Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 13th July 2014 Colors 12th Episode – Sneak Peek Snapshot


Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 7 12th Episode

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 7 is in the sixth week on Colors. The theme of this week is Prop Round. Jhalak will choose 3 wildcard participants out of 5 [RJ Malishka, Kainaat Arora, Tara-Jean Popowich, Rahul Vaidya, Kushal Punjabi] who will then join the existing participants.


Performers tonight

* Tara-Jean Popowich dances with her choreographer on the song Gulaabi Dori Hain..Bandhe Hain Chori Hain.. Na Zora Zori Hain.. song (Shuddh Desi Romance movie). She shows some Bollywood dance moves and then dances on the Tum Se Hi song.
– Dance form: Contemporary
– Score: 27/30

* Rahul Vaidya dances with his partner on the song Chingum Chabake and wears a loose pyjama and coat.

* RJ Malishka dances with her partner on the Jumma Ki Raat Hain song (movie Kick) and then on Dinka Chika song.
– Dance form: Freestyle
– Score: 23/30
– Malishka speaks of making a song for all three judges and wants them to not take it seriously. She sings first song for Remo – Remo Ho Ho Give her 10 points.. She will dance and he wil give mark.. The more he give she will get lakhs of votes..Remo Ho Ho. Next song for Madhuri. Ma..dhuri Dixit Nene..baba inke to hain kya kehna Mare Ye Jo Dhumka do chaar Aaku Baaju Chora Gira Hazaar.. Finally she sings a song for Karan, Karan Jo Har…Pyaar se Nachungi main tu mujhe Pyaar se marking kar.. karan Jo Har.. The judges are amused to see the construction of the song which was humorous.

* Kainaat Arora dances with her partner on the song Darling Aankhon se pyaar karne do…

* Kushal Punjabi dances with his partner Mohena Kumari on the song Thug Le..Ladkon ke Ungli Mein Naache Hain Zamaana. song from Ladies vs Ricky Bahl and then on Main Kya Karoon song.
– Dance form: Freestyle
– Score: 25/30

All  the wildcard contestants dance together on the dance floor on the Dhoom Machale song.

* Sophie Choudhry performs with her partner Deepak and is seen dressed as an alien. She uses walking clutches as prop and dances on the song Mila toh marega song.
-Dance Form: Freestyle
– Remo asks them how could they come up with such innovative dance concepts ? He speaks of using the same walking clutch for 6 months some years ago and suggests that even its very difficult to walk with it and they have done a dance sequence using it as a prop.
– Remo speaks that they were wishing to hear from him a very big praise. He then stands up and speaks – Thats how you rolled it which is his signature remark for max marks.
– Madhuri speaks that performance was terrific, Sophie’s expression were good and also compliments Deepak’s choreography since it has the flow – beginning, middle and end. It is a different concept and calls it perfect.
– Karan speaks that superb choreography and execution of the act was done very well. He highlights coordination and diligence as the core qualities of Sophie and wants them to be away from any bad spell. He regards her performance as the best from all the previous one and calls it Bang In.
– Score: 30/30

* Akshat Singh dances with his partner Vaishnavi and is seen in a school uniform with back to school theme and carries water bottle as his prop. He dances with her in full synchronization (Rang De Basanti song).
– Dance form: Freestyle
– Madhuri compliments both of them and speaks that Vaishnavi was in full beat with Akshat and speaks on to say with much excitement that they have just killed it.
– Remo asks Akshat how did he use the prop ? Akshat replies on not knowing it. Remo calls him close there and Akshat gets a kiss from Madhuri. He praises their amazing use of prop and the best part is that the gaps between dance is filled by them so effortlessly and thinks that nobody else can do in such a manner. He calls it amazing and then gives the max praise – Thats how you rolled it.
– Karan calls Akshat a wonder child and he has never seen such a boy. He calls both of them as blessed children and he wishes them the best.
– Score: 30/30

* Shakti Mohan dances with her partner Tusshar on the contemporary dance form with a cloth as the prop on the song Re Kabeera…Kaise Teri Khud Garzi song from the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (YJHD).
– Dance form: Contemporary
– Remo speaks that the concept of contemporary dance form with cloth and Shakti and Tushar cannot go wrong in this performance and then gives them the max praise -This is It.
– Madhuri speaks that if Akshat is a lightning on the Jhalak’s set then Shakti is an ocean and she brings in waves and different force. She also suggest that Shakti has clearly showed the turmoil aspect in her dance and in every different style we see different Shakti. She calls it a killed it performance.
– Karan speaks that there is a lot of intensity in choreography and informs Tushar. He speaks that to show pain through art form is very difficult and it can only be done if you part of yourself into it. He says that Shakti is not only an outstanding dancer but also an excellent actor. Their performance is pitch perfect and calls them as the standard or benchmark of the show and he hopes that they keep going.
– Score: 30/30
– Akshat comes on stage as Manish asked him about how does he feel about Shakti’s dance ? Akshat speaks to Shakti Didi that if they were more Gulatti (rolling over) on the ground then it would have been much better. Akshat then goes to do many roll overs on the stage and reaches the judges’ table. Shakti in turn instead of doing roll overs does swings and ends it with an elegant pose.

Madhuri and Remo dances together with Tango dance form on the song Muskaanein Jhooti Hai..Yeh Hai Gumraah Ko Rasta from the movie Talaash. Manish invites Karan to come on stage and share his leg with Madhuri on the same song. Karan does some Tango and candidly dances with her. Karan then wants all contestants to come on stage and celebrate, they all dance together on the Koi Mil gaya song from the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hain.

* Sreesanth got eliminated after facing a face-off with Puja Banerjee. Puja on her end was facing the face-off for the 3rd time and was victorious.

* Tara-Jean Popowich, Kushal Punjabi and RJ Malishka are the final 3 wildcard contestants that got selected for Jhalak and will compete with Jhalak’s first participants.

*  Megastar Salman Khan will be the guest on Jhalak next week.

* Sophie Choudhry and Deepak wins the performance of the week.

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 7 Until 6th Week Score

Twitter pages of Wild Card contestants and Some Info:
* Kushal Punjabi
* Tara-Jean Popowich
* Kainaat Arora
* RJ Malishka
* Rahul Vaidya
* Akriti Kakkar
– Akriti’s Jhalak journey has ended because of a bad fall during her rehearsals and even it is not certain that she participated in the wild card round that will be telecast tomorrow (13th July).
– Akriti’s wrote this tweet couple of hours ago to her followers on Twitter.
“My @JhalakOnColors journey with @jsanadi2010 ended due to an injury. This is how it happened..”
– She shard a youtube video about her injury leading to her decision to end Jhalak’s journey.

Images credit: Colors TV Website and Twitter page of Colors TV, and Twitter page of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa

Full Episode Video: 13th July 2014

Sneak Peek – 13th July
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/6-_2ZUjumSg]

Salman Khan, guest on Jhalak next week 19th July 2014 (Saturday) – Playlist
* Salman’s coming to Jhalak Promo
* Salman awestruck after watching Akshat’s performance
* Sophie gives a tribute to Madhuri on her song, and even comes to kiss Salman first and beats Mouni
* Competition between men and women to make Chapati (Roti). Salman in a jovial and fun mood.
[youtube id=http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4b3KxwBzb86jpqz4iUZsN1eaj-cYf8_o]

Jhalak Songs
[youtube id=http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4b3KxwBzb843H3V8Cz4LNLeds4XFY2vA]


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