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Comedy Nights With Kapil, 15th August 2014, Jash E Azaadi Special

Guest on the show: Actors and Performers: Vishal Singh; Shakti Mohan; Rashami Desai; Akshat Singh; Karisma Tanna; Karan Wahi; Sophie Choudhry; Gurmeet Choudhry and Eijaz Khan for the Jash-E-Azadi, Independence Day Special Episode of Comedy Nights.

Kapil welcomes all and wishes everyone a Happy Independence day. He speaks that India got independence on 15th August 1947, and there was a time when India was under occupation and now it is biggest and strongest republic. Kapil speaks about his time of school days when the announcements were made in the school and he doesn’t get Ladoos (sweets) which was distributed on that day.

Kapil speaks that Vidya Balan is doing Ads that every house has a good toilet and suggests that we should keep our surrounding clean as well. Kapil then shows the promo of Colors’ upcoming show Udaan. He speaks that independence day is taken as holidays but instead we should think to do some constructive work and then he gets a call from Mrs. Sharma and asks her whether she got tickets for the movie and in black. Daadi comes there with Raju in safari suit and she asks why he wants to go ? She informs him about inviting guests from foreign and some guests are from Honolulu. Raju tries to explain Bittu that they will show some celebration to guests. As Bittu wants to go and enjoy with his wife Mrs. Sharma, Daadi suggests him to chill and enjoy. Daadi then wants Raju to take care of the foreign guests and he speaks of wishing to be a foreigner. Daadi speaks that it is going against your country and not the wish. Daadi then suggests that they will welcome the guests with a song. Sooner then, Nassem Vicky and Roshni Chopra and they welcomes themselves as Honu and Lulu from Honolulu (spoofing on Honolulu). Daadi and Raju greet them and he informs of being a PA (personal Assistant) for Daadi. Honu speaks of coming on an aeroplane and the pilot went to fetch tyres which got stuck on the house.

Daadi informs them that about the independence day 15th August and wants them to enjoy the celebration. Daadi then welcomes a colourful performance and then comes Vishal Singh on stage and performs on Lungi Dance while wearing colorful punjabi dress. Shakti Mohan comes next and dances on a remix version of Kathak and other dance forms on the song – Bade Bade Ankhen Chori Badi Drama Queen Hai and is seen on a colorful yellow dress. Next, comes Rashami Desai comes and performs on the Paisa Pekh Tamasha Dekh Nachenge Pinky Tamasha… Pinky Hain Paisa Waalo ki.  Akshat performs with his partner Vaishnavi on the Chennai Express song 1 2 3 4 Get on the Dance floor. Akshat is seen wearing a white lungi and grooves on the stage with much intensity which he carries always. Then comes Karisma Tanna who performs on the Jumma Ki Raat song from the movie Kick while wearing a Garbha dance dress. She dances on the song while doing Garbha dance as well. Honu and Lulu characters comes with Daadi and Raju. Daadi speaks that indeed the performances were great and then Honu asks Daadi what does she know about India ? He asks how much is 80 + 41, and then answers himself that there are 80 MPs from UP and 41 from Bihar. Lulu (Roshni) asks Vishal since he danced in a punjabi dress what is the biceps size of Sunny Deol. He answers 2.5 Kgs. Honu informs him that is for hand and suggests that he go and find out. Lolu then asks Karisma who danced on a Gujrati dance form about the address of Modi ji and she couldn’t answer.

Then, Lulu speaks of being a big fan of Modi ji and wants to say a hello to him. Lolu wants Akshat – Chota Packet to show some dance moves of Rajnikant and he then comes forward and then show dance moves on Lungi Dance and all of them dance as well bringing him applause. Daadi praises him and asks audience to vote in full for Shakti and Akshat. Rashami asks for payment but she doesn’t want to take payment from them and then Karisma suggests they are asking for their payment and not to give to Daadi. Daadi then takes out her shoes and Karisma asks whether she will beat them with her shoes and Daadi responds on taking it out so as to run fast and then runs. Palak and Gutthi comes next and wishes everyone Happy Independence day though with some difficulty. Palak wants Gutthi to show manners instead of farting in public and then asks her elder sister Gutthi to tell more on the 15th August which was independence day. Gutthi speaks a quote – Laye Hum Toofan se Kashti Nikal Ke.. Is Desh Ko Rakhna Mera Buzrgo Sambhal Ke.. Palak informs the couplet ends with Is Desh Ko Rakhna Mera Baccho Sambhal Ke.. Gutthi replies that since the couplet is old so now the children has become adults and old. Palak wants to fly kites and there comes Paresh with kites and Gutthi taunts him on his height. He informs on hitting Gutthi with a flying kick and Palak then informs him that just by holding kites he can’t become Hrithik Roshan bringing laughter. He wants them to not speak nonsense and suggests whether they want to buy Kites or not.

