Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 12th July 2014 18th Episode Channel V Written Update

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Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 17th Episode

Recap (preview): Sid proposes to Devika but she thinks he is wasting time and rejects his offer uprightly. Sid makes a challenge and speaks that from now on Devika will run after him. Kattu proposes to Dodo but he speaks of not getting feelings for her. Cheeku proposes to Kimaya finally with a earring and speaks three golden words – I love you, but she speaks of having a boyfriend. Cheeku gets a heartbreak from Kimaya and becomes dejected.

Cheeky does Yoga Aasan and since 10 times he is standing on his head and he calls it sheer shashan. Sharda Bai comes and speaks to him and tells that she will take care of him. Cheeku speaks how does she know that he is in pain. She speaks that everybody has pain and tells that even she has a problem and pain to not take her husband to the doctor. Cheeku then takes out 800 INR which she takes from him and wants him to take care and leaves. Cheeku calls himself long-distance international Popat.

Sid sits in the class and Devika’s friend calls him Devdas. A girl comes and greets Sid and speaks that her portfolio is being made and asks him what she should be wear for the photo shoot – bikini or normal dress. Sid speaks to take her to Lonavla for the shoot and in a nice bungalow. Devika’s friend speaks that Sid is a nice one though looks bit different from outside and suggests Devika to forget about her attitude.

Cheeku speaks with Kattu and she informs him to forget about his heartbreak. She wants him to move on since 18 hours have been passed and cites some examples. He speaks that Kattu is the one who can understand him more and she wants him to cry so all the sadness will go and refers the example of gas which needs to be released. She thinks that after crying all the negative emotions will go away and the mind will feel relax. Cheeku tries to cry and makes some funny sound and facial expression instead of crying and calls himself  a big loser and she thinks he is emotionally constipated. He speaks of not calling Kimaya and Kattu feels that the game is on until she feels defeated. Cheeku thinks there is no excuse to speak and she wants him to speak so that he can give her the earring. Cheeku smiles and prepares to go to his college.

Sid speaks with the girl and thanks her for the acting and she speaks of telling the bikini line because of some reason. She pays him 3,000 INR for the photo shoot as advance amount. Kattu meets Dodo and asks why he hasn’t eaten his breakfast. She speaks after seeing him listening songs then her situation was back to normal. He speaks of meeting her in the evening. Cheeku attempts another time to cry and does Pranayam, and Hansraj thinks Cheeku got Asthma. Hansraj speaks of going to Delhi as his father got a transfer. Cheeku wants to release the emotional gas and constipation so that he can speak with Kimaya again and Hansraj thinks that he need medical help. Cheeku becomes angry and wants to remain alone, and Hansu cries leaving Cheeku behind and also hugs while crying.

Hansraj becomes worried and wants to help Cheeku and not let him die. He meets Dodo and Sid and then explains to them about Cheeku’s maharaj problem. He speaks of not able to tell the problem and informs them of him going to Delhi. He wants them to take care of Cheeku and cannot speak because he promised to Cheeku. Hansraj speaks that Cheeku’s got a heartbreak and because of which he can even take his life. Sid and Dodo learns that Cheeku speaks with Kimaya every night and thinks how can she will like him.

Cheeku at his home does the Aasan and it is approaching 11 PM and still he didn’t get a call from Kimaya. Dodo and Sid see Cheeku doing weird stuff and making uneven sounds. Cheeku speaks of convincing Kimaya that he has moved on, and he does different expressions like light smile, loud smile and thinks the last smile to be fine. He contemplates whether she will take his gift and remembers Kattu’s advice that the game is on until he feels defeated. Soon comes 11 PM, and he finds Kimaya online and wants to log off from skype. Sid and Dodo ask Cheeku how did he manage to have a long international relationship and used to go on a virtual date. Cheeku speaks of not getting her but just started loving her. He speaks of loving her with his heart. Sid and Dodo speaks of loving by heart and becomes emotional. Dodo speaks to Sid that Cheeku might do something wrong as his mind is very uneven. Cheeku puts the gift box on his laptop keypad and the skype connection with kimaya becomes active again. Kimaya now seeing Cheeku’s speaking with Sid and Dodo though he is unaware. Cheeku speaks about his problem that is he doesn’t have control on his mind and heart and he continues to love Kimaya until now after his heartbreak and cannot keep him aside and even after knowing that he doesn’t have any future with her. He speaks of not able to live without Kimaya.

Next Episode: Dodo tries to throw the main source of Cheeku’s problem – Laptop but Cheeku stops him. Sid speaks that there are many more fishes to catch and you just need to know the way to catch it. Sid takes the photoshoot of that girl Sonia. Dodo speaks to Cheeku that they will get a double date and Sid wants Cheeku to make a good body so as to impress girls. Cheeku follows Sid’s suggestion and begins his work out.


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