YUDH on Sony, 14th July, 2014 1st Episode – Gripping Story backed by effortless acting

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Yudh on Sony

The story starts with Yudhishtir waking up and his heart beating faster and he then looks at his legs while the watch’s clicking sound plays in background. Yudh looks at the mirror and caresses his hairs and is then told by his wife Nayantara that wet almonds are there for him and wants him to eat them. He leaves for his work and on the road finds some structural problem in the construction of the flyover and calls the municipal commissioner soon after.

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He informs him about passing through Burhani flyover and speaks that it will not stay much and will remain only for 10 years. The commissioner wants the next commisioner to take care of the pool. Some men at the municipal office asks why Yudh is worried, and the municipal commissioner speaks that he is right and is worried about life of people. He speaks that Yudh’s eyes can examine building like X-rays and what he said is correct and will happen. The commissioner warns the people sitting with him about the news might be publishing in the newspaper. He speaks that he is not playing any double game as the builder sitting there is his friend and the one who has built the flyover. He informs the builder to not bring his son next time.

Yudh comes to his office Shanti Constructions and speaks with his staff to prepare the news about Burhani flyover after a staff girl speaks that the media is ready to cover the story if a structural engineer gives his nod.  Yudh speaks to his colleague of calling the commissioner after seeing the pool’s condition and thought that after informing him he is helping him (Gomti Lal) but not the case for him. He speaks that the commissioner behaved like he spoke about his son’s marriage proposal. Yudh’s staff Mona comes there and his colleague Anand suggests him to not worry about flyover but he responds that the flyover will fall in some years and people’s live are at stake. Anand goes with Mona to prepare the story against flyover’s builder. Yudh’s son Rishi plays video game and his mother wants him to not play video games. She speaks that his father is grounded and wants her son to be like her husband. She speaks that his maternal grandfather was not grounded and was acting like a king at his time and after losing his position to others he felt dejected and in the process lost himself as he made himself as his enemy.

Yudh meets his mentor about leaving structural engineering work and he was advised to work in the construction business and speaks that he will move on in his life with the confidence got from the mentor. The mentor looked worried and speaks that construction is done on the soil and the impending dangers are seen whereas mines are beneath the ground. Thus, the problems that arise after digging mines is another story which you cannot imagine as well as NGO’s, political parties all think of their benefit and to work around them is difficult. Yudh speaks of having rules to deal with them, and the mentor speaks that principles, talent, and experience will not defeat him but the people.. Yudh becomes anxious to hear it. Yudh comes back to his office and gets a call from his wife Nayantra and she informs that Ranjan is coming back from jail. He asks her why is she crying ? She asks him whether he will come. She wants him to come to see his brother as he is coming after 11 years and suggests that he has improved. Yudh calls his assistant Cindy and wants to complete the pending items and learns that an NGO wants to meet him and Dr. Mehra is bringing a specialist for him.

Ranjan comes out from the prison and Rishi greets him and takes him to his home. Anand and Mona are in a meeting with the builder Dharmendra Malik and his son Anuj. Dharmendra’s son again speaks in big voice and Mona informs him that Yudh can be regarded as his grandfather in the business. Dharmendra malik speaks that Yudh is the one for whom the lower class people will take you to the top. Yudh calls his son Rishi who is at a hotel and informs him to come soon at his office along with his uncle (Mama). Ranjan mama meets a man and inquires about Jeetu. He learns that jeetu died three years ago and then speaks that this unnamed property of hotel belongs to his father. He informs the man to make Jeetu as the caretaker of this property and now has came back to take it.  The man speaks that Jeetu took some crores of money from him and in return gave him the property. He then wants his men to take care of Ranjan.

Anand at his end is being asked about the structural engineer by Dharmendra. Anand replies that the news is still not known and will not be revealed if a structural engineer examines the flyover. Thereafter, Dharmendra asks how much he want (money) ? Anand becomes furious inside and speaks that if a life goes away then he will take away a life in return. He then receives a call from Rishi about having some problem and he gets info about the hotel. Anand reaches the hotel and helps Ranjan and the police also comes there. He informs the police to do whatever they want with the owners of the property which is an illegal and speaks that Ranjan is not part of it.

