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Comedy Nights With Kapil - Dharmendra, Poonam Dhillon, and Gippy Grewal Episode 98

Guest on the show: Dharmendra – legendary Actor; Poonam Dhillon – legendary actress and Gippy Grewal – actor, singer, and film producer; the cast of upcoming Punjabi film – Double Di Trouble

Kapil starts the show and speaks that in new budget TV sets have become cheaper and now all girls will be able to watch Siddhu Paaji. He speaks that when the name of girls are spoken, Siddhu paaji gets a big smile on his face. Siddhu responds that Kapil smiles like a cauli flower and expands. Kapil speaks of his age and wants to ask a girl by looking into her eyes whether she sees comedy nights. Mrs. Bittu Sharma (Manju) comes there and wants him to find a new job instead of speaking on petty things.

She wants to discuss on budget but he makes taunt on her and suggests that they don’t have money on making her eyebrows done and she is speaking about budget. She makes a taunt on Bittu’s staying more than 90 minutes in restroom. He speaks of practicing music there and she informs that there is only one restroom and as he stays there for long time Daadi does all her performance outside (referring to her farts). Bittu speaks that Manju blames all the time his Daadi. Manju wants a TV since she feels bored in her home. Bittu speaks that all India knows him as giving comedy and she is speaking of getting bored. Bittu makes a taunt on Kusum’s eyebrows and makes more fun at her. Bittu then speaks of not going to honeymoon because of her father’s issues. She speaks of not hearing any wrong about her father otherwise she will take a big step.

Bittu says that it is called long jump. She informs Bittu that Papa is coming there to stay with them and will inform him about Bittu’s ill-treatment. Sunil Grover comes there as Manju’s father and is seen dressed in a black coat with long hairs and wearing black glasses. Sunil gets big non-stop cheers from the audience and gets lot of love from them. Siddhu speaks that he has teased his wife a lot and now there will be an upside turn for him since manju’s father has came there to teach him some lessons. She asks her father how is he doing ? He then spits the paan in the picket of his jacket. He also suggests that he has thrown there so to eat it later. He asks her whether she remembers all the teachings he taught her referring to such habits. Bittu’s sasur then throws his shoe at Bittu and he catches it. He informs in doing it because Bittu doesn’t show much respect and with his action he made sure that he touched his feet. Manju then wants her father to sit on the sofa. He speaks of coming there to break the Baap ka Ghada (Father’s pot) and suggests that Bittu always spoke bad about him and all his taunts and bad things got aggregated and then comes the time when he has to come.

Siddhu asks Bittu’s sasur about stealing paneer from matar-paneer. He replies that if he makes kashmiri-Pulao so he should Kashmir in it and asks Jammu will not feel bad ? He scratches his feet and also speaks that because of rain he didn’t put AC in the marriage function. Manju comes with water and he speaks of eating non-veg and drinking beer at a nearby restaurant and wants money from Bittu to cover those expenses. He then informs her daughter Manju of learning that Sr. Bachchan coming to their home. She replies with Sr. Bachchan even Shahrukh and Salman also came there. He then speaks of coming to a reasonable home and not any random person. Bittu replies that it is his daughter’s home and he then takes out his phone to record Bittu’s statement of Manju’s home. He wants to have a selfie so as to record Bittu’s words. Bittu sends his sasur inside his home and calls him Papa ji.

