"Wish Ashish" – Greetings by Ktjana, Leelu, Saru and Nethra

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Ash needless to be said is a versatile artist & umpteen reasons to admire. To me he is not a mere actor alone & a package of all talents well sit He shd be the brand ambassador for spreading love and peace. To me he is like a mother can nver hate his children (fans) be it naughty kiddish or immature, loves them to the core consoles them whn they are upset guides them 2 follow good morals, impart in the minds of fans a give and take attitude.

His fans are of all ages but he treats them all impartially.

1. Acting given any role he excels it as acting is his passion.

2. Humility Ashish Chowdhry is the only celebrity who came to small screen during the times when he was too succesful in big screen too. To him the script is his food he masters it like a craftsaman with the tools he has facial expression eye contact dialogue delivery the way he walks the way he talks the style and elegance with which he portrays are a feast to wtch.

3. A very good frnd He was born with a silver spoon and so aristocracy was his cup of tea naturally but he nver allowed any shades of that to inherit him, he moves the same way from the Director to spot boy the way they talk about him during interviews clearly tels us that those informations are true.

4. A very good co artist he is applauded by all with whom he has done variety of roles.

5. A very good son: This is where i admire him a lot. A time came whn the entire family had to face a major brk down financially and though brt up in a posh life style he nvr ran away from that critical conditon but stood with his father and performed his duty as a responsible son and took over the business faced the challenges and came with the same vigour and proved tht he is Ram jaisa beta to his dad .

6. A good humanbeing wn hs family lost his belved sister and when everyone protested that ajmal kasab shd be hanged to death he advocated against hanging as Ash felt that it shd be the way Ajmal has been misutilised by the antisocial elements and kasab fell a preyto it. He set an example tht love and peace can be a goodhealer than violence.

7. The girl whom he courted for more than seven years he is happily wedded to her and she Mrs Samita bangargi blended so well in to his family tht she stood with Ash and his parents in all trials and tribulations. She was equally popular in the same cine field but gave up acting with no ill feelings only to gel with his family and there by me admire her more for this

Mere words cant explain wt he is to us. He is everything to his fans . He is our world. We myself Mrs Thilakavathy Janardhan Mrs Leelu and Miss Saru we are proud to be his fans and more a member of the family of tweeter which he has baptised as #Twamily. It is an abstract feeling one has to undergo enjoy and rejoice with Ashish Chowdhry. Ash i admire u adore u love u and no doubt u have made enormous changes in our world khash our twiter world.


With love: @ktjana @leelu2908 adn @sarurocks1 from ur #Twamily.
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Post 2: From Nethra Patel

“Hiiii Ashish, Wishing you a very Happy birthday. Have a Fab day. May good god give all the happiness and success you wish. Your doing a amazing job in EMA. Aap na faad dete ho TV ko. You are one of the finest actor on the earth. Your so talented aur by God expression toh kut kut ke bhara hai aape. Puri ki puri expression ki company ho. Lol. Not just being a fabulous actor your also a Great human being. You so humble and sweet that you never disappoint your Twamily. Talking about Twamily, we all Twamily members THANK the chairman Mr. ASHISH CHOWDHRY for giving us such a big family were love support and only appreciation is there. Thank you so much. We have made such beautiful awesome friends here and the amount of love I get from them it’s like I have never seen before in my life. Twitter has become such a big part of our life that we don’t come here to tweet you but also to talk those friends that we have made because of you. Dil se thank you. Twamily will be always be with you 24/7 no matter what. Dher sara pyaar and love to you. Stay Blessed. Wishing you once again a very happy birthday. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO THE PURE SOUL ON THIS EARTH. Much love and too many Bigg Tight Hug to you.

Netra 🙂





6 responses to “"Wish Ashish" – Greetings by Ktjana, Leelu, Saru and Nethra”

  1. ruchi kant Avatar

    Weldon Girls….Worth reading Article n again U all made me Cry. 2day is the day of Celebration So wanna say I wish u a very Happy Birthday @ashishchowdhry .Enjoy ur day n U will b Always Always always Special to Us #Love

  2. apeksha Avatar

    Hi ashish chowdhry even I m ur big fan of your we want to see ashish chowdhry nd rachana parulkar and ishaan singh manhas together in a new show with a bang please come back onscreen with a bang and action

  3. apeksha Avatar

    Please ashish chowdhry come back soon with rachana parulkar and ishaan singh manhas together in ema season 2

  4. apeksha Avatar

    Even I will post next time about ashish article

  5. apeksha Avatar

    Even I will post article about ashish chowdhry I am his big fan

  6. apeksha Avatar

    Next time I will post article about ashish chowdhry I am his big fan

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