"Wish Ashish" – Greetings by Witty Kitty

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Is writing a post on him easy? I wondered.

But here I am putting pen to paper.

For months on end, I kept hearing my friends oohing; aahing on a man called Raghav. So one weekend curiosity got the better of me and I spent the next 48 hours watching Ek Mutthi Aasmaann.

With that started my journey, as a fan of Ashish Chowdhry.

One can search on Google for anybody’s profile. But does that teach anything much about the real person? No. I prefer to get to know someone more personally.

That aim, became possible without me even lifting a finger. Here was I commenting on his acting as Raghav when I was asked whether I wanted to join the #Twamily. The person explained. I had to join. There are many actors on social media. Some active,some not so active,some tweet and some retweet. Ashish, I discovered belongs to the “Fan tweets & tweets and you get a reply on your luck day” category. Through his replies, I have slowly gotten to know wee bit about the man.

Here, I would like to say that the main reason I have admiration for this man,is because he has been through some very, very tough personal and professional experiences, and emerged through all of it,with his humour intact and no bitterness. I admire such people.

Moving forward, through his Instagram, I see a hilarious man. Who makes the corniest of poses that has you laughing in the aisle. His finger in the mouth seems a person favorite. His friends, who are part of the “Who’s Who” book in Bollywood and Tellywood, seem to share the same sense of fun as he does.

As an actor,I do have to confess,very shamefully, the only work I have seen of his, is as Raghav.

Raghav is a man of numerous shades whose life has been through turmoil from a young age. Ashish truly to me,brings life to that complex man. When Raghav was rude and cruel to Kalpi, fans were upset. Ashish played that “I won’t let anyone remotely close to me” man, to the T. When it was time to romance, then came out another facet of Ashish’s acting. Raat oh Raat, Hero Bann Gaya.

With the absolute sizzling chemistry he shares with just as equally talented Rachana Parulkar (Kalpi), this Jodi, overnight became a sensation. There isn’t a poll,contest or competition,this Jodi hasn’t come out as the winners. Ashish Chowdhry has truly found his forte as an actor.

Now let’s move on to his interaction with fans. Even though the regularity of replies has slid down considerable lately, he is the ONLY actor I know,who mentions his fans & his #Twamily in all the interviews. He replies very humorously to the tweets he receives. At the same time, he also conveys his love for peace and love and interpersonal understanding. He even takes my very honest comments with panache.

Today,As I wish him a VERY,VERY,VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY, I pray that he always remains the ever humble, forever funny, Messiah of laughter and cheer, now and always.

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Writer : Witty Kitty

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9 responses to “"Wish Ashish" – Greetings by Witty Kitty”

  1. aquagal01 Avatar

    Witty KItty awesomely written. You have quite observed the man ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Wish you a very Happy Birthday Ashish.

    1. Witty Kitty Avatar
      Witty Kitty

      Thanks Aayu. You know me. Details.details. I notice the smallest ones.

  2. Anne Avatar

    Couldn’t quite hide your giant crush there could you? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great job on the post. I’m so happy to see your writing turning up all over the blogsphere. Keep at it. Love! xoxo

    1. Witty Kitty Avatar
      Witty Kitty

      Thanks Anne. I never did anything like this for Barun or Karan,so this was a surprise.

      I am truly grateful to Telly Reviews for giving me the duty of collecting and sending them the articles AND also publishing mine.

      I tried signing up on your invite, but got all confused.

      1. tellyreviews Avatar

        Thank you Witty on showing your gratitude many times. Your article is a hit on our site and read in large numbers, thus its purpose is met ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Mia Avatar

    Well written,especially about him being the ONLY actor that actually mention his #twamily .his response to tweets from fans shows how much he genuinely appreciate his fans..

    1. Witty Kitty Avatar

      Thank you so much for appreciating my article.

  4. apeksha Avatar


  5. apeksha Avatar

    Well written kitty witty

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