Mohit arrested by Zakir in bike stealing case; Sooraj and Sandhya helpless in Diya Aur Baati Hum

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Sandhya and Sooraj spent some time together and when they came back, Sandhya went to pick an accounts book from Vikram’s friend’s bike and her saree hanging sticks to the bike’s number plate.. Soon, Vikram’s friend’s bike gets stolen from the road when he goes away for meeting his client. Vikram comes home and tells his to Sandhya and family. Sandhya suggests that they file a police complaint and they go to Zakir to lodge the FIR. Zakir offers help to Vikram, but Vikram loses hope of getting the bike back and thinks to repay his friend Rs. 90000, which is the cost of the bike.

Sandhya gets a new bike as she is the head of the traffic department now. She takes a ride around the city and is shocked to see Vikram’s friend’s bike, as she identifies it by the saree hanging stuck on it. She informs Zakir and asks him to meet her. She follows the bike and catches the culprit. She is shocked to see its Mohit. Zakir comes there and checks the serial number of the bike. It is same and Zakir takes Mohit to the police station. Sandhya calls Sooraj and asks him to come to Pushkar’s police station soon. Sooraj comes there and Sandhya tells him everything how the evidences are against Mohit. Sooraj is stunned and can’t see his brother declared a thief. Mohit clears to them that he has a guy, whom he regards his brother, who is rich and buys new bikes every other day. So he has given him this bike to use, so he has nothing to do with it, he does not know whether it is stolen bike or new.

Zakir doubts on Mohit and does not give him a clean chit. He asks Sooraj to back off as relations can’t come amidst duty. Zakir takes Mohit for interrogation and arrests him. Mohit asks Sandhya and Sooraj to help him, but seeing they aren’t, Mohit taunts Sandhya saying she is using her powers and taking revenge from him. Will Sandhya help out Mohit? Is Mohit really the thief or belong to the bike gang who are stealing bikes since many days? Zakir wants to go till the depth of this matter and wants to turn every stone to catch the gang who has created havoc in the city. Keep reading.


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