Yudh meets a minister at his office and the minister wants Yudh to focus on the mining project. Yudh replies that he has bid for the mining project but until now he didn’t get the tender. He speaks that mining is just work and heath institute is his dreams. He speaks of the responsibility and living (food) of 10,000 people so how can he leave the work ? The minister speaks of his policy to only help rich people, and Yudh asks him whether he should think of him as his friend or not ? The minister speaks of the definition of a friend in politics which is the one having an opportunity to back stab you and still he doesn’t take it. Yudh smiles and speaks that is this enough in today’s times and seals a friendship chord with minister and leaves. As he is leaving the meeting he hears the news about Burhani’s flyover construction specifically about the structural weakness and the possibility of it falling down in few years.

Dharmendra is informed by his son about the story leak about their flyover’s structural weakness. The son becomes much annoyed and wants to teach a lesson to Yudh. Yudh and his colleagues Anand and Mona becomes worried after seeing the same news since earlier in the day Anand met with Dharmendra and has sort of agreed on having a structural engineer to find a solution for the problem. Mona learns that the news agency has gone ahead themselves though they were not interested in the story in the morning. Anand doesn’t listen to Mona as she was the first one to inform the news agency about the Burhan’s flyover flaws. Yudh speaks that we don’t need to worry from Dharmendra Malik and Anand asks whether he participated in the leak. Yudh replies of not having any role in it while looking at his notebook.

Anand speaks that he doesn’t fear Dharmendra malik but says that two thiefs are like cousin brothers. He speaks that the commisioner was informed first by Yudh and there both father-son duo of Dharmendra and Anuj malik – Burhani flyover builders were sitting with the comissioner at that time. He asks Yudh if he didn’t do who else have done it. Anand wants Yudh to publically defend Dharmendra Malik and Yudh replies not doing such a thing. Anand then speaks whether Yudh has thought to send Rishi abroad. He suggests Yudh to send his son Rishi abroad and speaks that his maternal family will get him drowned in lots of mess and informs that he just brought him safely from some place which Yudh doesn’t know.

Yudh continues to stay in his office and he inches to receive a call as he feels paralysis in his hands. Yudh finally takes the call and learns that Dr Mehra came with a specialist. He greets them and then learns that a girl (Taruni) is also there.  He excuses himself for 10 minutes from the doctors and wants his assistant Cindy to first send the girl Taruni who is his daughter. She meets him and asks him whether he is fine ? He replies on being fine and she informs him of working at the municipal general hospital the one which Yudh has built. She asks whether he is Ok ? He asks about her mother and she informs that the mother coughs a lot because of a nearby construction. He asks whether she wants to eat something, and he speaks of missing Daal of her mother. She speaks of joining an NGO since people cannot afford their post medical treatment care. He asks how much money she needs for it. She suggests that he give some good amount but not very big since people will get some suspicion about the money. She speaks of not telling anybody that he is her… He speaks of sending cheques of 1 Lakh rupees with different names, and she speaks of getting SMSes because of a surgery. She goes from there and he drops her close to the lift and feels very emotional.

Dr. Mehra speaks with Yudh after diagnosing about his illness which is Huntington’s disease and cites that first he will get mood swings like very angry or feel happiness a lot, or get severe depression. He speaks that his brain will trigger and say that he should hold a hand but his hands will not move to take it, nerves will not be supporting him and it can happen in any part of his body, or sometimes he will get blank though while knowing what to do in the mind, his tongue will shiver. Yudh asks about the one who discover the illness. The doctor gives him an adrenaline shot in case of emergency and anxiety pills so he feels relaxed. Yudh then asks the doctor how much time he has left for him ? Dr. Mehra replies three to five years. Yudh then asks whether there is any treatment and gets a reply of not having a treatment for his illness until now. He speaks of the responsibility to take care of 10,000 people their living and livelihood and wants them or other people to not about his illness.

The doctors wants him to remember that stress or worry is his death. He goes back in his car towards his home and on the way sees some clown standing on the road several times.  As he comes at the gate an unidentified person comes to him and speaks that the municipal hospital’s building will fall in some time from now and suggests him to go there to see by himself. Yudh becomes worried and starts to go there since his daughter Taruni is there doing surgery as well. He informs Anand about the impending mishap that is going to take place at Municipal general hospital and wants him to reach there by informing police and Fire brigade. Anand thinks that it might be somebody’s prank but Yudh insists him to go and inform the concerned authorities.

