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Comedy Nights With Kapil - Yuvraj and Harbhajan Singh playing Cricket on CNWK

Guests on the Show: : Loved Indian Cricketers and Heartthrobs – Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh

Kapil starts the show and finds nobody on his set and he then starts to find Siddhu, Daadi and goes outside his set and then finds Siddhu giving a commentary (with microphone) with cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan singh playing cricket and hitting sixers during their turns. Harbhajan speaks they are playing because of Siddhu wanted to do commentary. Siddhu responds that wherever there is honey you can find honeybees as well bringing much laughter. Siddhu wants Kapil to bat and Kapil then faces a ball from harbhajan and runs away from the field with bat on air, and comes to CNWK’ stage.

Kapil then welcomes Indian Cricket’s life – Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj singh. (make some noise Desi Boyz song). He calls them as Jai and Veeru of Indian Cricket team. Siddhu speaks a witty line that wherever Yuvi and Bhajji goes they make their mark always. Kapil congratulates both of them for helping India win the world cup. He asks them when they kissed the world cup trophy what was going through in their mind ? Have they ever imagined to come on Comedy nights ? Harbhajan speaks at that time they never thought but happy to come on the show because of a friend like Kapil.

Siddhu speaks he first saw Yuvraj doing roller skating and also saw lot of hardwork and his father has made the world’s best player and refers to him as the diamond.Moreover, Siddhu speaks that Yuvraj has done so many things on the field but he has done much more off-the field referring to Yuvi’s battle with Cancer and successfully coming out of it. Siddhu speaks that people think Cancer as death but when they see Yuvraj they think Cancer as life bringing much applause from audience. Siddhu speaks that YuviCan is not a small man, and is a Pataka.. Siddhu then speaks about Harbhajan singh, and shares the first experience of seeing Harbhajan paaji in Jalandhar. He got hit by bowls from him in his chest and body. Kapil calls both Yuvraj and Harbhajan paaji as unique diamonds and big inspirations. Kapil also informs the viewers that Yuvi’s mother Shabnam ji is also on the set and welcomes her.

Yuvraj speaks that his mother doesn’t see him playing live since she is worried. Yuvi’s mother then speaks that she doesn’t see her son playing cricket because of worry. Kapil asks Harbhajan whether any girls have distracted him and he has dropped the catch ? Kapil then asks Yuvi that girls bring placards like Yuvi, Marry Me ? He asks Yuvi whether looks for those girls after the marriage. Kapil then shows the AV of Sehwag who visited recently on CNWK, and shared an experience about Harbhajan singh. He speaks about playing under 19 world cup in South Africa, and they used to find a corner so as to avoid english speaking people. They were not having english skills. He learnt english because of man of the match awards ceremony. Yuvraj shares an anecdote from New Zealand tour and on one occasion he was with Virender Sehwag eating a burger and during that time an Indian came and asks to Virender (Viru fondly called), Are you Virender Sehwag? Viru responds Yupp. Then that man asked Viru, How do you like New Zealand ? Viru again replies Yupp.. bringing laughter..Harbhajan shares an anecdote about Punjab team. He speaks that when he was in Chandigarh Academy there was an event organized by Sports Authority of India. He was a young boy and was listening to other boy’s introduction. He patiently listened the first boy’s name Mohiuddin from Hyderabad, the second one from Bihar, and so forth and then when his turn came, the sports authority asked the question in reverse sequence – Where you from ? He replies Harbhajan Singh. What’s your name ? He replied Jalandhar.. invoking a laughter. He blames the person who asked him the question.

Harbhajan shares an experience with a friend Harvinder singh (fondly called Hairu). He speaks that a military man came and saw him and his friend Harvinder (and though them as Punjabi boys playing for India), and introduced himself as lieutenant Kuljinder singh, and his friend Harvinder introduces himself as right hand Harvinder Singh.. invoking a laughter. He thinks that his friend has given the right answer. Yuvraj wants to share another anecdote about a foreign tour with seniors. He went there to a restaurant, and they don’t know the english dish names. First, one of the them ordered a cold drinks, and when the waitress brought it, a colleague then spoke sit down, and the waiteress sat down, and then he replied you sit down and cold drink to be sit down…laughter. Harbhajan also shares an experience of a senior punjabi singer who was going on a air flight. He first ordered drink, and he got soda from the airhostess and then asked snow. He then clarified that he needs ice. Yuvraj also shares an experience of his academy days where boys don’t know english and study much, and when they were told to write about their mother tongue, and the boy wrote pink. Comedy Nights With Kapil - Yuvi,Harbhajan, and Kapil looking at Luna - Episode 87

