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Love By Chance Bindass 11th Episode - Reporter No 1, 9th August 2014

Today’s love story  of Love by Chance has the name – Mujhe Shaadi Se Bachao. Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show and speaks that its independence week and his mother is planning to get him married in arranged manner and humorously suggests that his mother is going to cut his leg. He wishes all Happy Independence day and speaks that his mother wants him to get him married since he already crossed that age. He replies to her that he wants to fall in love now and she replies that even that age is also gone.

Kavi (the host) speaks that who decides love or marriage and suggests that he cannot wait with love by chance stories (as a host) all his life and then realizes that he is doing the same thing now. He speaks of his believe to have a video chat with his partner and thinks that love is not a decision which others take on your behalf and in today’s story Mihir and Gayatri think the same. The story starts with Mihir’s friend speaking that there are types of girls – first: the one who runs after boys, second: who makes you run after them; third: who makes you run a lot after them. Mihir is seen in the car and his friend wants him to be of Type 3 and he should act like a dog who runs a lot after girls. He then tells Mihir’s mother that there is no scope of Mihir getting arranged in a marriage. Mihir is referred to as allergic to arranged marriage and he doesn’t have idea that he is going to see a girl for an arranged marriage proposal. He then asks his mother why he have been deceived and was told they are going for shopping. Mihir’s father drives the car and Mihir’s friend needs a girl who is a hunter so as to control Mihir. Mihir speaks of rejecting the girl. At the end of Gayatri, her grand mother informs that she has rejected 17 boys and her father tries to convince her to say yes. Her grand mother informs that the colony people are calling his grand daughter as Chuji. Gayatri informs that its not Chuji but Choosy and calls boy as Leech and speaks that the arranged marriage boys feel very happy and elated when sits with their parents on arranged marriage meetings. Gayatri is referred as Delhi ki Fataka. She informs her Daadi that she should like the boy as well, right ?

Mihir’s mother speaks that Gayatri is GK ki Fataka. Mihir speaks that she will not be their daughter-in law and instead a banana and then asks whether they have matched the kundli. His friend again steps in and speaks 36-24-36 referring to the figure of Gayatri instead of kundli.  Gayatri speaks to her father that the boy will check her out in 10 seconds and suggests that only leecher boys are invited for arranged marriage proposal meetings by her father. She informs her father the boy should look into her eyes and speak and if he look down below her face and speak then she will go away from there. After informing her father about the warning she leaves.  Mihir and his family comes to see Gayatri at her home and Gayatri’s father calls her to see the guests. Gayatri comes with some drinks and Mihir directly looks at her and checks her out from top to bottom in first few seconds. After seeing him doing that she begins to walk back but stopped by her father [She remembers telling to her father that if the boy checks out in 10 seconds then she will leave] and that thing happened. Gayatri becomes annoyed with Mihir and her father serves the drink. Gayatri’s father asks about Mihir’s work and his mother informs that he is currently doing 2nd year of Chartered Accountant (CA) and Mihir informs her father that he is in his own business. Gayatri’s Daadi becomes elated to hear about Mihir’s business and Mihir informs that he along with his friend Bobby has started a consultancy firm. Gayatri speaks Wow in a slightly funny tone and wants to know more from Mihir.

Mihir also speaks in funny tone and asks her what she does ? Daadi speaks that Gayatri has done MA. Mihir replies Oh Arts Very Good in funny way and makes jokes about Arts with Bobby. Mihir’s parents compliments the drink and suggests that it is made by Gayatri and Daadi speaks that Gayatri makes the best Aam Panna drink in Delhi. Mihir jumps in there and suggests that she might have put Arts in it. Gayatri becomes annoyed and calls him Ey.. 2nd year CA and speaks in Tapori language using words like Tu instead of Aap. Mihir’s father then speaks that if Gayatri and Mihir will know each other well if they know more about them and asks Gayatri what does she think about Mihir ? Mihir steps in and stops Gayatri from speaking anything and informs on rejecting her there iself. Daadi shouts Nahi…….and runs. Gayatri wants him to come outside via signals. They both come outside and is evening there and she asks him how he dared to say no to her and informs him that she rejected 17 boys until then and he replies of rejecting 7 girls by then which is a high number in boys.

