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The Anupam Kher Show - SRK and Anupam Kher

Drafting behind SRK’s journey – Part 2

Anupam ji  starts his show – The Anupam Kher show and continues the discussion with SRK. He speaks that SRK’s father had good amount of time to spend with his children and asks him whether he has that same amount of time for his children ?

SRK:  Absolutely, speaks that he does shooting until the end of schedule and as being told. He goes to parties because of social commitments and not because of any passion. Otherwise, he stays at home with his children. He speaks that his children are taking vacation and one of his children is in Delhi with his maternal grandparents, and he will go to see him after completing the Anupam ji’s show. He speaks that Acting, family, and children not in that particular order are the most important thing and very dear to him. He does nothing else and he spends a lot of time with his children, helps them in their study, informs their about stories of father and mother, and also reads book with them and also plays with them. After spending time with them, he uses their innocence in his acting and films, and cites monkey dance as one of the example and speaks of remaining child at heart because of them. He thinks of spending more time with his family and children than acting.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK spends more time with children than at work

Anupam ji shows him the photo of his family and children and asks SRK when he did he realized to become the greatest actor of Indian films. He clarifies that indeed SRK will not say so or admit it but he is proposing that question himself. Anupam ji reminds SRK of his words when he spoke in a teary voice to own the city of Mumbai and asks him about his realization to reach a highly regarded place. SRK replies that he learnt a lot from Anupam ji but will open up to give an answer and speaks that he believes that once you think of reaching a place you wish to be then you are finished after reaching there. Thus, he believes on not reaching such a place getting an applause from the audience. He listens people speaking lot of good things and praises about him but he believes that he didn’t achieve anything though he has a big home, cars, money, fame. Anupam ji speaks that SRK is also the second richest entertainer in the world. SRK replies that news is depressing and Anupam ji thinks that SRK is depressed because he didn’t become the first richest entertainer [[Referring to SRK’s being recently listed as the 2nd richest entertainer in the world by Wealth-X agency for 2013 behind Jerry Seinfeld -American comedian, actor, writer, and television/film producer]. SRK on a lighter note speaks that if the last two producers would have paid him then he would have been the first richest and smiles.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK second richest entertainer in 2013 behind Jerry Seinfeld

Anupam ji speaks that a boy who came to Mumbai and even didn’t have the money to return back to his home in Delhi is now telling him that if two producers gave him the money then he would be at the number 1 position and calls it an amazing journey.

SRK replies that he doesn’t speak with modesty but Anupam ji thinks that whenever he praises him he gets shy and thereafter SRK smiles. SRK says thats not true and say that he doesn’t know what he does and why he does and people think it as very unusual. He speaks that he is not modest and Anupam ji is also aware of it since he is the best so he can’t be modest. SRK speaks that he doesn’t have an idea of how much he earns and how so many things happen to him. He kept a simple philosophy – Just wake up in morning and do your best work for that day, and if you feel of not giving your best on any day, then do more hardwork the next day. He regards his approach to be simple and basic. He speaks of not counting things and also cites about him not signing cheques and instead writing love Shah Rukh or lots of love shahrukh with which the bank people might get a bit annoyed.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK speaks of not reaching an esteemed place

SRK doesn’t have any idea as far as the materialistic point, but he knows what he is regarding his work because after waking up in the morning he believes that day to be either the first day of his acting or may be the last one and he works with that passion. SRK thinks that day will happen as well. Now he is 48, and he will become 88 years, 98 years and his last day will come anytime during that time but he still maintains that day will be his first day and thus does the work with excitement. If that days turns out to be his last day then he should not feel that he didn’t complete something. That’s the reason he puts lot of hardwork and most importantly one day when he is at home would like to feel that whatever he got was because he deserved it. He says in saying so because he feels they are much better actors than him, more beautiful people than him and even more hardworking them. He thinks of getting much more than others because of his parent’s prayers and dua. He then speaks a witty line that one day after accomplishing and deserving all, he will sit and just wants to have some grams of fresh air so he keep working hard to justify what God has given him.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK believes that every day to be his first and last day of acting

Anupam ji: speaks that SRK changes his milestones unknowingly because he competes with himself and cites that in olden times in the movies it was shown an actor asking other person what did he earn, and thus cites that SRK competes with himself. Asks SRK whether he is ambitious or greedy ?