Harbhajan shares another experience of a friend Gagandeep singh and they used to do exercise together in the open and while exercising in circle they used to speak Roll your Arm, Roll your head. But his friend spoke Toe your Pull invoking laughter. He speaks that Sherry paaji learnt and studied a lot but others didn’t study much. Kapil then show some photographs of Yuvi and Harbhajan together and the in first photo it looks like Yuvi gives Aashirwaad to Bhajji. Next photo is world cup moment with Yuvi holding the world cup trophy with Bhajji and Sachin. Kapil speaks because of their true hardwork, India won the world cup and then standing ovation from the audience and Siddhu. Harbhajan applauds Yuvi’s passion during the world cup, an he gives his credit to his mother for everything. He speaks that his mother didn’t believe that her son has got cancer, and couldn’t believe that her son has cancer. Siddhu speaks a witty line. She speaks that Yuvi has to be cured as he has the prayers of the entire country. Next photo shows Yuvi and Dhoni covering their face, and Dinesh Karthik not covering his face. Yuvi answers that they did that to avoid smelling people emitting body gas.

Bittu’s servant Raju comes on the stage who calls Yuvi and Bhajji as his langotiya Yaar (childhood friends). Bittu taunts Raju that he has only one pyjama. Raju speaks that his only pyajama has done lot of useful things. He speaks about making a Dhoondo Daal which is made from 4 litres of water and some pieces of Daal (lentils). Bittu asks Yuvi whether Raju is really his friend, and he answers in not knowing him. Raju then leaves from there. Kapil opens the floor to the audience (Naabi taunt) and a man forwards a question to harbhajan paaji and speaks that he has very good footwork on the field, and the entire world copies Bhajji’s footwork. And now he wants Bhajji sir to copy his own footwork. Kapil makes a taunt whether he is Malcom Marshall. The man then dances on the stage on Gandi Baat song and comes close to Harbhajan and moves much his body and hands. Kapil it was more chest dance rather than footwork. The audience speaks that he was born, and does all the things from Mumbai but his dance is from Nasik. Kapil wants him to enact a dance for the occasion of Mundan. Siddhu wants Yuvi and Bhajji to dance together, and Bhajji also invites Sherry paaji (Siddhu) on stage, and three of them grooves on the Mauja Mauja song and even Yuvi also shows michael jackson dance moves.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Yuvi,Harbhajan, and Siddhu having a good time with dance - Episode 87

Hitesh speaks that wherever he goes people speak that he is shy so he wants Harbhajan and Yuvraj – Yuvi sir to teach him how to open up (khulna) in public. Kapil asks him whether nobody gave him Chawayanprash during his childhood, and he replies not physically and Yuvi replies so is it chemically ? Hitesh comes on stage and Kapil speak that Yuvi knows the strategy to open. Yuvi and Harbhajan make him lie on the floor and wants to open him up by pulling his legs and hands and then suggests that he is not opening up making audience in splits. Hitesh then sings the song – Duniya Main Hain Kitni Nafratein.. from the movie Mohabbatein with audience showering with Waah Waah sound during his singing. They speak that now Hitesh has opened up very nicely. Another man from audience asks Bhajji whether he got an offer to become SP in police ? Bhajji replies yes, and the man asks him the reason ? Bhajji responds that people are already are afraid of him so he does’t want to make them more afraid after joining police so he didn’t opt for it. The man then asks him about his opinion on operation Majnu which combats eve-teasers. kapil speaks that eve-teasing is very bad and likes the question posed by the man. He says that eve-teasing has to be taken by the society as police cannot control the entire population of 125 crores.

Next, a young man Abhay from Punjab directs his question for Yuvi and Bhajji and speaks about the fan’s reaction specially when Yuvi didn’t perform well and recently they hit stones at his home. Yuvi responds that the people in India are very passionate and they become crazy if India wins or loses. So, many things need to be accepted but its not a good thing to throw stones at others home. He speaks that these things are part and parcel of the game, and even media is also very critical of the players. Harbhajan urges the people to have patience with them, and hope to perform much better so to meet people’s expectations. Sooner, Bua comes on stage with a boy while holding his hands. She introduces him as her boyfriend Murthy. Bittu cracks a joke on him, and says that he is so thin and refers his size that of a Beedi. Bua scolds Bittu and then sees the guests – Yuvi and Bhajji sitting on sofa and speaks with them – Hello Mister, How are you ? Very well, thanks to you (she asks question and also answers) bringing laughter on people face. She shows her excitement, and then slaps Murthy who turns out to be an auto driver. He speaks that she convinced him on becoming her boyfriend to which he agreed. She doesn’t want to give him the auto expense and suggests Bittu to pay 20 INR.