He informs Manju that he send her father inside knowing well that Daadi and bua are inside and very soon he will come out  after getting insulted from Daadi and Co. Instead of Sasur, Daadi, bua, and Raju comes out shouting and informs bittu that there is some person inside who has eaten a towel. Manju speaks that her father cleans the mouth with a towel according to his old traditions and not eating it. Bua speaks of watching Manju’s father in a condition where nobody can identify him. She speaks of seeing him with lot of soaps on the head and applied soil all over the body. Bittu makes a taunt at Bua’s habit of peeking into other’s bathroon. She replies on seeing him (Sasur) because he was taking the bath outside the restroom. Daadi cites of running and shouting because everybody ran. Manju speaks that her father is sensible and suggests them to not worry. Bittu’s sasur comes there and Daadi finds him wearing her own Salwar. She wants to take her salwaar from him and runs to catch him. When Raju asks him to return the female’s salwaar, he asks Raju to give him his Salwaar then. The sasur starts to remove his Salwaar there on the stage and also tries to remove Raju’s salwaar without feeling any privacy concerns.

Raju speaks that if the Sasur touches his pyajaama then he will not let it happen. Bittu speaks to Raju that actually it is his Pyajaama. Daadi finds the Sasur to apply saliva onto the pyjaaam and feels bad. Bittu also learns that the Sasur wearing his shirt and also mangalsutra of manju. Manju feels shy and shameful with her father. Bittu calls his sasur as Balak (child) after manju didn’t like Bittu calling him as an old man. The sasur cleans his ears and speaks that for couple of weeks why to bring clothes. Daadi then asks him whether he came for a visit at his daughter’s home or to settle here permanently. The sasur speaks of having a return ticket which he bought as he was getting cheap and Bua asks him what is the date of return? He replies the year 2022 and the month to be July. He also humorously suggests that the date is chosen because he is traveling with a bullet train bringing laughter. He wants some laddoos (Pedas) during his return. He speaks of getting hit by a train man when he tried to eat pedas in the train. He speaks of a game where the one who comes first after he opens the eyes will bring food for him. He closes his eyes and meanwhile all of them runs away. He calls his wife from Bittu’s phone and looks the number at his mobile. He learns that his wife is staying at the house of his eldest daughter and wants her to steal the money from son-in law if she is need of money and the theft should be done when he is sleeping.

After the comedy gag with Sunil Grover (Bittu’s Sasur) and his family, Kapil welcomes all to his show and speaks that at the time when the show started they were not aware of the success it has reached today and suggests that at that time a legendary actor Dharmendra came on his show and gave blessing. He then welcomes Dharmendra and calls him the most handsome actor ever. Dharmendra ji comes on the stage on the Jat Hamla Pagla Deewana song and gets standing ovation from the audience. Kapil speaks of starting the show with 26 Episodes in mind and at that time Dharmendra ji came for the first episode and wished that the show will run for many decades. Kapil then speaks that now the show is reaching 100 episodes (98 to be exact). Siddhu speaks a dialogue and speaks that God came to meet him in the form of a man. Dharmendra ji speaks that God is with him. Kapil speaks that he is very fortunate that his show with Dharam paaji and then asks about his foray and start in working in films. Dharmendra ji speaks of going to a cinema Minerva in Ludhiana when he was in 9th standard and there he found a passionate actor and learnt that it was Dilip Kumar and after then he got much interest in acting and became of Dilip saab and wants to go to Delhi.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Dharmendra in elegant pose with Kapil Episode 98

He was told by his mother to not speak about acting otherwise she will be send out from the home. He then speaks about his mother’s  compliment that he looks good and beautiful and wanted him to send a application for acting. Luckily he then found an advertisement in filmfare magazine from Bimal roy inviting applicants for acting. He then applied for it and even got his photo shoot while trying to look like Dilip Saab and then send the application in letter box. He got a reply and the first-class ticket to come to Bombay central. He went there but on a third class ticket as he wished to not go on 1st class ticket and after reaching bombay at the hotel found a man eating a mango with a knife and felt very strange.