SRK: Neither, and speaks that he is hardworking. Anupam ji speaks that there are many others who are hardworking as well and cites that every day in Mumbai around 500 people come to become actors and they are the ones who are talented and also hard working. He also suggests that only 0.001 % are successful. SRK at first says that he doesn’t question about others hardwork, and says that people do hardwork to become a star or something and cites that once they become something or reach their goal they couldn’t do the same amount of hardwork like him. He says that once you become something then you need to work harder and suggests that when a person didn’t make a mark he will work hard but it is even more essential to continue working hard after becoming something that is the important thing and shouldn’t stay idle after reaching some high. SRK speaks that until today he goes on the set and never show that he knows everything and his director and producer knows about it and he only wishes to give 50, 100 takes just to impress his director and others that there will be no more hardworking actor than him. Anupam ji adds that SRK is also the most delightful  co-actor to work with as he was acted alongside with him many times. SRK replies that yes he makes people smile on the set.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK believes you need to do more hardwork after making a mark

Anupam ji speaks that SRK is a bundle of energy and missed working with him in a movie. SRK responds that they are doing a film together now – Happy New Year. Anupam ji replies in that movie he is a doing guest appearance invoking a laughter. SRK replies that came as a guest on Anupam ji’s show and in turn Anupam ji is doing a guest appearance in his film so its equal invoking a laughter. Anupam ji thinks that nobody can beat SRK in his witty replies and talk, and even cannot win in any other thing as well.

Anupam ji: Ask about his biggest fear ?
SRK: Ironically, in every movie he spreads both his hands (referring to his signature pose), and his fear is that someone will cut his hands from beneath  bringing laughter to both of them. He speaks that the fear is real and because of that reason he always keep his hands close to his body and even during sleep while speaking it on a lighter note. He says that maybe because of Sholay where the hands were cut from the top and he doesn’t have any other fear such as standing at top, from bottom, darkness, fear of hardwork but has that unusual fear of his hands being cut from below. That’s the reason he spreads his hand in his movies a lot.  Anupam ji asks whether SRK does prayers a lot ? SRK replies of reciting duas and prayers throughout the day and does prayers (Namaaz) and also puja prayers at his home. He speaks of not asking for himself in his prayers now but when he came to Mumbai then at that time for five years he prayed to God for giving him home, car, money, etc. Anupam ji on a lighter note asks what does he need now ? He speaks that after 5 years of praying for himself he stopped doing it since he thought it was greedy. SRK says of praying for his children’s good health which matters him the most and says that he became a social worker in his prayers as he pray for others and not for himself. He adds that Anupam ji has done a lot of work to create this show and he doesn’t need any prayers for him but nonetheless while going back he will pray that the show will reach more heights and success and gets a thank message from Anupam ji. He speaks of reciting prayers even by Tazbi.

Anupam ji: Asks SRK whether he feels pain to see strange and not correct stories written about him ?
SRK: replies that he doesn’t get pain but becomes angry to hear, read or see them. He speaks on getting two thoughts  – either to beat that person or beat near his ears. He speaks that in Delhi it is said that beat a person as you have biceps that shine in moonlight and smiles. He then speaks that if he does such thing then people will only blame him and even he did such thing couple of times and he is not ashamed in doing it. He speaks of engaging in fight once in one or two years to be healthy. He speaks on not taking any ill manners from others and even doesn’t like if his children does the same. He says that even on social networks he needs to control and Anupam ji speaks that people feel its their right to abuse him and also instigate. He speaks that he just wants them to share their phone and home details and then he will reach their place next morning and will give both autograph and also a slap and smiles. It is irritating and speaks that people manipulate on what he actually said. He speaks on keeping thick skin so as to move on but sometimes get irritated.

Anupam ji: asks whether he gets easily hurt and what thing hurts him the most ?
SRK: speaks that he is oversensitive and disrespect hurts him a lot  since he has never disrespected anyone in his life until now and whenever he meets people he bows down and greets them graciously. Anupam ji speaks that this is not possible since not everybody will like him. SRK replies Why ? with a smile.  He speaks that yes not everybody like him and he doesn’t want everybody to like him and says that people can dislike about his acting, work, but when it becomes personal he doesn’t like it and gets hurt. He adds that as he is a public figure people get personal with him but whenever he meets anybody he doesn’t ask any personal questions.

