Duryodhan overpowers Bheem with his power; Shakuni and Shalya to die first

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Krishna Mahabharat Star Plus
1. Dhritrashtra is confident of Duryodhan’s Victory on the 18th Day of War
2. Krishna informs Bheem to never underestimate his opponent/enemy
3. Duryodhan overpowers Bheem with much power
4. Shakuni and Shalya to die first, Duryodhan’s end approaching near
[1 to 4 covers 6th August 2014 Episode with some Additional Info]
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Dhritrashtra thinks that Duryodhan will take the revenge of his 99 brother’s death tomorrow at the battlefield by defeating Pandavas. He also speaks of being fortunate only for one time in his uneventful life after his marriage to Gandhari who has blessed her son with the fruit of life-long meditation of covering her eyes for the respect of her blind husband king Dhristrashtra. Sanjay who is a member of the king’s courts informs Dhritrashtra that Duryodhan’s body has indeed become vajra and he is now invincible. Dhritrashtra speaks confidently that Duryodhan will kill Pandavas and take revenge and wants Sanjay to inform atVidur to decorate his palace and his kingdom. He believes that Bheem will die and his son’s victory march will follow tomorrow. He wants Sanjay to decorate to the road from Kurukshetra to Hastinapur and speaks of Duryodhan’s sacrifices and thinks that will come as  a Samrat (great king) and he went as Yuvraj (young king).

Bheem at his end prepares with his Gadha and makes it more stronger and wants to kill Duryodhan with it. Draupadi speaks of their fight and thinks that they will succeed and he speaks that the target will be achieved with his Gadha. Draupadi informs him that the strength is not in weapon but in the one holding it. She respects the Gadha and keeps it aside and then caresses his hand and applies balm and speaks that the strength is in mind. She speaks that God’s side with them is not their strength but Sankalp and informs that thinking only has made sure Krishna lifted the Goverdhan mountain during his younger days and suggests that only his thinking will give him strength to end the war. Because of the war they have given many sacrifices and wants Bheem to fight tomorrow at the battlefield and be victorious to provide them some relief to their suffering and sacrifices. Bheem remembers about the Yudsabha where the first Adharm has started and its end will be tomorrow. He thinks that Draupadi will be the queen of Hastinapur and again Dharma will come there and their kids will reap benefits.

Duryodhan informs Shalya that he has been appointed as the supreme commander of his Kuru army. Shalya laughing speaks that Duryodhan has made him a Sarathi (Charioteer) and now a supreme commander and calls him a strange man and cites that they now have more confidence on him. Duryodhan informs Shalya that the appointment is not a promotion/respect but rather a punishment because he has created so many insults in the battlefield in last 17 days (referring to issues that he created with Karna) and now he has to reap the fruit of it by dying at the hands of his own nephews Pandavas. He speaks that Shalya will be the first to die, and Shalya then becomes annoyed and suggests that Duryodhan and Shakuni will die as well. Duryodhan laughs and speaks that Pandavas and their uncle shalya will die and calls himself invincible (Ajay) and vows to protect Shakuni until he is alive. He informs him on the principle of life that the stronger one always overcome the weaker one and today the Pandavas are weaker in front of him and their end is certain.

Gandhari comes and does her son’s Aarti and blesses him with victory which will be her own victory as well. Duryodhan speaks that because of the kavach (which is a boon) from her and he is now invincible and will take revenge by killing Pandavas for his 99 brothers killing. He suggests that if he is unfortunate and is about to die then he will not seek forgiveness from Pandavas. Gandhari wants him to think on compromise (Samadhan) and then he says if he wanted compromise then why did he engage in war. He speaks of his compromise is 5 Pandavas’s death and vows to not die until he hear the death of Pandavas. He assures his mother of winning the battle next day. The 18th day of the battle is about to begin and Bheem speaks to Arjun that their victory is certain. Krishna speaks to Bheem how is he certain. Bheem replies that Duryodhan doesn’t have warriors and hence the fight will be easy and also Shakuni cannot do anything. Nakul speaks of killing his maternal uncle Shalya (which he has earlier vowed at the start of the war when Shalya changed sides with his Akshauni army after deceit from Dushyasan, Ashwatthama and Duryodhan).  Bheem speaks that Duryodhan is weaker than him since all his power is taken away. Krishna cites an example of ant going into the ear of an elephant then the elephant becomes worried and falls down. He thinks that if Bheem thinks in that way then defeat is certain in the battlefield and suggests that the opponent will come with what strength we don’t know and thus it is not to be forgotten.  Moreover to think that a strong one will not have a stronger opponent should not be forgotten as well.

The 18th day of the battle begins with the announcement and Shakuni informs Duryodhan to show his strength to his enemy and also he should know his boundaries which makes sure he is not defeated. Duryodhan speaks of not letting anybody attack him and assures Shakuni. He then faces Bheem directly and speaks that he will take his life. Bheem informs Duryodhan that  after the insult he meted out to Draupadi in Yudsabha he has dig his grave and speaks that his defeat is certain and no deceit will help him. Bheem asks him on seeing his 99 brothers death and hits him with his Gadha and wants him to see his own death. Duryodhan is untouched and he speaks of getting all the strength from his 99 brothers who gave him before their death. Bheem speaks of defeating even if there were many Kauravas sons’ there at the battlefield. Duryodhan overpowers Bheem and hits him with his mace and suggests on hearing that Bheem has the strength of 1000 elephants and makes a taunt that if he had a mental capacity of atleast one elephant then he would have asked for forgiveness seeing his might. Bheem continues to hit Duryodhan with his Gadha all over the upper part of the body  and also directly on the head but he is unfazed and smiles. Duryodhan continues to thrash Bheem with his mace and asks him whether he is surprised to see his power and then informs Pandavas that Bheem has always protected them but not now. He informs that Bheem was given poison but he survived, another time because of Bheem Pandavas were saved from the burning Varnavart palace and speaks of his word to kill him before their eyes. Arjun and other Pandavas are amused and worried at the same time after seeing Bheem’s power and confidence. Bheem is seen as helpless at the hands of Duryodhan and is being thrashed badly.

Duryodhan Mahabharat

After seeing Bheem getting beaten very badly by Duryodhan, Krishna advices Arjun to inform Shakuni about the fight. Arjun then goes on to attack Shakuni’s chariot and also comes to attack him. Shakuni then calls for Duryodhan’s help since his life is in danger and as Duryodhan promised earlier he will run to save his dear mamashri (maternal uncle’s) life. When Shakuni called Duryodhan, he was about to hit Bheem very severely on his head but stops short to save his uncle. Shakuni and Shalya’s death is approaching nearer and much before Duryodhan’s on the last day of the Mahabharat War. What will Duryodhan do after seeing the death of his remaining allies Shalya and Shakuni though Ashwatthama, Kripacharya warriors are still alive ?

Additional Info:
* Krishna is played by actor Saurabh Raaj jain. Saurah’s Twitter page
* Arjun is played by actor Shaheer Sheikh. Shaheer’s Twitter page
* Shakuni is played by actor Praneet Bhat. Praneet’s Twitter page
* Abhimanyu is played by actor Paras Arora. Paras’s Twitter page
* Duryodhan is played by actor Arpit Ranka. Arpit’s Twitter page
* Karna is played by actor Aham Sharma. Aham’s Twitter page

– We will inform our readers with more details on the cast of Mahabharat and their social networks pages in our special post after Mahabharat ends on 16th August @ Star Plus.

Image credit: Twitter page of Star Plus and Praneet Bhat, Star TV website.

Mahabharat: 6th August 2014 Sneak Peek
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