‘’Lagi Shart, I can do kuch bhi’’ wordy Pakhi got slapped by Kamla; Pakhi to take revenge from Kamla in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan

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Pakhi reminds me of the DELL tagline, which suits her the best. But the lass does not know love is not a bet or a condition, it has to left free to fly and get high, only to get back to heart with a bang. The overconfident Pakhi feels she can fool around Raghav all her life and make him stay with her. She simply wants him to be away from Kalpi and is playing cheap tactics, like demolishing Kalpi’s café. Well, Kamla comes to know about this dirty trick of Pakhi, and goes her home to give her two nice straight slaps making her cheeks get aware of her anger. Kamla can’t believe Pakhi can do this with Kalpi, after all the love and care she gave to her since childhood, what all sacrifices she made going against Vitthal.

Kamla is devastated seeing Pakhi’s such an ugly face and counts all her struggles she did for her. Pakhi is so selfish that she forgets all the love Kamla gave her, Kamla who has kept her above Kalpi always. All that Pakhi can see now, is Raghav Raghav…… Kamla realizes that Pakhi does not love Raghav, its just a game for her, her love is not true and Raghav deserves true love in the form of Kalpi in his life. She decides to unite the lovers and break out Pakhi’s truth to him. She comes to know he is out of country with Sammy to meet his delegates and will come tomorrow and gears up to meet him. Pakhi and Gauri think to stop Kamla at any cost, as they will lose Raghav forever to Kalpi. Kamla comes home and apologizes to Kalpi for not understanding her true love for Raghav and tells her about Pakhi’s unfair tricks. Well, Kamla is in danger zone now, as Pakhi is mad about Raghav and can do anything with her and Kalpi, to make them away from him. We have to see what does Pakhi do now to stop Kamla, will she fall so low to attack her? Let us know your opinion on this current track. The show is moving on pretty fast as makers are winding up Pakhi’s track now. Soon the vamp will be out of the limelight, and before that some major twists are ahead. Keep watching EMA or read short reviews here.

NOTE: Guys, this post might be read by Zee Associates, so feel free to lay down your opinions here so that it can be notified to them. Feel like this is EMA fan page, and bring out all your emotions (Happy, sad, anger) and expectations related to the show in comments section.






18 responses to “‘’Lagi Shart, I can do kuch bhi’’ wordy Pakhi got slapped by Kamla; Pakhi to take revenge from Kamla in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan”

  1. leelu Avatar

    Thank you for this article, seems now as Kamla supports ragna we will soon witness ragna union in episode this has made us all fans happy, we wanted paakhi track to wrap up n ragna back n finally the chnl n CVs seem to be on the way of giving us that

  2. Ajo (@1JonAmu) Avatar

    We want Raghav to find out on his own,but soon..his marriage papers with Pakhi should be fake as he knw already that the Kapurs will try to get his using this marriage..so he is free from Pakhi..we want him to knw abt this and quietly catch them red handed..

  3. saru Avatar

    want raghav also to come back with a bang then it will be awesome..ragna forever

  4. girijashiva Avatar

    Kamala challenge make gouri and Pakhipanic did some mistake which the truth will come out its own.or Gouri revenge track like marriage with pakhi is totally fake to get pakhi hooked . we fans of RAGHNA dont want any harassment in the name of story line want etc, it is not a MAHABHARATA or RAMAYANA- can not change anytime.common CV give us our Arrogant RAGHAV -& his love KALPANA -RAGHNA together.throw out who are doing bad to RAGHNA including CVs

  5. Apeksha Avatar

    she cannot attack kamla maa nd kalpi

  6. Apeksha Avatar

    paakhi cannot attack kamla maa nd kalpi

  7. Apeksha Avatar

    raghav and sammy will come with a bang

  8. seetal Avatar

    nw story is wht we want.first truth shud reveal nw to raghav nd ragna shud cm together.nd paki shud be out of raghav life.most imp we want to see romance btwn raghav nd kalpana as they nd we hav suffered a lot nw.so pls no dragging nd unite ragna get thm married nd shw yheir happy life.other thing shud go sidectrack.ragna is usp nd we want thm nd their romance

  9. kajal.joshi Avatar

    Ema ne itna track ko kheecha hai ki seriously i left watching rubbish poo & go….but yesterday i read up…..feels ki ya something will be nice with ragna after long separation & era of ragna sadness we will get happy married ragna back soon….if they see zindagi gulzaar hai…they made epic of love story of zaroon & kashuf….really sab Indian serial ke takkar ke hai just in 26 episodes they show us a story …which can’t be seen in yrs & yrs…like ekta & all makers…..just advice them to see zgh…..& give story according…. Beautiful love track….

  10. arya Avatar

    I just wnt ra ……..khi marriage to b fake. Hope as u said khi track will end soon and we will get our old raghav and ragna bacj. Ragna 4eva

  11. arya Avatar

    I just wnt ra ……..khi marriage to b fake. Hope as u said khi track will end soon and we will get our old raghav and ragna bacj. We want Ragna 4eva

  12. Sabita Avatar

    Refresher!!! Can’t wait for this epic reunion
    Its been long awaited
    The past few months has been a major disappointment to all the kalpi and raghav fans
    The light @ the end of the tunnel is finally here or almost here
    Let’s hope for some epic moments ahead

  13. gayatri Avatar

    just want raghav in his original form..love him the most when he is arrogant…

  14. dhanya Avatar

    Finally the story is moving forward after 3 months of stagnation period.Thank god they are ending Pakhi’s track. So excited……Can’t wait to see Raghav and Kalpi’s union.Hope there will be a grand wedding in August as EMA complete one year and start their journey together.

  15. Apeksha Avatar

    kamla maa tells every thing to raghav i think raghav will believe kamla nd kalpi raghav already knows the truth or sammy will help them

  16. Rakhee Avatar

    The day pakhi track over and Ragna trac starts like before 9th may we are going to celebrate. Just want to get rid off current trac as soon as possible. Raghav and kalpi best Jodie forever. But surprised why ek mutthi aasmaan is not repeated in day schedules ? Pl. start repeat telecast in day time.

  17. apeksha Avatar

    Y gauri nd paakhi are taking raghav out of town I hope sammy should see cctv footage then he should tell to raghav about ajay

  18. apeksha Avatar

    I hope sammy should see cctv footage about paakhi in ek mutthi aasmaan

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