Gayatri informs that her level is higher than him and wants him to understand the matter and reiterates that her level is very higher than him. Both engage in petty fight trying to outdo each other and he calls her finally as the bacteria of the dust found in the shoe. He asks her whether she wants to take away his independence in the independence week and he wishes happy independence. She asks him why he didn’t rejected on phone later and he replies on his wish to see her dejected face. She speaks boldly that he and his father will say yes to her. He replies that his father has already said yes to her and the problem lies with him. She vows that in 2 weeks he will run after her like lovers on roads. He replies take 2 years or 2 re-births and shows much exuberance and over confidence.

Kavi (the host) speaks that now you all (Devi or Sajano, Doston or Kharsdaro, brothers and sisters) get ready for the deadly war of male and female egos. In the red corner with the danger of getting insulted is Mihirrrrrrrrrrrr… and on other end is the attitude girl Gayatriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Gayatri has given 2 weeks ultimatum to win back Mihir in saying yes to her and the first step starts with the Yoga Aasan.

Mihir is seen at the Yoga class with his friend Bobby and Bobby informs him that a girl smiled looking at him which means she is trying to flirt with him and wants Mihir to return the smile. Mihir smiles and thinks that he will get better than her and carries on with his yoga. Bobby speaks to Mihir that if he feels body gas is making sound then suggest him to laugh out loud to negate the effect of the sound. Mihir gets the fart and he laughs out loudly and there comes Gayatri.  Gayatri does the Aasan and poses making Mihir look at him and greets Bobby. Mihir asks her whether she will win his heart by Yoga. She asks him while doing Yoga whether he feels like a big stud and the yoga teacher informs that Mihir is not doing properly. Gayatri comes to help Mihir in doing the right yoga step and comes to lift his body and speaks that they need to behave in public and also inform him that they are not doing that…  Gayatri is very close to him and she asks him whether he is seeing stars (Hawa Nikal Gayi). When she presses his stomach he again farts and he again negates with coughing out loud. The yoga class ends then and Gayatri goes away from there with a smile on her face. Bobby wants Mihir to accept his defeat and Mihir speaks of being a mastermind of the game and vows to teach a lesson to her.

Next day, Mihir goes to partner the girl which earlier has tried to flirt with him, and Gayatri gets another partner who tries to come close and hit her. Gayatri becomes jealous with Mihir and goes to get a well build up boy so as to make Mihir jealous. [Main Tera Hero Tune plays] She does Yoga with that boy and Mihir does with his girl partner. The third day of Yoga lesson starts and Mihir’s partner girl speaks of seeing a pink color puppy top for her while the boy with Gayatri asks her when they will go on a date and its been already 2 days. She informs that this is the date and he counter her by saying that there he is just making irregular faces and spreading hands and legs and he will not make her drink a lot there and wonders how is that date. Gayatri feels sad on hearing it and Mihir also sees it.  Mihir tries to avoid the same girl whom he partners as she is only looking after him. Gayatri comes to him and suggests that he doesn’t leave that girl and makes a taunt at him. Mihir’s calls the boy with Gayatri as a truck like model but Gayatri speaks of having a scene with him. That boy is rough and Mihir is been caught by that girl who calls him soft puppy.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Gayatri and Mihir’s ego made them falling in more troubles and their hatred which means some passion were kindling in their heart which needs some time.

The 4th day of the yoga starts and Mihir meets Bobby who is doing a warm up because he will be doing Yoga with Anju in cobra style. Mihir speaks of escaping to some place to avoid the girl who calls him puppy and sooner gayatri comes there to go with him. She speaks that he is very nervous and just to prove he is not nervous and fine he takes her with him. They go to a restaurant and she orders many chicken food items and he orders only one tea. She asks him to share the food with her and please and he thinks that she is trapping him in her love. She asks him what is the problem if he falls in love with her. Gayatri learns that he was dejected in love very badly and he then speaks that because of it he rejected 7 girls. He cites that the girl who treated him badly went away with a NRI boy and she was in his CA class and once she got a NRI boy she left him. Gayatri laughs on him and he tries to go from there and stopped by her and she touches his ears and says sorry so as to calm him down. The food comes there and she puts food in his mouth ranging from chicken sticks to whole chicken and french fries.