Paresh informs them on getting the kites for 40 minutes and explains that a man was flying a kite and he made him drink lots of water and then just after he went for a pee after 40 minutes he get hold on the kites and ran away. Palak then wants him to drink 3 glasses of water and then both tries to snatch kites from him and finally Gutthi snatches the kite and runs away. Daadi comes back and speak that our culture is such that we always have smile on our face even when the vegetables like Tomato are expensive, we will say – All is Well, All is Well.. (Dialogue from movie 3 Idiots) bringing laughter. Karan Wahi comes on stage and performs with a camera on the Mika’s song Party To Banti Hain. Karan have a rocking time while dancing and also there is a story in the dance – political sattire in the performance with politicians fighting for money and also policeman is seen with getting caught and booked as well along with politicians. It is then shown that all booked and arrested got bail and free.

Chaddha and Pinky Bua are on a fast (Chadda Pinki Anshan) and they are seen sitting on the stage and shouts they will be on fast. Bua then wishes that somebody comes with some food and they again start to shout and protest and then comes Pankhudi and then calls herself as the charming lady in the world. Bua makes a taunt on her and calls her as the farming lady. Pankhudi comes with a big Tiffin box so as to tease Bua and Chaddha and suggests that Bua and her family are on fast on most of the week and asks her why she is on fast on the independence day. Chaddha speaks on not under the british occupancy in his lifetime and Bua makes a taunt that the british doesn’t used to come to his neighborhood since the house smells very bad. Pankhudi starts to eat her food and then gives a glass and suggests that in 15 minutes the glass will be filled with her saliva since if they speak with her. Raju then wants to die and not listen to Pankhudi. Pankhudi asks why they are doing protesting and fast ? Bua replies that they are doing it for Chaddha’s marriage and Pankhudi replies that it is better to be single and enjoy the life. Bua then speaks of hearing that Ache Din Aane Wale Hain and she knows that only after marriage and honeymoon her good days will come.

Pankhudi speaks of helping Chaddha and have a great proposal. Chaddha starts to show emotions and wants to feel about the good proposal. Pankhudi about a proposal who is fresh and untouched and then informs that the person has black Cough (kaali Khaasi). She goes on to say that Chaddha nods his head many times horizontally while the girl in proposal shakes vertically and then when the average comes it will be centre invoking a laughter. Bua becomes puzzled on that thought and Chaddha wonders on the benefit of the marriage with that girl since he cannot even shower a kiss to her. He will shake his head horizontally and she will do it vertically missing every time bringing much laughter. Bua then wants Chaddha to shut up and worries about being hungry and wants to eat and then takes out the tiffin of pankhudi. She learns that tiffin is empty and pankhudi speaks that different people will come to give different kinds of food to Bua and Chaddha and since they are on fast and cannot eat so she will take the food on their behalf, eat and put the remaining one in her tiffin. Bua runs to beat Pankhudi and destroy that tiffin box.

Honu comes back with Daadi and he informs that his queen has fallen down and he asks her why Daadi runs so much. He asks about Daadi’s promise to show him a star. Chaddha dresses like Rajesh Khanna and comes on the stage on the Rukh Jaana Do Baatein Karke Chale jaana Yeh Mausam Hain Deewana… Ruksana song. Bua is seen in the cage and dances on the Peeya Tu Ab To Aaja…Monica.. Oh  My Darling song and wears a Pink dress. Bua enjoys her dance and shows oomph. Laccha comes as the Don  and dances on the song – Mujhko Pehchan Lo Main hoon Don.. Duniya Mein Logo No…  from the movie Don. He dances in the SRK style and mixes some robotic moves as well. He ends his performance with the dialogue – It is very difficult to arrest Don. Gutthi then comes on the stage and dances on the Poora London Ka  song and wears the Kajra as well and dances as herself flying dance moves like Gutthi. Kapil makes an entry as Sr. Bachchan and comes down on the stage from the top in the air sitting in a big basket and dances on the Jumma Chumma De De song. He dances with a group. Daadi comes back on the bang with the Yo Yo Honey Singh’s song Chaar Botal Vodka Kaam Tera Rozka song. She dances with a group and even sits on one of them and then dances in her usual leg stretching way.