Anupam ji: asks that he trust people easily ?
SRK: speaks that he trust all the people who works with him and gives them full freedom in their work. He speaks that all people who works with him showers their love and will do things for his benefit.

Anupam ji: When was the last time he cried ?
SRK: speaks that he might have cried during IPL couple of years ago but since last two years he didn’t cry at IPL. He speaks on crying a lot sometimes after remembering his parents or when he gets big happiness. He cries in the bathroom alone and often wants to make sure that his children are not seeing him in that state. Anupam ji asks he cries alone so his children doesn’t see him, SRK replies that he sometimes cries in front of his children and calls him ill-mannered infront of them. He adds that the look of his children is quite different as they look at him while opening their eyes and wonders how their father cry. He thinks instead of being sad they behave in that manner and finds it odd. He speaks that now is the time of instagram and fears that his children might just upload his pic of crying on instagram. He also speaks that his children is also humorous and some days after seeing him crying also pulls his legs and thus he tries to avoid crying in front of his children. Sometimes, he even cries at different places like sometime on road after seeing a person. Anupam ji asks whether his heart is full of emotions ? SRK replies that his heart is full of feelings and if he spoke about it then he will cry, and its not a problem if he cries here but the show will come on TV and then again his children will see the show.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK has heart full of feelings

Anupam ji asks SRK what is the thing that gives him the maximum happiness ?
SRK:  replies that family, children, home are there but on a more interesting note after getting praise for his acting on set after giving a shot gives him lot of happiness. He speaks on his happiness to face camera.

Anupam ji comes after the break and calls his show the Shah Rukh Khan show bringing laughter on both’s faces. SRK speaks that when he came to Mumbai, Anupam ji is one of the finest actors the world has ever produced according to him and apart from it both he and Anupam ji have worked  with fine actors but he got lots of love from Anupam ji because of which his confidence grew a lot. SRK speaks that when you think of things which make you feel that you made up your mark because of these things, and in that list he cites that Anupam ji’s name will also be there and its important. SRK speaks of Anupam ji’s kindness towards him when he has started his work, and also says that Anupam ji has treated him like equal and didn’t exhibit his acting prowess in-front of him though he could have done it to prove himself. SRK says that Anupam ji instead used to behave like a young theatre colleague of SRK which was contrary to his talent and position and has made him feel beautiful during their movies together – Chahat, DDLJ, and thanks Anupam ji for considering him as his friend. SRK also cites that acting is not about talent or technique but its is about giving and cites that there are only few actors in the world who are as giving as Anupam ji.

Anupam ji: Asks SRK about the book he is writing since some years ?
SRK: speaks that he is still writing the book which is his autobiography and he got the idea to write it from Mahesh Bhatt who is his and Anupam ji’s mentor. The title of the book is 20 Years of a Decade, and speaks that he was sad while shooting for  a film with Bhatt saab and occasionally gets sad.  He speaks that Bhatt saab suggested him to write the book so as to feel better and cites that it will be a therapy for him. He agreed and decided to write the book and after writing 1st chapter he showed it to Bhatt saab. He continued writing and he felt after completing 10 years in the film industry that he actually spent 20 years in that time thats the reason the book title was named 20 years of a Decade. Now it has been 25 years and think the book is bit outdated and says that in life you get new developments and thus add those new events in the book as well. He writes the book when he feels in his heart and also speaks of writing another book for his daughter Suhana. He speaks that his daughter wants to become an actor, Anupam ji asks whether his son doesn’t want to become an actor. SRK on a lighter note speaks that his son will become an actor as it is the tradition/lineage in Mumbai and he will not stop the system.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK wants to see Suhana as an actor

He then suggests that Anupam ji might launch his son by directing him in his movie. Anupam ji replies that he may or may not direct and launch his son but suggests SRK to send his son and daughter to his acting school. SRK speaks on sending his daughter to Anupam ji’s acting school as she has lot of wish to become an actor. He speaks on having lots of respect for his heroines and cites that he respects women because he grew up with women at his side and cites that his heroines also loves him a lot. He speaks that Sridevi ji to Anushka are all lovable and he wishes that his daughter will be like one of his heroines. He gives credit to heroines of 70 % of what he is today and speaks that he learnt a lot from his heroines during romantic movies. He thinks that his daughter will read his book on acting as she listens to him and in the book he will share personal anecdotes about acting some 4 lines short experiences and after reading it if she becomes an actor that is good. But thinks that she will become an actor on her own thinking. He wants to write so that she can read it and see what her father has done for 20 to 22 years of acting. He feels on writing for her because he need to tell someone how he acts and thinks that his daughter will give him respect. The name of that book is To Suhana On Acting From Papa. Anupam ji asks him to write and publish the book for Suhana soon since she will become an actress very soon in some years. SRK replies InshaAllah and speaks that he read in places like women in acting or heroines are sometimes said positively or in bad light. He speaks that it will be his pride and honour if his daughter becomes an actress.

