Veera confesses her feelings to Baldev with a sore throat; Baldev confused in Veera


veera baldev




Veera talks to Chai ji about her growing feelings, naming it on her friend and seeking a positive solution from her. Chai ji tells her that its better to admit the feelings as soon as possible, else it may happen that the guy marries someone else and the girl keeps regretting for not sharing her feelings with the guy. Even Ratan motivates Veera and says how Sampooran shouted I love you taking her to a mountain cliff and that was the most romantic moment for her. She tells Veera that love gives strength, happiness and good memories and asks her to tell her friend to admit her love at the earliest.

Veera is full on geared up to share her feelings with Baldev. She comes to Baldev while he is not facing her and she tells him everything how she turned into his friend from an enemy, and then into a lover from a friend. Baldev is busy listening to songs on his mobile gifted by his friend, and does not hear any of her sweet lovely words. She asks him for a reply and he does not respond. She goes ahead and holds him, only to see his earplugs on. She gets sad and loses confidence to tell it once again. Baldev asks what happened, why did you come and to tell what. She simply leaves and comes home. She sees her childhood photo and gets confidence back again to keep trying till she succeeds. She says new day brings new hope, so she will try tomorrow morning again. She gets up and rehearses infornt of the mirror only to see her sore throat and her voice being so unclear.

She still determines to let Baldev know her feelings before it gets too late. She asks Baldev to meet her and he wonders whats the reason. Baldev too loves her a lot, but he feels to get her is like a dream, as she is educated and he is not, there is lots of difference between them. Baldev wants to marry her, but thinks it will be no use to keep dreaming, as she regards him only a friend. He is unaware of her growing feelings. She comes to him and admits her feelings to him, with her bad voice and Baldev can’t catch any word of her. She tries well to say it, and he at last says yes he got it, and his answer is yes. Veera gets very happy and thinks he has said yes to her love. Did Baldev hear her love confession? Watch Veera to clear this lovely confusion on Star Plus.


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