She wants Bittu to ask money in big amount from Yuvi and Bhajji since they earn in crores bringing laughter. She then speaks of opening an NGO Mang Bharo Sajna and the purpose of that organization is the marriage of unmarried girls. Siddhu makes a taunt and wants her to first get married. Bua speaks that she will marry only if somebody can propose her. Yuvi and Bhajji speaks of coming there so as to propose her and Bua becomes excited on hearing it and speaks of good days coming for her. He calls Yuvi and Bhajji cool dudes and wants to see their proposement. Yuvi asks her what is proposement ? She wants him to see her feelings and then closes her eyes to hear Yuvi’s and Bhajii’s proposal. The auto driver then asks her 20 INR and she thinks that Yuvi proposed in a sweet manner and asking some little money. She then learns that it was auto driver who spoke those lines and then trashes him a bit 20 times and sends him away. Bittu speaks of beating weaker people whenever they get opportunity. Bua then wants Yuvi and Bhajji to start their BPL (Bua Premi League) and then reminds Bhajji that he used to stare at her while there were in class together. Bittu makes a taunt that he was Bishen Singh Bedi and not Bhajji. Bua becomes angry and scolds Bittu. Bua wants to see whether the bowler wins or the batsman. In a naughty manner, she will be for the one who proposes the best to her. Bhajji then goes on to propose to her and goes on his knees and holds Bua hands and speaks that he has invented Doosra but there should not be any Teesra (He is referring to Doosra the cricketing term).

Bua then holds Yuvi hands and he then proposes to her while sitting down on his knees – That she is as much as beautiful like a fairy and Bua becomes happy on hearing it. Sooner then, both of them snatches Bua and she calls herself as a girl. Bhajji asks which girl ? Yuvi then wanted Bhajji to take her instead after citing about their friendship. Bhajji returns the same favor and wants Yuvi to take her. After doing this – Please you take her strategy then Bhajji spoke of ending Bua’s life so that the blockage between their friendship will not remain. Bua becomes worried and calls them brothers and suggests that she doesn’t have feelings for them and speaks of having a boyfriend. She then runs away from there while calling Murthy. Yuvi then speaks of asking Siddhu to come there on the sofa and they will ask questions to him. Yuvi and Bhajji goes to sit on the Siddhu’s chair and Bittu thinks that Yuvi and Bhajji will interview Siddhu. Yuvi asks Siddhu whom he loves the most – watching heroines here or cheer leaders at the stadium? Siddhu replies in a witty way that Sweets and Nirmiti (new things) have their own taste. Siddhu speaks of seeing the cheer leaders since he haven’t kept a robe on his eyes and the girls even don’t call him brother while suggests Kapil to as their brother (which was evident in many episodes of CNWK when the heroines candidly refer Kapil to as Bhaiya). Bhajji then shares a quote and dedicated for Kapil – Nafraton Ki Aandhiyon Mein Nafraton Ka Deep Jalaiya Jaa.. Jung Ke Nagade Beech Prem Ka Shank Bajayega Jaa.. Tujhe Na Mandir Ki Zarroorat Ki Ya Mala Ki… yehi Ibadat Hain Kapil Zaamane Ko Hasaye Ja.. Kapil thanks Bhajji for complimenting him.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Yuvi,Harbhajan, Siddhu and Kapil - Episode 87

Daadi comes there with a bang and wants Siddhu to protect her and then goes to sit beside Siddhu on his chair. She speaks humorously of the world we live now where children are being not allowed to go outside while the dogs are roaming freely outside. Daadi welcomes Yuvi and Bhajji and wants a high five and gets from them. He speaks of adjusting to the environment if you want to succeed. After seeing young boys, she adapted herself and got the feelings of a young person. When Bittu reminds of her age and old construction. Daadi informs Bittu that he was very small which is her famous line and makes a taunt at him. She then requests Bittu on having some acting scenes with Yuvi and bhajji and then she will leave. Bittu informs her that they are sportpersons and not actors. Daadi replies that yes what he is saying is right but the history has proven that cricketers and actresses have always a close relationship. On that note, Yuvi acts like being amused while Bhajji points finger at Yuvi on that statement. She asks her why Yuvi is not opening up and then learns that his mother has came there. She calls Yuvi’s mother with the face of an illuminated light and then runs to meet her with a jump and calls her Aunty bringing laughter on Yuvi and everyone face. She even suggests for a blessing from her. She suggests that Yuvi is very lucky to have a great mother.

