people who have lived u unconditionally. Thanx Anupam for Kuch bhi ho sakta hai.”

Images credit: Twitter page of Colors TV

Full Episode Video – 6th July 2014, SRK on The Anupam Kher Show
[youtube id=]


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