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Comedy Nights With Kapil - Sonam Kapoor, Fawad and Kapil having a good time

Guest on the show: Sonam Kapoor – Actress and Superstar; and Fawad Khan – Actor, Singer, Model and Guitarist – the lead pair of the upcoming movie Khoobsurat

Kapil starts the show and welcomes all. Bittu speaks that all the family has went outside for a party and also makes a joke on his family’s faces and says that all looks equal. He speaks of enjoying the rainy season and wonders whether some girl will come to see him. At the same moment, a girl (played by actress Shweta Tiwari) comes there and is seen a bit wet and she informs Bittu that her car has some problem. Bittu becomes excited on seeing her and also hearing about the car’s problem and suggests that someone’s mood can be up when somebody car’s gets a problem.

She comes close to him and asks him whether he will share romantic moments if she stayed there with him. He speaks that even if Alok Nath is there he will also take the opportunity and though he is Prem Nath. He speaks of very serious in romance and asks about her name. She replies Deeya with a smile. He then asks whether she has a boyfriend, she replies in a soft and charming tone that until now she haven’t it but doesn’t know about the future. Sooner, the electricity goes off and she holds Bittu’s hand. He feels happy and love for electricity department. Soon, Chaddha comes there and calls Bittu Sharma’s name and Bittu asks him why does he cam there to spoil his night. Chaddha finds out Deeya and calls her sexy lady and informs that she doesn’t look like his wife. Bittu gives him candle and wants him to go. Chaddha speaks that he is taking the benefits of a paradise here and then asks Bittu that Bhabhi is not seen here. Deeya becomes a bit angry and then Chaddha informs Deeya that people say that he can become a model and calls his age 30+.

Bittu manages to send him away and then tries to flirt with Deeya. He informs that as seen in movies do you know what happens between boy and girl in movies. She replies they go with an umbrella in rain.. Pankudi comes there and asks Bittu about Palak. Bittu tries to send her away and she calls him to not worry and as he is alone then she will sit him for few hours and give him accompany. Bittu calls Deeya as the poster of Aashiqui movie and speaks of his duty to stand out there with the poster. Pankhudi warns him to worry if his wife knows about his things. She leaves from there. Bittu continues to flirt and then starts dance with Deeya on the Roop Tera Mastana Pyaar Mera Deewana song. and teases her with love. Daadi comes there and finds Bittu with Deeya and soon electricity comes back.  She asks him why is he waiting since the girl came there for him. She wants him to dump his wife and marry her and expects that from this girl she will get a child which will be his great grandchild.

Daadi speaks that Deeya is not innocence since her car has a problem and suggests to have problems with her car in her younger days and when she have that problem she used to go to some home and find a young and dashing boy Bittu speaks that she doesn’t have a car at that time so how come about her story of meeting a boy. She replies that the boy turns out be her husband and Bittu’s grandfather and admits that she lied on having a car and also suggests that the girl there also doesn’t have a car and Bittu can get proof as there is no car outside. Bittu speaks that she lied and she informs that if a lie can benefit someone so what’s wrong in it. Bittu continues to dance with Deeya on the Roop Tera Mastana song and at the same time Mrs. Bittu Sharma comes there and Deeya becomes annoyed and angry with Bittu. At first, Bittu tries to speak about his honesty and respect for his wife, and then she informs him that Deeya is being sent by her and actually her friend so as to assess Bittu and found as expected he was flirting with her. Bittu thinks that he is caught and he runs from there.

