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The brilliant chemistry between Raghav and Kalpi which took the show so high, is shown very less these days, just as chicken eaten and bone left. The show portrayed the love story so well that its excellence has made it enter many hearts. People smiled, cried, and felt every emotion with RagNa. So what did they get from the makers, a depressed sad track with Pakhi winning over Raghav by her framed one night stand. She has stooped so low that she made her husband drunk to get her marital rights. So cheap of Pakhi to take advantage of an unconscious Raghav, or should we call him just a body, with no brains at all. He has a heart which beats so low that even he himself is unable to hear it. There is no creativity left in the show. It was all obvious when Pakhi mentioned the live telecast, its so common for all such vixens to play this ultimate trick, to dig the soil of guilt and throw their husbands into it, to have a loud laugh of self praising of their wits.

Pakhi is cunning but also oversmart, and soon she will fall in her own trap. Just waiting for that day!! She feels she has won Raghav and now he will keep on regretting and regard himself unsuitable for Kalpi, having lost his virginity to Pakhi. What a shame is this for RagNa!! Though Raghav did not do this by his heart, but still he now has a deadly stain on his soul. The drama is going on elongating without any sense. There are many questions in the queue, like why does Raghav not speak up, why a long silence, which makes matters worse. When RagNa is shown, just their faces stay on the screen for much time, and still they don’t clear the matter. Where will Raghav’s guilt take him now? Kamla and Kalpi are trying their best to expose Pakhi and creating a rift between Pakhi and Gauri. Pakhi is busy insulting the mum and daughter, and Raghav can’t see. He always pops up when all the evil complimenting from Pakhi is over, and ends up seeing her sweet and concerning side.

Kalpi is educated and knows technology, why does she not use it to expose Pakhi. She can’t take Raghav everywhere to keep following Pakhi. She can better record Pakhi’s truth and expose to Raghav. But this way the track will end, which the makers does not wish to. That is why they are showing RagNa as dumb heads and think the viewers are foolish to watch this shitty shitty casing of one sided love making scene between Raghav and Pakhi. EMA is losing its place which it earned by his hardships and now just going the common path which is not even defined well. Pakhi should be exposed soon, else the rating would fall to one star. The show is managing up with few RagNa moments, to keep their fans happy. But truly, Raghav has lost his brain, and Pakhi looks a ‘’Miss Mental Asylum’’ winner. Raghav is leading a company, don’t know how he manages his business deals, if he can’t have any sense at home. It’s time he better understands Pakhi’s real motives, else no one can bring him out of the guilt valley.

Kalpi should better buckle up for her love, else we are not interested in watching her trauma, with no strength to get her love. Where is the boldness and fighting spirit of an Indian wife, who can do anything for her husband. She can’t keep up her fingers crossed and keep waiting. Efforts create a difference and looks like Kalpi and Kamla are still in their slow motion planning mode. Even after Pakhi broke the truth about last night, Kalpi did not believe her as she trusts Raghav completely. But she has to fight and get her rights. Can’t she learn anything from bold women on TV, why is she always shown as ”Bechaari Kalpi”. Even she should be given some strong woman spirit and viewers will really appreciate it. Talking about Kamla, let’s see how she helps RagNa unite. We request the makers to bring some sense in the track which we can digest without any constipation!! Unite RagNa and clear up the flaws!! Keep reading.


  1. Perfect article!Please also mention about the writers mental block of portraying evil mothers in this serial. Be it Neetu, or till now the biased Kamla and now the evil Gauri! Whats it with the story writers? Were they abandoned by their own mothers? For it seems like they are taking revenge on their own mothers!!! I agree there might be evil women but evil mothers….please dont they understand that showing such moms on a national televisions can corrupt young minds who easily believe this medium due to their innocence! I dont think for any mother it would be more important to avenge her husband’s death (esp the one who doubted her listening to his friends) in comparison to her only son’s happiness whom she lost 20 years back!!! This was completely shocking! Seriously there is a dearth of writers!!
    If Zee TV associates are reading this then from now on along with singing, dancing and acting talent please introduce a new reality show to present talented story writers. Because the truth is if the story is not good enough even a star like Amitabh Bachhan or Rajnikant or a SRK cannot make the movie a hit!!!

    And today’s viewer’s are not uneducated fools!!!! We have brains. So please the so uncreative teams stop using uneducated peanut paid cheap writers and first invest some money in good writers than your sets and the actors clothes!!! It would pay off and get you more TRPs!

    • Thank you priya for your invaluable comment. Surely, in our next post we will highlight all the issues centred on ema – writers, character of mothers, insulting God and many more..

  2. Thanks for the wonderful article as always… put all the relevant points about which every Ragna fan wonders….but all this is a moot point in the light of the latest news of EMA CVs sacking Rachana Parulkar as Kalpi and replacing her with Asha Negi.For Ragna fans world-wide,the meaning of Ragna is raghav + Kalpana=Ashish +Rachana…if either of them are missing the equation of Ragna n their magic is lost.No one can replace them.So now the Cvs can rest assured that they have permanently lost the major part of Ragna fans with the sacking of RP.I will personally quit watching the show even OL after the last of RP’s epi is aired.that will be the end of EMA for me.Really….totally disappointed by the way the show was handled and plunged in to an abysmal valley from which it can never be dredged up now….what a waste of time,resources,energy and emotions….shame on you CVs….you r a disgrace to the name of creative writing…..Get lost the lot of you!

