"Wish Ashish" – Greetings by Shweta Bhuyan

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The handsome hunk who made a dashing entry from a chopper not only in the serial ‘Ek Muthi Asmaan, but also straight into the hearts of thousands of female fans who watched the show only to have a glimpse of him.

Redefining himself from ‘BOMAN’ to ‘RAGHAV SINGHANIA’, had engraved enduring image in hearts of his fans. His intelligence, charm, shrewdness, and above all head on heel love for kalpi make fans go crazy for him. His eyes speak volumes. His presence on screen is enough to create spark. His potrail of Raghav had made us feel the character as alive and not fictional. We smile and cry with with his acting skills. We love him for giving us ‘ The Raghav Singhania’, a perfect man every female wants as a life partner.

But but , these are the qualities of Ashish as a good actor,bt above all he is a gem. In real life he play various roles- loving and caring son, loveable and understanding husband, caring and protective father, reliable friend, and above all a very kind hearted and humble human being.

He has created ‘Twamily’ on social networking site and we fans always appreciate his efforts to interact with us despite his hectic shoots and commitments. This site has given us platform to see the other side of Ashish, which depicts him as extremely compassionate soul.
On his birthday, I, wish him success at each step of his life. Just be like this as you are unique soul. And yes, spread positivity and love always. Love you so much.
Happy birthday.






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