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Comedy Nights with Kapil 100th Episode, Kareena and Ajay on CNWK

Gutthi starts the show and welcomes all by sharing a quote Akkad Bakkad Bombaye Bo Episode Hogaye Poora Saoo bringing laughter. She then speaks of a special singing programme who has destroyed many events in society and introduces Bittu as Bittu Sharma Faltto Ka. Bittu starts the singing Qawali programme and sings like everyone Jamoora has came there and then sings a Qawali himself and taunts on Mrs. Sharma’s lips and then comes to Daadi’s habit of kissing and alcohol, and speaks that Bua has a boyfriend as sexy Auto driver and Raju even himself wore his own Pyajama.

In the Qawali song, Bittu speaks that Siddhu compliments others with his Guru and witty liners and calls Palak to be always in his home and speak funny one-liners. He then talks about Gutthi’s comeback and sings Gutthi Aayehai… bade Dino ke Baad.. Goregaon Meera Road Malad Pata Nahi Kaha Se Aaye Hain.. Gutthi Aayehai. and ends the Qawaali on that note. Gutthi thanks everyone and speaks that 100 episodes are completed and stars to speak on its journey. Bittu comes and hits her and asks her how did she completed 100 episodes and cites that she left the show after 70 episodes ? Bittu informs her that they have completed 100 episodes. Gutthi informs that is not a problem and suggests that on her completion of 100 episodes she will distribute beer in her neighbourhood along with Qawaali. Gutthi sings Kee Kariye ke song…and Bittu wants all to leave from there. Kapil informs Siddhu on completing 100 episodes and congratulates him. Kapil thanks all his viewers and speaks that the show is watched in 150+ countries (ek saoo chaurasi) and dedicates today’s episode to army at the border and policemen. He speaks of his liking to policeman because his father worked in police though his father is not alive now. Siddhu speaks a witty line and suggests that since Kapil spreads laughter then God is a lover of him as well.

Kapil thanks him and then comes Bittu’s Sasur. He informs him of not coming alone and has brought his son. Paresh comes there as Bittu’s brother-in law and Bittu makes a taunt at him. Bittu’s sasur wants respect from him and Bittu doesn’t want to entertain him and then comes Mrs. Sharma (Manju) there and welcomes his elder brother. Bittu makes a taunt at him and she informs Bittu to not tease him since today is an auspicious day. Manju is very happy and wants Bittu to bring special food for her family. Manju’s father wants some chicken with vegetables while his son wants some light mutton. Bittu leaves from there and wants them to order their own food. Manju’s brother wants a job and requests his sister to help him. He then wants to go to the bathroom to clear his indigestion but his father wants a bribe of 2 INR then only he will allow him to go. He gives his father 2 INR and then runs to the restroom. Manju’s father informs her of taking the money of his son and also cites that he earned profit from it of 1 INR. He then runs from there after hearing police van’s siren sound and also she leaves with him.

Bittu comes as Inspector Shamsher Singh and wants people to applaud him. He speaks in Inspector Shamsher’s tone and speaks that as he works full-time in the sun and his own face is like a red beacon and does lot of sacrifice. He speaks that only after getting hit the people give him respect and call him an Inspector. He informs Siddhu of not liking people who drinks in the night and when he does duty to check those people he himself gets a hangover and his own wife looks like a hangover. He then comes on the nature of police vans which is old and also pistol which has only 6 bullets and makes a joke that in films the villains are killed easily and the bullets are unlimited in the pistols. He speaks that in movies the policeman’s wife is kareena kapoor and taunts on his own wife. Soon then, Kareena Kapoor Khan comes on stage and is welcomed by Kapil. Siddhu compliments her by saying that she is a priceless ornament in Bollywood. Shamsher speaks to Siddhu that if his wife hears his praise to Kareena then she will teach him a lesson. Shamsher calls her a 1000 Watt bulb and speaks that people are worried about police and suggests that if that’s true then Kareena would have not come there to meet him. She speaks of coming to meet Singham and he then calls himself Singham. He calls him the senior of Singham and introduces himself as Shamsher Singh Singham.

