Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 24th July 2014 21st Episode Channel V Written Update

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Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 17th Episode

Recap (Preview): Cheeku wins the award (trophy) at Inter-college Ecology conference. Devika offers her friendship to Sid but he declines. Dodo has to participate in a play by professor Shukla but he is not interested.

Dodo informs Cheeku that a lookalike of Kimaya was seen. Cheeku replies that he likes her because of her mind and not necessarily look. He speaks to Dodo about true love but he doesn’t take the advice. Cheeku’s father learns that Brazil has lost the worldcup and Dodo thinks that his father has done betting and he informs that his father will vent out all the frustration on him. Dodo is supported by his mother and then his father speaks that some Aditya Khosla has won the trophy at an inter-college eco campaign. Then the father finally realizes that cheeku won the trophy as told in the newspaper.

Cheeku imagines girls wanting an autograph and people chanting his name and calling him Aditya. He comes back to reality and hits a girl and asks her whether she needs an autograph and has to apologize. Dodo comes there and speaks that at the college people are impressed and cites that Mangeshwar mam really compliments him. Cheeku speaks of his decision to go to US to pursue environmental science whether Kimaya is there or not. He wants to speak with a career counsellor and Dodo thinks to ask the counsellor about Bangkok. Devika and her friend wishes Cheeku on her achievement and he speaks that Sid is busy thus he can’t come. Devika is not happy but asks her friend why sid is not coming ? Cheeku smiles on learning the same. Sid at his home feels that even Cheeku and Dodo has left him and remembers how Devika has offered him friendship which is a sort of a revenge. Sid meets his mother and she asks him what has happened ? He replies that her mother will not understand and then uses the same dialogue so as to speak with Devika. Soon, he receives message from Cheeku about Devika and has drink 4 glasses of lemon water since morning. He reads the message that Devika was asking about him and he wants himself to not impress much about it.

Cheeku is being congratulated at his college by students and feels that it is reality and not a dream. Dodo takes Cheeku’s cart board and informs other students about Cheeku’s achievements and speaks thats he is raising funds for sending Cheeku abroad and has started the fund amount from 500 and comes finally to 50 INR but in vain. Dodo learns that  he has to go for the play but he is not interested and want to inform the professor that he is not participating. He meets the professor and speaks that he came there to join hero of the play and also suggests that he has never participated in the play. The professor speaks that Dodo has many times acting so he fits the bill for play’s hero. He wants Dodo to cry as the hero of the play is an underdog and he cries in bad way and looks like smiling first and then he overacts and cries loudly. He asks the professor that he is not a loser as the play demanded and suggests his brother Aditya Khosla fits the bill as the perfect loses for the play and convinces him that Cheeku will play the role.

Dodo meets Cheeku and wants him to play the role of hero who is a loser in the play. Dodo convinces Cheeku to play the role and plays the emotional blackmail trick to win Cheeku’s confidence. Cheeku informs him that he cannot act in the play and Dodo vows to not leave him. Cheeku is being called to meet mangeshwar mam and he goes there. She speaks that he became too high after getting only one award and makes a taunt that he has to become modest and speaks about Dodo’s things at the canteen. He apologizes to the mam and leaves.

Dodo and Cheeku meets a counsellor and asks Cheeku whether he needs college near the forests or in the city. He speaks to them about college in Las Vegas where with studying you can also go to Casinos and the cost is 3 lakh INR, and then Dodo asks the counsellor about college in Bangkok.. Cheeku takes Dodo with him and doesn’t entertain him much. In the night. Cheeku speaks with Kimaya and informs about her decision to study to America for studies. He speaks about a counsellor who was speaking more about beaches and mountains. Kimaya is getting phone calls  but she is not taking it, and she suggests him to not come to America because of weather. He asks her that she is worried and wants to know the problem. She speaks in a worrisome look that she doesn’t know why such things are happening to him. He speaks that after winning the award at eco contest he is being noticed and things have changed so much and wishes that even kimaya’s problem will be resolved. He speaks after the chat that Kimaya is hurt because she has a fight with her boyfriend. And then he becomes excited after her heart broken feeling and then speaks to himself everything is fair in love and war.

Next Episode: Cheeku speaks to Professor Shukla (Radhika’s father) about coming there for the play. The professor doesn’t believe in Cheeku at that time. Dodo speaks to Cheeku that Kimaya lives in Mumbai and he is very certain about it. Cheeku in the chat with Kimaya asks where does she live in Chicago., she asks him whether he knows places in chicago..


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