Dharmendra paaji speaks of eating lot of mangoes in his hotel room as he was tempted a lot. After then he went on  a screen test by Bimal Roy and he was prepared that now or never. He speaks of getting the offer straightaway from Bimal roy and says that a son of a school teacher became the winner of all India talent contest winner. Kapil asks Dharam ji what does his mother used to say when she used to take his bath during his childhood ? Dharam ji replies that his mother used to speak about Maharana Pratap, Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singh, Bhagat Singh. His father who used to work for the British govt in 1946/47 and his mother used to support the son always. He shares an anecdote when a domestic worker Bhawar Lal was called in bad way once by Dharam ji and his mother then spoke of the traditions and the necessity to speak in good way even with domestic workers and thus inculcated good manners in him. Kapil asks how he got the title of Garam-Dharam ?  (bringing laughter). Dharam ji replies that as he came from a village so he was hot.

Kapil asks Dharmendra ji whether his mother used to scold him even after becoming a superstar. He shares an anecdote of the time of his village when he was drunk and went to see his mother. He tried to disguise the alcohol smell by eating Elaichi but his mother has found out that he drank. He then started to take care of his mother by massaging her feet and she realized that he was drunk and suggested that he has done it well and wants him to drink a peck so then he can take much care. Dharam ji holds his ears after speaking it and then tried to speak of not drinking to her mother and went away. He informs Kapil that he has put the same dialogues in his upcoming movie Double Di Trouble where the same scene of taking care of his mother by massaging her feet is shown and he is also drunken there and blames Elaichi are drunk and not him.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Dharmendra in elegant pose with Kapil 2 Episode 98

Kapil asks Dharmendra ji with hesitation and respect that when girls flirt with him and at the same time his sons Bobby and Sunny paaji comes then what does he feel ? Whether he feels to be save or think why they have came there ? Dharmendra replies that after getting sweet smell from the beauty he tries to get hold of himself and becomes calm. kapil then welcomes the Poonam Dhillon and calls her the most beautiful legendary actor. He also tells that she is a big fan of Dharam paaji. Dharam Paaji speaks that Siddhu is feeling shy after seeing Poonam ji and Siddhu then shares a dialogue and compliments her like a flower with immense beauty. Kapil asks Poonam ji that she is working with Dharam ji in the upcoming punjabi film Double Di Trouble produced by Subhash Ghai and asks about having romance in the movie. She replies of not working in a romantic movie with Dharam ji before but in this movie there is a lot of romance between them and moreover the movie is a punjabi one so the experience is more ravishing.  Kapil asks Dharam ji whether he has given tips to his son Sunny paaji. He replies that Sunny used to not touch his heroines and refers to the song Badal Kyun Garajtha Hain..and was very shy.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Dharmendra giving an elegant pose with Poonam ji Episode 98

Dharam ji then reshoot the song and wants his son to do proper Jhappi and hold the heroine properly. Kapil speaks of also learning the same of Sunny paaji shyness when he came on CNWK. Poonam ji cites an experience of working with Sunny in a film Saware Wali Gaadi where there was a romantic scene and he has to come and touch on her shoulder. Sunny then come and touch her shoulder with some force and the director informs him that it is a romantic moment and not an action scene. Daadi comes with a bang and dances on the song Rab Se Zyaada Tera Naam Rab Mujhe Maaf Kare. and dressed as a village girl Sohni (and carries the pot) from the movie Sohni-Mahiwal (1984). She wants to meet her Mahiwal and then goes and sit beside Dharam paaji. He calls her Daadi and she reminds her name to be Dolly. He requests her to not kiss him since she has already kissed the entire industry men and now their lips have shrunken a bit. Daadi asks him how is he and asks him whether he has forgotten his Sohni ? Dharam paaji says that he is happy to see a romantic Daadi and she then asks how is Sunny and whether he is remembering her ? She calls Poonam ji as Didi and speaks that now rivers have dams and bridges and we can cross them easily and speaks that Bittu is asking her about Adaa to her.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Daadi, Poonam ji and Dharam ji in fun and loving moment Episode 98

