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Love By Chance Bindass 10th Episode - Suchi's love story, Couples only

Kavi shastri (the host) starts the show which has the theme ‘Couples only’ and speaks that the after board exams the most thing difficult in life is to look for an appt or home in Mumbai and we refer the home as equivalent to a matchbox’s size. If we have job then we don’t have money for the high rent and if we have rent then we cannot get a home of our liking. And in case we find a house of our liking then the landlord will ask such questions – whether you have wife or not ? Are you single ? The mantra is  first you need to settle down and need to have a family.

The story starts with Adarsh speaking on phone with a home broker and wants dearly an appartment and finally gets a meeting with a landlord of an appt and then he thanks God. Adarsh is being referred to as Bechara Bachelor (poor bachelor fellow). He comes to the appt of Lokhande’s and does prayers at the doorstep and he is being informed by the landlord’s wife Shakuntala about two months deposit but her husband tries to calm her down. Adarsh then comes and sits down and the landlord man compliments him for wearing a tailored shirt instead of a ready-made shirt. She thinks that he is a bachelor guy and asks him whether he drinks alcohol or cigarettes. He speaks of not touching alcohol and cigarettes and takes the promise of his mother. Soon, Suchi comes there in a Saree and having a soft tone and informs that he doesn’t drink alcohol. She comes with a sindoor and wants him to put it on her forehead. She makes sure that he applies it over her forehead. She calls herself as Mrs. Suchi Sharma his better-half. Suchi is being referred to as Jugaad Queen. She informs of liking the room and the landlord’s women suggests to increase the rent amount to 15,000 INR and the original rent was 12,000 INR. She calls themselves equivalent to her parents. Suchi tries to emotionally weaken them and speaks that somebody has helped and supported them when they were married and then suggests that the old couple will help her and Adarsh as parents as well.

The landlord women doesn’t want to give discount and she doesn’t listen to her husband. The landlord then blackmails his wife and wants to leave with Suchi if she doesn’t agree to lower the rent amount. He informs his wife of all the work that he did for her – cleaning the appt, making food. After then, the wife understood his point and then suggests the rent amount to be 13,000 INR. Suchi speaks 11,000 INR as the amount and she is also informed by the landlord women to bring a marriage photo. They go out and he speaks that their marriage cannot happen and she calls him a sweet fellow. She speaks that if Lokhande’s have rejected him then the broker Joseph would have also shown her the appt as well. And also she would have rejected as well and thus she decided to act like a married women so that it will help both of them. He speaks of not agreeing to her idea of faking marriage just to get an appt where ‘Couples-Only’ are allowed. He calls that it is illegal and she can be arrested as well. She then gives him her mobile number in case he thinks to support her idea and also requests him to be practical since otherwise he would not get the home as well. She speaks on sharing similarity because they share the same public restroom – Saulabh Sauchala.. She makes him agree to her idea and takes him with her.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that as he said first a wife is needed then an appt. It has happened now that the two strangers who have met once in their life now has to live together for 1 year and act as husband and wife and need to compromise. Right ?

They get the room in the appt and he speaks of a separation line via a red tape between them in the room. She is carefree and wants to take a selfie with him and he asks her how can she leave her home without money and job. He asks whether her family knows about her situation. She replies no candidly. He then asks whether she is an Adult (Baalik, more than 18 years). She again touches him and he is very uncomfortable with her. She throws one of her inners at him and he throws it back at her. He covers his eyes after seeing her in shorts and then sleeps. (Ajab laher hain meri Padosi). Sooner, the landlord lady Shakuntala knocks at their room and Adarsh hurriedly opens the door. She finds there are two beds which are separated and then shouts that they are not married and are acting like a married couple. He tries to convince that he is not lying to her. Shakuntala’s husband comes there and suggests to his wife to not question them about their marriage. Sooner then, Suchi comes there and speaks in sweet voice and wants to make Ginger tea for the landlord. Shakuntala argues why there are two beds. Suchi speaks that as there are many clothes so they were sleeping on seperate beds and also makes sure that Adarsh is touching her. Shakuntala leaves from there to see her food which was cooking. He becomes angry at Suchi as she is touching him. Later, both of them go out with an umbrella and very close to each other and is seen by the landlord who feels happy, and they acted in that way to carry on with their married couple behavior.

