Bhishma enlightens Yudhishtir about qualities of able King; Dhritrashtra wholeheartedly forgives Bheem

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Bhishma enlightens Yudhishtir with 5 Special Attributes of a King and blesses Pandavas
Bhishma waits for the day of Uttarayan to give up his life (Iccha Mirtyu)
Dhritrashtra vents out his severe anger on Bheem first; Dhritrashtra later forgives Bheem wholeheartedly
Gandhari to blame Krishna for help in destroying Kaurvas and makes him sole responsible
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Pandavas greets Bhishma and takes blessing before speaking. Yudhishtir speaks that the Mahabharat War is complete now and they have done much destruction in the entire Arya Vart and then asks Pitamah Bhishma when they will get salvation from this sin. Bhishma informs Yudhishtir that if thet have committed sin then Vasudev Krishna would not have been on their side and speaks that this war was Dharm Yudh and with this war they have fulfilled their Dharm. Moreover, their victory is also the victory of the hopes of the entire Aryavart. Today, the entire Arya Vart will be run by Pandavas and Bhishma speaks that he has the utmost confidence that Yudhishtir will bring Dharma and Justice in the kingdom. Yudhishtir speaks that he doesn’t have confidence to be a good king and also doesn’t have the vision. Bhishma speaks that principles stay alive and give forward vision because humans die but not the principles and then Yudhishtir wants to get enlighten and knowledge of those principles from Bhishma. Bhishma speaks that a king always need to remember always all the principles and they are governed by this special qualities/attributes- Dharm, Karm, Shaurya, Shama (forgiveness), and Dand (punishment). Moreover the king should give Safety (Suraksha), Future, Comfort to its public and to fulfill them the king need to have those attributes/qualities. He speaks that all those attributes are their in Yudhishtir’s heart and he has to remember it always and then blesses him. Arjun asks Bhishma how they can come perfect son and wants to be there to serve Pitamah.. Bhishma replies no and suggests that their actual place is with Yudhishtir and should support their elder brother to built a good empire. Bhishma speaks of waiting for the Uttarayan day and when the suryanarayan will go to north side at that time he will also leave the earth and blesses all. Through their medium blesses the entire Aryavart and wants them to go towards Hastinapur and suggests that now Dharm and Justice will be established there. Pandavas look at themseleves and tries to consolidate each other while Bhishma also carries a teary face. They touch the feet of Bhishma Pitamah and gets a blessing from him (Ayushmaan Bhavo). Bhishma’s last words to them – My Hastinapur.

Dhritrashtra learns that Yudhishtir has arrived in Hastinapur after hearing the announcement. Vidur speaks that Yudhishtir and Gandhari has to welcome them at the kingdom doorstep, Gandhari declines the offer and Vidur speaks of the principle that the defeated king should welcome the winner king. Vidur informs them if they don’t agree then Yudhishtir can punish them with death. Gandhari speaks of dying 100 times and asks Kunti to come there. Kunti also wishes to not go if Gandhari doesn’t go. Dhritrashtra finally agrees to go near the doorstep so as to remove the revenge and pain and speaks that Yudhishtir was the king as destined but couldn’t forgive Pandavas because of Bheem since he killed his sons with much cruely and cites that Dushyasan was killed and even Bheem drank blood after opening the heart. Dhritrashtra speaks of killing Bheem in his hands. Kunti becomes worried  after hearing Dhritrashtra promising to take the life of Bheem. Gandhari asks kunti whether she doesn’t have interest in saving the life of her sons. Kunti speaks that the power saved for 18 days will save them today as well (referring to Krishna). Pandavas come there to greet Dhritrashtra with Draupadi and Krishna.

Dhritrashtra folds his hand and welcomes Yudhishtir and calls himself as the defeated king and Yudhishtir replies that he is the sons who has killed their brothers and wants punishment since he doesn’t get forgiveness from him then how can he get forgiveness for the people of Hastinapur. Yudhushtir wants to forgive them but couldn’t able to do it and also suggests that the one who has killed his 100 sons referring to Bheem haven’t ask for forgiveness until now. Bheem asks for forgiveness and Dhritrashtra speaks of giving a hug instead of touching feet. Dhritrashtra  pierces the hand of Bheem and Bheem speaks that whatever he did because of his principle/responsibility and now he doesn’t have any bad feeling and wants forgiveness and warm hug. Dhritrashtra remembers how Bheem broke the rule of Gadha fight and attack Duryodhan at his femur in the upper leg. He wants Bheem to come close to him for a hug with much hate and pain, and as Bheem comes forward Krishna suggests Arjun to put forward a proxy and then krishna puts a replica of Bheem and Dhritrashtra completely destroys the replica thinking it of as Bheem and vents out his severe anger and then cries. He cries thinking that Bheem has died and asks for forgiveness and speaks that his anger was so much which couldn’t control and Krishna speaks to him that he haven’t killed Bheem but instead his anger. Krishna informs that Bheem is alive and wants Dhritrashtra to forgive him by giving a warm hug with love. Dhritrashtra forgives Bheem and showers a warm hug with love to Bheem and gives his blessing.

Pandavas and Draupadi takes the blessing from Dhritrashtra by touching his feet and he welcomes them all inside the fort. During the ceremony to make Yudhishtir the new king of Hastinapur, Gandhari comes there and speaks that Krishna has done the maximum damage and speaks with confidence in front of his eyes that his Yadav clan will die.

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