  3. The only thing I wish to say that offscreen rift on the sets is visible as rachana doesn’t get much screen space to portray her talent rather she is just shown as a puppet. Also her replacement rumour going around on the grounds of her lacking skills make me laugh. Rachana by far has given the most powerful n beautiful expressions inmost of the scenes ranging from romantic, emotional, breakdowns n confrontations. It seems the skin tone matters more to the show makers n not the talent. Also the track has made mockery of relations be it marriage, motherhood or friendship and to top it all the only message goes out is money gives u the right to others like a trash and u can get anything n everything with that. The logic in this track is the makers are mindless n soul free stupids who r writing the script while yawning or sleeping. It is the duty of a channel to stop airing such crap n demoralising acts on TV which airs nationally n internationally. Also channel should acknowledge the sentiments n emotions of the viewers for whom all the shows are made. Last not the least stop any kind of biases in the name of color n creed.

  4. hey thanks for the wonderful Article.please give some sense to zee tv and Creative team of Ema to replacing Rachna. Rachna and Ashish they both superb and won millions of heart to being Ema without Rachna.

  5. Thank you telly review for this wonderful article. You are truly viewers site. Thank you so much for understanding . So much effort is put by everyone to get rachana back as well as our ragna back. Hope for the positive result.

  6. To
    Dear Mr. Lalit Gupta ji,
    Pl. act upon the below comments of the thousands n millions of the Viewers about EMA Serial presently running in Zee Tv channel and reg.the oust of 2 lead actors who are with their superb acting with their awesome expressions have won the hears of millions of viewers who have become their fans but the Production House of EMA had ousted the one lead actress & the other lead actor seems to have made up his mind to leave owing to the present/recent development at the said PH. ;
    Viewers comments summary as under:-;
    The Owners of Zee TV Channel ; &
    The Makers of EMA Serial ; :-
    Kindly hold the breath & have your eyes on the comments of the EMA RagNa fans & Viewers posted as below. ; :- Please Note :-
    That Men at the EMA Production House and the So Called DJ’s Creativity unit’s Team Members all have become senseless or might have lost all their senses , ans have lost all its Tracks in the EMA Story lines , as in the on going Twists & turns coming up in the stories, these are no connectivities , no links to tie the knots & its loose ends & thus the links and tracks have utterly broken , thus causing unimaginable & unrepairable breaks and gaps which has perhaps leading the Total Disaster of the ORIGINAL SCRIPT WRITINGS of the Humble EMAs of athe Domestic Workers in the Society at Large ;
    Do you all know HOW ??
    Friends, it is like these ;
    Initially EMA Creativity Team made Mockery of Human Relations, Mother, Friend, customs n traditions, social systems like marriage, God, Divine Blessings, Faith & belief in true love, trust Divine love & blessings of Lord Bappa, the Sanctity of Divine shrines, ;
    Later on The creative team started blows on Educational systems, making Mockery of Univ. Results, skills, intelligence & calibre of persons ; To add, the Doctors’professions were also subject to Mockery & at present the creative team making MOCKERY of the very talents and superb acting skills of the lead role playing actors of the EMA !! Above all now in the upcoming episodes, EMA Creative Team is likely to put its Hammer on the Medical Practitioner professionals too , as , just to bring in a new Face in the mid of the Story lines, that too , When the Lead Roles playing Actor ( Aashish ) & Actress ( Rachana ) are SO POPULAR in the TV Industry / Small screen tv serials, & who have won Consecutive ” Best male / & female lead roles in tv serials & best &;most popular on screen jodi ” for the last so many months , thus Marking as the winners of the viewers hearts !!
    Still the Production House of EMA have OUSTED the very beatiful gorgeous, talented with artistic skills of acting and awesome expressions who is the sweet heart of RagNa of EMA , Kalpi’s role playing Rachana Perulkar, thus causing injustice to the one’s inbuilt & personal , acting skill & superb expression talents. !! To add with ,
    EMA Production House, JUST AT THE COST OF & FOR THE SAKE OF Promoting other characters Actors in the EMA Story, the Viewers of EMA & RagNa only by Aashish & Rachana (fondly known as AashNa ), are now DEPRIVED off the beautiful Entertainment and Enjoyment by those 2 lead Actors of EMA who are having fantastic On screen chemistry, superb body language with their awesome expressions which has bult a permanent & EVERGREEN IMAGE in the minds of the Viewers of TV Serials in the Society , as the EMA had shown its doors to Ms. Rachana Perulkar & that Mr. Aashish Chaudhary is also likely to be disappeared ! / to be vanished !!
    As the Right of Entertainment & Enjoyment is one’s Constitutional Rights of every common man & of the public/ society at large,
    Requesting the Zee tv Channel & The Makers & Owners of the EMA Serial to kindly Step in to the SHOES of the Creative team member & rectify the mistakes done by them and do justice to both Rachana & Aashish and to the Viewers & AashNa’s RagNa fans of EMA by bringing back again as on screen lead actors of EMA For ever !!
    Sir, if you do so, we assure you of our continuous support to the makers of EMA & its Team / Unit for ever with its boosting of TRPs to reach to the skies like Rockets in the Universe. !!
    Sir, thanking you once again for your patience Reading these lines till the end. God Bless you All & our EMA too.!!
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