Anupam ji :  Do you get the thought that one day your fame will be going to a different person ?
SRK:  speaks that will not happen as he is not modest as Anupam ji has said as well. Then goes on to say honestly speaking he is the last of the stars bringing much applause from Anupam ji and audience. Anupam ji speaks that personality is the one who is comfortable with oneself and feels that SRK is very comfortable with himself such that nobody can reach his place. SRK speaks on his genuine believe and informs about the interview he gave to Stardust magazine after coming to Mumbai and there he call himself the best. The people thought that he was arrogant. He then speaks on the reason behind calling himself the best and shares a story of a boy whose sister is badminton champion and his brother is also successful and to match them he writes on  a wall that he is the best in the world. SRK speaks that it is not arrogance but rather a believe and if he didn’t think that then why is he going to work after waking up at 9:00 am every morning. He needs to convince himself that he is the best because he knows that he is not good enough, he is not better than the second guy, and Anupam ji says that SRK will be happy when his own son will say that he is the best in the world and SRK replies that he will accept it and Anupam ji wishes that his son speak those words.

SRK replies if God has decided that will happen and wishes to see his son speaking. He speaks about his dialogue from the movie Chennai express which said – Khada Hoon…Ukhandana Hain Ukhhad Lo.. (I am standing.. If you want to uproot me, then go ahead to uproot me). By saying that line with smile on his face, he suggests that he will not leave acting on his own. Anupam ji speaks about his fear of memory loss and then SRK calls him Ravi and in turn Anupam ji calls him Salman. SRK replies that as he called him Salman then that means he doesn’t have a memory loss bringing laughter to both. SRK replies on a lighter note that he doesn’t have fear of memory loss and suggests that he would like to have memory loss and also suggests that some people want to see his memory loss and smiles. Anupam ji speaks that the show’s integral part is Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hain. And they have never thought 25 or 30 years ago that one day they will come and talk on his show and if this can happen then anything is possible. He also speaks on their movie DDLJ completing 1000 weeks of its run and suggests that even in next 100 years that record will not be broken and if that can happen then anything is possible.

SRK carries much amusement and excitement on his face after hearing DDLJ’s stupendous success and records. Anupam ji speaks that if SRK can conquer for 25 years the film industry then anything is possible. SRK replies that if he conquers and be a king for so much time then anything can happen and is possible. SRK speaks that The Anupam Kher show TV series should not end  and somebody should intervene Anupam ji as even his background is simple. SRK speaks that at his home during his childhood in the Daal (pulse) curry, extra water used to put so that his family of four will have sufficient food to eat. He speaks of not knowing at all that he will make such a big name in the country and thanks people for allowing him to make his mark. He goes on to say that if a person like him who has limited talent and intelligence and ordinary looks is invited on Anupam ji’s show then anything can be possible. Anupam ji asks him to not say such words since he will also get full feelings in his heart. SRK suggests of speaking very genuinely and says that it is said that his success is like the one which went through (Nikakl Padhi in hindi). He advises all the upcoming actor, engineer or doctor who are watching him on this show to not feel that someone was lucky so he succeeded, they got chance, or he was the son of a rich and big man. He speaks that in life only good happens and speaks a dialogue from his film Om Shanti Om (OSO) that Koi Zindagi ko Dil Se Chaho To Saare Kaiyanaat Usse Tumhe Milane Ki Saazish mein Lag jaati hain aur zindagi ke anth mein acha hi hota hain aur acha na ho to woh anth nahi hain.. Abhi picture abhi baaki hain mera dost.