Bittu then decides to enact a Deewar movie scene with both of them with Bhajji becoming Sr. Bachchan and Yuvraj donning the role of Shashi Kapoor and Daadi carrying the role of their mother. Daadi first shrugs off the role of a mother and then performs as the mother, and calls her sons as Twin towers, and she herself stands on the sofa so as to look taller than them. Harbhajan acting as Sr. Bachchan speaks the dialogue – I have off-spin, leg-spin, Doosra, Teesra, What do you have ? (by spreading his hand in the same way like Big B). Sooner then comes the turn of Yuvraj who is acting as Shashi Kapoor. Yuvi speaks he has a Sixer (Chakka) making Daadi surprised since Daadi wants him to speak the dialogue of having mother. Harbhajan speaks second dialogue that he has a car, buildings, What do you have ? Yuvi replies that even those things he also possess though Daadi tried to influence him in saying that he has mother. Thereafter, Harbhajan decides to give their mother to Yuvi but Yuvi doesn’t want to take her since she drinks a lot. Daadi asks her sons where she should go to – Yuvi or Harbhajan in a heavy and emotional voice ? Harbhajan also suggests that he cannot take his mother (Daadi) because she has a problem of releasing gas in morning without any notice (alarm)..bringing laughter. Daadi speaks a dialogue – Maa ki Aankh Kar Di to vent out her anger. Bittu reiterates that they are right since alarm is only good for hearing, and not for smelling via noise taunting on her releasing gas and gives that example. Daadi then speaks that though they haven’t  let her come close to them but she will not do the same and vows to come close and kiss them with much fervor and intensity. She calls Yuvi as innocent and holds him before kissing.

Comedy Nights With Kapil - Daadi, Yuvi and Harbhajan Deewar Scene - Episode 87

She suggests that Yuvi has hit 6 sixes in an over but she has kissed 250 times in 100 episodes of comedy nights. She then kisses Yuvi on both cheeks in her trademark style and also showers her love. She then tries to catch Bhajji so as to kiss him. Finally, she catches Bhajji and also get his hands tied by Yuvi and then goes on to kiss him. Bhajji smiles and amused after getting those kisses from Daadi. Sooner then, Pankhudi shouts from the 1st floor that she will not leave Daadi today. She wants a revenge. Daadi asks her what kind of revenge she wants to take and suggests that she has just snatched a bubble gum from her mouth. Pankhudi speaks of not fighting with her and warns her to go inside otherwise she will choked her neck. Daadi somehow listens to her and goes inside without much saying. Pankhudi then wants Bittu to inform her about the boy who has hit many sixes in an over since she wants to take revenge from him. Bittu speaks that Yuvi is sitting there only. After learning it, she meets Yuvi and informs him that as she had an eye operation yesterday so she was able to see Bhajji with her one eye as other eye was closed. Yuvi calls her Palak and then she introduces herself as Palak’s mother. She speaks of getting injured while she was sitting at the stands in the stadium and eating potato chips.

At that time, a cricket ball hit her tongue and the shot was hit by Yuvi for a sixer. Because of which she is now talking with a twisted tongue and thus sounds very rough. She suggests of speaking properly before and then enacts her previous tone by greeting Yuvi and Bhajji and suggests Bittu to go to Hell bringing laughter. Thus, after getting hit from the ball because of Yuvi, her tongue got damaged and then suggests to have justice (Insaaf) and also compensation. The compensation is because the ball hit her and damaged his tongue. She then speaks about the compensation amount which can be either 5 Crores INR or 5,000 INR bringing laughter. Bittu becomes confused on hearing an irrational statement from pankhudi about compensation. She then answers that 5 crores was asked after knowing and matching to Yuvi’s capability and position while 5,000 INR was asked taking into account her own position. She then asks Yuvi why he hits so many sixes, and suggests whether he is lazy to run. She then wants justice from Bittu and he replies that she will get justice soon. Sooner, Daadi comes from behind with a rope and thrashes Pankhudi while getting a Daadi Daadi chant from the audience. Bhajji and Yuvi wants Daadi and Pankhudi to have a robe fight instead of fighting and suggests them to have the sporting spirit.  Bhajji comes on the side of Pankhudi while Yuvi joins Daadi. Daadi becomes excited on seeing Yuvi and then starts the robe fight game. After a while. Yuvi and Bhajji ties Daadi and Pankhudi with the same robe and takes them inside and feels relieved.

Kapil thanks Bhajji and Yuvi for coming on comedy nights. Bhajji speaks that the comedy nights is a great show and he felt very happy to come there and cites that the show will be number 1 for many years to come and that will be his prayers. Yuvi agrees with Bhajji’s point that the show is the best show that India has seen and speaks that during weekends when the show is aired the team waits and watches the show. Kapil wants Bhajji to give an autograph on a bat which is manufactured by Bhajji’s own company and gets a signature from Yuvi on a cricket tennis ball. Kapil speaks that there is an unknown secret which he wants to share which is Harbhajan is also a good singer and then both sings – Dama Dum Mast Khalandar Ali ka Pehle number sufi song. The show is hilarious with Daadi, Pankhudi (palak’s mother) and Bua having good and rollicking time with Yuvi and Harbhajan paaji. Kapil signs off by saying- be happy at home, have smiles and do sing, and keep watching his show on CNWK on Colors.

Images credit: Twitter page of Colors TV and Comedy Nights.

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