The Anupam Kher Show with Shah Rukh Khan, 13th July 2014 – Promo Snapshot

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The Anupam Kher Show - SRK and Anupam Kher

Drafting behind Shah Rukh Khan’s Journey – Part 2 : Promo

The Anupam Kher show has the format of a talk show with the veteran actor speaking candidly as well as posing tough questions. Actors, filmmakers. television and sports personalities are invited on his show. Guest on the show – Megastar Shah Rukh Khan for the 1st and the upcoming 2nd Episode.

Anupam ji to SRK: speaks that he is proud to say the world’s 2nd best entertainer who is saying to him that if he got money from some producers then he would have been number 1, he speaks its an amazing Journey. [Referring to SRK’s being recently listed as the 2nd richest entertainer in the world by Forbes and other agencies]

SRK:  speaks that he has no idea on how much he earns and how so many things happen to him. He kept a simple philosophy – Just wake up in morning and do your best work for that day, and if you feel of not giving your best on any day, then do more hardwork the next day. He regards his approach to be simple and basic. Now he is 48 and there will be his last day at work maybe now, 88 years, 98 years but he will maintain that will be his first day and he does the work with excitement and if that days turns out to be his last day then he should not feel that he didn’t complete somethings. That’s the reason he puts lot of hardwork and most importantly one day when he is at home would like to feel that whatever he got was because he deserved it. He speaks a witty line that one day after accomplishing and deserving all, he will sit and just wants to have some grams of fresh air. Anupam ji speaks that SRK is a bundle of energy and missed working with him in a movie. SRK responds that they are doing a film together now – Happy New Year. Anupam ji replies in that movie he is a doing guest appearance invoking a laughter.

SRK selects one lucky audience member Pallavi to have a chat with him. Pallavi comes on stage and SRK showers a warm kiss close to her forehead. Anupam ji asks Pallavi when does her husband said I love you to her ? Pallavi replies that before going to his work he says Love you and leaves. She replies of saying love you too to her husband. Sooner then, SRK enacts a scene like that of her husband going to work and expects a love you message from her and gives an elegant pose to hear it.  Later, Pallavi speaks of liking SRK’s movie – Kuch Kuch Hota Hain and whenever it comes on Television she watches it. She wants SRK to speak a dialogue from Kuch Kuch Hota Hain. SRK after thinking a bit asks for her hand, and while holding it speaks a dialogue – Pallavi, Hum Ek Baar Jeeta Hain Hum Ek Baar Marte Hain.. Shaadi Bhi Ek Baar Hoti Hain..Aur Pyaar.. Tum Nahi Samjhogi Anjali.. Kuch Kuch Hota Hain..

Anupam ji :  Do you get the thought that one day your fame will be going to a different person ?
SRK:  At first, Why ?  with a  smile on his  face. Then speaks that will not happen since he is the last of the stars bringing much applause from Anupam ji and audience.

Anupam ji : speaks that SRK’s father had good amount of time to spend with his children and asks him whether he has that amount of time for his children ?
SRK:  speaks that he does shooting until the end of schedule and as being told. He goes to parties because of social commitments and not because of any passion. Otherwise, he stays at home with his children. He speaks that his children are taking vacation and one of his children is in Delhi with his maternal grandparents, and he will go to see him after completing the Anupam ji’s show. He speaks that Acting, family, and children not in that particular order are the most important thing and very dear to him. Anupam ji speaks that SRK doesn’t like to hear his own praise and is very modest and becomes shy. SRK smiles after hearing it and Anupam ji cites his smile as an example of his shy nature.

Anupam ji: asks that he trust people easily ?
SRK: speaks that he trust all the people who works with him and gives them full freedom in their work. He speaks that all people who works with him showers their love and will do things for his benefit. Anupam ji asks SRK what is the thing that gives him the maximum happiness ? SRK replies that family, children, home are there but on a more interesting note after getting praise for his acting on set after giving a shot gives him lot of happiness. SRK speaks that when you think of things which make you feel that you made up your mark because of these things, and in that list he cites that Anupam ji’s name will also be there and its important. SRK speaks of Anupam ji’s kindness towards him when he has started his work, and also says that Anupam ji has treated him like equal and didn’t exhibit his acting prowess in-front of him though he could have done it to prove himself. SRK says that Anupam ji instead used to behave like a young theatre colleague of SRK which was contrary to his talent and position and has made him feel beautiful during their movies together – Chahat, DDLJ, and thanks him.

Anupam ji: Ask about his biggest fear ?
SRK: Ironically, in every movie he spreads both his hands (referring to his signature pose), and his fear is that someone will cut his hands from beneath  bringing laughter to both of them.

Anupam ji: Asks SRK about one moment when he felt that if this can happen then anything can happen ?
SRK: speaks that at his home during his childhood in the Daal (pulse) curry, extra water used to put so that his family of four will have sufficient food to eat. He speaks of not knowing at all that he will make such a big name and thus anything can be possible.

Anupam ji: When was the last time he cried ?
SRK: speaks on crying in the bathroom alone and often wants to make sure that his children are not seeing him in that state. He speaks that his children looks at him with a big surprise while opening their eyes and wondering how their father cries.

SRK speaks at the end of the show that he felt very nice to come on Anupam ji’s show. He speaks that Anupam is a close friend. Moreover, SRK also reminds that when he came to Mumbai for first time he got able help from Anupam ji who encouraged him and gave him confidence. He regards his rendezvous with Anupam ji as one of the greatest moments of life and goes on to say that he is because of his friends like him. He offers his gratitude to Anupam ji for inviting him on his show and giving respect. Further, he adds that Anupam ji is older than him, taller, and more hair than him humorously. SRK wishes Colors and Anupam ji on the show from his heart and it was his duty to come on the show and signs off with his thanks. Stay tuned to The Anupam Kher Show on Colors every Sunday @ 8 PM.

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