Ashwatthama kills Draupadi’s 5 sons inflicting severe pain to her, Pandavas in Mahabharat

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Ashwatthama Mahabharat Star Plus

Ashwatthama kills Dhrishtadyumna, Upapandavas (Draupadi’s 5 sons) – Prativindha,Satanika, Sutasoma, Srutasena, Srutakarma
Draupadi feels great loss and pain
Ashwatthama invokes Brahmastra, an attempt to inflict more damage on Pandavas
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Gandhari speaks that it is true that revenge started from Draupadi’s heart and informs Draupadi that if she would have forgotten her sons at the Yudh Sabha then this Mahabharat War have not happened. She goes on to speak about the pain she is suffering now after the loss of her 100 sons (Duryodhan is on his death bed). She also suggests to Draupadi if she had bore that loss then she would have understood her pain. Draupadi becomes more nervous and worried after hearing it.

Duryodhan at his end is in much pain and calls Ashwatthama and the Dhritrashtra finds the lamp to be still glowing with little intensity. Ashwatthama comes to see Duryodhan lying and in that severe condition and speaks that his friend is alive and Duryodhan replies he will not die until he see Pandavas dead and speaks that his body is giving lot of pain to his soul. Ashwatthama asks what he can do so as to remove Duryodhan from his immense pain and also speaks that he would have given his body to Duryodhan. Duryodhan wants to hear the death of Pandavas and wants to see the weapons laced with their blood and he will experience the pain until the night and wants his salvation by taking Pandavas’s life.

Ashwatthama takes a pause while Pandavas are welcomed in their camp. Uttara takes the Aarti of the Pandavas brothers and Draupadi speaks about her son’s location in the camp. Pandavas’s sons (Upapandavas) speaks that the war will complete only after the King Yudhishtir reaches the hastinapur and share lighter moments between themselves. Draupadi comes there and sees them happy and showers blessings to them. They ask for her blessing again and she speaks that the mother’s blessing is always with her sons. She asks them whether they are all healthy. One of them speaks that their elder brother is waiting for mangoes in Hastinapur. Draupadi remembers the words of Gandhari and she informs her sons that this war have taken the sons of many mothers. She speaks that if the curse of any mother have any effect on her own sons so her mind is unstable as of now. Draupadi and her sons cries together.

Ashwatthama vows to kill Pandavas definitely and is coming close to the shivir (camp) of Pandavas. Sahadev speaks to his brothers that tomorrow early morning they will take Ganga bath to remove the sins of the war and Draupadi at her end wants to stay with her sons for that night but her sons speak that the camp is only for warriors. Arjun steps in and suggests that they have only hold weapons but in reality she has more power than them and the power came from the suffering of their mother. He suggests that the Draupadi has the highest respect in this camp and also a tribute for her suffering. Yudhistir speaks that the enemy army is ready to surrender and they have to go and Draupadi informs him of her decision to stay with her sons for that night since her mind is unstable. Yudhishtir speaks that even Draupadi has to be there when the enemies surrender and speaks of the responsibilities. One of Draupadi’s son suggests her to go and reminds her of the mother’s blessings which will keep them safe always.

Pandavas and Draupadi are on the way to meet the Kauravas army who are going to surrender. Ashwattham comes near the camp and speaks that in some moments his friend’s Duryodhan’s suffering will end. Ashwatthama is stopped by Dhrishtadyumna (Draupadi’s brother) but without talking much Ashwatthama kills him with his sword and Draupadi at her ends feels something amiss and keeps looking back at the camp. Draupadi then remembers the words of Krishna that leaving aside Pandavas (husbands), everyone will die from King Shantanu’s clan and much destruction. Draupadi runs to the camp and Ashwatthama at his end enters the camp and sees Pandavas son’s sleeping and speaks that they will never wake up from the sleep. He goes on to kill all 5 sons (Upapandavas) one after another while Draupadi is seen running towards the camp along with the Pandavas. She finally reaches the camp to see Ashwatthama with the sword laced with blood and his face also covers the blood. He asks her as she was looking for justice and see now what he has done, and has justice for all 5 husbands. Now, they (pandavas) will wait for her in the hell and then leaves from there. Draupadi looks at her son’s lying dead and feels great pain.

Dhrishtadyumna Mahabharat Star Plus

Ashwatthama doesn’t stop there and goes on to invoke Brahmastra (he only knows the invocation part and not to withdraw it) at the Pandavas and Arjun, Draupadi becomes worried on seeing the action of Ashwatthama. How would Pandavas react to this destruction call from Ashwatthama ?. Only Arjun in the Pandavas have the knowledge to invoke and withdraw Brahmastra. Whether Draupadi will forgive Ashwatthama for taking her son’s life. Stay tuned to Mahabharat.

Additional Note:
* In the Mahabharat War, Drona has killed Drupad (Draupadi and Dhrishtadyumna’s father), Drona has been killed by Dhrishtadyumna (beheading), Ashwatthama killed Dhrishtadyumna in the night of the last day of war (18th day) before killing Upapandavas.

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  1. Draupadis Evil Avatar
    Draupadis Evil

    Draupadi whether in reality or not, what is portrayed here is her arrogance and venom. She is a senseless evil demonic bastard who burnt her own sons in the war. With little regret did she sit back and watched millions of people on both sides being killed.
    She should have been killed and should have fought her own war instead of sending her sons to fight.
    Shame on such a monster who had themisfortune of being a mother. Undoubtedly what occured with her, the pandavas and Lord Krishna was gross… But sending her own sons to war knowing their future…. She shouldnt have lived after the war.

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