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Love By Chance Bindass 7th Episode

Love by Chance is a romantic comedy backed by serendipity. The show covers real stories of people and every week a new love story will be shown.

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Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show and speaks that when you are in love even then they you want to fight with your partner very dearly. Shaurya was stuck between his parent’s fight since 25 years and he himself became a Gyaan Ki Dukaan (Knowledge shop) as he always used to mediate in the fights. Shaurya speaks  that melodrama is the cause of diabetes but his mother continues to blame and shout at her husband.

She speaks of her husband not wishing happy birthday after which her husband replies of kissing her in the morning. She then suggests that he just came to her and politely asks whether she wants to come for dinner outside. She is not impressed with his efforts and thinks that she is just a household worker for him. She goes on to say about her desire to see a movie and then her husband politely asks whether she wants to come with him for a movie. She again reiterates why is he asking to her later and not before she herself spoke about it and thinks there is no surprise. Shaurya’ speaks to his father Gyaan Prakash that now he doesn’t have more words to say, and only 2 words are remaining. Shaurya’s father then asks his wife – Let’s go to movie..

The family go on a dinner together and Shaurya informs the waiter to bring two lemon sodas as it has the ingredients to manage emotional stress. Sakshi is also there at the same restaurant and sees her ex-boyfriend hanging out with his girlfriend. Sakshi was on the verge to fight and wants to show to her ex-boyfriend that she has moved on and therefore followed him to the restaurant. Shaurya’s mother is still angry with her husband. Sakshi follows her ex-boyfriend as he goes to take drink and sooner the boy Yash sees her as she was hiding herself behind a plant. He speaks that she is alone there and makes  a taunt whether she is doing gardening there. Sakshi replies in a bold voice that she came there with her boyfriend (BF)  and confidently. Yash wants to meet him since he thinks she is lying. Yash’s girlfriend comes to meet and takes him away. Sakshi gets hold of Shaurya there and kisses him just to make her Yash jealous. Shaurya is in awe after the kiss and his parents also sees him in that state.

Shaurya works at a school and takes care of budget, projects, etc and his senior colleague informs him to help his student Sakshi. After seeing her, he tries to hide himself while the colleague speaks of Sakshi’s plan of a business idea which is very interesting. Sakshi also tries tp hide herself and sooner both introduces themselves. The colleague wants Shaurya to meet Sakshi. He speaks that meeting is done to share ideas, introductions but we have shared something (kiss though he doesn’t say) and feels shy. Sakshi also feels shy and the colleague thinks that they have earlier met and had a fight and wants them to sort out their differences and be friends.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Sakshi and Shaurya’ s story started with a kiss and to get it most boys spend their entire life but Shaurya got it without even asking for it. Sakshi has kissed a stranger (boy) just to make her ex-boyfriend jealous and the next day she learnt that about getting her project approved by Shaurya. Kavi speaks that on one hand Shaurya is a Gyaan Ki Dukaan while Sakshi who can do anything at the spur of moment without thinking much. Let’s see how they will manage to coordinate and be together. Sakshi speaks with Shaurya about starting a new event company which will run activities for children and has the essence of fun and joy. Without reading Sakshi’s business plan, he praises the plan, and she in turn suggests him to read once before praising it.  He checks it once and approves her project – Kids Venture. Shaurya was nervous at that time and puts the approval stamp on the project and gives it to Sakshi. Sakshi after seeing it becomes annoyed as he has put a rejected stamp there thus  in his nervous state he commited a mistake. She leaves from there and he couldn’t say anything to her. He then checks himself and validates that he has put a wrong stamp.

Sooner, She comes back and speaks that her project plan was rejected from four schools and wants him to read her plan once. He speaks that Pyschology was his major and then suggests that she is regretting for kissing him. She says sorry and he speaks that 50 % of chance was there of him being married, 25 % chance that he has a girlfriend, and 25 % chance was there that he was not available for kissing. She asks whether he is married or has girlfriend ? he replies no to both questions, and then stands up and suggests that his respect was taken away in front of his parents. She speaks of how come he feels insulted though she kissed him and asks him whether he felt to know the reason of her kissing. He speaks that girls are attracted after seeing the height of boy and also strong legs, and hesitantly says that he has both of them. She opens up and speaks of kissing him to make his ex-boyfriend jealous and argues how can she kissed any stranger coming out of the restroom. Shaurya learns about her ex-boyfriend whom he has seen there. He wants her to be quiet and then looks at her project plan. After reading it, he speaks of 7.3% of children have attention deficit order, and she speaks of the event is for 1 day to boost the morale of children.