Kapil comes back and sing the song Kajra Mohabbat Wala Ankhiyon Mein Kaisa Dala. Duniya Hain Mera Piche Lekin Main Tera Piche.. Apna Bana Le Meri Jaan Hain Main Tera Khurbaan. He speaks to Siddhu that the song is very beautiful and we are the ones who are damaging it and we should make it wonderful and beautiful. He then welcomes the very beautiful Sonam Kapoor and the handsome Fawad Khan.. They come on the song Haule Haule song.. She comes with moustache as she is missing her father and then puts the moustache on Kapil’s face and he speaks the dialogue Chakkas and calls idea to be innovative. Kapil speaks that Fawad is from Pakistan and has made up a mark in India and has a large fan following. He speaks that Fawad is multi-talented as he is a singer, actor, guitarist, popular on TV shows and has also done films. He speaks that Fawad came on his show before the movie debut in India. Fawad thanks Kapil and speaks that his show is being watched in Pakistan with fervor and excitement. Siddhu compliments Sonam on her eyes and says that to promote movie Khoobsurat and the beautiful person itself came. Kapil informs Sonam’s upcoming movie Khoobsurat is a remake of old classic Khoobsurat movie (1980) which starred Rekha and directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. She informs of handling pressures with comparisons and she learnt it as she is the daughter of Anil Kapoor.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Bittu in disguise and wearing a moustache with Sonam

Kapil speaks that Fawad is a good actor and girls are a big fan of him and speak more about his cute looks instead of acting. They even like his small beard and Kapil suggests that if they get one hair they will become worried but here loving the beard of Fawad. After complimenting Fawad, the girls becomes shy themselves which is very strange. He asks Fawad whether the producer looked at his acting skills or look. He doesn’t know. Sonam replies on behalf of producer (since the movie is produced by her father). She speaks that he is cast because of his looks and he looks like Tom Cruise which is also said by her sister Rhea and also because of his tone. Fawad replies that nobody thinks that he has the look of Tom Cruise. Kapil informs that Fawad’s wife also came on the set and asks her whether she feels insecurity with her husband’s female fan following. Fawad candidly stops from Kapil in asking questions to his wife who was bit nervous.

Kapil says that Sonam has problems in identifying people and even she doesn’t identify him sometimes. He speaks that Fawad is romantic from childhood and because of which at the age of 17 he proposed to his wife. Kapil asks whether he felt that he should propose then otherwise the girl will go away. Fawad replies that he proposed to that girl (wife) thinking that nobody will accept him later and thus proposed straightaway to the first girl he liked. He gives all the credit to his wife in becoming the person he is now. He speaks of meeting her at the tuition centre and used to study Maths and Kapil says that he has set-up his chemistry there. Sooner then Mrs. Sharma (Manju) comes there and hugs Sonam and also greets Fawad and speaks that he is very handsome and feels much awe after seeing him. Bittu taunts on her smile and she speaks of being a big fan. Bittu wants her to run on one leg to prove that she is a fan. Bittu cites that she can walk like her father who has one leg broken. She informs that his leg was broken because of an accident. Bittu suggests that it was broken because of an accident by the police when they were beating him on the back but he was so smart and jumped leading to his leg got broken bringing smiles.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Sonam Kapoor, Fawad and Mrs. Sharma having a good time

Bittu makes more fun on Mrs. Sharma’s father hitting by police and speaks of more marks than the spots on the bat of Sachin Tendulkar. He asks her whether she knows the title of their movie. She replies of course Khoobsurat. With that title, she deserves to be not there on the show tonight making audience in splits. Bittu makes fun on her mother and calls that she referred to Taanpura music man in his music team as Hrithik Roshan. She asks him where does he live in  Pakistan ? He replies from Lahore. She speaks of asking the question because before the partition her family used to live in Lahore. She speaks that her grand father used to live there and Bittu makes a fun of her family. They do more Nok Jhok and petty fights and then she leaves from there. Kapil speaks that Fawad does acting and singing as well. Fawad speaks of going into singing and started a metal band with 7 members which later turned into 5 and also he was the singer in that band. Kapil speaks that Sonam has hidden talent of classical dancer and has took training. Then, Sonam dances on the Haule Haule song there for some moments and he speaks that Sonam is naughty and also suggests that her father has also that naughty character. Kapil asks Fawad whether Sonam used to tease him. He replies yes and then Sonam speaks that she just suggested that he is good looking and complimented he looks great without shirt bringing smiles. Fawad speaks that such thing never happened.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Sonam Kapoor and Mrs. Sharma exchanging greetings