Anupam ji speaks of giving one of the audience member a chance to talk and chat with SRK, and he brings out a fish bowl to choose the lucky person. SRK calls the name of Pallavi and then welcomes her on stage and showers a kiss close to her forehead. She goes and sit beside SRK and feels good to be in his company and Anupam ji. SRK asks him about her work and whether she is married. She replies on doing a job and married but doesn’t have kids. Anupam ji wants her husband to identify himself and she replies that he is inside and works on the set. Anupam ji checks whether all the chits have the name of Pallavi and SRK on a lighter note speaks that there might be match fixing there regarding her selection. Anupam ji asks about her husband’s date of birth and she replies 1979 and he then asks about the day and she replies 19th April after taking a while. SRK speaks that she will remember correctly after couple of years. Anupam ji identifies her husband as Amol by making a guess. He asks what she wants to learn from SRK so that in future she can speak to her grandchildren. He suggests her to ask any question not necessarily any intelligent one which she might be thinking in her mind. Pallavi speaks of liking SRK’s movie – Kuch Kuch Hota Hain and whenever it comes on Television she watches it.

Pallavi wants SRK to speak a dialogue from Kuch Kuch Hota Hain. SRK after thinking a bit asks for her hand, and while holding it speaks a dialogue – Pallavi, Hum Ek Baar Jeeta Hain Hum Ek Baar Marte Hain.. Shaadi Bhi Ek Baar Hoti Hain..Aur Pyaar.. Tum Nahi Samjhogi Anjali.. Kuch Kuch Hota Hain.. She replies Tum Nahi Samjhoge Rahul.. Kuch Kuch Hota Hain. SRK after seeing her dialogue suggests to her husband Amol that his marriage will be the most short-lived marriage that any one had. Anupam ji asks whether Amol is romantic and she becomes shy and doesn’t answer. Anupam ji asks Pallavi when does her husband said I love you to her ? Pallavi replies that before going to his work he says Love you and leaves. She replies of saying love you too to her husband. Sooner then, SRK enacts a scene like that of her husband Amol going to work and expects a love you message from her for seeing him off and gives an elegant pose to hear it.  She couldn’t give a reply and Anupam ji asks whether she doesn’t have a question for him, and suggests that she might be thinking whether he was on the show, its good to not ask him a question. He feels Pallavi’s fast heartbeat which is hearing at his end and she finally asks Anupam ji when did he met SRK for the first time. Anupam ji replies that he met SRK at the sad demise of legendary actor Amjad Khan.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK and Anupam ji showers a gift to Pallavi

He then worked with SRK in DDLJ where he was his father and the first scene was about him speaking to his son SRK on his failure in exams in London. Anupam ji speaks that the photos which was shown in the movie DDLJ were actually of his uncles (Chahca and Taiya) and they were calm after watching the movie and thanks him (their nephew) for making them famous. Anupam ji gives a gift to Pallavi and is handed over by SRK and they then takes a selfie with Pallavi. SRK hugs pallavi and wishes her to be happy always and wants her to give his regards to Amol. Anupam ji gives a certificate to SRK to express his feelings on paper which is apart from his prayers and blessings for him. Anupam ji reads out his message for SRK – The identity of Indian film cinema and Kohinoor diamond takes our greetings. You are not only a very unqiue person but also a pure soul which God has given us. Your spiritual strength has showered your presence for so many years and has shown us. Your journey of life is an example of success.. SRK poses with the certificate and Anupam ji signs off from the show and suggests to people to not question their strengths because in life anything is possible.

The Anupam Kher Show - SRK gets a beautiful note from Anupam ji

Next Episode: Guests on the show are Mahesh and Alia Bhatt. Anupam ji enacts a scene with Alia where he is happy to tell her daughter to run away from the wedding place. Anupam ji speaks with Mahesh Bhatt on his excessive drinking habit many years ago. Mahesh ji replies on drinking much because he was unhappy and sad with his life and he was sad with himself as he wasn’t able to reach a position which he was aiming for dearly. Alia sings a song -Gali Mein Aaj Chand Nikla effortlessly.

Additional Note
* The Anupam Kher Show is focused show which captures varied emotions in the life of a celebrity/superstar/megastar and the journey. The concept is refreshing and the wider public will know inside-out about the celebrity and also learn from their life as well. Kudos goes to Anupam ji and his team.

* The show’s integral component or philosophy is Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai. which is also the name of a play from director Feroz Abbas Khan and the play length is 150 minutes. Furthermore, Anupam ji runs an acting school – “Actor Prepares” in Mumbai, India which was mentioned in the show. Its website, and Twitter page.

* Twitter pages of Anupam Kher, Shah Rukh Khan

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