Shalya dies at the hands of Yudhishitir; Shakuni to die next making Duryodhan very helpless

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Duryodhan Mahabharat

Duryodhan continues to overpower Bheem because of his Vajra capability
Yudhishtir kills Shalya
Shakuni to die next, Duryodhan to become more helpless
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Duryodhan continues to thrash Bheem with his power and also informs the Pandavas that they will see their brother’s death in-front of them. Bheem throws a big chariot wheel at Duryodhan but in vain and it is thrown back at him. Duryodhan pounces on him and speaks of giving slow death with 99 attacks to take revenge of his 99 brother’s death. Sahadev informs Krishna and Arjun that Duryodhan’s body has became a Vajra (diamond), and then Arjun suggests because of which Bheem’s attacks doesn’t have any effect on Duryodhan. Krishna advises them that Duryodhan’s mind has to be diverted to some other thing so as to stop his attacks on Bheem. Krishna at first informs that Bheem has to take care by himself and then suggests  Arjun to inform Shakuni for war so that he will seek help from Duryodhan when finds his life in danger.

Shakuni is then informed by Nakul that the time of his death is near and then hhis life. e informs Nakul that his brother Sahadev has vowed to take his life. Nakul’s speaks to Shakuni that there was  lot of bad things in his mind which needs to be taken away by all Pandavas brothers. Sooner then, Shakuni and Nakul engage in a sword fight and after some time Nakul takes the grip and is about to injure and attack Shakuni with his sword. Shakuni runs away from there and meets Shalya. Shakuni fervently requests Shalya by praising and then wants to get protection from him. Shalya laughs on Shakuni’s strength and wonders the name given to Shakuni is his father holds true and suggests that he is just a small thing which resides in the mountains and cannot do anything. Shalya then fights with his nephew Nakul and Shakuni informs his sarathi (charioteer) with much anxiety to go first north and then south and then tells to go straight. Bheem at his end tries to kill Duryodhan by his spade and then finds he doesn’t have any effect on his body for those attacks.

Duryodhan smiles and then injures Bheem with the same spade at his hands and Shalya at his end is fighting with Nakul. As Nakul is about to kill Shalya with two swords in his hands, Shalya accepts his defeat and doesn’t want to get killed. Nakul speaks how come Shalya can ask for forgiveness and insult the warriors and their lineage. Shalya replies on having love for his nephews and wants Nakul to not kill his own uncle. Instead, he wants Yudhishtir to kill him in place of Nakul (his nephew). Shalya and Yudhishtir engage in spade fight and sooner Yudhishtir hits him with the spade piercing his body. After attacking him, Yudhishtir apologizes for the attack and Shalya wishes Nakul that he is dying happily and gave up his life for establishment of Dharma.  Nakul wants Shalya to greet his mother (Shalya’s sister) in the heaven and Shalya informs them that Duryodhan got a boon from his mother’s whole life meditation and his body has became a Vajra (diamond). He wants to them find a way to tackle Duryodhan and suggests them to protect Bheem from him and then Shalya dies.

Duryodhan overpowers and attack Bheem with his mace many times and Arjun at his end destroys the Chariot of Shakuni. Shakuni falls down from it, and Arjun wants to see Shakuni closing both his eyes (referring to his death). Shakuni speaks of believing in war and suggests Arjun to fight Duryodhan if he have the guts. Sahadev speaks there are two works to be completed referring to Duryodhan and Shakuni killing and Arjun cites that the order of those works is not important. Arjun wants Shakuni to fight with bow (Dhanush) but Shakuni instead of using it breaks it with his sword. He then informs Arjun of not having the bow so he can’t fight. Arjun smiles and suggests that he can fight with sword. Shakuni becomes worried after seeing Arjun approaching him with a sword. He shouts for help from Duryodhan and Duryodhan at that time was about to severely injure Bheem’s head with his mace. He stops short in hitting him and asks Bheem why his brothers want to kill Shakuni and there will be no benefit. Bheem speaks that Shakuni’s death is necessary and also it will good for the society. Duryodhan replies that they will not be able to kill his mamashri Shakuni and instead wants Bheem to rest there and garner energy and strength to face the fight again. He informs of killing Bheem after he helps out Shakuni.

Shakuni runs for his life but Sahadev stops him and Arjun binds him with his arrows, and for the later arrow attack, Duryodhan defends Shakuni. Shakuni is in crying mode and wants Duryodhan to kill Arjun and Pandavas, and then Duryodhan speaks to Arjun of his invincible nature due to vajra and wants him to attack with arrows. Arjun attack with arrow taking different shapes but in vain. Arjun tries to engulf fire around Duryodhan but that also dies down after some time. Shakuni finds some opportunity to run away and is followed by Sahadev. Shakuni is attacked at some distance from there and then Yudhishtir informs him that his death is waiting behind and why is he looking forward. Shakuni comes to Yudhishtir referring to him as the Samrat (Emperor) and speaks in double tone laced with praise and also threatening and informs Yudhishtir that Duryodhan is now vajra and will defeat and kill them. He asks him to leave him since it doesn’t do any help and then tries to praise by folding his hands. Yudhishsir holds Shakuni’s ears and speaks that punishment is meted out to him for all his misdeeds and also suggests that they fought the war not for gaining kingdom but for justice. He twists his ears and then slaps few times and speaks that he will get justice even if other’s don’t get it. Shakuni is becoming unconscious and falls down.

Arjun at his end speaks to Duryodhan that whether he will not see his dear mamashri Shakuni dying. Duryodhan then calls him a Bajrang Bali and suggests that Arjun cannot kill Shakuni when he is around. Arjun speaks that Shakuni will surely die and asks him how can he protect him since he is busy in engaging fight with him. Sooner then, Ashwatthama comes there and creates a wall to protect and ward off Arjun’s attack. So, now Ashwatthama and Arjun will engage in a fight which gives Duryodhan an opportunity to help and save Shakuni’s life. Shakuni is battered by Yudhishtir and then Duryodhan comes there to assist him. Shakuni speaks that all Pandavas have beating him one by one, and then suggests to Duryodhan that he is not strong (veer) but has a strong mind and many times his mind has helped him with winning strategies. He wants to get protection from him and wishes to see Yudhishtir being killed. Duryodhan speaks of not letting the killing of Shakuni and assures him. Duryodhan’s efforts to save Shakuni is short-lived and Shakuni soon will die in-front of Duryodhan making him very helpless and lowering his confidence even about his invincible nature of having Vajra as kavach.



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