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Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Episode 11

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) starts the show and speaks that when you are in the elements of love then you go on to forget your own existence and speaks that love is like a river and if we stop it then it can take us away. We can drive through the river or also swept away from it.  The story is about Zohra and Sumer from Ludhiana.

The story starts with Zohra seen in disguise of a Sikh man with her love Sumer who is also dressed like her.  They run in a bus and after going there removes the turban and he helps in removing the beard that she wore. They are seen happy in the bus. The story goes 1 year back and Zohra is seen going in a car with her friend Shruti and informs the driver Ifteqar that she is feeling hungry and wants to eat. Shruti wants him to take her to her favorite Dhaba where her hunger will go away. They come to the Dhaba and there Sumer sings an emotional song and the young child there wants the order.  The driver becomes worried and Shruti speaks to Zohra that if her brother comes to know of her one-sided love then her brother will teach her a big lesson. Zohra is in awe of Sumer’s life – singing in open and living his life to the fullest. She also aspires to live that life and then goes away. At her home, Zohra’s brother thrashes a young domestic worker as he was seen in her room. She requests her brothers to not beat that worker but they still continue to beat him. She throws things at them and then closes herself inside the room. The brothers comes and calls her Queen (Rani) and in this way convinces her brother to apologize the worker.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that after the death of Zohra’s parents, her brothers Sohail and Saahil have taken much care of her and their life was dedicated to Zohra. They might be villain for the outside world but wants to listen to all her requests and tantrums.

Some other day, Zohra is at the Sumer’s Dhaba and at first she asks him about water in a very candid way, and then asks for Aloo Ka Parata. He gives her Aloo Ka Parata but in a very rough way and leaves after giving her the parata. He then sends the young child to take more orders from her. She becomes a bit annoyed and then makes sure that Sumer takes further order. Later, she gets a call from her brother and she wrongly informs that she is at her friend’s Shruti place. She tells her driver to go from there and she then goes out from the car and walks towards the Dhaba. She finds Sumer there and speaks in a very naive manner that she has lost the way and doesn’t have any other transport means and then requests him to dearly to drop her nearly the Gurudwara.

 He asks her to sit at the back of his bicycle but she insists to sit in front. Finally, she agrees to sit at the back and as he starts the cycle the chain breaks at the first go. He calls her very unlucky as the chain has already broke at the on-set and both of them walks back while Sumer walks with his cycle. She tries to pamper him and compliments on his singing. He speaks of learning from his father who has died 2 years ago and now lives with his mother. She speaks of living with her elder brothers who pampers her a lot and also had a dog which got lost. She informs of going to dance classes everyday and her brothers come to school and brings lunch. She speaks of her liking for Daal with Tadka, Butter Chicken Tandoori though her brothers brings for her chinese salad and food. Zohra wants him to sing and sooner then her come comes nearby and she leaves from there with a warning that if her brothers see him then they will kill him. Next day, Sumer is informed by his boss at the Dhaba that Zohra has left some gift for him. Sumer opens the wrapper to find a ipod and when he puts it finds his own song recording. Zohra at her end speaks to Shruti on having a boring life and speaks that according to her brother only good food makes an ideal life. Sooner then, Sumer comes near their car and gives her a tiffin box with the food he prepared. Some time later, Sumer meets Zohra and shows her a plot which his father wanted to build.

Sumer speaks of his father getting duped and even the loans that he took wasn’t being repaid because of it. He wishes to open a restaurant at the same plot to fulfill his father’s wish. She speaks that things will be normal since she has came into his life. After hearing it, he holds her hand and they walk together and come close. He speaks that as she came in his life then comes the danger since just to cover her expenses all his savings will be going away. They play hide and seek a bit and then shares an eyelock and an intimate kiss. He speaks that their relationship cannot go far. She informs that he is right since she is muslim and he is hindu, she is rich and he is poor and their story is very filmy but as in all films there is a happy ending which is happy ever after and even the couple gets children as well. She candidly asks him that if he wants to marry someone else then he can inform her. On that note, he speaks of coming to her home and seeking her hand. She jokes whether he has that amount of guts.