Adarsh drops Suchi in an auto. In the evening, Adarsh finds Suchi’s hair extensions in the wash basin and puts it closeby with a note Aap Ki Amanat (your belonging). Suchi finds it later and becomes a bit angry. Time passes by and he gives the rent to Shakuntala. He finds Suchi wearing his shirt and he becomes annoyed and speaks that he pays the rent, cleans the bathroom and does everything and asks her to open the toilet seat. She replies on doing it and calls it not a big deal. He speaks that now he has to learn the manners from her whose parents even doesn’t know about their daughter. She speaks that her parents speak that 25 year old is the age of marriage and also talks about the size of the shorts which they want her to wear. She then cites that after leaving them her destiny made her stay with him who is a boring, annoying fellow. He replies of helping her and a favor and says how can she give him a character certificate. She replies that her rent is owe to him which she will return later. She speaks of small petty amounts which she added and give to him like few rupees. He speaks of paying 11,000 INR while she does small contribution in some rupees and makes a taunt at her. She then begins to cry and speaks that he is insulting her and reminds him that she only knows him in Mumbai and she even didn’t took money from her father. He speaks that she did good acting and suggests that instead of a hair stylist she should try her hands at acting. He then takes a photo of her in his mobile to record her acting performance. She becomes annoyed and sends him away from the appt. He then apologizes and leaves from there.

Adarsh comes and sits with the landlord man and drinks. The landlord speaks that the men is a community of donkeys and always need to make compromises and  helpless and wishes to choke the wife. He speaks that there is only time before the marriage and there is life because after marriage there is no life. He speaks of not closing the water motor but when his wife calls him he does close the motor and changes his mind. He speaks that in foreign country people give divorce if they are not happy while in a drunken state. Adarsh is also high after drinking. He informs Adarsh that in marriage there is no sorry or thank you. Adarsh comes back to his room and speaks in a drunkard voice that it is his room as he has paid the rent. He finds a note there from Suchi informing that she took his shirt because she got an urgent interview call and she didn’t have clean clothes for herself. She accepts her mistake and at first calls her disorganized and promises to not repeat such mistake from then onwards. She speaks that what he is doing for her nobody has done such thing for her and thnaks him. She knows he doesn’t have money and suggests him to sell Blingi. He wonders who is Blingi and then goes to her and calls her as Baalik (adult) in a candid way and then tries to touch and stops and speaks that she is welcome. She wakes up and finds him not there at home and he has left her blingi decoration item.

Later in evening, Adarsh comes back to home and she is waiting for him in a Saree and wants to do the karva chauth ceremony for him. He asks her what is this thing now ? She replies on doing it for the sake of the landlord lady Shakuntala and also speaks of preparing a speech for that ritual and got a scolding from him. He speaks of being slow and then he agrees for her ritual. She does the puja (Aarti) and also the karva chauth ritual and feels glad. She speaks of doing that ritual for her friend and though it is normally done between husband and wife. She asks him whether he will give her one chance, and asks him whether they can go on with their friendship. She calls her day as the frandship day.  He asks her whether she really fasted on that day and she replies no. He wants her to stop eating noodles and easy food and suggests that from tomorrow he will prepare regular vegetables which she has to eat and it will be nutritional and better than her food. He asks her to do work if she wants to help him in the rent and to act like a friend when speaking about friendship. After hearing it, she asks for his autograph. Next day, he prepares a meal and both of them shares. They go outside together with much comfort and easiness. Later in evening when Adarsh comes back she informs of getting a Assistant stylist job at a top salon in mumbai. She prepares a cake and wants him to blow the candle attached to the cake. He declines to do and then she calls him boring. He speaks that he is boring and also a useless dog since at his office many people speak bad about his fashion sense and thinks that if she comes to his office then they will make her as the CEO. She motivates him and wants him to listen to her.

She takes him to the mirror and speaks that Adarsh Sharma is actually a stud and asks him whether he has really looked at himself. He asks what is a stud. She replies that as he is original so he is a stud. He then looks at him in the mirror and lambasts at office people. She suggests that he needs a good bath and cuddles his hairs. She then cuts his hairs and changes his look and he then looks at the mirror to find himself as a cool guy and becomes happy (love by chance song plays). After coming to home from office, he informs Suchi that all the office were left awestuck by his hair style and look and speaks they are waiting to come at her salon. He finds her putting blankets in proper order and he asks whether she is ill since she is doing such work and check her temperature. He suggests that she should rest. She informs him that her mother will be coming to see her from Delhi. Furthermore, she tried to accommodate her mother in girl hostels and tried at few places but in vain so now where to keep her mother. She becomes worried on the thought that if her mother comes to know that her daughter works part-time in a salon during the day and in the night lives with a stranger boy. He calls himself as a hot stranger man and asks her for how many days the mother is coming. She replies not more than four days since her mother cannot handle the smell of fish in Mumbai longer than 4 days. He suggests that she can stay here with Suchi while he will stay outside for few days. She replies that why will he go ? He informs her that its a strategy in the same vein like her where she acted like a married life.

