Shlok to make Astha jealous by flirting with Riya; the couple to romance again in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

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Shlok and Astha have a silly argument and she challenges him to be a stranger for her and she will not be his wife, but only Agnihotri’s bahu. Shlok agrees as these days Astha is irritating him a lot by her controlling habits. While Niranjan agreed to Jyoti’s marriage, Astha and Shlok are in full swing to make all the functions just perfect. The day starts when they act like strangers. Astha looks gorgeous and dresses in a beautiful saree to make him fall for her, but Shlok understands her plan. He regrets about the challenge as Astha looks very beautiful and he gets much attracted to her.

The challenge leads to some fun scenes between the couple. She gets into the room when he is changing and is semi nude. She scolds him for showing off his body to anyone like this, and he asks her to knock the door and come next time. She annoys him by calling him characterless, which makes him shower his anger on her and he asks her to mind her tongue and speak well. She gets her alone in the room at night, and gets closer to her to prove what a characterless man can do. He scared her and they have some sweet moments together, which viewers were missing since long. Astha and Shlok’s romance is a must watch in this show, they look super cute together. Shlok goes ahead to kiss her, and she slips. He holds her by her waist and they have a romantic eyelock.

At the haldi ceremony, Jyoti gets really happy and adorns herself with flowers, showing her peaceful state of mind. Astha brings her down and gets introduced to Sid’s sister Riya. Shlok wears a Kurta Dhoti and is unable to manage it, and keeps slipping. In such an instance, he slips and holds Riya to balance himself. They bump into each other and Riya has an one sided eyelock, not knowing Shlok is Astha’s husband, as Astha does not stick to Shlok this time with her wife’s rights. Astha sees them getting along and feels jealous. Shlok understands Astha is getting jealous and this time she will break the challenge rules and lose. He assumes Astha will run to him being desperate for his love, but nothing such happens. Astha ignores him. Shlok flirts with Riya and shows his hanging around to Astha.

Astha cares a damn, and lastly Shlok teases her by doing Salman Madhuri act of Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, by hitting something on her back to get her attention. Shlok wants her charming wife to love him again and enjoys some time to put her in different frame of mind to assume Shlok has left her and is not interested in only Riya. Astha gets a bit jealous finally and Riya starts liking Shlok, giving him sweet smiles, which makes Shlok worry later on. The show has lots of drama to offer in Siddharth and Jyoti’s marriage, as Niranjan will be using Renuka as Sid’s weakness and will manipulate her for breaking the marriage. Will he succeed in ruining Jyoti’s happiness? We better know the answer, NO WAY. Keep reading.


2 responses to “Shlok to make Astha jealous by flirting with Riya; the couple to romance again in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir”

  1. shans Avatar

    Omg.. lovely track.. 🙂 looking fwd for ashlok’s cute moments.. 🙂 😛 love u ashlok.. 🙂

  2. pari Avatar

    sid’s and jyoti’s marriage will not happen so easily.niranjan will surely create some problems.
    Astha and shlok are so cute..

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