Next day, Sumer comes with an order of Tandoori Chicken and Dal Makhni from his Dhaba. He informs the brothers that the payment is already made when they tell him that nobody ordered. He then leaves. Sooner then, Zohra comes to his Dhaba and informs him to not repeat the mistake and don’t come again to her home. Sumer is informed by his boss to not do love there [Iss Lamhe Ko Rok Doon..Is Lamhe Mein Kuch Bhi Jaane Naa……. song plays..] They hang out outside and he even acts like a clown and also teach her how to drive a bicycle. Zohra comes home from her school and learns that a groom’s family comes there to see her. Her brother Sohail introduces her to the boy Naved and his family. She becomes annoyed on that development and wants to speak with her brother. She informs him of not marrying now and wants to study. Sohail speaks that Naved is a good boy who has construction business in Dubai. She informs Sohail of not leaving India and her desire to study more. Sohail agrees to her request and promises to let her study more.  Sohail speaks to boy’s family that he doesn’t have problem with their marriage proposal and the marriage will take place next month but Zohra will study further after going to Dubai. Naved’s family agrees to his request while she is shattered.

Zohra goes and informs Sumer about the development at her end where her marriage has already being fixed. She wants to elope with Sumer and get married and cries. He speaks of doing something but needs time and also cites that he doesn’t have money at this time. He also adds that they will lead life with their own money. She continues to persuade him and cries profusely and wants him to take her away. He informs Shruti to not inform anybody about their elopement. The story comes back to the present from where the story starts where Sumer and Zohra are seen dressed in Sikh clothes and wearing Turban and then going in a bus.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Sumer and Zohra have ran away with the passion of love but they don’t have money with themselves. She thought that once she is married with Sumer then her brothers will accept him as well.

The driver Ifteqar infrorms Zohra’s brothers Sohail and Saahil that she used to visit a boy at a Dhaba and takes them there. The Dhaba boss informs that she used to come there and moreover gives the phone number of Sumer. At first, they kill the driver Ifteqar and goes on with their search of Sumer and Zohra and calls Sumer’s mobile. Sohail calls the commissioner and wants him to trace a mobile number of a person who has ran away with his company’s cash. The commissioner agrees to his request. Sumer reaches Delhi with Zohra and calls his friend Chetan to meet him and also asks for his help. He informs her that Chetan has become an actor and boasts about him like he bought a car and lives in 2 BHK home which is not true. Chetan comes there and Sumer introduces him to Zohra and also informs that they have run away from their home. Chetan becomes shocked and asks him why he did such a thing, calls him mad and suggests why hasn’t he informed him before. Sumer informs him that they are going to stay in his home for some days and once they are married they will leave. Chetan takes them to his room where there are other boys who are sleeping and there are girls photos stick on the wall. There are fun moments there as the boys becomes shy and goes from there and they refer Zohra as Bhabhi (sister-in law). At the police office, the call is traced and the commissioner informs Sohail about Sumer’s hideout in Delhi which is Karolbagh.

Sohail and Saahil comes to their place and he informs shrewdly that they have always listened to her so could have accepted her love as well. He speaks sweet words but which are actually a big deceit and takes them away in their car. Sohail speaks of having a good marriage of Zohra at their home. He asks about Sumer’s full name and sumer replies Sumer Sharma. They come to a place where Sohail’s men thrash Sumer while Sohail takes Zohra inside. Sohail makes an offer that if she agrees to marry Naved then Sumer’s life will not be taken away. She cries profusely and agrees to marry Naved for the sake of Sumer’s life. Sohail tells his brother to leave Sumer and not kill him and then sumer is taken away.  Sohail takes him away from there while Zohra is getting married at her end.  Sumer is about to be killed and he informs Sohail not to inform Zohra about his killing and instead inform her that he left on his own somewhere. Zohra is married and Sumer is being shot and killed by Sohail.  Zohra remembers all the good moments that she shared with Sumer and also his trashing by her brothers. [Allah Wariya song plays…….]

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Zohra might have thought that with her sacrifice she has saved Sumer’s life but she doesn’t know that Sumer has given his life without letting know Zohra about his tragic end. She speaks that whenever this story will be heard, people will raise this point, Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya.. Surbhi wants people opinion on what Sumer and Zohra did for their love, whether it was right ? using hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV facebook and twitter pages. She signs off by saying – Keep watching, keep loving !

Info on Cast:
* Zohra is played by actress Priyal Gor – Debuted with the role of Mona Gandhi in Zee TV’s show – Ram Milaayi Jodi (2010).
– Role of Yuvrani Rajkumari Manyata Kumari/Moniya in Sony’s show
– Dekha Ek Khwaab. (2012)
– Priyal’s Twitter and Instagram page.

Finally Dubaiiiiii ✈️?

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* Sumer is played by actor Paras Arora. – Paras recently worked in Star Plus’s show Mahabharat as the young and fearless warrior Abhimanyu – Arjun and Subhadra’s son. –Twitter page of Paras.

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Episode 11

Images credit: Twitter page of Zing TV and Paras Arora.

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