Kareena asks Shamsher what will he do if bad people gets hold of her from four directions ? He replies funnily on running from the 5th side bringing laughter. She makes a taunt that he doesn’t have a six pack and wants him to show his body. He replies on not opening the shirt since he is on duty. She then informs him that whether he knows if she is being teased then who comes. He replies of not knowing and then Ajay Devgn on stage on the Dola Re Dola song. Siddhu compliments Ajay and says that he has come to defeat the enemies of the country and also to bring justice (Insaaf) in the country. Ajay asks Siddhu on how does he prepare and think of such quotes. Siddhu replies on having a computer attached to his mind. Shamsher aka Kapil welcomes him. He speaks of considering his wife as his sister as well and speaks that he just gives the policeman dress on rent and was not teasing Kareena in any way. Shamsher asks Ajay whether he gets a beautiful girlfriend after working nicely in his duty. Ajay speaks that to have a 1000 watt bulb referring to Kareena you need to have a generator as well.

Sooner then, Ramu comes on stage and Shamsher calls him a Faltu (useless) fellow. Ramu informs Shamsher that there was a fight in the neighborhood and wants him to go. Shamsher leaves from there instead of going to mediate and stop the fight and informs Ajay that if reverse his shirt then he will become a postman and then leaves from there. Ajay asks Ramu about his introduction. Ramu speaks of working at Bittu’s home and found him to be very poor. He suggests on liking Ajay’s movie Dilwale and speaks that in that movie the heroine Raveena leaves him. At that time, he wished that Ajay will get much better love and that wish come true now since Ajay is romancing Kareena. Ramu asks himself why he didn’t wish that thing for himself ? Ramu then goes on to speak about his living in Dubai where he shares a room with 19 people and they fight during their dreams because they all sleep over each other stacked and fight over Kareena bringing smiles on her face. He speaks that after petrol the second fight is for Kareena. He also suggests of his wish to become a policeman and then comes Kapil and calls Ramu as a beggar. He speaks of coming late so as to check whether she will miss him or not. He informs his mother who is sitting in the audience that he is not a waste fellow as he was called in his childhood since now Kareena remembers and misses him.

Kapil informs the audience that Ajay and Kareena came there for the promotion of their movie Singham Returns which releases on 15th August, India’s independence day. Then, both  Ajay and Kareena congratulates him on the current 100th Episode. Siddhu and audience also gives kapil a standing ovation. Kapil shares an anecdote about a harassment at an award function red carpet which he remembered after wishes from Ajay and Kareena. He speaks of meeting Kareena there and she greeted him with an air kiss. Kareena then wants him to enact the same scene and showers the same air kiss again. Kapil informs that his mother has came to see them and also for 100 episodes celebration. Kapil’s mother speaks of coming for the 100 episodes celebration and also recollects the time when she had a VCR at home and used to watch Kareena and Ajay’s movie. Ajay asks her which movie she has seen before Kapil’s birth and she replies on watching the movie Tulsi Tere Angan Ki alongwith her husband bringing laughter. Kapil is being informed by his mother that she used to watch them when she used to send him away for school. Kapil speaks that Ajay has done lot of movies with kareena and asks him about the best Jodi. Ajay replies Omkara and she informs Golmaal 3 as her favorite since she likes comedy movies. Kapil thinks that as she likes comedy so she likes him as well. He asks about her pairing with Ajay in the movie Omkara while her real-life husband Saif Ali Khan was also there in the movie.

