Saras survived the Jarokha accident, with memory loss side effects in Saraswatichandra

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saras and kumud in saraswatichandra


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Saras is dying, dying……. We heard this a lot for few days, and prayed that it should not happen, as the soul of the show will die with him. The show belongs to Saraswatichandra, our very own Gautam Rode, and we will never wish to see him leaving the show. The rumor factory produced wrong one this time, maybe any publicity gimmick to raise the show’s TRPs. But all is well now, as Saras did not die and is fine out of the ICU. The Jarokha accident was deadly, but our hero Saras have survived. Another rumor was Anushka’s negative track to end and she is going to leave the show. But the track showed Anushka accepting her mistake of helping Rohit, as her brother Avinash was kidnapped by him, and now regretting as Saras had to pay for her mistake.

The big hearted Desai family has forgiven her, and she is still in the show. Anushka has maintained to be positive. Why do such rumors fly? Maybe to make our interest more in the show, or not let us switch to other channel on that slot. We can’t state anything these days, as things mightchange the next day. Anyways, we are happy that Gautam is still rocking as Saras. But the side effects of this accident is he has lost his memory. He tells everyone that he can’t identify them, and have no idea who are they. Everyone is shocked by this, and bring him home to make him recover and get memory back. Saras asks them to take him to his home, where he stays, not Desai house. Kumud is still weeping holding herself responsible for Saras’ state, as he has always risked his life to save her. Their love has never been prosperous for Saras.

She decides to stay away from him, and never come infront of him. Well, maybe a start of a new love story between Saras and Kumud, like Ankhon Ankhon ke Ishaare………. (signs via eyes….. ) Another possibility is maybe Saras is acting to lose memory, as he had doubts on Anushka, and now he will want to work for whom was Rohit working, and who is the latest enemy of Desai House. Saras may act to catch the culprit and save his family from upcoming big danger. Fingers crossed!! Whatever you do Saras, just stay with Kumud, like moonlight stays with moon and stars stays with sky. We just wish to see Kumud and Saras rock in the show, and no third one should come between them. Kumud and Saras are soul mates, so their souls should not be divided. Let’s see how Saras’ new memory loss factor spices up the TRPs. We wish to some romance in the new track. Keep reading!!



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