Duryodhan gets temporary relief to his life after Balaram's intervention in Mahabharat

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Krishna Mahabharat Star Plus
1. Gandhari converts Duryodhan’s body into Vajra (diamond) ‘Almost Fully’
2. Shakuni and Ashwatthama learn about Duryodhan’s weak body part
3. Gandhari feels helpless after learning about weak body part of Duryodhan (1 to 3 covers the episode of 5th August with some precap)
4. Snapshot/Walk Through from Bhishma’s Downfall on 10th day to Karna’s death and Duryodhan’s terrible situation READ ON…………….

Gandhari comes to know about Duryodhan’s terrible situation after Karna’s death since he lost all the hopes about his survival. Gandhari decides to save her son’s life. Shakuni the chief and shrewd strategist for Kauravas informs his sister Gandhari of making the body of Duryodhan as Vajra through the rays of eyes which she earned because of her earnest meditation (Tapasya) which she is doing after her marriage to Dhritrashtra [As he was blind she also took a decision to not see the world and kept cloth over her eyes which was meditation]. Duryodhan is informed about his mother’s power which will be a boon for him saving his life. Shakuni informs Duryodhan to go completely naked when he receives the boon from his mother but Krishna goes to him and creates a doubt in his mind and suggests how come he can go completely naked in front of his mother. In this way, he goes by covering the part of the body with banana leaves and Gandhari looks at him to pass the rays to make his body a Vajra. It later turns out that the covered part of Duryodhan’s body the one covering his private parts is not invincible and susceptible to attack.

Shakuni finds that a part of the body of Duryodhan which covers his lower private part has not become invincible and strong after his mother Gandhari has used her power of meditation on her son. He believes that Krishna has put some thoughts in Duryodhan’s mind so he went wearing the banana leaves instead of going naked so as to make the entire body invincible. Ashwatthama informs Shakuni that in the war attack below the waist breaks the rules and Shakuni responds and suggests to him that after the 10th day of the war rules have started which is after the death of Pitamah Bhishma. Gandhari speaks that her son cannot die since she has meditated all through her life and instead she wants to take her own life. Shakuni speaks of playing games and has the talent and challenges that he will not allow Krishna to win in anyway. Krishna at his end speaks that he will face the challenge from Krishna and suggests that Shakuni is a strategist and genius but his mind has always Adharm that’s why is a great Khalnayak (villain) and then he prays.

Shakuni informs Ashwatthama that as he has the Divyarath so whether he can go nearby and come very quickly after performing a task. Ashwatthama replies on doing the work and asks him why he has to go to Teerth Isthaan and what’s the benefit. Shakuni informs there he will find the person who will bind Vasudev Krishna and speaks that his wish in his entire life is to defeat Krishna and wants to bind Krishna so as to stop him on entering the battlefield. Krishna prays while Ashwatthama goes to meet Balaram with message from Shakuni. He meets Balaram. On the other end in Hastinapur, Dhritrashtra wants to go at the battlefield and is stopped by Vidur. Vidur informs the king that he doesn’t have good mental status. Dhritrashtra laments that how can he stay there while Krishna has done deceit few times. He wants to take revenge of his 99 sons by going into the battlefield and kill Bheem and not going for a war. As he was leaving, he is being informed by Balaram is going to stop Krishna from entering the battlefield and that is done by Shakuni.

Balaram comes at the battlefield and meets Krishna. Krishna informs of waiting for him as he was traveling on the Teerth Yatra. Balaram speaks that Krishna was afraid since he knows that he will take sides. Krishna replies of taking the sides of whomever comes in his vicinity and listens to him and has promised to help him. Balaram speaks that everybody is needed to be looked in the same vein. Krishna speaks of seeing Dharmi and Adharmi  in the appropriate way. Balaram then informs Krishna that as they are in human form so they need to look for human perspective and responsibilities as well and this knowledge he has only suggested to him. Balaram speaks of his avatar of Shesh Naag and Vishnu’s servant and also the elder brother in his human form and get respect by Krishna. He asks Krishna why is he biased and taking sides. Krishna speaks of a river and how it flows via rocks, and cites that if rocks comes in between then they need to be broken so as to keep the river flowing. He then suggests that the win for Pandavas’ is of utmost importance and Balaram is not agreeing with his point since Krishna has already done deceit with Karna, Bhishma, Guru Drona. Balaram informs Krishna of not stopping him since they were warriors but cites that to have a deceit with a women who has done meditation all her life is not right and what will he get. Because of such things from Krishna, people will forget about humanity, their believe will fade away and will also not worship him.

Krishna Mahabharat Star Plus

Krishna asks Balaram what wrong he did ? Balaram replies that Gandhari wants to give her entire meditation fruit to her son which was right on her part and also for the Duryodhan since he is a warrior. He suggests that as Krishna has instill some doubts in Duryodhan’s mind and because of which one part of Duryodhan’s body haven’t become invincible and is susceptible to attack. In this way, Krishna will make sure that in the battlefield Bheem will attack Duryodhan at the same body part and kill him. Balaram asks Krishna if he have wanted to do all such things then he let the war happen in first place and so much violence and why society has seen so much.