Comedy Nights with Kapil 100th Episode, Kareena, Ajay and Kapil elegant selfie

Kareena speaks that her pairing was on-screen and calls Saif as her Nawaab. Kapil speaks that on-screen she was romancing Ajay and off-screen with langda Tyagi (Saif’s role in the movie Omkara). Kareena smiles and then Kapil informs Ajay that it is a common saying that people after getting the police dress feels very elated and proud like the one to fly in the air.  Even in the earlier movie Singham and now Singham returns people are flying in air and also suggests about car flying as well in 360 degrees. Ajay replies that even 720 degrees is possible though 3rd degree is the limit in police. Ajay speaks on a serious note though he doesn’t want to promote and then suggests that those people who commit heinous crimes like rape should be given death and 3rd degree is not enough for them. Ajay informs of the speciality and the also the missing part in Kareena is that she has only married Saif who is her husband. Kapil informs the audience that Ajay speaks less as everybody knows about i. He informs that Ajay makes lot of pranks on set which is not well known to people and wants him to share some of those experiences. Ajay informs of the last prank that he did involving his PR manager Mr. Parag Desai who is also the PR of Sr. Bachchan. In the prank Ajay used a mobile phone software where you can use someone’s else mobile number and send the message to others with that mobile no. In this way, he sent a message to Parag with Sr. Bachchan mobile number and informed him to meet Sr. Bachchan at 5:30 am in the morning.

Parag went to Sr Bachchan’s house and he becomes surprised on seeing him and Ajay humorously informs that even Sr. Bachchan asked him for that software. Kapil speaks that Saif has told him on the show that he likes Kareena’s dance which she did in the movie Don – Yeh Mera Dil Pyaar Ka Deewana and also informed that she does for him as well. Kareena becomes shy at first and informs how her husband Saif can speak about their private life. Kapil then speaks that as she is hot and Saif has spoken things to cool down. Kapil shows the Himmatwala special episode AV with Saif, Ram, Riteish, and Sajid where Saif informing them how by removing hairs body’s temperature is lowered and the body cools down. Kapil asks Ajay about lowering the temperature with hair removal and Ajay informs that Anil Kapoor might lower his temperature by 20 degrees bringing laughter. Kapil then opens the floor to the audience and a man from audience congratulates Kapil on completing 100 episodes in his debut show and speaks with Ajay that people used to get frightened about police earlier and runs after seeing them and asks him about his opinion. Ajay replies that that was true some 15 years ago and now police men are young and people do not get frightened by seeing their dress. Next, another man from audience wants to dance on maharashtrian dance form lawni and then comes on stage and dances with much intensity with kareena on the song Mujhe Jaane do and he also speaks that his daughter is kareena’s fan.

Next, young man from the audience compliments Ajay on his eyes and suggests that only with eyes he expresses everything and doesn’t need dialogues. Ajay thanks him for the compliment and then that young man comes on stage to show expressions while Ajay will speak dialogue. Ajay speaks the dialogue Aata Maji Satakli and the man moves his hands instead of pointing fingers at his head bringing laughter and then shows the movement of snake when Ajay speaks about the dialogue – seedhi baat. Then, Kapil gives him an opportunity to propose to Kareena in a romantic way. He shares a couplet (couple of verses) to highlight and praise the beauty of Kareena and suggests that she will be in awe of him with those few lines. She smiles after hearing it. Then, a girl from the audience wants Kareena to sing a song and dedicate it to Kapil since it is the 100th Episode. Kareena then sings a song – Teri Meri Prem Kahaani song from the movie Bodydguard and also dances with Kapil and he thanks the girl for making him dance. The girl also requests Kapil to sing a song for Kareena. Kapil then sings the song for Kareena – Yeh Dil Bekaraar Kitna Tum Nahi Jaante…

Comedy Nights with Kapil 100th Episode, Kapil dances with Kareena on Teri Meri Prem Kahaani song

