Pakhi to turn into a psychotic obsessed lover of Raghav; Kamla shocked to see Pakhi’s dark side in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan

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Et Mutthi Aasman




Well, well, well……….. Pakhi has finally shown her true colors to Kamla. Though she has suppressed her anger and started playing dirty games with Raghav and Kalpi, Kamla was mislead and thought Pakhi deserves to get Raghav’s love, afterall for Kamla, she was so sweet, simple, loving, affectionate and a humble girl. Kamla saw only her good side and her heart always felt for Pakhi. Kamla unrolled Kalpi just for Pakhi’s sake, as she could not see anything bad happening to Pakhi. Does she get any final sense now? Come on Kamla Maa, you have to judge between good and bad and can’t be always blind. As we think, God gave you a mind to think too. Kamla should be able to see what Pakhi is upto, what she defines her love. Pakhi’s love is not true, its selfish, grabbing someone else’s love. Pakhi’s clutches on Raghav are getting strong, as she is fooling him around by showing she needs him, she needs his care and time. If he can’t give her love, then atleast he can care for her being a friend. She sees Kalpi’s missed calls on Raghav’s phone and understands they were meeting somewhere.

While Kalpi waits for Raghav to meet at the bus stop to give him his file, she is let down as Raghav does not turn up. Kalpi gets worried thinking is he is any problem and thinks what’s the reason for this. Raghav is stuck with Kamla as he looks for Pakhi, who went out since long and is not taking his calls. Pakhi does this intentionally and comes infront of his car. Raghav and Kamla rush to her home and call her doctor whom Pakhi names cleverly. Pakhi bribes her doctor and she tells Raghav that Pakhi needs utter care as she is not keeping well. Raghav falls in her trap and says he will take care of Pakhi. How could he forget Kalpi is waiting for him at the bus stop since hours. Raghav should rush there to meet Kalpi, and he leaves from there. While Pakhi gives some money to the doctor and asks her to keep lying to make Raghav lean to her and care, Kamla hears this and her Ek Mutthi Aasmaan and Zameen, both are shaken up seeing her dark side.

Kamla can’t believe it’s the same Pakhi she knew, who has her values. Kamla confronts Pakhi about this move, as expects her to say Kamla Maa all this is a lie, don’t misunderstand me. But Pakhi, the overconfident and ‘’never loyal to anyone’’ woman, tells her the truth that she will get Raghav at any cost, as he is not her love but her need. She wants to get him as she can’t lose to Kalpi. Kamla is stunned and don’t know how to react. Let’s help her in giving a reaction……..Kamla you can cry a bit, don’t be in shock as this was destined to happen. Please don’t feel circumstances made Pakhi like this, just see her true side and boycott her completely, don’t support her anymore and go back to look for your daughter Kalpi. Pakhi is turning into an obsessive lover and wants Raghav no matter he loves her or not. Her madness, her jealousy and her dirty tricks are going to increase with the coming episodes and she is going to try her best to outdo Kalpi.

Piece of advice to the makers: Don’t let Raghav lose his mind and dance on Pakhi’s fingers, he is a man so let him be, he should meet Kalpi and take their love ahead, as he has promised her that he won’t let her wait for long, and would really bring her in his life and home very soon. Raghav, its time to keep your promise and all vows to your love Kalpi. A good thing to this track is, Kamla now knows Pakhi’s truth so she will stop feeling bad for her, soon Raghav too will come to know about Pakhi’s madness and selfish love and he will kick out her of his life, making Kalpi his respectable wife in the society. Raghav, go and shake your mum Gauri too, tell her that you can’t ruin your life for the revenge anymore. Pakhi, you are gone girl!!

Atleast she could not have been somewhat loyal to Kamla, who dedicated her life to her. So Kamla won’t pity for Pakhi anymore, as Pakhi has become a flamboyant vamp now. This show will surely go towards RagNa’s union, so don’t be disheartened guys, the makers are going slow, but eventually will show what you all want to see. So, patience is the key, enjoy some slow romance between RagNa, this ’’Lagao Bujhao Aag’’ factor is also watchable, as vamps makes the lovers more determined, intense and strong. Pakhi can’t affect them, she will definitely lose out. Keep watching the show or keep reading here!!






18 responses to “Pakhi to turn into a psychotic obsessed lover of Raghav; Kamla shocked to see Pakhi’s dark side in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan”

  1. dimple Avatar

    very well said…thnx fr this article…kamla shud get some senses nd shud stop harrassing kalpi for pakhis sake….Raghav shud get his brain bck nd shud go into Khadoos mode….nd finally cvs shud open their eyes nd shud stop torturing viewers..

  2. saru Avatar

    awesome one..yes..makers please give ragav his brain back..and take back kamala and pakhi..and ra….khi marriage fake..viewers will come back then

  3. paramjit mahal Avatar

    kamala ka pass braib nahi hai.dumbo hai.