She then wants a competition to assess who has the maximum Adaa between them. She then calls Poonam ji as Didi and Bittu speaks that first she has to cross the river and then Poonam ji, and then they will decide the winner.  Bittu wants Daadi to imagine that there is a river instead of road and she needs to cross with her pot. Daadi then caresses her body like a fish in the pond and acts like swimming on the river (which is a road on the stage there) bringing much lauughter. She finds a prawn, Octopus in the water and puts in her pot and finds a crocodile and shrugs her away and speaks whether she doesn’t have a Maa and machli (Mother and fish). Then, Poonam ji walks holding a pot with much finesse and gets compliment from Bittu but daadi is not impressed. Bittu makes a taunt at her and suggest that when she was going with pot it looks like she was going to the restroom with a big pot instead of small jug bringing laughter. Daadi wants to talk to Dharam ji but stopped by Bittu. She calls to the audience and speaks about her helplessness and in a teary voice speaks that after bittu’s grandfather left her she couldn’t able to pass her time and calls it bloody. She cites her husband as true Mahiwal. Bittu speaks with Poonam ji that in her movie she used to wait for her love Mahiwal but in his case his grandfather Mahipal Sharma after seeing his Daadi threw her into a river. Daadi leaves from there.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Daadi becomes Sohni from the movie Sohni-Mahiwal 1984 Episode 98

Sooner then, Kapil wants Dharamendra ji to speak a dialogue in Gujarati which is a request from audience. Kapil speaks the dialogue – Maa ka Doodh Piya Hain To Saamne Aao..Thare Maa Doodh Piyo to Aa Bhi jaoo. Dharmendra ji speaks the dialogue not completely well but with ease bringing laughter. Bua comes there with Roshni and fighting for a jeans and Bittu informs that there are guests. She greets Poonam ji and speaks that she doesn’t like girls, and then greets Dharam ji and asks him how is he doing ? Roshni takes Bua’s spot and sits beside Dharam ji and wants to hug him once. Bua replies that she cannot hug him and then boldly shares a dialogue – Doodh Mange to Paneer Dongi.. Mera Dharam Ko Touch Kiya to Cheer Dongi. Roshni speaks that it is not fair, and Bua calls the leg of Roshni as tooth pick. Roshni introduces herself as the new neighbour of Bittu and she was washing her jeans and went to dry her jeans and Bua comes there and start talking about owning that jeans.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Bua's fun introduction with Poonam ji Episode 98

Bittu takes the jeans and finds the size to be 28. He speaks that her waist size is 42 so she is speaking a lie. Bua replies of that jeans belongs to her younger days. Bittu then makes a taunt that at that time there were no colleges and she used to study while going to Rishi’s (ancient sage) bringing laughter and later at GuruKuls and has even damaged the Kul of the teacher. Roshni calls his family to be mad. Roshni wants a hug and Bua speaks that Dharam ji hug is only for Pinky. Poonam ji wants Dharam ji hug only for her. Bua then forces him to hug her and then Roshni also hugs him. Roshni speaks of dancing with Dharam ji as their desires are not yet fulfilled. They dance with Dharam ji with much energy and passion (Jala De Jiya song) and after the dance he becomes tired. Roshni and Bua leaves from there. Kapil opens the floor to the audience. The audience man wants to see a romantic scene from their upcoming movie Double Di Trouble. He comes on stage with his wife. Dharam ji speaks of his role in that movie where he plays the husband of Poonam ji and comes the time of their marriage anniversary and she demands a simple diamond ring.