Daadi comes on the stage with a bang while standing on a bicycle and informs Bittu that she has started working in the film industry as the stunt man and then greets Ajay and Kareena . Bittu sees her a bit bruised and she informs him again of becoming  a stunt man. He makes a joke that she couldn’t control her male character which comes out always. She informs Bittu that there is no difference between men and women now and suggests that she saw Kareena driving a rickshaw in a movie and she has also drove a rickshaw. Bittu suggests that what Kareena did was acting and she did that stunt for the need of money. Daadi informs Ajay of doing the stunt which he did in the movie Phool Aur Kaute where he stands and stretches his legs between two running bikes. She informs of doing that stunt on two trains, and Bittu suggests that her Shalwar spread in two opposite directions half in Bangalore and other in Ludhiana. Daadi was sampled again at the station and she informs Kareena of working in the movie Singham Returns as the stunt man but as she defeated Rohit so he didn’t took her and also got punched by him. She cites that Rohit’s bicep is the same as the size of her thighs. She challenges Bittu for a stunt which is to take care of a baby in hands.

Comedy Nights with Kapil 100th Episode, Daadi's entry on bicycle standing

Comedy Nights with Kapil 100th Episode, Daadi first pass at Ajay after her entry on stage

Sooner, Pankhudi comes there on the automated 2 wheel cart on the singham title song. Bittu asks Pankhudi what is this joke. She informs bittu that if Akshay Kumar does it then its a stunt with the same cart wheel and if she does then its a joke. She then goes on to praise Kareena and calls her a beauty with fair skin. Bittu speaks that she has the face of a bear and she wants to inform Kareena of becoming a stuntman and if she needs a body double for her movie then she can take act on her behalf. Bittu makes a taunt at Pankhudi’s size and she then informs bittu that he doesn’t understand the meaning of body double and suggests that she can easily fill in for kareena as there is a minute difference between them and also both have same faces. Bittu makes a fun on Pankhudi’s face and Daadi speaks of having a flawless skin and calls herself a beauty and also cites that her facial features matches with Kareena’s uncle Rishi Kapoor but she still doesn’t make a claim to look like her. Pankhudi speaks that Daadi doesn’t have the strength to become the stunt man and soon both of them engage in their fight and even fights on the ground. Ajay suggests to do something different because of the 100th episode and wants to see them fighting in air.

Comedy Nights with Kapil 100th Episode, Kareena, Daadi and Pankhudi

Soon, they begin to fight in air with the same fervor and Daadi even gets hit below the belt. Pankhudi wants Bittu to fear God. Daadi and Pankhudi then dances on the song Yeh Mera Dil. song from the movie Don and Daadi jumps over Ajay and Kareena in her dance but he is not impressed. Bittu thinks that they were useless in their dance performance and then Kareena informs about her hair stylist Pompy who is the best dancer in India according to her. Pompy comes on the stage and dances on the same song with much sensuality and adds some feminine touch and oomph to his dance and impresses Ajay and Kareena. Pankhudi and Daadi becomes annoyed with him and thrashes him to vent out their frustration. Bittu speaks that Kareena’s staff is talented, and then Kapil thanks Ajay and Kareena for coming on his show and informs the audience that their movie is releasing on 15th August. Ajay speaks of being lucky to come on the 100th episode and Kapil thanks the audience for completing 100 episodes. He signs off by saying people to keep smiling and have laughter and keep watching his show on Colors.  (Aata Maji Satakli song plays in background…)

Next week: Actor and Superstar Akshay Kumar alongwith actors and Stars Tamannah bhatia, Sonu Sood and veteran actors Johnny Lever and Mithun Chakravarty are the guests for the promotion of their upcoming movie Entertainment. A girl from the audience speaks that Sonu has last time removed his shirt but she haven’t attended that episode and now as she is there wants to see Sonu removing his shirt bringing laughter on everyone. Sonu sportingly accepts her request and removes his t-shirt and shows his six-pack body. Sooner, Akshay comes from behind and takes away Sonu’s shirt and jacket and gives it to the audience bringing much more laughter and stranding Sonu without his shirt. Akshay sometime later grooves with Gutthi on the Tera Hi Asar song and pulls her with her legs and also Akshay and Gutthi showers gratitude to audience in Gutthi style with much oomph and finesse.

Comedy Nights with Kapil 100th Episode, Daadi and Pankhudi in a serious fight

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