Yeh Hai Aashiqui 10th August 2014 Episode 57 on Bindass TV Starring Esha Kansara and Neeraj Malviya – Written Update

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui- Episode 57, Aman and Avantika's love story

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and welcomes all. He speaks that in life we walk so fast that the life itself doesn’t remain and similar thing happened with Aman. He was not like his name Aman (since Aman means peace and calmness) and what was there was multi national company (MNC) and its eccentricities and Aman just wanted to get success and he can do anything for it. While Avantika is a sweet and innocent small time girl. Now, let’s see how their story will begin and evolve.

Aman looks at Avantika on the road infront of his office building and then comes inside it to learn that she is speaking for a job interview there. She is being informed that there are no opportunities for her since she was late. Aman speaks to his boss Goyal and wants him to help her for attending the interview. Avantika thanks Sujit and looks at Aman and he smiles. The story moves forward to 6 months. Aman is trying to pamper his boss Sujit’s wife with some dialogues – [refers her ears as branches of rose plant (Gulab) and doesn’t want her to put earring since they will fall and can break] to show lot of vibrancy about his boss and speaks that it was the lines of Sujit and he loves her a lot. Aman speaks of getting a credit card because his boss couldn’t make and was unhappy about it . Aman calls his boss Surjit speaking about giving emotions and happiness to his wife and now wants promotion.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui- Episode 57, Aman-career minded fellow initially

Aman at his office sees Avantika and she drops her handkerchief which is intentional and he takes it and gives to her in the lift. She looks at him and smiles. Aman speaks to his friend that he is not able to express his feelings to Avantika who is CEO Goyal’s secretary. He informs his friend about drafting a message for her but haven’t sent her thinking on the consequences for falling in love. The friend mischievously forwards the message to Avantika and informs him to now wait for her rude reply. Aman calls his friend mad and he is then informed to see his CEO Goyal at his office. Aman on his way is interrupted by Avantika and he informs her that the message was sent because of a mistake. She then asks him then that means whether he doesn’t want to take her on a coffee, right ? He replies that she can drink coffee by herself. She speaks whether on looking bad so nobody wants to invite her for a coffee. He hesitantly replies that it is her decision and smiles while she also makes nice facial gestures and then smiles. She then informs him of pulling his leg and then also suggests that the CEO Vipul Goyal has invited him for some work and not for any scolding. As he was going, she finds some ink mark on his face above his lips and she removes it from her handkerchief. He smiles and leaves.

Goyal informs Aman that he is being called after going through a detailed proper investigation about his life. He then speaks of Aman’s dream to open a terrace-top restaurant and his father has died without fulfilling his wish. He speaks to Aman that he has taken his wife on trips to please his bosses like Surjit and then wants to use his terrace’s keys and bedroom keys. Aman then gives his terrace keys and then Goyal also want the key of bedroom. Aman speaks of not giving the keys for it since it belongs to his father. Goyal speaks that Aman’s past help were done to people (small bosses) who even don’t know the P of Promotion and then laughs on him and think he is not smart. Aman contemplates for a while and then gives the keys of terrace and bedroom and calls himself a smart boy and Aman is also informed to take care of his wife.

Goyal calls Avantika and speaks that they will share a good night and he will also have a surprise. She agrees to his offer and smiles and there Aman comes and hears her conversation and she informs him of going for coffee some other day since she got some other work. He leaves from there while she smiles a bit. Aman gets a call from Goyal and is being told to go to his house and receive his guests. Aman goes there and find Avantika and stares at her. Both looks at each other and she then tries to convince Aman about her stand. She speaks about her love for Goyal and she is dating him since 6 months and also know his wife’s problems and she is being told that he will soon divorce his wife and will marry her. Aman is in tears and goes away from there wishing her the best in life.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Aman knew that his big boss Goyal will never leave his wife for Avantika but he didn’t inform her dearly about it since for him career and dreams were still important and as we say  the dreams comes with a price tag and some tags we cannot pay.

Goyal is on a date with Avantika and takes drink and wants her to be with him so that he can forget his wife. She then asks him for a promise that from now on they will not meet in disguise and he informs of getting hurt and informs her that they are meeting since 6 months and she is speaking in that way. He informs that she is worried because of a reason which he knows. He then speaks of a surprise and takes her to a room and speaks I love you Avanti and then tries to force on her. She speaks that he is mistaken since she is not that type of girl and cries and says that she cannot do such thing with a married man. He speaks of loving her and then again tries to force on her. She speaks that if he really loves her then he will leave the room but instead he again pushes her and shows his anger. Avantika’s head gets hit to the bed’s top part and bloods starts to ooze from her and she then falls unconscious. Just to remind it is Aman’s home, and then Aman comes there with some hesitation and goes inside to find Avantika lying on the bed and he informs her that time is over since only until midnight was the time to stay her. He then sees that her head is injured and blood has oozed a lot as well and also learns she is unconscious. He runs to a doctor in the nearby and speaks that there is an emergency. The doctor gives her an injection and informs Aman that she will sleep for the next 12 hours. Aman looks at her and smiles and caresses her head a bit.

Goyal calls Aman to inform Avantika that he is out of town and also informs of sending the money for treatment. Aman feels amused and compromising and then soon finds Avantika getting waken up and he then asks her who did she ended up like this though he doesn’t have the right to ask her? She speaks of going to home and starts to walk and he tries to console and support her. He speaks that she has hurt badly and the doctors will ask lot of questions and he will also fall in problems. She speaks of becoming mad and he then speaks of problems of small town girls like her who falls in trap and then becomes worried. He asks her to call family and inform them that she has gone out for some professional work. She speaks of leaving alone and nobody knows whether she reaches home or not. After learning it, he becomes worried. She speaks of the only source of financial help for her family and if she informs them of her situation then they will get heart attack. She speaks that the small town girls think of them as smart and think of people like Goyal’s trap as love. She cries and speaks that nothing has left now. He informs that she is not the alone who has problems and there are many who have problems. He wants her to not leave until she recovers. He then asks her for a coffee and thinks that there will be no plan change.

