Durga to confess her inky love for Shaurya and get engaged to him in Ek Hasina Thi


shaurya and durga to get engaged in ek hasina thi WHAT’S INSIDE: Review Post on EHT INTERESTED? READ ON…………..

Super sexy Vatsal Seth and Super hot Sanjeeda Sheikh are hitting just the right chord with the audience with their amazing chemistry in the show Ek Hasina Thi. Durga is smart, no doubt in this, but she is taking big risk in getting into a relation with Shaurya, knowing he is rapist and a womanizer, with no respect for women and could do anything. Durga plans ahead and mocks an engagement with Dayal’s student Neil, inorder to make Shaurya jealous and she has finally won in doing this. Shaurya has cut his wrist, though one centimeter and hanged a blood bag, everyone felt he got crazy and has shed so much blood to get Durga. Sakshi mourns for her son’s suicide attempt and blames Durga to be responsible for this. Durga and Dayal get happy as Shaurya has fallen in their trap, coming out of Sakshi’s flock. Durga does not know Shaurya is smart too and has fooled her by the fake blood.


Durga pretends her inky love and starts caring for him, as Shaurya makes the doctor say he is very critical and next few hours needs lots of monitoring. Durga plans to confess her love to Shaurya, and does it in the hospital, while he rejoices his dream to bed in, being in the hospital bed. LOL!! Durga removes the ring which Neil made her have in their engagement, and makes Shaurya wear it on his finger, symbolizing her commitment to him, that she has acknowledged his love proposal and wants to marry him. Sakshi is stunned and understands why and how Durga framed all this engagement drama. She insults Durga and asks her to stay away from Shaurya. Dayal gets displeased and asks Durga to go to US with Neil. Durga tells Shaurya that she got engaged by Dayal’s wish, and she has feelings only for him. Dev talks to Durga as a friend, and asks her to do what her heart says and he will always support her.

Durga loves Dev, but plans to marry Shaurya, inorder to get him punished for Payal’s rape. She is keen to step in the dirt to clean it, as no floor cleaner and stick is working for her!! Sakshi talks to Shaurya and seeing her son getting mad in Durga’s love, she plans to outdo Durga slowly and permanently. It’s a cat and rat chase between Sakshi and Durga, and its getting really interesting to watch. It has to be seen whether Shaurya really values Durga’s love confession and turns good towards her, with no intention to use her. Will he really fall in love with her? Chances are very less, seeing how evil he is, but can’t say, as the makers can turn the track to any angle. They better use the protractor and keep the story lined up with no uncertain jerks!! Keep reading.

Promo 1: Shaurya attempts to​ commit suicide

Promo 2: Durga proclaims her love for Shaurya
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