    1. dhevayani Avatar

      Pakhi to turn into a psychotic
      will cv bring raghav & kalpi togehter or raghav fall love with pakhi
      by reading this all people go mad
      raghav married to pakhi or not there is no clip of marriage they only show raghav & kalpi sindhoor marriage nothing else
      i am confuse that raghav & kalpi will be toghter or not???

  4. sdd Avatar

    I just hope that the track goes according to what you have written in the article. I am not so sure about dumbo Kamla. She might turn around and say I will change Pakhi back to a good girl and make another 100 rounds at the temple.

    1. Colo Avatar

      @sdd – love it! But no, seems like Ms. Singh (Pakhi) has finally been pushed into her real role – that of the villainess, and one that suits her really well, don’t you think? Kamla is writhing in pain with her realization that Pakhi is a real down and out BITCH. Lol. The show is now on the right track but soon to close I heard.

  5. Urmi Avatar

    Ek or new track dumbla ko mahan banane ki……now dumbla plz open ur eyes…
    cnt tolerate dis khi track anymore…iss khi ko kick marke bahar nikalo koi plzzzzzzzzzzzz…we wnt ragna…..bas

  6. phanita Avatar

    morethan pakhi i hate raghav, another instance raghav made pakhi as his priority while making kalpi to wait,why should kalpi should wait for a jerk like him??
    kamala oh she is the dark mark to the word motherhood, without ant thought she is ready to humiliate kalpi infront of society by slapping her brutally,whereas she cant put her so called daughter in a right path and also she always favours pakhi..
    kalpi is only plausible n sane characater in EMA nowadays im also hating kalpi…

    1. dhanya Avatar

      Yarr did you forget Rags has Kammu blood now.He has to act dump like kamala right..

  7. Ash Avatar

    My Patience has run out with EMA. 2 months and rag is becoming a brain dead zombie every passing day. And there is no rule that all soaps should follow a predefined pattern. High time cv fix the mess they created 2 months back. I am not watching till RAGNA is united with dignity and khi is out of rags life! And fans don’t want RAGNA JUST AS END GAME and see them uniting in the last epi. We want to see the journey of RAGNA life!

  8. kaushi Avatar

    wry well writen whoeva right dis.. now its tym kamla to take her own daughters side.. blind women

  9. Witty Kitty Avatar
    Witty Kitty

    I don’t see Kamla ever changing. She has always been “I damn well will do what I choose” kinda person. The very same thing Pakhi is doing now. Kamla behaving thus also ensures that Shilpa will remain the 18 mins occupant of the show.

    What makes watching Pakhi ten times the agony is watching Shirina’s atrocious acting. Though the evil smirk,so suits her.

    Like you said,makers are moving slow….dragging….while zamaana is moving full speed ahead. New shows on all channels. Now isn’t the time for makers to continue focusing on the mentally off duo of Kamla & Kalpi. But yes,the love becomes more intense…..that’s if Raghav can find his once astute brain from under the thumbs of an OCD mother & an OCD wife!

    1. Ajo (@1JonAmu) Avatar

      Bottomline..eithers Raghav or the creative team of EMA has find their brains..otherwise viewers with brains are going to shift, that is if they have not done that already..All the best Zee And EMA

    2. Colo Avatar

      Any truth to EMA closing soon? Hope it is true ‘cos I can’t take any more of Ms. Singh’s “atrocious acting”. Love your comment.

  10. Amanda Avatar

    Kamla will never change, she’s an idiot that thinks she knows everything. By the end if this week she’s going to support P and help her to get Raghav’s love, she will not see anthing wrong in her behaviour. Please give us our old Raghav back, he needs to start not trusting everyone around him, like before. Kick his mentally confused mother and P out of his love. Be with Kalpi.

  11. susheela kulkarni Avatar
    susheela kulkarni

    My Dear Friends and dear RagNa lovers ,& Dear All EMA Viewers, ;
    Please BOYCOTT sending/ Posting all/any Likes, Comments or any type of Posts to any sites, FBs, or elsewhere, including this page/fbs of EMA, from Now, today 19th July 2014 Onwards IN PROTEST of Pakhi ( promoting & irritating ) Scenes Till / UnTill & UNLess RagNa Returns & story lines tracks changed to unite Raghav & Kalpi ( & Not Raghav n Pakhi ) in EMA .

  12. girijashiva Avatar

    Yes. we should BOYCOTT EMA -for showing worst mothers – saying Kamala as mother india -if so all mothers including me will commit suicide- if any mother like kamala ,gouri,,neetu is in the same house.we dont want any more shit – promise waiting to happen because ZEE TV -EMA -DJ group want TRP .thatz all.they dont respect viewers feed back.BECAUSE OF US THEY EXIST NOT BECAUSE OF THEM WE ARE.BEFORE EMA WE LIVED AFTER EMA ALSO WE ARE GOING TO LOVE OUR LIFE- WE WILL MOVE ONNNNNN.

  13. angie Avatar

    this show need to be thrown in the garbage now, from one of the best to this nonsense people should boycott this show every thing on this show is negative.

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