Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 15th August 2014 31st Episode Channel V Written Update

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Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 31st Episode 15th August 2014

Precap: Radhika informs Sid to arrange a group get-together. Gattu informs Cheeku to live-it up and attend the party. Dodo gets saved from getting duped by Gattu; Cheeku re-invents himself as a cool guy and as Mr. Aditya Khosla so as to move on from Kimaya; Kimaya gives him a surprise by visiting party at Devika’s home and not giving up on Cheeku.

Gattu speaks to Cheeku that he haven’t moved on from Kimaya and she asks him why did he left after the entry of Kimaya and if he has really moved on then need to come back to the party and has to behave normally in front of her and then Gattu leaves from there. Kimaya speaks to Gattu that she did a wrong after coming and then Gattu makes her calm down. Cheeku comes back to the party and starts to enjoy the party and dances. Devika asks Sid whether Kimaya and Cheeku have problems and also learns that Cheeku didn’t have idea about Kimaya coming there. Gattu speaks that Sid’s only mission was to not break Devika’s heart. Devika is happy with Sid and wants to mend the relationship of Cheeku and Kimaya. Sid speaks that Devika’s favorite game is Badminton and Andy thinks that Sid have a good sense of humor. Devika speaks that the game is Truth and Dare. Cheeku speaks that he knows who is losing now but can’t say about the winners.

Devika speaks about Team 1 – Sid and herself, Team 2- Dodo and Gattu, Team 3- Kimaya and Cheeku and Andy will be the referee. Cheeku doesn’t want to participate but convinced by Gattu. Devika speaks about the rules of the game – one member will do Truth and other will do Dare and Andy goes on to bring the drinks. Gattu starts the game since she was last in drinking, Devika asks her what does she feel when she saw him for the first time. Gattu speaks after taking truth that after seeing him she felt too close and were looking through binoculars. She saw her reflection in Dodo and calls made for each other (two sides of the same coin). Dodo got a dare and he has to propose to Gattu and there will  be a background music and he has to kneel down and propose to her. Dodo holds her hand and Gattu feels much happy and smiles and only looks at him. Dodo sings the song – Ishq Bulawa jaane kab aayega.. while gattu looks in his eyes with much intensity and sincerity. Cheeku imagines coming close to Kimaya and holding her hand and then comes back. Sid and Devika also dances on that romantic song and she showers love for him which turns out to be imagination. Kimaya comes close to Cheeku and tries to hold his hand but he rejects and leaves. Dodo completes his proposal and gattu speaks that Dodo has a tough Romeo inside him.

Cheeku and Kimaya are outside and she tries to touch him but he is still unhappy and sad and asks her why she is doing all such things. Kimaya speaks how to clear the understanding between them and speaks that he doesn’t want to create a scene in someone’s house. She suggests how she will try to explain what does he mean for her and wants an opportunity. He speaks that after knowing how much important she is for him but she still… Kimaya wonders how to make Cheeku understand. Devika comes last this time in drink and she chooses Truth and Dodo wants to ask a question and Sid thinks that Dodo will take revenge against her. Dodo wants Devika to say with truth about the most naughty moments between her and Sid. Devika replies never and calls Sid as the gentleman. Sid has to take the dare and Dodo wants Sid to become a Tapori girlfriend for 5 minutes and then Sid learns that Dodo is giving chance to him to flirt much. Sid acts as the Tapori boy and in Tapori language shares a dialogue in that tone and she becomes upset after seeing his uncultured manners and calls it a quit and breaks the relationship. Andy tries to calm them down.

Dodo speaks to Sid that he should have not called Devika as item. Sid becomes angry and leaves. Dodo speaks that Gattu has hurt in his plans to go to Bangkok and leaves. Cheeku also leaves from there and soon Kimaya also leaves from there citing that she should have not come there in first place. Kimaya goes to meet Cheeku again and tries to convince him again and speaks that she has tried many times to explain him but he always ran and wants one chance from him. As she wanted to say but Cheeku stops her and speaks that he has moved on. Cheeku continues to not listen to her and then she speaks it is fine and suggests that it was her last attempt and wanted to give a chance and thus now cannot do anything and tells that she will not meet him again and calls him Cheeks. Cheeku looks at her and Gattu comes there and says him congrats and says that it was his last chance and he has lost it as well.

Next Episode: Cheeku speaks that he is not Bechara (helpless fellow) and wants to prove that his life hasn’t ended. He then finds a sizzling girl and instead of staring wants to take the opportunity to dance with that girl.

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