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Pyaar Ka The End on Bindass 1st Episode Avinash and Sunaina Incomplete love story

Story: Avinash and Sunaina’s Incomplete Love Story

The voiceover speaks that pyaar, Ishq, mohabbat are different names of Love and we don’t have control over it but what if it gets deviated then it become a obsessive passion. In life, this game of love when does it take wrong turn nobody can know. The wrong turn which cannot be revert back again because life is a program where there is no button for undo. Pyaar ka The End show will bring such incomplete stories which if they have missed some wrong turns then would have been complete but the incomplete stories ended while taking out life with obsessive passion.


The story starts with Avinash Kakkar being told by his father to run more so as to weight loss and the father holds the gun and warns him to run by shooting near his legs. Avinash’s mother has died in his childhood and after she left people started to harass him because of his overweight. Avinash becomes worried and we don’t know whether it was Avinash’s innocence or fearful nature that he took all the jokes and insults arising out because of his fatness. The impact of such insults resulted in him getting the inferiority complex i.e., to think himself as small in front of others and he was waiting for a true love in his rough family (since his father owns guns and very harsh with him).

Sunaina Gupta comes to her class and founds a note Reserved for Fatty and feels insulted. She ate first pakoda at the age of 4 and has eaten thousands of pakodas until now to get so much fat. Like other teenagers, she was also looking for her prince since love and affection cannot be bought like Pakodas at the shop. She wants attention without looking her looks and accepting her in that way. Avinash comes to the class and after requesting gets a seat beside her. They introduces each other and she asks him how come he come to that college in the middle of the semester. He cites that his father has changed his college because of some problem with his previous college and sooner then he is greeted by some girls – Pallavi, Tara, Freyan and he nervously greets them. Pallavi speaks that he and Sunaina are looking good together. Pallavi then asks Sunaina how she can come close with him ? Sunaina replies to Pallavi that she has earned an Ph.D. to become intimate since she changes boyfriends every week. Pallavi becomes annoyed and a boy calls her back and gives her comfort. Avinash thanks Sunaina couple of times and smiles and he fell in love with her in the first sight after seeing her standing solid for him. The voiceover speaks that for Avinash this is the first color of love. Some things like for heart size doesn’t matter and on this theory their love story has started to bloom.

Avinash and Sunaina comes close and tries to be intimate inside the restroom and finally with some difficulty he is able to hug her. She drinks a lot after that and he drops her home and she speaks of watching TV on summer vacation. He speaks of missing her much during summer vacation and doesn’t want to loose her since he has the fear that she will go to someone else. She reminds him that in this relationship he is girl and she is boy. He speaks that he is not joking and she assures of loving him always. He removes his tears and then she wants him to wear some T-shirt with heart shape and he wears it and she then takes a pic of him. Sunaina at her home wants to say something to her mother and at Avinash’s end he also wants to say something to his father. Both informs their respective families and Avinash’s father degrades his personality and suggests that girls want only face and money while  Sunaina’s mother is happy with Avinash and suggests that some girls want rich boy or good looking and forgets about the boy.  Moreover, Avinash’s father suggests that the girl will leave him the next moment when she will find a better boy than him and she will leave him in 2 seconds. Sunaina’s mother suggests her to not leave him and speaks that Avinash is a good boy. So, there are two conflicting views and Sunaina’s mother spoke to her about true love which made Sunaina smile but Avinash’s father spoke the hard truth and degraded his personality as well. Now, whose suggestions will come true we will leave to time.

Avinash’s learns that Sunaina is admitted in a hospital and he suggests her to take care.  The story moves forward by 1 month, and Avinash comes back to his college and he is being insulted by the girls there. He sends a message to Sunaina and she informs him of a surprise. He waits anxiously for her and soon finds Sunaina to be slim in blue dress and becomes shocked and then smiles. He greets her and she speaks about the surprise and she asks him how does she look ? He replies amazing and she replies that the slim look is because of the side effect of Jaundice and also she didn’t eat for 1 month. He hugs her but have worry on his face instead of smile. Sunaina becomes the eye candy of the college and all the boy looks at her. Though Sunaina fell ill and recovered but Avinash was getting all the side effects and becoming worried. Sooner, Sunaina is complimented by a guy in the class and she returns greetings. Avinash is worried and now how it will hamper their relationship.

In the night, Sunaina asks him what is the problem since he was lost in the class, and he informs her that now she doesn’t look like him and she can get any boy so why she will stay and live with him. She replies on staying with him because she loves him and suggests that they will roam together and eat food. He then asks her whether she is not worried to become fat again and she with some nervousness replies on not being worry. He then suggests to order pizza and asks whether she will eat with him. She again with some nervousness asks him to order and after hearing it he smiles and hugs her and soon they eat pizza together. Sunaina doesn’t want to loose new attention and also on other hand doesn’t want to hurt Avinash so she found a way of removing the excess food by vomitting and going to restroom more.

