Heroes – The Fightback Files 21st July 2014 Channel [V] 33rd Episode Written Update

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Heroes the Fightback Files Channel V Harshini's fightback 21st July 2014

The story starts with girls finding Vandana in one of the closets of the school’s restroom with blood coming out from her body. She was in a semi-conscious state at that time and was bleeding and is helped by other girls and the school’s peon. Later, Harshini a teacher there, Vice-principal lady and the principal speak among themselves about Vandana. The principal informs that Vandana’s parents doesn’t not want to keep her in the same school and are also leaving the city to some another city.

Theme of the Episode: Fight Against Sexual Harassment; Fight for the Righteous thing; Fight for your Self-Respect and Dignity; Educate Students on important and timely subjects.

The vice-principal lady speaks that girls like Vandana doesn’t need to study in their school and Harshini suggests that we should not judge her in that way. She speaks of giving proper sex education to students so as to try to keep them safe. The Vice-principal lady suggests that Harshini is mistaken and is thinking in such a manner because she is a new employee. Harshini speaks that Vandana was lucky to survive and thinks that there might be another girl who will not be lucky enough like her.

Harshini at her home speaks with her live-in partner about imparting sex education to 8th class students at her school. The partner compliments her work and calls it good news and suggests whether she is thinking to bring a revolution in small cities. She speaks of not bringing a revolution but rather bringing  a difference. She suggests that the sex education should not be restricted to big cities and also cites that majority of the population lives in small cities and thus if you want to bring a change in society’s attitude about it then you need to start from small cities which is a fact. He humorously suggests that if his mother comes to know that she is imparting sex education in school then she will make sure that they divorce two times before the marriage. She speaks of getting transferred because of him and suggests that if his mother comes to know of their live-in relationship then she will get a heart attack even before seeing her grand children. Both smiles and he speaks on being glad as she made a transfer because of him.

Harshini takes a class of sex education at the school and speaks that when you hit puberty then your body will have changes in both boys and girls. Some boys Varun and Pavan feels happy as sex education is being taught and even jokes about Harshini. Varun suggests that he wants to take private tuitions from her. Pavan asks him whether he wants to learn about the body or about her. Pavan speaks that its much better to show a demo in sex education which will benefit them more and gives a smile in bad taste. Varun asks him that he has lot of material in his hard drive and he can also teach lot of things to the teacher as well. Pavan speaks that Jhanvi needs to know lot of things about Sex and her body and jokes about it. Harshini speaks about a query box where the students can put questions in that box if any and she will answer them in next class.

The vice-principal lady speaks with his colleague that Harshini lives in a live-in relationship herself and also suggests that if sex education is imparted then the students will get bad thoughts in their mind always. Furthermore, she makes a taunt that as Harshini comes from a big city so she is doing such things. Meanwhile, Varun and Pavan write chits and put them inside the query box and leaves. Later, Harshini comes out to take the chits from the query box and finds few and takes them with her. In the night at her home, she reads those chits and tries to answer them. She reads one chit where it was written – Mam, you were informing us about girls, can you say what changes happen in the body ? After reading it she becomes a bit worried and hides the chit from her partner. After seeing her mood change, he asks what she is hiding. She informs to Vinay her partner about the chit and gives him. He reads it and finds the question extremely unpleasant and unhealthy and thinks such behavior is unacceptable. He asks whether she has complaint about such nuisance. She speaks of able to have sex education classes after begging the principal a lot and now if she goes to him and make a complaint then her entire efforts will go waste. /p>

Harshini speaks that students are having a bad effect because of not knowing have proper sex education class and if she informs the principal then such classes will be closed. He asks her so what ? She thinks the classes are important and only because of couple of students she cannot leave this work. He informs her that if such unpleasant thing happen again then she needs to really think again on taking the classes.<Next day at school, Jhanvi meets Harshini and wants to talk with her. She informs Harshini that after her class some boys are teasing a lot. Harshini asks her what are they speaking about ? Jhanvi becomes shy and feels shame and then informs that the boys stare at her, pass bad comments like sit with them, don’t go far from them and because of which she becomes uncomfortable. Harshini wants to know the names of those boys and gets the name from her. The principal meets Pavan’s father and informs him that because of his action he has taken a decision to suspend him for 2 weeks from the school. Pavan’s father becomes annoyed and speaks that he will not accept the suspension of his son. He adds that never he received any complaint about his son but now it happened because of the sex education. Harshini tries to persuade him that classes didn’t make Pavan to act in such a way.