Aman gives her clothes to change and she then receives a call from Goyal and she contemplates to attend and then throws the phone and cries. She speaks of loving a person for the first time and he has ditched and cheated her. He suggests that what she was thinking might not be love and maybe her true love is infront of her and nearby and she might not be looking at him. He then suggests that he is not the one though he is standing in front of her and maybe the doctor and smiles. She also smiles on that thought and then gives her water to drink when she coughs and both shares eyelock. Later, she sits near the pool with her legs in water and Aman comes there with coffee and tries to cheer her up. But she is still sad and apologetic.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Aman was taking care of Avantika very nicely and on the other hand he was also lying to her because of his fear to either choose career or her.

Later, Aman comes to his home and learns that she is not there and  then finds some clothes which he has given her earlier.  He tries to look for her and then finds her in her own old clothes and about to go back from there.  He confronts her and asks her how is she leaving without informing him ? She replies of getting choked inside the home so she decided to go on a walk. After hearing it, he feels quiet and leaves though she was expecting was some exciting response from him. Aman’s friend is also there and thinks that Aman is worried about his promotion so not making his moves. He then gets Mrs. Goyal phone number.

Sooner then, She comes to him and are seen sitting close the coast infront of his house. He informs her that his father’s wish was to see his house converted into a restaurant and after his father’s death it remained a dream and now this dream looks his own. There is nothing more until he met her and then……… She then removes his tears while he is crying and consoles him and then both shares a deep eyelock and tries to come close for a kiss and soon he receives a call from Goyal. Goyal informs him that his wife came to know about Avantika and Aman replies on not knowing about it. He then informs him that someone from office has called his wife and told about her and then goes on to suggest to Aman that tonight at the office get together he has to say that Avantika’s character is bad to his wife. Avantika takes his phone and listens to Goyal’s offer to Aman that if he does the favor and cooks up a story of bad character of Avantika then he will get promotion and also his restaurant dream will be fulfilled as well. After hearing she understood all the things about Goyal and Aman. She informs Aman that he lied to her since Goyal was in town and he also knew that Goyal will never divorce his wife and just to fulfill his dream and father’s dream he will speak bad about his character. She then goes on to say while leaving that he was right that it was not love for her with Goyal but when she found true love she lost it again and leaves.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui- Episode 57, Aman and Avantika's love story - Love winning over career starring Esha Kansara and Neeraj Malviya

Aman is dejected and apologetic on those new events. Later he comes to his office for the get-together and Goyal introduces him to his wife Sandhya and speaks that Aman is a smart kid and has to say something important to her. Goyal wants the office colleagues and his team to go from there and they are stopped by Aman and he informs that Goyal sir has removed his secretary Avantika today, and there is some reason nobody knows. He speaks of knowing that reason and looks angrily at Goyal’s face and speaks that Goyal has tried for forcibly coming close to Avantika at his home and he tried to hide that abuse from his wife and public and therefore removed her from job. Goyal suggests Aman to stop the nonsense and threatens to fire him at the same moment. Aman speaks that he is fine even if he is fired and then goes on to slap him for inflicting insult on her. Avantika re-joins the office and she is informed by a colleague that Goyal is sacked as he has sexually harassed an office girl employee. She also informs her that Aman (working on 24th floor) is the whistle blower because of whom the entire truth is known and came out in public but unfortunately he is also being fired.

After learning it, she comes to know about Aman’s true efforts. She then goes and speak to her MNC bosses including Surjit and informs them that the MNC is right to clear his image but it is also true that the MNC bosses have used his appt’s room for their personal interests and thus if Aman Vohra is removed from his job then all those bosses need to be fired as well. She gives them an ultimatum either to remove those bosses or finds them insulted in public. She informs them on not losing anything and instead they will loose. Sooner then, Surjit asks her what does she want ?  Aman at his end is preparing for his departure from the office and he is then interrupted and informed that there was some confusion which was sorted out by Avantika and he is not fired and instead got promotion as well. Goyal is fired and then they wishes him the best. Aman tries to look for Avantika[O.. Baaawre song Sun To…. Le Zara plays].  He goes to the reception and asks about Avantika. He is informed that she has quit and the reception staff lady speaks that according to her she might be going back to Jhansi (Avantika’s town).

Later in the night, Aman finds Avantika at his home waiting for him and she speaks of a big favor from him because she didn’t have money to pay the rent of her home so needs a place to live. She tries to tease and flirt with him and then he understands all is well between them now and becomes lovestruck. He asks her why does she left the job ? She speaks that according to office policy inter-office romance is not allowed. Both shares a warm hug and feels their sweet feeling of love.

Rithvik speaks that our life changes us so fast and we don’t know, gets deceits, commit mistakes as well. If we meet the right person at the right time then you can correct your past mistakes and also give your life a proper shape. In this story, Avantika found a true friend in Aman and on the other hand an overambitious Aman has learned the meaning of right and wrong things in life. Rithvik speaks that who says love is blind and many times it also opens your eyes as well.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 57

Additional Note:
* After seeing this episode and writing on it, we know that this particular episode has similarities adapting to Life in a Metro movie where Raju played by Sharman Joshi falls in love with Neha played by Kangana Ranaut and how he finally wins her back. We didn’t write this note before since assume that most of us have know the correlation and didn’t want to go much deeper on that aspect.

* Esha Kansara played the character of Avantika. Esha’s Twitter page

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