Next, Sunaina is being invited by the boy Arjun for a party at his home and she accepts it after some thought. Even Avinash is also invited and he goes to the party with her. At the party scene, Sunaina got the attention which she didn’t got in 10 years in  those 10 days after losing 10 Kgs and was getting much attention as well. And that oodles of attention was coming from Arjun who was the coolest guy in the class for other girls and she just cannot resist him.  She drinks there while Avinash feels worried and nervous in seeing the developments there and wants to speak with Sunaina but she is enjoying herself. Sunaina drinks a lot and then Arjun removes his shirt and dances with Sunaina ((oh Gujariya song.) while Pallavi and other take their photo and sends to other people including Avinash. Avinash receives the pic where sunaina is seen with Arjun without shirt and his fear to loose Sunaina was growing more. Next day, Avinash’s love Sunaina visits Arjun and he speaks of not having any idea on the project since he drank a lot and also Freyan, Tara are not coming there since they went to Goa and he informs on forgetting to tell her. Arjun asks her that before work let’s take one drink and she accepts it. He goes on to make drink for her and she then drinks many instead of one and becomes completely drunk and he compliments on her beauty and then she hugs him (This is the first wrong point – spoken by the voiceover and she forgot the difference between right and wrong and even her love). She sleeps with him that night and the next morning remembers about those moments and Avinash comes there and asks her why she is feeling so much distracted. She becomes hesistant and wants to say something to Avinash and she remembers her words of mother (which told her before that Avinash is a good boy and don’t let him go from her). She then stops short of telling the truth and instead speaks that he is a nice boy making him surprise and wants to eat the pasta. She continues to spend intimate moments with Arjun and continues the relationship with him.

Sunaina receives a message from Avinash who was asking about her whereabouts and before replying or putting thought on it she goes to the restroom to freshen up and Arjun who was on the bed takes the mobile and does something with mobile. Avinash at his end while throwing garbage learns that she has taken pregnancy test and he then realized the reality about Sunaina on his face when he saw the pregnancy test kit which means that she took it though he knows that he didn’t come close or intimate with her since past 2 months. Avinash cries holding the pregnancy test wrapper and cries profusely. He comes to Arjun in the college and wants to speak with him. He asks Arjun why he come close to his girlfriend though he can easily find some other girl for him. Avinash cries and speaks that Sunaina was his first girlfriend and also his last girlfriend. He speaks of knowing it and blames Arjun for making the behavior of Sunaina to be bad and then Arjun informs him that Sunaina herself came to him and she didn’t took more than 2 seconds to cheat him. Arjun asks him to look at himself and then look at Sunaina and suggests that he doesn’t deserve her and then shows to Avinash the pic which he took from Sunaina’s mobile of Avinash wearing girl’s T-shirt with heart which he wore in the start of the story. Arjun informs other people about the pic and then comes Sunaina there. She informs him that he is bringing shame to her and he asks whether he is the one ? He speaks on loving her and even until now and she then informs of not loving him and he speaks that it is not correct. He murmurs many times it is not correct and cries more profusely and remembers all the good moments they shared and she speaking that she loves him in the way as he is. He remembers his father’s words that Sunaina will cheat him when she finds a better guy than him and will not think for more than 2 seconds. The same words was also spoken by Arjun and after reminiscing about them Avinash cries in a corner of the college.

Avinash takes out a blade to cut his wrist but stops short in doing so and again cries. Arjun and Sunaina continues with their life in the class and enjoys close moments and then comes Avinash in the class. She goes towards him and greets and speaks where he has gone and informs that she has tried his phone. She speaks that there are no feelings between them but they can become good friends instead. Avinash is in shocked state and then contemplates something and confronts Arjun who calls him loser and a girl. Arjun goes on to say how a beautiful girl Sunaina will stay with him and Avinash at his end starts to open the bag and Pallavi becomes sad on seeing the happening there. Sooner then, Avinash takes out a gun and points it at Arjun making him worried and desperate. Avinash shoots Arjun at point blank range making Sunaina completely shocked. He doesn’t stop there and shoot down some other girls who were running from the class and then points gun at Sunaina. She closes her eyes and remembers about the words she spoke with him and then finds that he shot himself and dies. Sunaina cries.

The voiceover speaks that all this would have not happened if Sunaina would have done something else and the story goes to flashback and Sunaina is seen not agreeing to drink when Arjun spoke for the first time with the intention to come close to her. Sunaina saying no to him. Second, if we think that Sunaina and Arjun had differences growing between them but she has another opportunity to tell the truth to Avinash. She is seen informing Avinash that after the summer vacation she started liking Arjun and also started loving him and she even doesn’t not know how did she come so close to him and apologizes to him. When Avinash learns about it and then he should have thought that Sunaina is not the last girl of this world and should have moved on. And if he would have done so in that way and took it so much in his heart then this big uneventful event would have not realized. But things have happened and the voiceover speaks that the learning from this first story that love will make us do anything and if you get deceit then do not do anything irregular because the end of love (Pyaar ka the end) doesn’t mean the end of life. With your heart also apply your mind so that in the end you don’t repent (like in case of Sunaina) because one wrong step taken by anyone in love will lead to the end of your love.

Some Info on Cast:
* Avinash is played by upcoming new actor: Cris Varghese. Cris’s Twitter page

1st Episode – 15th August 2014
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