He again comes back to the kiss, and speaks that she could have say hi, hello, greetings instead of kissing directly and also brings the point of morality and girl’s self-respect. Sakshi responds that she is not Umrao Jaan to give Aadab and Hello’s to people. She cites the reason of kissing after seeing her ex-BF’s girlfriend who wanted him to help her in eating Manchurian dish. After seeing it, she couldn’t herself and kissed him. Shaurya continues to think that kiss was not appropriate in public and for her general knowledge speaks that his friend told him that in abroad kissing is very normal in public. She starts to become angry and wants him to approve her project. He calls that insult is right and speaks that she is foolish since she continues to love her ex-BF though he doesn’t love her now. In a teary voice, he asks him how does he know about it ? He plans to give her a prove and goes with her to a supermarket where the ex-BF is seen with his girlfriend. He first sees them first via a telescope and then also wants Sakshi to see them. He first compliments that Sakshi is better than that girl but later takes back his words after seeing ex-BF’s girlfriend’s figure. He speaks the same to Sakshi and praises the other girl’s figure.

Sakshi wants him to focus on Yash instead of the girl. Shaurya looks at them and predicts what they are speaking. Sakshi also speaks the words that they might be speaking. Sakshi soon gets in tears and speaks that just 2 months back her ex-BF has told her baby many times and confess his love for her. Shaurya speaks that boys only say baby baby to impress girls and what else they can do.  She speaks about the good times with her ex-BF and speaks that whenever he used to touch her hand, her pulse used to shoot up, and she used to get feelings and sensation like heart is beating fast, sounds in stomach, and sound of Tan Tan in ears. Moreover, her hand used to get melted with his touch. Shaurya speaks that those are not feelings but instead body’s hormones and nervous system and he wanted to explain more but she walks away. He again goes back to look at Sakshi’s ex-BF via his telescope, and on the end finds the ex-BF standing in front of him.

The ex-BF speaks to Shaurya that he is Sakshi’s BF right ? Shaurya hesitates a lot and say yes and then no many times. As shaurya wanted to give a technical definition of a boyfriend and cites that the word BF was first coined in 1920, sooner then the ex-BF gets hold of his cheeks and speaks that he knows that Sakshi still loves him and leaves. Sakshi comes to Shaurya and speaks that her ex-BF still loves her and then why he is still going on with other girl ? He speaks that the ex-BF is a mean person and suggests that if she was not around then he would have slapped him. Sakshi in a cute way asks him who is he to engage in fight with others for her ?  He doesn’t wants to answer her and wants to go home as his parents will be receiving some friends at home. She wants to go with him to his home so as to clarify his parents about her character after the kissing episode.

Shaurya comes to his home with Sakshi and greets his father’s friend – Naveen uncle and his wife. The uncle asks them about Sakshi and his mother cites calls her as his friend. Shaurya’s father just to boast himself speaks to his friend that the girl whom Shaurya calls as his colleague has actually kissed him on his lips. Shaurya asks them to not think about the character of the girl, and they respond that fire is being blown on both sides. On other end, Sakshi is seen sitting with Shaurya’s mother and naveen uncle’s wife (aunt). Shaurya’s mother speaks that her son has recently shed weight and he has good height and strong legs, and thus some girls couldn’t control themselves and looks at Sakshi. Sakshi speaks that if her parents have seen it then she would have gotten couple of slaps from them and she would be married with Shaurya thereafter. Shaurya’s mother then learns that Sakshi had a boyfriend before and naveen’s uncle wife thinks that current girls are forward looking.

Shaurya’s mother speaks of having a good time with naveen uncle’s wife Asha and her husband is very surprised since for the first time in 25  years she felt happy after meeting his friend’s wife. He calls Sakshi as his lucky charm but his wife asks how come this girl can be a lucky charm and inflicts insult on Sakshi.  Sakshi runs from there so as to leave but Shaurya stops her. She asks him whether he wants to say that what his mother said was a joke. He says no and then speaks of a spider on her body. She begins to move her body in random directions and then laughs. She speaks of her 10 second foolishness because of Yash. He speaks that Yash doesn’t love her and then shares his knowledge (Did you know ?) and people tell 70 % of the thing without speaking anything, and informs her that the ex-BF was stiff and very upright with his girlfriend and with Sakshi he was  looking not so stiff and cites that body language is important metric to know about love. She then asks him what does his body language saying right now and carries smile on her face. He begins to show different body postures after which she laughs at him heavily.

