Krishna accepts Gandhari's curse graciously; Mahabharat ends with Yudhishtir crowned as the King of Hastinapur

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Krishna Mahabharat

Gandhari curses Krishna’s Yadav Clan destruction; Krishna accepts the curse graciously
Krishna enlightens about oneness and unity as the foremost means of Dharm
Mahabharat ends with crowning of Yudhishtir by Krishna
Mahabharat ends on Star Plus in 267 Episodes
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Yudhishtir is getting ready for the ceremony to become the king of Hastinapur and taking the bath of milk and gets ready and garlanded. Dhritrashtra comes forward and takes out his crown and speaks to Vidur that he has given injustice to him all his life and then wants to shower respect to Vidur by giving him the opportunity to put the crown on Yudhishtir’s head. Vidur with respect speaks that the all the change in the entire Arya Vart should go to Vasudev Krishna and then requests Krishna to crown Yudhishtir. Krishna accepts it and thinks it is appropriate and everyone’s benefit. Krishna waits and there Gandhari is informed that Krishna will be going to crown Yudhishtir.

Gandhari runs to the crown ceremony in the assembly hall and wants Krishna to stop the ceremony. Krishna sees him and asks why Krishna is being given respect and suggests that he doesn’t have any right. Dhritrashtra speaks that Krishna has the highest right since he has done a big favor for Hastinapur and for this important ceremony Krishna is present. Vidur speaks that no one is stronger than Vasudeb in the entire universe. Gandhari speaking on knowing that fact and suggests if he was not there then pandavas would have not won and also the war have not taken place. She speaks of knowing the powers and miracles of Krishna and also Krishna has saved Draupadi from Cheerharan in the Yud Sabha. She then asks even after having so much power why krishna has allowed this war to happen and why so much deceit and injustice was allowed. She wants Krishna to see her sadness and pain and suggests that why he considered them as puppets and made them dance. She then cites that Krishna has done the biggest Adharm in Kurukshetra and says that in reality Krishna needs to be punished.  She calls herself as Tapasyi, Mahayogini Dhritrashtra patni, Kururashtra mata wants to give curse to Krishna and Dhritrashtra wants her to stop and even Arjun speaks the same. But she doesn’t stop and then curses Krishna that he will see the destruction of his Yadav clan in front of his eyes. Dhritrashtra , Pandavas and Draupadi becomes shocked on hearing it. She curses more and says  that nobody will help them in removing their tears in the same way her kingdom is filled with sadness and gloom, and then cites that Krishna’s kingdom will sunk in the sea. All the gold laced palaces will sunk in the sea and Krishna will live in that forests and she cites that curse that comes out from a son-less mother always get fulfilled.

Krishna doesn’t know what to say and smiles at her and others are still in shock. Dhritrashtra speaks what she has done and Yudhishtir asks her what she has given Krishna in return of his favours (Upkaars). Arjun suggests that it would have been better if she curses all Pandavas to burn in fire until the end of time but giving this dangerous curse to Krishna has made the entire universe orphaned. Kunti wants Gandhari to take back her curse and Gandhari then apologizes to Krishna and cries and say that her 100 sons death has made her in doing it. Krishna goes to Gandhari and consoles her and says that her anger is appropriate and her pain is normal and speaks that even he has also felt the pain in the kurukshetra and even he feels that his blood was also flowing when someone’s hands were cut. He speaks on seeing the happiness of victory as well the sadness with defeat. Krishna calls her as the mother and speaks that he is her enemy as well as his friend. He is the one who has cursed Ashwatthama and also he is the one who is going through that curse as well. He speaks that when Duryodhan’s femur (upper leg) was broken that shout of pain was of him and in his entire life he has earned and collected the blessings of mothers and thus now he will also accept the curse of a mother as well. Krishna gives his word that at the time of his clan’s end he himself will destroy and attack his clan with his divine Sudershan power. Gandhari cries and asks him to not do such thing and speaks how come she spoke a big dangerous curse. Krishna speaks that both blessings and curse are governed by time and whatever she spoke is according to the work of destiny. Krishna then speaks that end of Yadav clan is also necessary.

Kunti asks Krishna how the end of Yadav clan is necessary and Krishna speaks that he is not destroying them but the time. And suggests that if they would have participated in this war then they would have perished as well. He speaks that Yadav clan are still continuing to live with old traditions and very soon Yadav clan will perish. Vidur speaks that why God has done in this way. Krishna replies that Arya vart is divided into 16 regions and the people here didn’t have knowledge that in reality they were a part of one autonomous region but now the entire Arya vart will have one system and one king with same set of principles and one administration and one kind of public and equal justice for all. Arya vart is being referred as Bharat bhoomi but now for the first time will be called Bharat Rashtra.

Krishna speaks to people that the mahabhartat war and the story of Mahabharat presents many truths and that the most important truth is different and diversity is the form of Adharm and oneness is the form of Dharm and how ? ask  people to think themselves. Krishna speaks that human’s heart is always filled with wants of happiness and money and in ordinary way human takes good care of his parents, family and doesn’t do any injustice and speaks that human’s source of happiness is his family and the human knows that and also the reason of his happiness. The human also know that the happiness comes from the society but still does some injustice to society and oppresses it because the human doesn’t think the society as the reason of happiness but instead as the means of happiness. Thus, the difference is in reason vs. means. But when the human realize that the entire environment is the form of God, every living is part of God, nobody is outsiders but our own, the entire environment is ours and family then there doesn’t remain any reason for being angry and all the challenges/revenge are not present. Inside us God and the society have oneness and unity is only Dharm and the most important principle. Krishna speaks that the journey of Mahabharat is from angry to calmness, different to oneness/unity. Until the time when people living on this land remembers about Mahabharat and its teaching then this type of destruction will not happened again. No power can robbed its identity. Krishna greets the people and says that Dharm has been established in people’s heart and blesses people and the world. He speaks – Om Sahnavatu – God will protect us, Sahno Bunaktu – Everyone borne happiness together, Sahaveeram Karvahe – Try for each other’s benefit, Tejasvindhitmastu – our life gets filled with Shine (Tej), Mavitvishawahe – never we feel jealousy or hard feelings.. Om…Shanti…<./p>

Krishna is then seen in Hastinapur crowning Yudhishtir and gives him all the powers of a king (Samrat) and tells him to go and sit on the thrown. Krishna smiles at that development and Yudhishtir and Draupadi sits on the throne while Krishna showers smile ending the Mahabharat. The Mahabharat show ends on Star Plus with the last episode being the 267 Episode paving the way for a new show Nisha Aur Uske Cousins at the same time slot of 8:30 PM.

Mahabharat – Episode 267, 16th August 2014, Sneak Peek of Last Episode
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