Iqbal’s raises his hand on Bebe threatening to kill Sameer; he hurriedly marries Meher in Nadaan Parindey


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Iqbal could not go out of the house at night as Bebe stops him saying he had his haldi function and it brings bad luck if groom goes out at night after haldi rituals. Iqbal had to do his mission complete that night and fails as Bebe locks him in his room. Malik who was waiting for Iqbal to get the mission file fills the bullet in the gun and names it for Iqbal. Purab is puzzled thinking why did Sameer not come to take the file, as he was guarding the army office all night with his staff. Iqbal is tensed and waits for morning. Malik comes to meet him in morning and aims a gun at him, calling him a traitor who has lost in the mission as he has fell in love for Meher. Iqbal says he is mistaken and tells him how Bebe locked him stating haldi rituals done. Malik does not listen to him and asks him to remember he is not Sameer, but Iqbal from across the border, who came here to do his mission and nothing else. He is simply Sameer’s look alike and is cheating everyone here. Bebe comes there and is shocked to hear all this.

She confronts Iqbal and Malik. Iqbal catches her by her neck and even raiss his hand in anger, asking er to shut her mouth knowing his truth, if she dares to open her mouth, then he will make just one call and her son Sameer will lose his life, as he is in their clutches. He asks her to cooperate with them, and they will send Sameer back to her, and leave from her life forever, then they can stay happily ever after. Bebe asks him what about Meher, I won’t let you marry and ruin her life. Malik asks Iqbal to marry Meher so that no one can doubt on him, as he has to stay in this house for more days till he gets the mission file. Iqbal says he will surely marry Meher. Malik asks Iqbal to kill Bebe, but Iqbal says it will involve police which might risk the mission.

Bebe is worried for Meher and rushes to meet Purab to tell him the truth and that he was right about this new Sameer. Malik sees Bebe going to the army camp and aims a gun at her to kill her. Iqbal meets Meher and is hurrying as his truth can come out any moment. He wants to use Meher as his shield and fools her in his words. He takes her to the temple and marries her. Meher happily hugs him. Will Bebe be able to do justice with Meher and her son Sameer? Is Iqbal fooling Malik or himself as he already has feelings for Meher and respects Bebe? We are sure that he acted rude to Bebe only to save her from Malik, but will he be able to save her from Malik’s bullet? Keep reading.


  1. Hi,

    Bebe needs to do smething quick. She cn send sme nut to purab and hide a note in that, where she tells purab the truth,she can pretend dat it is halwa or something , she should tell purab before its too late.


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