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Heroes the Fightback Files Channel V Harshini's fightback 22nd July 2014

Precap (Preview) of 21st July Episode: Harsini is a teacher of a school in a small city and lives with her partner Vinay. She decides to impart sex education classes in her class but faces problem and harassment from some students – Varun and Pavan and even by Pavan’s parent. As she begins to take classes, a local politician Jayant comes to know about it after learning in newspaper and confronts her. He molests and threatens her and wants her to stop those classes since he believes that it is damaging to the traditions and also will infuse bad thoughts in children’s mindset. Harshini is shocked after that incident.

Theme of the Episode: Fight Against Sexual Harassment; Fight for the Righteous thing; Fight for your Self-Respect and Dignity; Educate Students on important and timely subjects.

Harshini comes home after being threatened by a local political leader Jayant and at home she feels worried but supported by her partner Abninay. Next day, she takes the class on sex education and she is being filmed by Varun and Pavan who are shooting by standing near the windows. She informs the students about contraception and protection and speaks that hormonal changes comes in girls at age of 14 while for boys  it comes at 16. Pavan wants to upload the video so that the political person will make Harshini’s mam life a mess. He uploads the video and in the night Harsini is seen walking with her partner on the road and she is then confronted by Jayant. He informs him whether he doesn’t know about their meeting. He speaks that Harshini is taking sex education classes at school. Harshini informs him that she has stopped taking classes. Jayant speaks of having a video which shows her classes and is found by his BNA party. He asks Vinay how does he related with her and thought at first her husband ? Vinay calls himself as boyfriend and then Jayant speaks what days have came for their children when the teacher herself is going with her boyfriend in night. He speaks that the traditions are being hurt by her and even she is infusing waste in young children’s mind. After then, Vinay is thrashed while Harshini is molested by Jayant. He then leaves from there.

Stop sexual harassment

Next day, the BNA party destroys the school property inside Harshini’s class and wants to stop the sex education class. The principal apologizes to Harshini and speaks that all the parents are blaming her because of the ruckus and he wants her to leave the school. She speaks of loving the school and also her job. He speaks on his inability to support her since otherwise the parents will admit their children in some other school. Harshini cries and goes away from there. She comes home and cries and soon Jhanvi a student from her school comes to meet her. Jhanvi speaks that it is not fair that she got fired though it was not her mistake. Harshini speaks that the school authorities thought that she is damaging the children’s life. Jhanvi speaks of meeting Vandana the girl who committed mistakes and was found bleeding in the school earlier in the restroom. Vandana has suggested that if she knew about sex education then she would have not committed those mistakes and has told it to Jhanvi. She wants Harshini to continue fighting and do not feel defeated easily and suggests her to fight against BNA party. She offers support to the teacher.

Harshini needed to fight and was going to fight against the system and even has to fightback an aggressive party like BNA. She speaks that BNA will not target her since everybody knows that she was fighting with them. Vinay shoots a video of her where she introduces herself and speaks that we are a population of more than 1 billion and why are we afraid of sex education and why we use sex as the topic which if we speak is regarded as doing the wrong and bad thing. Why it is a Taboo and why not to educate our children ? She speaks that sex is a part of life and we need to educate our children thus they don’t learn it from other means which might be wrong. She uploads the video on Youtube and also spreads the message on social networking sites like Twitter/Facebook. She speaks of being sexually harassed by the same people who were stopping her to teach about morality and also informs the people that the people who molested is from BNA party and the person who molested is Jayant. She urges people to send sex education topics on the social networking sites of Jayant’s party and the url’s are attached to the video post.

Furthermore, she wants people to send a packet of condom and copies of chapters from sex education books at physical address of Jayant’s party offices. She wants the people to send the posts regularly so as to humiliate those men in front of the country and teach a lesson so as to bring a change. She terms the campaign as operation sexed. Jayant at his end watches Harshini’s video and wants to teach a lesson to her. He is being advised by his colleague Anand to not fight Harshini and be silent for some days and thinks that the movement will not affect them. People posts messages on Jayant’s party social networking sites about sex education and also send parcels and boxes with condoms at party offices. Jayant becomes annoyed and angry after receiving it. The local media covers Harshini’s  movement and informs that because of increasing pressure Jayant has to close  down their social networking sites and at local party office is receiving more than 100 packets of condom every day. She asks the question when the party will take action against Jayant ?

Sooner, Jayant was removed from his party and the media informs that the party has taken a strict action and also informed the people that Jayant’s actions were of his own and he didn’t consulted the party before doing such things. Harshini’s campaign hit the right chord with the people and realized its goals. Jhanvi sends a message to Harshini congratulating about their campaign success. Harshini speaks on getting the job offer from the school’s principal but she declined since she wanted to do something bigger and became a consultant and she makes visits to school for giving sessions on sex education and also has set-up an online forum where she answers young people questions though they can ask them in anonymous manner. In short, she didn’t give up and fought back because of which she made a difference.

Sneak Peek: Heroes, Episode 34
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