He forgets it since he is playing a lawyer in the movie and also wants to do some romance after coming back to home. They enact the scene with Dharam ji getting hold of her from behind after locking their room. She becomes shy and stops him  and suggests about appropriate time. They speak in punjabi in the scene and mix english as well. She calls him Too Much and he calls himself as Three much and gives a tight hug to her. After the hug, she then asks him whether he has brought the anniversary ring. He replies of forgetting it and also after the Jhappi (hug) he forgets everything bringing laughter. The audience couple speaks of having a love marriage and he also enacts a proposal scene with her. Then, audience girl requests Dharam paaji to perform with her on Pal Pal Dil Ke Pas Tum Rehti Ho song. She comes on stage and dances with Dharam ji while Kapil sings the song and the dance is of ballroom style and very delicate.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Dharm ji having a fun and dance moment with Poonam ji Episode 98

The audience women informs Bittu that she is from Mumbai and came with her two children and also friend’s children from Bangkok and Hongkong. Kapil speaks of loving Bangkok. They speak of loving his show and compliments him. Poonam ji leaves from there as she has an earlier commitment and he calls him Poonam ka Chand. Kapil then welcomes Gippy Garewal and calls him handsome hunk and also cites that he has sang for hindi and punjabi songs and specially in hindi sang for Angrezi beat Re for cocktail movie. Gippy comes there and sings the Angrezi Beat Remix version and Palak comes there at the same time. Palak speaks of having a good dance and thus got applause from the audience. She speaks that after Michael Jackson, then comes Hrithik Roshan, and then Mithun Da. She sticks to her point of bringing more fun to the song with her dance. She then takes blessing from Dharam ji and suggests that nobody can stop her from working in a film with Gippy Garewal. She asks Gippy how does he feel to have her as the heroine and asks him whether he is nervous ? He replies on being nervous and Palak boasts about her acting and spontaneous quality in building quotes and poems.

Palak speaks of being a big fan of Dharam paaji and has built a big tank on the terrace just to prove her love for him. She also cites that short skirts came to India because of his movie -Dharamveer and Dharam paaji. She then shares a quote – Meri Maa Meri Shaadi Gippy Garewal ke Saath karane mein Adhi Hain…Arey Rabta Rabta Dekho Aankh Meri ladhi hain… Bittu twists the quote and says that the marriage proposal will be a rotten for Gippy. She replies of getting the blessing from Dharam ji and then after marriage she will have many kids and the first child will be named Hippy. Bittu speaks on phone that somebody is distributing cream biscuits for free outside.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Gippy Grewal sings the song with Kapil Episode 98

Palak after learning about it runs from there to eat them and calls that marriage thing can be discussed later. Gippy informs the audience that his movie with Dharam ji – Double Di Trouble is releasing on 29th August 2014 and it is his first film with Dharam ji and wants the audience to see it. Kapil speaks of dropping Dharmendra ji on his moped bike which he brought specially for the occasion and takes him on the ride to revisit the golden moments from Sholay [Yeh Dosti..Hum Nahi Todega.. song plays.. In the epic movie Sholay Sr. Bachchan and Dharmendra goes on a bike ride]. Kapil hugs Dharmendra ji and expresses his love for him. The show ends on a happy note with Dharmendra ji returning the gratitude by showering love with a flying kiss.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Kapil giving a bike ride to Dharam ji in Sholay style, Episode 98

Additional Info:

* Gippy Grewal is an Indian singer, actor and film producer. He was born on 2nd January 1983 in Ludhiana, Punjab.
– Famous for Punjabi songs with genres: Pop, Punjabi, Bhangra – Debut in movie Mel Karade Rabba in 2010.
– Won the PTC best actor award in 2011 for superhit movie
– Jihne mera Dil Luteya – Notable songs: Chakkh lai music album produced by Aman Hayer. Other hits are Nasha, Phulkar, and Angreji Beat collaborated with Honey Singh for the album International Villager. He ruled the punjabi music chart with his single “Hello Hello” which he shot in Las Vegas.
– Recent punjabi films, Bhajji in Problem in 2013 starring opposite Ragini Khanna. Recently released Jatt James Bond (April 2014) with Zarine Khan and upcoming movie Double Di Trouble with Dharmendra and Poonam Dhillon.
– Read more about Gippy Grewal at his Wikipedia page

Full Episode – Dharmendra on Comedy nights – 27th July 2014
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