Ghuman back to harm Saras and Kumud; Tez Dhaar and Methi Ka Laddoo rekindle their romance in Saraswatichandra


ghuman back in saraswatichandra





We wrote about Ghuman’s comeback in the show few days back and we are so glad to see Ghuman back and still high on her gorgeous looks even in the jail. She rocks even in the white and blue lined saree without any jewellery. She is a style icon with tons of oomph. It’s an eye treat to watch Monica Bedi, as does the role perfectly. The vamps factor is better than the villains. Vamps play hidden whereas villains play it more fair. Prashant was somewhat amateur, whereas Ghuman is the one who has drunk ‘’Ghaat Ghaat ka Paani’’.

Ghuman has the power to make wonder plans in a professional evil way. The way she has fooled Kabir and made him reach London alone, and got him kidnapped, and then planned to kill Saras and Kumud along with Kabir was a great twist. After Danny dumped his mum knowing her bad sins, Ghuman is fuming in anger to make Saras and Kumud pay for this. She is the one who has hired Rohit, to make Anushka help them in harming Saras and Kumud. But Anushka has told the truth about Avinash’s kidnapping and Danny and Kabir has saved Avinash and he became an addition in the family.

kabir and anushka saraswatichandra

Anushka is very happy that her brother is safe and they celebrated Raksha bandhan together. She tied the first rakhi to Saras, as she regards him as her elder brother. Kabir breaks everyone’s happiness by stating he can’t marry Anushka, reasoning that there is no trust and love between them. He says he can’t lay the marriage foundation on her helplessness. Anushka truly loves Kabir and thinks to make him understand her feelings.

Saras has faked his memory loss and is trying hard to find the culprit who has planted Rohit in their home. The Vyas brothers seek police’ help. They are unaware of Ghuman whose mind is still working sharp behind the bars. Ghuman is raging as Rohit has failed to fulfill her motives. She plans to get out of the jail to see Saras and Kumud herself. She starts acting as she went mad and deserves to be sent to the mental hospital, so that she can get out of jail and can run away being taken to the mental asylum. Ghuman’s plan will eventually work out and she will be back to bang the Desai House.

saras and kumud in saraswatichandra

Meanwhile, the ‘’’Tez Dhaar’’ Kumud and the ‘’Methi Ka Laddoo’’ Saras are on stranger-stranger romance – ‘’Kabhi jo Baadal Barse’’, as he says he does not know her. She acts friendly and is trying to remind him of their love. She tells him their love story which he already remembers, they both praise themselves indirectly. Saras wants to make sure that Kumud never decides to go away from him, being afraid of the fate that it harms Saras because of her. He wants her not to blame herself for everything. He wants to make her understand that she is his strength and she can never be the reason of any harm to him. Kumud is rekindling the love in his eyes and making him think of their old moments. Saras is all smiles seeing his love brought again in the right frame. Well, the couple has to hold their happiness tight, as Ghuman will be making way back in their lives. Keep reading.

Additional Note:
* We dedicate this post to birthday boy Gautam Rode (Saras) who will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow (14th August).
* Gautam’s Twitter page if interested in tweeting a birthday wish to him.


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