Bittu, Honu, Lulu comes to meet Daadi and she informs that Sr. Bachchan is there and Lulu asks Bittu aka acting Sr. Bachchan where is his beard and then wants to take a photo. Lolu who is Honu’s wife wants to take a Kulfie with acting Sr. Bachchan and he suggests that she is already a Kulfi (ice-cream) and doesn’t want her to melt down so they can take photo fast. She takes a selfie aka Kulfie and Bittu continues to imitate like Sr. Bachchan. She informs acting Bittu that she wants to take his show to Honululu and he informs her that she is little expensive and  Honu asks for his budget. He informs them 2K INR is the minimum amount and sometimes when the client is drunk then they take 2.5K INR. Daadi wants atleast some amont of money like less than 20 INR and plays with Honu’s ties and speaks that they haven’e eaten since morning. Lolu asks whether they are on dieting and her husband Honu speaks that these people are hungry and the ones without clothes. Bittu as actor speaks that sometimes they become hungry and without clothes citing the example of swimming pool scene in Sr. Bachchan’s tone.

Honu speaks that he is not a filmstar and Bittu comes as himself and introduces Honu as not the king of Honolulu and instead Pakoda seller Ramu in Dubai. Lulu becomes amused and stares at Ramu and then he asks her why is she staring so much since she helps him in mixing Besan (gram flour). Ramu informs that she sells the Pakodas while singing Habibi song in Arabic. He thinks that they are doing cheating and Daadi becomes furious with him and makes a taunt that he is roaming like a king though he is mere a Gangu Taili (mere wanderer) and then removes his wig bringing smiles. Daadi beats Ramu for cheating her and then Bittu wants Daadi to not fight and instead show love and suggests her to hug Ramu while he hugs Roshni. Ramu speaks that Roshni is his wife and has the copyright and leaves from there with Daadi. Kapil speaks that they are celebrating independence day today but still there are many things in our country from whom we want independence and then asks audience while referring them as Bandhu (friend).

A man from audience speaks that now the person is a slave of mobile and less visiting relatives and friends and there are no posts as well. Kapil speaks that why people didn’t shut the mobiles at the start of the show but still some noise comes in. Kapil asks the man that as he is married so doesn’t need the mobile like a lover. Kapil then asks the man’s wife where they have met  and the man speaks of working in a stationary wife and she used to go to tuition and there was no much mobiles at that time. Kapil speaks that they didn’t have much interest in tuition and stationery work that’s why got fall in love. Nextm, audience man speaks of watching the 15th August parade with much parade which happens in Delhi. Kapil informs that the parade happens on Republic Day (26th January) in Delhi and how come he is speaking about Parade ? The man becomes puzzled and Kapil moves on and asks what else he do. The man informs of going out with his wife and kids and in the night sleep in the normal way. Kapil laughs and everybody have a laughter and the man thinks 15th August as a holiday with pride. Kapil asks if the British were there what he would have done ? Kapil asks what kind of sacrifice he would have done ?  The audience man speaks that if Gandhi ji couldn’t help much in evicting out British so then the violent way would be the answer.

Next, audience man speaks the country will be independent when women/girls are not harassed in public. Kapil speaks that if we think of the girl/women as our sister and change our mindset then such things will not happen. Kapil speaks that we have got independence with much fights so our passion and patriotism needs to be there always and then introduces the performance of Eijaz Khan, Gurmeet Choudhry and Sophie Choudhry. Gurmeet comes on the stage in army inform and dances with the group on the Zinda.. Hain To Poora Bhar Le song and dances with much fervor and patriotism. Then, comes Eijaz on stage and dances in the kuch kariye song from Chak De India ! and is seen in a kurta with shades of Indian tricolor colors. Sophie comes on the stage and dances on the Jai Ho song and wears a nice Kurti with Dupatta having the shades of Indian tricolor. She dances effortlessly and with much finesse and ease.