He doesn’t listen and continues to speak that because of sex education classes the children’s mind are infused with bad thoughts. He also suggests to the principal about his reach will school’s board members in order to show his might and informs him that if he still decides to suspend his son then he will go to the board members. Before leaving, he speaks of imparting good values to his children and not sex education. Pavan becomes happy and leaves with his father. Harshini speaks that Pavan has harassed a girl and we cannot leave him with just a warning. The principal speaks that if such news go out from their school then things will become haywire and suggests that people there are yet not ready for such education and thus wants to end the classes. She informs him that the parents are not supportive because they don’t really know on what kind of sex education is being taught. She wants to give a last chance and suggests the principal to call for a parents and teacher meeting where she will try to inform them about the importance of sex education. He agrees to her request for the parent-teacher meeting.

Some days later, the meeting is organized and parents are seen there. When she informs them more on the agenda of their meeting, Pavan’s father starts shouting that the school is teaching sex education, Isn’t it wrong ? He wants other parents suggestion. She informs them that the children know most things about Sex because of Internet and exposure and we think that they are not so much aware. Furthermore, they feel shy and uncomfortable in speaking with parents about it and get half-baked information from outside and commit mistakes. She cites the example of Vandana who took a drastic step because she was not informed properly about sex education. She wants a proper channel to teach children in a cohesive manner about it. Pavan’s father Mr. Bansal is still not satisfied with Harshini’s point of view and says he is not convinced. He speaks that sex education is immoral and cannot be a part of school syllabus and then gets support from other parents.

At home, Harshini speaks with Vinay about getting only small support for continuing sex education classes and most of them are against it. So, now the classes are not compulsory for student and they can attend it if interested. He speaks that its a good thing that the classes are not ended and she cannot help all and the ones which need it will come to her. Next day, the vice-principal lady comes to meet Harshini and informs her about the news article publish in a local news paper about the parents protest against sex education at their school. She is still not satisfied with Harshini’s idea and efforts and speaks that only the principal is convinced and leaves from there. Some time later, Harshini comes out to collect chits from the query box and is seen by Varun and Pavan from a distance. She finds a note with heart symbol and there is message – With Love. In another note, she finds the message asking her what’s going on in her body ? She becomes worried and then finds Pavan and Varun writing those chits and looks at them.

Harshini after finishing her work prepares to go back to home in her car. She was holding some books while opening the door of the car and couldn’t do it in first try. Soon, some men starts to come close to her and also wants to help her. One of them speaks that she is the one who infuses bad thought in children’s mind and suggests that her article was published in the news paper on sex education. She asks him whether his son/daughter studies at her school. He replies no, and then she informs him of not speaking more about it as it doesn’t matter for him. As she tries to open the door, he touches her hand, and takes the car keys and speaks that it matters to him since the young boys of the city are being infused with bad thoughts in their mind so somebody has to come, right madam ? She asks him who is he ? He introduces himself as Jayant Tripathi from BNA party and wants her to end the sex education classes. He then comes close to her and holds her hand tightly and gives her a final warning. He informs her in bold voice that if he hears that she continues to give classes and infuse bad thoughts in children then he will give her a tough reply which will not be a warning and also not peaceful. He hits her with a small slap and leaves with his men. Harshini becomes worried and starts to leave in her car and is seen by Pavan from the school’s window.

Stop sexual harassment

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