Shaurya sits beside her and then showers a small kiss at her shoulder and then shies away. She stops her laugh and asks him what did he do ?  He speaks of kissing her since he thought that mood was right to do so. She becomes annoyed with him and speaks that she was informing the same to his mother that she is not a forward girl. She leaves from there. Next day, she comes to his office as her business plan is rejected again. He covers himself and speaks that 99 % of the projects fail in one year and doesn’t want to take it personally. She speaks that he has kissed her yesterday and wants him to tell what he thinks about her plan. He speaks that the plan is good and it is committee’s decision to not accept her project. He then speaks that her project is not getting approved because of high costs and wants to help her in getting a cheaper option in food and decoration units of the project. He takes her to his father’s shop and wants his father to call some vendors so as to reduce the cost.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Shaurya got a kiss first from Sakshi though he didn’t ask for, then he started helping Sakshi to know about Yash, and then got a negative reply from her after he kissed her, and then moved on to help Sakshi again. After all this, Sakshi felt that Shaurya is not a bad person and is good at heart though speaks a lot and the love story was becoming a love triangle. She thanks his father who asks her about how his son is. He also speaks that Tortoise also takes breath from backwards. She speaks that girls feels bored as he speaks lot of times and shares his knowledge. She also calls him a bad kisser, and the girls are turned off with such kisses. He speaks that she herself has kissed him first, and she reminds him of the day when he has to really kiss a girl. She gives him an advice on how to be a better kisser and suggests that if he kisses on the side of the mango by making a hole and without using his teeth and counts until 20 then in three days he will become a good kisser and she ends it with a Did you know that note.

Shaurya tries Sakshi’s suggestion at home [late night party mein Chumma Chatti.. song plays] seriously and applies that method on many mangoes. He speaks of showing to her that he is not any Aam kisser (common kisser) even if he kisses many mangoes. Next day, he tries to kiss her at his father’s shop and soon she sees him. He speaks of standing far from her and she wants him to come close to her. He thinks that she is in some mood but she cites that as he is helping her thus being very nice to him. She then wants him to make different kinds of facial expressions and even using the tongue while she is taking selfies. He takes her phone so as to send the photos to his account and then learns that she continues to send their photos to Yash. He becomes annoyed and claims that she befriended him just to make Yash jealous and she wants him to not take it personally. He cites that she came to apologize to his mother for her own benefit and not for guilt, and also reminds her of coming to him for her project approval and asks him whether she didn’t have guilt at that time. He thinks that she is much forward type that he has earlier thought so. She wants him to not come in her personal matter with Yash. He then responds of her public sharing of his photos. He speaks that Yash has left her and she needs to accept that fact and also thinks he is only following her.

She wants him to go and speak with his mother on bad things about her. He doesn’t wish his mother to be spoken there and again calls her forward-type. Soon, Sakshi leaves from there. Sakshi cries and gets a call from Yash who wants her to meet him today. Shaurya looks at the file of Sakshi though at first he throws it. In the file, he finds good moments he shared with her and then speaks to himself that he is in love with her. At his home, Shaurya’s father speaks to him that he was aware that the girl will come and also leave from his life. Shaurya wants his father to call the vendors and cancel the order. His father speaks whether he loves that girl and highlights that the you needs to make the women understand about your love then only it will work, and asks his son why he didn’t learn even after seeing his parents fight since last 25 years. He wants his son to convince the girl and also doesn’t speak there with his Gyaan Ki Dukaan.

Shaurya runs from there with his father’s advice so as to convince Sakshi. Sakshi is meeting at her ex-BF Yash who speaks that he has left his girlfriend, and wants her to come back with him. Shaurya comes there and speaks about Yash’s body language, and wants Sakshi to get some bad thoughts about him. Yash threatens Shaurya but Shaurya reminds her of the moments they shared specially the hardships and yash was not around her. Yash after coming to a count of 7 in reverse on its way to 1 is stopped by Shaurya who challenges him for a fight at 7 there itself. Sakshi then gets hold of Shaurya and engage with him in a very dear kiss sealing her love for him. Yash becomes annoyed and leaves from there.  She apologizes to him and he speaks of becoming blank. She thinks that he got improvement in his kissing and he speaks while holding her hands that he is not an Aam kisser even after kissing many mangoes. She says its an old saying and he then speaks of a heart in a tomato soup which she might have never heard of.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that some people think love as emotions and then suggests that the mirror neurons in the brain makes the people to attract after looking at a mate and that is love and asks Shaurya whether this is right ? Shaurya speaks that mirror neurons doesn’t walk instead they are transmitted and there are billions of such neurons…

Info On Cast
* Sakshi is played by actress Lovey Sasan who was seen in Life Ok’s recently ended show Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai..Ajab Sa Risk Hai ((23rd May 2014).
– She was earlier known as Loveleen Kaur and played the role of Rano in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hain.
– Lovey’s Twitter page.
* Shaurya is played by actor Rahul Pardasany who worked in the the movie Luv Ka The End (2011) starring Shraddha Kapoor. Rahul played the character of Karthikeyan in the movie. Read more about the movie at its Wikipedia page.
* Sakshi’s ex-boyfriend Yash is played by actor Rohit Sharma who worked in Bindass show Emotional Atyachaar.

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