Kapil speaks of not teasing her because of Anil Kapoor. She speaks of giving more space to boys. She also learnt that he sang for Pathan brothers and doesn’t want to hear excuses from him. She wants to sing a song for him which he sang for Pathan brothers. Kapil sings the same song Mere Mehbook Qayamat Hongi Aaj Ruswaar Teri Galliyon Se Mohabbat Hogi.. Meri Nazare Gila to karti Hain Tera Dil ko Bhi Sanam Shikayat Hogi.. Teri Galli Main Aata Sanam..Naga Sanam Ka Gaata Sanam…… She asks whether he sang the song for pathan brothers who are boys and teases him by suggesting that the song was actually romantic. Kapil again reminds her that he sang the song because Yusuf didn’t sing after receiving audience request and he sang on his behalf. Sooner, Laccha comes on stage (Woh ladkhi Hain Kya song) and dances on the song with vigor. Bittu speaks that he cannot fly even if he has wings. Laccha speaks of his Bijuriya his beautiful buffalo and then finds Sonam and Fawad and greets them. He calls his meeting a miracle and speaks of seeing the trailer yesterday and wanted to meet them and luckily he met them.

He speaks of coming there for help and wants to ask some technical difficult question with Fawad. He asks whether his Bijuriya buffalo goes to Pakistan and eat grass there and comes back to India and does excretion to give Gobar then who owns the right on the Gobar. Bittu calls him mad and wants him to go from there and threaten to kill him twice with knife and sword. Laccha wants Bittu to have smile on his face which will change his life and first wants to have some conversation with Sonam Kapoor and speaks that he has seen her movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag since the boy in the movie was so fast so he cannot be with her. He suggests her to find a boy who can get tired after few steps and suggests himself as the ideal boy for her. He then makes a challenge with Fawad and she chants fight fight. Bittu asks Laccha to see Fawad’s personality and then Laccha replies of world class smile and suggests Sonam to not blame him if she falls in love with him. Laccha then also suggests the girls in the audience to control themselves and then shows his trademark smile bringing much laughter and calls lady killer smile. Siddu suggests that Fawad has to fight by removing his shirt. Laccha wants to share a poem for Sonam – Hamare Dil Mein Jo Pyaar Hain Sonam Ji Ke Liye Woh Hain Saccha..Bahut jaldi yeh hain banne wale Hain Mrs. Laccha.

Laccha speaks of not giving up and haven’t born in that way. Bittu speaks that Laccha is stubborn and leaves only on his own and then Laccha suggests of having a dance competition. He wants to have a dance to impress and then Fawad also accompanies him for the dance. Laccha dances with moving his bums a lot and then audience chants for Fawad and Kapil also wants Sonam to dance with Fawad.. Fawad and Sonam dances a bit on the haule haule song while laccha shares the limelight and dances with energy and then falls down. He greets them and speaks them to enjoy in one life.  Kapil opens the floor to the audience and one of the young man there speaks to Fawad that as he was the rockstar of a band in the college, so he also thought to become a rockstar like him but that wish haven’t got fulfilled at that time. He wants to sing and dance like a rockstar on the stage, and he then comes on stage. Fawad speaks of having a bad memory in remembering songs but he remembered a song of Anil Kapoor from the movie Tezaab and then sings the song So Gaya yeh Jahaan So Gaya Aasman.. So Gayi Hain Saari Manzila.. So Gaya Rasta.. Kapil wants the audience man Hadi to sing the song and he sings the song from Rishi Kapoor – Pyaar Bhi Jhoota song with revolving his hands and Kapil speaks that he sang by mixing many Kapoor’s in one song. Kapil then sings the same song while Hadi has to only dance and he dances in very random manner using more of his legs. He then dances on Aaj Hain Paani Paani song with much energy and passion and gets applause. Sonam also joins his dance a bit.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Kapil selfie moment and elegant pose with Sonam