Taruni at her end at the municipal hospital is in the operation theatre and just before starting the surgery speaks with his patient Ahmed Bhai that the country’s tradition is to welcome guests (Athithi Devo Bhavo) but in his body there are some guests which are not to be respected. So, after the surgery he can do all the things which he never did. Yudh speaks to Anand that Taruni is here and asks whether he got info on the emergency use. He goes on to find Dr. Taruni  who is at the 2nd floor and then reaches the operation theatre and informs Taruni that the building will fall anytime. She then suggests that his colleagues go away to safer place and Yudh insists her to leave with the patient. She calls him Dad and wants him to go out as she begins to take the patient with her. Yudh also helps in evacuating some other patient and at the same time gets a paralysis attack and cannot move his left hand. The people run from there for safety and even ambulance and fire services reach the place. Yudh finds himself stuck in the hospital and feels helpless and asks for help and also once sees the same clown. He shouts for Anand but in vain, and Anand on his end tries to call Yudh and sooner they meet. After then,  Yudh learns that Taruni is not outside to a safer place and again runs inside the hospital to find Taruni. As he walks inside with his left hand still paralysed, the building begins to tumble down.

In the 2nd episode, Taruni’s mother Gauri, Yudh’s second wife speaks that Taruni was lucky to get protected by her father and Taruni is seen at the hospital bed recovering. Yudh speaks to Anand that he doesn’t have much time. Yudh also meets the municipal commisioner and says that a how come a fine building can fall down ? The commissioner replies that there might be some flaws in construction. Yudh meets Dharmendra Malik who informs him that the building was actually razed down intentionally. The commisioner speaks that someone needs to get the blame and makes himself safe from any blame and after giving that taunt leaves from there with a shrewd smile on his face. Yudh later asks Anand on how much he knows. When he meets Taruni she asks him whether he is doing fine, and soon finds himself with doctors and in an angry condition wants them to not kill him.

Info On Cast
* Yudhishtir Sikarwar played by the legend and Megastar Amitabh Bachchan.
– The role of a business man and tycoon who owns Shanti Constructions. He is diagnosed with neuro psychological disorder. He faces problems from corporate rivals and also there is turbulence in his family and has to sort out all the issues in a finite time (three to five years) because of his illness.
– Sr. Bachchan’s Twitter page and official Tumblr blog.

* Gauri: Tarun’s mother and Yudh’s first wife though not known in public. The role is played by veteran actress Sarika.
– Sarika is the mother of actress Shruti Hassan, and her other daughter’s name is Akshara Hassan.
– She won the National Award for Best Actress for portraying the role of Zoroastrian woman in the movie Parzania (2007).
– Read more at her Wikipedia page.

* Nayantara: Yudh’s second wife and also known to public. Played by actress Ayesha Raza

* Taruni: Yudh’s daughter whose mother is Gauri, a passionate, intelligent and caring doctor who has her own values and wants to help the down trodden and the needy by working in an NGO as well. The role is played by actress Aahana Kumra. Aahana’s Twitter page.
– She played the role of Ritu in Sona Spa, a Bollywood movie in 2013.
– Role of Jaya in  The Blueberry Hunt, a Bollywood movie in 2011.

* Rishi is the young son of Yudh and Nayantara and his mother wants him to stay away from his maternal family. Played by actor Pavail Gulati
– Pavail played the role of Abhimanyu Jaiswal in the horror movie Hide and Seek which also starred Purab Kohli and Arjan Bajwa.

* Anand: colleague and college friend of Yudhishtir. Played by actor Zakir Hussain.

* Mona: colleague and PR staff member of Yudh at Shanti Constructions. Key member in handling PR related activities. Played by actress Mona Vasu.

* Municipal commissioner: He is supporting the builders and is not an ally of Yudh. Played by actor Kay Kay Menon.

* The Minister: His philosophy of a friend is the one who doesn’t back stab even when there is an opportunity to do so. He has accepted the friendship proposal from Yudh. Played by director/actor Tigmanshu Dhulia.

* Nawaazuddin Siddiqui is also part of the cast

Additional Notes:

* Yudh is a finite TV series with genre of Psychological Thriller on Sony TV which will complete in 20 episodes/5 weeks and have a running time of 45-50 minutes each.  Yudh TV series’ Wikipedia page.
* Yudh’s Dialogues:
– “Yeh Business Sirf Ek Khel Nahi Zindagi Badalne Ka Zariya Hai”;
– “Yeh khel ab aapko meri tarah hi khelna hoga”,
* Yudhishtir – Yudh the central and pivotal character of the story deals with intertwined elements ranging from illness, family, business, principles, and care for people. In his finite time, Yudh vows to not cease his life without fighting all the issues around him.

Image Credit: Twitter page of Sony TV

YUDH: Sneak Peek
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YUDH 1st Episode – 14th July, Video
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YUDH 2nd Epsiode – 15th July, Video
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YUDH – Promos
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