Balaram seeks answers from Krishna why he has allowed the war to happen ? Krishna replies that if he is the cause of knowledge then Balaram is a replica of knowledge and speaks that Balaram has all the Dharm and knows everything about him. Balaram replies on not having knowledge in his human form and asks Krishna why has he allowed this violence ? Krishna speaks that society has borne the new development with blood and then Balaram asks him then why this sacrifice and blood is not done by Pandavas and why does he help them and take their side always ? Krishna folds his hands and wants to know what the wish of Balaram. Balaram speaks that Krishna should not signal Bheem for victory and also not inform Pandavas about Duryodhan’s weak part in his body and since the war is coming close he wishes that Pandavas will look for their victory themselves. Moreover, Balaram speaks of knowing why the strategist Shakuni has informed him to come there which is to bound Krishna and then calls Shakuni a fool since he doesn’t know that he (Balaram) is just a servant of Krishna and a brother only in human form. Balaram then speaks of not coming there to speak on the rules or be a critic on the deceit in the war since they are all done and then suggests that if the people think that to get success they just need the side of God then they will loose hope and believe from hardwork and therefore wants Vasudev Krishna while speaking in a human form as his elder brother and in the benefit of humanity an establishment. Krishna speaks that Balaram is saying the right thing and wants the Pandavas to look for their own victory even if Duryodhan is victorious and will not stop them. Balaram becomes glad to hear Krishna’s strong words.

Duryodhan is recovering and sleeping from his mother’s blessing which has made almost all his body invincible and cannot be attack except a part of his body below the waist. Shakuni speaks that Balaram has already stopped Krishna and the defeat of Bheem is certain thanks to Duryodhan’s invincible body. Shakuni wants the anger to take the form of revenge and then will come the time to wake up Duryodhan. Duryodhan is then attacked with weapons so as to  wake him up and also to show the proof of his invincible body. He wakes up and when attacked by swords and other weapons on his body he is invincible and got the kavach, Vajra (layer) which will protect his body. Shakuni thinks that his sister’s meditation is now successful but Duryodhan suggests that Shakuni’s believe is now successful and thinks that there can’t be any blockage in his victory and feels very confident and roars. After showing exuberance, he stops for a second to ponder on the weakness in his body referring to the body below his waist.

Duryodhan Mahabharat

Preview (6th August) It is then seen that Duryodhan at the battlefield next day is invincible and leading the attack on Bheem and suggests to Pandavas that he will gradually bring his death. Pandavas are shocked after seeing Duryodhan’s strength and invincible nature.

Snapshot/Walk Through from Bhishma’s Downfall on 10th Day of Mahabharat War to Karna’s death and Duryodhan’s terrible situation [In the following 2 paragraphs]

After Bhishma’s downfall at the hands of Arjun though he was enlightened by Krishna before he gave up his weapons started the Kauravas’ defeat. Duryodhan, Shakuni severely injured Abhimanyu and then Karna finally ended his life since he couldn’t see his suffering. Jayadrath stopped the Pandavas from helping Abhimanyu since has the boon for one day for Mahadev because he meditated a lot after receiving an insult from Pandavas during their exile in forest. Arjun took revenge of his son Abhimanyu’s death and killed Jayadrath (Sinduraj) who is Duryodhan’s brother-in law. To add more strength, Bheem’s son Ghatokacha came in the battlefield and created havoc. Karna has to defeat him with the blessing he received from Indradev. He killed Ghatokacha and Arjun learnt from Krishna that he was killed with that Karna’s weapon since Krishna doesn’t wish to see Karna using that weapon against Arjun. By killing an elephant Ashwatthama by Bheem, Yudhishtir informed Drona about it which was half-truth since Drona’s son Ashwatthama was not killed and Krishna also enlightens Drona in that state about Dharm by referring to his mistakes since he had the power to do the Dharma and the righteous thing. Drona gives his weapons and Dhristadyumna (Drupad’s son and Draupadi’s brother) beheads Drona and kills him.

Next day, Bheem kills Dushyasan by removing his hands and even drinking his blood and even splashing some of it over Draupadi’s hair so as to take revenge of his insult against Draupadi in the Yudsabha. Karna then challenges Arjun for a fight but he escapes with Krishna which was a strategy and also Karna’s chariot gets stuck away from the battlefield and he stood on ground without his weapons and Krishna informed Arjun to attack him in that situation. Krishna goes on to enlighten Karna about Dharma and informed him that he will become great and remembered for his sacrifice and also people will remember that he was a great warrior. Krishna also suggests to Karna that his wish to defeat Arjun is in a way fulfilled since Arjun has to kill him without his weapons and suggests that he has achieved everything and he should not have any qualms. Krishna also informs Karna about his mistakes and supporting Duryodhan and Adharma though he was blessed with great power and was actually the blessing and son of Survadev (God of Sun) and also reminds him of insulting Draupadi and calling her a prostitute in Yudsabha. Arjun then attacks Karna with his arrow and later learns that Karna is his elder brother and Kunti finally revealed that revelation to all Pandavas. Pandavas became very sad on hearing it and Bheem remembers all the insults he meted out at Karna in his life (calling him the son of a mere Charioteer). Duryodhan after learning about Karna’s death and knowledge about him being the elder brother of Pandavas felt much pain and questioned greatly his friendship and he also comes to know that Karna didn’t kill other Pandavas because of the fact they were brothers. Ashwatthama consoled him.

From Gandhari’s efforts to save Duryodhan’s life to Balaram’s intervention and meeting with Krishna
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