Adarsh suggests that after four days they will continue their usual life once again and everyone will be happy. She then hugs him and Adarsh also reciprocates the hug. Suchi’s mother comes there and lives with her daughter. Suchi informs her mother that she has to remember that her son-in law’s name is Adarsh who always go on tours. The mother asks her how come the landlords gave the house in such a case when the husband is always away and calls the landlord as fools. She informs Suchi of some of the potential grooms for her and she has to choose one from them. Suchi doesn’t listen to her and instead looks outside and finds Adarsh in monkey cap living outside and shakes hand at him and smiles. In the night, she meets Adarsh outside who is seen eating food. She speaks of a hypothetical case of kissing Joseph the broker just for meeting him. He speaks why to kiss joseph and instead he should get her kiss. He then apologizes and suggests that he didn’t intended in that way. She then kisses him on his cheeks and suggests to not return back and asks him whether she cannot live here with him. He speaks of thinking her very brave but found her to be afraid now and suggests that she need to do a full-fledged revolution and inform her family all the truth about her. He asks her how many lies she will speak and for how much time she will be run. She speaks that the bus stop is more safer for her and feels like home. She then puts her head on his shoulders and he suggests her to leave after few minutes. It turns out that she didn’t leave him and slept there on his legs and in the next morning Suchi is found by her mother. The mother speaks that Suchi has already is not following them and then asks Adarsh who is her ? At first he apologizes and the mother removes his monkey cap and takes both of them to their appt. Suchi’s mother learns that Adarsh is a friend of Suchi and they are not married.

After hearing this, Shakuntala becomes happy because the truth is now in open about Suchi and Adarsh’s fake marriage. The mother asks Suchi whether Adarsh is her boyfriend ? Her mother speaks that Suchi has brought a bad name and shame. Shakuntala also speaks that Suchi has brought shame as she stayed with him and also taunts on her character. Adarsh speaks to her mother and Shakuntala that they cannot question Suchi’s character since they don’t know the truth and speaks that on the first day suchi herself has defined the line of respect which nobody broke. She calls Suchi as the respected girl who does work in the day, clean and prepares the food. The mother doesn’t want Adarsh to interfere in her family’s matters. Suchi steps in and calls the landlord and Adarsh as her extended family. The mother warns to call her husband so as to inform him about Suchi. Suchi opens up and speaks boldly that she knew what work she want to do and also whom to marry and looks at Adarsh. The mother wonders how come Suchi can marry a milk man referring to his caste probably. Adarsh wants Suchi’s mother to call her husband and Shakuntala also jumps to call the police. The landlord man comes there and disconnects the telephone wire and informs that Suchi and Adarsh has shown love, compassion, sacrifice, respect and cites that in 35 years of his married life he couldn’t get those attributes. He then suggests that from now on he will give his appt on rent only to singles so that they will learn and not make mistakes when they are married. Shakuntala again apologizes to her husband and Suchi’s mother didn’t inform her husband with much vigor and intensity. Thus, Suchi’s mother understood Suchi and Adarsh’s love.

Kavi (the host) speaks that time has passed so quickly that Adarsh has fallen for Suchi and tries to bring colors in her life while Suchi’s kite was looking to mingle in Adarsh’s thread (Manja) looking for freedom and even Lokhande’s got independence as well. For 2 years, the Lokhande’s rented their flat to singles and the third year their heart was melted and they give their home to rent to Mr and Mrs. Sharma (Adarsh and Suchi) a married couple. Finally. they are seen on a swing in the night and sharing a cute romantic moment with her head on his chest with love. Kavi signs off by saying that people can share their feedback on Bindass TV facebook and twitter pages using hashtag #LoveByChance.

Info On Cast:

* Mrs. Suchi Sharma (Adarsh’s acting wife) is played by actress Tanvi Thakkar
– Debut with the show Miley Jab Hum Tum on Star One playing the role of Ishika (2008-2009)
– Played the role of Priyanka in Yeh Ishq Haaye (2010-2011), Maya in Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani (2012) both on Star One.
– Played the role of Lavanya in Palampur Express (2009), Riya in Saas Bina Sasural (2011-2012), Divya Pandey on Desh ki Beti Nandini on Sony TV.
– Role of Foram in Star Plus’s show Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum (2012), Poorva in Life OK’ show Savitri (2013).
– Varsha’s friend in Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV (2013).
– Presently Working in Colors’ Madhubala as Sweety Sharma (2014-present)
– Tanvi’s Instagram page
– Tanvi’s instagram pic as of Sweety

Watch me on Madhubala as sweety.

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* Adarsh is played by actor Hitesh Bharadwaj
– Worked in the role of Zorro in Channel V’s show Suvreen Guggal – Topper of The Year (aired last on 22nd November, 2013)
– Hitesh’s Facebook page.

Love By Chance Bindass 10th Episode - Hitesh Bharadwaj

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