Palak comes on stage and greets Gurmeet and calls Sophie. Palak speaks that Salman is not showing interest in her and then speaks that Sophie and Eijaz are good in Sasla dance form. Eijaz and Gurmeet corrects her and speak that it is Salsa and Eijaz then want to teach Salsa dance to Palak. Gurmeet dances with Sophie on Salsa form while Palak and Eijaz dances funnily and in funny mood. Palak speaks that she has danced Salsa + Nachos and informs that Gutthi is hiding herself because Sophie is there and doesn’t want to have the competition. Palak then calls Gutthi who comes on stage with a label attached to her – Work in Progress and her face is white. Gutthi speaks of applying not Choona, but instead wall cutti and it will not get easily removed. Sophie asks Gutthi to not do so much make-up and Palak wants them to praise her sister Gutthi so that she will get her confidence back.  Gurmeet speaks that her nature is good and Eijaz speaks that she is good at heart and Gutthi replies that both comes under nature itself. Eijaz then her manners is good and Gutthi replies that this is also under nature and then Palak wants to visit the restroom and she replies that it is also under nature dear.

Gutthi wants Palak to control her urge to pee and then wants Sophie and others to comment on her face instead of talking much on her nature. Sophie speaks that Gutthi’s face is Work In Progress and Palak suggests that under  construction building is always cheaper bringing laughter. Gutthi wants Sophie to sing a song since it is the day of Independence. Sophie starts to sing while others are supporting her as well and then sings – Main Ne Hote Se lagaoo To Hungama Ho Gaya and Palak compliments that it is too good. Sophie wants Gutthi to sing on the occasion of Independence and then she agrees. Gutthi wants a Chhorus (spoofing Chorus) and gets a support from others.. Gutthi sings her favorite song – Aap Aaye Hain Is Bagiya Mein.. Phool Khila Gulshan Gulshan.. Agar Mujhe Ek Honehar Ladka Mil Gaya Mein Bhi Karlu Dhoom Dhoom Shaadi… (Before singing this, teases Eijaz a bit in his dance moves for representing garden instead of forests). Gutthi wants then to do march past and then does with Gurmeet and others and walks back from the stage.

Kapil comes back and welcomes the popular singer Raja Hasan. Kapil greets him and speaks that he has one complaint with him. Raja speaks of completing a Rajasthani movie and then also speaks in Punjabi a bit and suggests that Kapil doesn’t speak Rajasthani. Kapil speaks that Raja is popular all over India and why the movie in Rajasthani. Raja speaks that his motherland is Rajasthan because of which he came to Mumbai and speaks of his responsibility to represent his motherland to do something and the movie is releasing on September 5th and the movie’s name is Marudhar Mharo Ghar. Kapil informs him of his liking for Rajasthani music and culture and the opportunity is there since we are celebrating independence day and asks Raja to sing a sweet song for the audience. Raja thanks Kapil and then sings the song Sau Meri Dharti Jhate.. Aur Chandi Ra Aasman Aur Rang Rangeelo Ras Bharo.. Tumharo Pyaar..Aae Mere Pyaare Watan.. Aae Mere Bichde Chaman Tujh Pe Dil Khurbaan.. Tu Hi Mere Aarzoo… Tu Hi Mere Aabroo….. Tu Hi Meri Shaam…..Tu Hi Meri Shaam.. Raja sings effortlessly and with much fervor and is able supported by Kapil’s musicians. People stand up and applause Raja’s tribute to the country with that inspiring song and Kapil speaks that Raja’s voice is indeed sweet and they all went into meditation while hearing his song and speaks that whole India has given love to Raja and Rajasthan has inspired him a lot as well. kapil thanks Raja and greets him and Raja leaves from there. Kapil then signs off by saying – Bharat Mata ki Jai. along with the audience and finally says Jai Hind !

Image credit: Twitter page of Comedy Nights, Sophie Choudhry and Gurmeet Choudhry.

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