"Wish Ashish" – Greeting by Saru et. al

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July 21st. What’s so special about this day? The 202nd day of year? Palindrome day?? Well, on this day, an ANGEL was born. The name says he is the “WISH” of his parents but he became a “BLESSING” to the world. A truly BLESSED one. This is the birthday of the most hottest, the extremely sweetest, the handsome, AND the latest sensation on Television:  A.S.H.I.S.H  C.H.O.W.D.H.R.Y.


Lovingly called Ashu, Ash, Chow Chow, Mr. Chow, Charmer, RS, Raghav by his fans and his Twamily (his Twitter family). Ashish also holds many other titles from his fans such as Mr.LipBite (his infamous lip bite sends the female nation to the floor), Mr. Wink (with such soulful eyes like his mixed with a wink is a deadly combination), King of Romance (we’ve seen him as a comedian but when it comes to romance, he takes it to a whole new level), Superstar (no doubt his acting skills make him one), Chand (Always shining bright like the moon, he’s one that always brings a big smile on everyone’s faces), Oxygen (after stealing the hearts of millions, he has definitely become the wonderful O2), and of course Mr.India (another name given to him by his fans for disappearing off of Twitter for long duration of time). Lol. As mentioned earlier, Ashish has named his fans  #Twamily and always talks to them in a friendly matter (Superstar for sure) leaving them feeling elated. Ashish also gives them cute names like doll, brat, etc. Another thing that makes Mr. Chowdhry a superstar in every sense is the fact he always makes some time for his fans and gives them valuables advice, such as #Healthytwamily.

Being a man who maintains his fitness, Ashish is often found clicking selfies at the gym and sharing selfies along with valuable advice on staying healthy. There is no question that this superstar has really maintained his physique with training at the gym and of course by spreading love and being happy which makes him more healthy. Yes, girls fawn over him but it’s not just because of his physique, it’s because along with maintaining a healthy body, Ashish also possesses a pure heart. What you see is what you get. Although Ashish loves his workout sessions at the gym, he also makes time for his friends, fans, and family while at the same time inspiring and promoting everyone to spread love and unity.

His smile and style are his biggest assets. He faces everything with a smile, be it a praise or criticism. He is the epitome of humanity and his behavior says he came to this world only to spread love and happiness. He is the personification of an angel that descended from the aasmaan. When he made a chopper entry as Raghav Singhania (and so the angel descends to the Earth) all were awestruck  at his style and his charisma. Those dreamy eyes, the cute nose, the 5  o’ clock shadow, the killing looks, and the angelic smile made everyone go crazy about him. Let’s not forget the infamous lipbites and winks (who can possibly forget?) that make up Ashish’s signature. Now the best thing about those lip bites is that they are never repeated. The mark of natural acting skills that he possesses and with which he is ruling the hearts of his fans. Not to mention his off-screen masti made him the King of the Hearts.

The best son, the best husband, the best brother, the best friend, the best advisor, and the best celebrity. Most importantly, the best human being ever. Ashish is really an angel who came to earth just to spread love with his smile. You are definition of the word “ANGEL”, your smile is the definition of “HAPPINESS”, your style is the definition of “TREND”. We wish you a very happy birthday Ashu! May you get all that you wish in your life.Wish u another year full of life, charm personified, enamor even more hearts with your heavenly smile.May happiness never leave ur side, for u turn the world to a blissful slide. Days that pass are many, Years may make u older Age is mere number, For your heart grows each moment younger Along reaches your charm day by day to heights greater. May happiness be your best friend because your happiness has a close relationship with your fans’ happiness. We wish you to get all the happiness in this world!Tum jiyo hajaro sal.and enterain us with your breath taking looks ,fabulous acting skills and teach us how to live and spread love like always.Love u Ashu


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    Awesome Dear 🙂

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    yay thanks guys

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    Telly Review, bunch of thanks from all of us!!

    And to my ever loving stuperstar n rockstar Ashu A Very Happy Birthday!

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