Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 31st July 2014 23rd Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 23rd Episode

Recap (Preview): Dodo informs Cheeku of seeing Kimaya at comsetic shop but he is not accepting it. Dodo also informs about Kimaya’s truth to Gattu and Radhika during Cheeku’s rehearsal for the play. Cheeku while practising for the play feels depressed and remembers about Kimaya’s words of going to the cosmetic shop.


Highlight of the Episode: Cheeku wins the heart of Prof Shukla and everyone with his heartfelt portrayal of Romeo in play via amazing and true dialogues; Kimaya attends the play in disguise; Sid and Devika are coming close with great force.

Cheeku wonders about Kimaya’s truth and also he has the play. Dodo and Gattu looks at Cheeku from her home and sees his sadness. He wants to see cheeku leaving and then finds Cheeku going from his home. Dodo comes there and takes Cheeku’s laptop and wants to win the bet which he made with Cheeku to expose Kimaya’s truth. Cheeku is being harassed by boys and they calls him loser and even a girl Tara throws some paper on him. He himself thinks of becoming a loser and sooner then prof. Shukla comes there and informs him that it was his technique to make the actor Cheeku sad and frustrated so that he can play the role of a loser well in the play. Cheeku cries after remembering about Kimaya’s words about going to cosmetic shop.

Tara comes and apologizes to him for treating him in bad way and she did because of Prof. Shukla. She wants him to forget about his long-distance relationship issue and hugs him with which he becomes a bit happy. Cheeku then finds Devika and wants to invite her for his play so as to make Sid’s happy. He speaks to her about Shukla’s sir play and informs that he is the hero of the play and she wants her to support him by attending the play and gives her the ticket seat 19 and it has the full centred view. He requests her dearly to come. Cheeku is preparing for the play and doing rehearsal with the play colleagues. Prof. Shukla wants Tara to show more emotions and corrects her intonation and also gives Cheeku a pair of shoes. He gets a message from Kimaya wishing him (Cheeks) the best. He wonders where he has to send her the message mumbai or America. On other end, Tara is trying to flirt with cheeku and wants him to apply the pin on her dress so as to close her dress at the back. Cheeku at first hesitates and then does it with much hesitation. She calls him sweet  and he speaks to himself that  the girls are taking undue advantage of his sweet nature. He hits the professor by mistake.

Sid comes at the auditorium and sits for the play. There is an announcement that the play will be delayed by 15 minutes because of a grave problem. Sid waits for Devika’s arrival and soon finds her coming there. She comes and sit beside Sid and he welcomes her. She asks him on hearing that he was ill. He speaks of getting illness which can be… She replies on getting what he means. Prof. Shukla comes there on stage and welcomes the play – All is fair in love and war, Romeo and Juliet’s eternal love story. While at home, Dodo checks kimaya’s video on the laptop which cheeku recorded from the skype chat. Kimaya is seen in the video with the cake and Gattu identifies the clock at Kimaya’s end where the time showed 12:30 am. She then tells that if Kimaya is in Chicago then it should be 2:00 am as it is 10 1/2 hrs behind. Dodo then also learns that Kimaya is in Mumbai as she wished Cheeku with the cake around midnight mumbai time.

At the play in college, Tara acting as Juliet is tied in robes and wants help. Cheeku as Romeo comes there and speaks of taking the revenge for all the insult on her. He calls the bad people as animals. She wants him to help her from those worst people and make her free. she makes some bloopers in her dialgoues and Cheeku spreads his hand like SRK while Devika at her end puts her head down on Sid’s shoulders and feels sleepy. Cheeku as Romeo then asks Juliet to not leave him. He wants to give a best shot for himself and Sid brother. He puts down Juliet and speaks that people have already deserted him and speaks that people doesn’t know true love but romeo juliet ended their life because of love. He speaks that the  true hero is Juliet because she gave him a chance and has seen his truth. Devika remembers about Sid and his efforts to win her love and also his proposal. Cheeku speaks that juliet has given a true lover Romeo a chance and wants people to take chance in life so that you will not regret. Because remember All is fair in love and war and this is love. Prof. Shukla becomes happy on hearing Cheeku’s dialogues which were not in the play. Sooner then, he thanks all the people and gets a warm hug from Tara. All the people showers him an applause. Sid at his end goes on his knees and requests her to come for a play. She asks him he just went on to his knees and asks her for the play. He asks her that was she expecting that he will propose to her. She speaks very nicely with him and shares eyelock at him and feels happy. Kimaya is also there but in disguise and feels a bit dejected and covers her face.

Next Episode: 1st August Devika informs Sid to come to her home since her parents are away. After learning it, Sid is in cloud 9 and wishes to share good moments with her. Gattu and Dodo gives Cheeku the address of Kimaya.

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