The Mahabharat War ends with the rebirth of Uttara’s son Parikshit and Ashwatthama becoming a cursed immortal derelict

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Brahmastra attacks Uttara’s womb
Krishna curses Ashwatthama by taking out his mental capacity and making him cursed immortal
Krishna revives the unborn child of Uttara in her womb and names him Parikshit(परिक्षित्)
– Parikshit because he already gave an exam (Pariksha in hindi) in mother’s womb
Krishna enlightens Draupadi on the necessity of war and informs about bright future
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Brahmastra invoked by Ashwatthama comes to the earth and goes directly and attacks Uttara’s womb while Draupadi was just left a mere spectator and Subhadra was on Uttara’s side when it hit. Draupadi calls for Krishna’s help. Krishna realizes that Uttara is hit with Brahmastra and informs Ashwatthama as the most sinful and says that the destruction he has done in his life until then nobody has done and cites that he will get much more punishment than the one got by Duryodhan, Dushyasan, Shakuni, Kans, Ravan, and others.

Krishna then brings our his divinity and with his divine Sudershan chakra attacks Ashwatthama on his forehead to take out all his mental alertness. Krishna curses Ashwatthama that he will not die (immortal, Amar in Hindi) till the end of the world, thus becoming a derelict. Krishna suggests that every part of Ashwatthama will suffer and it will have bad blood and infections arising in the body but he will not die and nobody will come close to him and he will wander in all corners until the end of the world. Moreover, Ashwatthama will want dearly death every second but will not die and will live in darkness. Ashwatthama after learning the curse is completely shocked and feels helpless. Krishna and Pandavas comes there to see Uttara who has been hit with Brahmastra at her womb. Yudhishtir speaks to Draupadi that their future is now finished. Subhadra (Krishna’s sister) speaks that Abhimanyu’s unborn child cannot die.

Draupadi asks Krishna how come such destruction that their lineage is going to die. Pandavas are feeling helpless and cries. Subhadra speaks about her efforts in saving the life of Balaram and then requests Krishna to save the life of their last son of lineage. Krishna consoles Subhadra and speaks that Pandavas’ only lineage will lead the world and he informs that for new development destruction has happened but the good will survive. Krishna then revives the Uttara’s womb with all the good things he have done in his life. Krishna carries a smile on his face and soon it is seen that Uttara is now fine and he informs them after dying getting reborn and today Abhimanyu’s son have become pure after getting died and reborn in his mother’s womb. Krishna suggests that God has already taken the exam of the unborn child and hence he will be named Parikshit (Sanskrit: परिक्षित्, Parikṣit) .

Krishna informs the Pandavas that last leg of the war is complete and now is the time to complete the last rites of their sons. The Pandavas completes the last rites of their sons (Upapandavas) while Krishna and Draupadi watches on. Draupadi speaks to Krishna on his saying that the war will take sacrifices and suggests that she needed to give the sacrifice of her own sons. He asks him whether she is sad because of the war. She informs that the pain is in the heart which is more in the reality than imagination. She reminds him that her sons will die but at that time didn’t thought that every part of her body will perish as well since she gets immense pain. She then asks Krishna why they have done the war and what benefit they got ? She asks Krishna why because of his miracles he didn’t change the people.

Krishna speaks that miracles cannot change the soul and the soul only decides whether to follow Dharm/Adharm. It is surprising that humans doesn’t think on Dharm/Adharm and imagines a powerful person within him, son imitate (Anukaran in hindi)/follow their father, inhabitants follows their kings and then the kings gets lust instead of Tapasya and sacrifices. And when the people sees their king doing Adharm then they also follow the path of Adharm and asks Draupadi to think on them. Krishna speaks that all the regions in the Arya Vart followed Dharm and the answer is no king has stand for their king. She asks Krishna about other alternative way which could have not led to the war. Krishna speaks that there was no other way and gives an analogy of old fruits to be removed from the trees and speaks that for new development the old things have to be removed. Now, the Aryavart kings have been killed and destroyed whom the people used to imitate and follow them. Draupadi asks Krishna why she and Pandavas haven’t died or ended.  He informs her that she is born of fire and her husbands are protected by mantras and she was the born to be responsible for the new development. Yudhishtir will lead the new development and Parikshit is so pure after getting re-born and suggests Draupadi to now think on the development of the society and see the first lights of the future which is waiting for everyone. The sun rises marking the day of a new day bringing smile on Krishna’s face. Pandavas goes on to travel to Hastinapur and after reaching there Dhritrashtra gives them uneventful welcome and also slightly injuring Bheem when receiving him.

Full Episode: 14th August 2014
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