The audience is a young girl speaks of watching the first Khoobsurat movie starring Rekha and wants to dance on one of the songs from the movie. She comes on the stage and dances on the song Inn Aankhon Ki Masti…Ke mastana Hazaaron Hain.. She also wants Kapil to dance with her and then dances with him as well. Kapil speaks of dancing with her since she offered him the dance. Daadi comes there again on the bang calling Bittu’s name with a camera in hand. She then takes Bittu’s photos and he gives many poses. She informs Siddhu on becoming a photographer. She asks how is Sonam and cuddles her and then Sonam introduces her to Fawad. She then puts the specs on and calls Fawad Chikna and says that because of her age she didn’t identify him before. She speaks that they are the first celebrity client for her. She takes the photo while lying on the floor and moves on the floor and take the photos in different poses. She wants Fawad to show and create some hotness and wonders what have happened to young boys. She then wants to teach Fawad some lessons on posing and suggests that he becomes worried after seeing people.

Daadi then poses with him while Sonam takes the camera for photos. She goes close to him while Fawad holds Daadi from behind and she looks at him and give two poses one with her looking rightward upwards in the eyes of Fawad. The other being leftwards upwards directly in his eyes and even showing emotions on her lips bringing laughter. Daadi then asks Sonam who plays a physiotherapist in the movie and suggest her to offer her some treatment advice for her knee problem. Sonam speaks to Daadi that as she runs a lot for boys so the problem is not subsiding. Daadi speaks whether Fawad is a problem for her and suggests actually he is a treatment. The most chronic problem for her is gas. Sonam becomes speechless after hearing Daadi’s words on emitting gas. Sonam teaches Daadi  to bend three times actually touching her toes and Daadi does bend 2 times with fun and also cites Fawad as the remedy. For the third time, she makes a big fart bringing laughter.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Daadi teaching Fawad on how to pose and comes close to him

Daadi speaks of giving a fee not to her but to him. She then goes to offer her trademark kiss or Shagun Ki Pappi to Fawad and calls him her guest with the saying – Athihi Devo Bhavo. Bittu speaks that Daadi has never given so many Pappi (Kisses) to anybody which proves that Khoobsurat will be a big hit. Daadi replies InshaAllah and asks him whether he is relaxed now. Daadi wishes super success on their film. Kapil ends the show and speaks that the life is beautiful and wants the people to make it more beautiful with the song Anjan ki seet me Maaro Bum Dole..Dorra Dorra re driver,Cal mat Haule Haule .. playing in background. He signs off by saying keep smiling and keep watching his show on Colors on Sat and Sun @ 10 PM on Colors.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Daadi, Sonam and Fawad having a laugh

Nice and Interesting Development:
Sunil Grover is back on Comedy Nights playing the role of Bittu’s Sasur (father-in law), its one of the important roles as Bittu has always made a taunt at Manju by speaking bad about her father. Its great to see him back. Welcome back Sunil, best wishes to you.

Additional Info:

* Fawad Khan is an Actor, model, singer, Guitarist from Pakistan. Fawad was born on 29th Novemeber, 1981 and one of Pakistan’s highest paid actors.
– Lived in Greece, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia and at the age of 12 came back to Pakistan. Studied Telecom engineering and learnt to play guitar, brass and drum at the age of 20.
– First Known as the lead singer of Pakistani rock band Entity paradigm and some of his songs Shor Macha and Rahguzar were super hit and ruled the charts. Some time later, the band split.
– He worked in Television and made his debut in the year 2000 with comedy drama Jutt and Bond. He then worked in the Dastaan in 2010 portraying the character role of Hassan.
– In 2011, he has made a mark by working in Humsafar and went on to achieve more great heights with romantic drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai.
– He debuted in film with the movie Khuda Kay Liye in 2007 (highest grossing movie) and in 2013, worked in a romantic movie Armaan bringing critical and commercial appreciation to him.
– Currently starring in the upcoming movie Khoobsurat with Sonam Kapoor (releasing on September 29, 2014) and this movie is a remake of 1980 classic movie Khoobsurat directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and is also got the lead role in Yash Raj Film’s next movie in 2015.
– Read more about Fawad’s acting, music, and films at his Wikipedia page and find out more about him at his official Twitter page and Twitter Fan page.

* Sonam’s Twitter page and Wikipedia page.

Images credit: Twitter page of Comedy Nights with Kapil.

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