Next day, they do the Yoga together and both comes close to each other and she then wants him to drop at her home. He replies on not taking a long route to her home in GK area. She requests him dearly and finally gets the nod. The girl who was very much looking for Mihir finds comfort in another partner there. Mihir comes with Gayatri at her home and her Daadi gives Pakodas to him. Gayatri brings more Pakodas for him and Daadi speaks to herself quietly that now she will make sure that Gayatri and Mihir are married. Sooner, she enacts a drama of drying and speaks to her son that her last days are approaching soon and speaks about her wish to have a Hip Hip ending of her life serial. Daadi then in a funny (frivolous) tone that there is one boy Mihirrrrrr and her son speaks that Gayatri has already fought with him.  Daadi speaks that now they are friends and suggests that the first step to love is friendship. She then cries and wants Gayatri to marry Mihir and then acts like becoming unconscious. Gayatri understand about Daadi’s mischief and suggests that she needs to be seen to a doctor. Daadi replies not needed and then wishes to see Gayatri’s marriage. Gayatri smiles on that thought.

Gayatri meets Mihir another time on a date at a restaurant and takes coffee and speaks about his Daadi who is so emotional and sentimental and drinks a lot during Diwali and in the last 7 Diwali she dranks litres of liquor and makes her father sentimental and just wishes to see her grand daughter married.  Mihir replies that the entire family has drama and he asks whether her Daadi drinks Scotch whisky and he has a solution (Jugaad) for her problem.  Mihir goes to meet Gayatri’s Daadi and introduces him as 2nd year CA and asks Daadi how she has changed so much and then brings out the scotch bottle and Daadi tries to drink it. She snatches it from him to drink and suggests that there is only way for her which is go to God and then asks him whether he will not give her one for the road. He agrees to give it to Daadi and she drinks a lot and speaks that in her young age she rejected 20 boys and was number 1 Tota and in lajpat nagar people used to call her Bebe and she used to hit the boy with leg the one who comes to seek her hand. Mihir also seems to be drunk and he leaves from there.

Gayatri speaks that nobody would have removed the sentimental nature of Daadi and she informs him that he is also completely lost and drunk and wants him to eat bit of lemon. She speaks that he is very cute and if he wouldn’t have attitude then she would have said yes to him. He then wants to share something to her and says that because of attitude he said no to her otherwise he found her very nice and smiles. Gayatri also smiles and speaks on knowing it and understood when he came to her room for the first time. He then wants to make only one appeal on behalf of boys and he speaks that all boys have gentleman feeling and when it converts to meanness and nasty they doesn’t know but all boys have meanness in them and the boy tries to hide 99 % of it and she replies yes.. He speaks that their scene would have been very scintillating and she replies yes. He tries to kiss her and she speak of being victorious and that 2 week challenge. He speaks that she was referring to that challenge for all this time and suggests that they have done Yoga together, eaten Kebab together while she is trying to calm him down and becomes nervous on speaking out those things. He speaks of informing her everything right from him to his ex- girlfriend and suggests that she has all elements of ego and just want to reject him when he runs after her now. She tries to calm him down and he calls her characterless. She asks what’s wrong with him and  informs that she took much care of him and if she hadn’t have come in his life then he would have lamented all his life. She holds his hand and asks him to shower the same amount of love to someone with the amount of hatred he does with himself so his life will be set. She speaks of having true feelings for him but he shrugs her off.

Kavi (the host) speaks that what’s the point in saying something to someone and in the end what Mihir and Gayatri have to do they will do and becomes emotional and says that why true romance hope doesn’t accept its defeat in front of their ego and says its enough and goes.

Gayatri feels alone at her home [Doondhe Har Ek Saans Mein Dubkiyo Ke Baad Mein… Kinare… song plays] and couldn’t sleep in the night and next morning she hugs her father and speaks that she is ready for any marriage proposal. Her father speaks of arranging proposal line-up for her and leaves and wants her to get ready. Daadi hears the conversation and calls Mihir and calls him Khota. She speaks that the boy is fine and looks fine and also brought a 18 year old Scotch bottle then that means he respects the elders then why the things are not working out between him an Gayatri. He speaks that Gayatri was making schemes and suggests her to find out from her grand-daughter. She replies that her grand daughter is Khoti and cites that she will twist her finger even when Ghee is coming out properly. She informs that even after knowing her a lot he is loving her so if he finds more about her then he will be with her for his entire life.  Bobby calls Gayatri and says there are three type of boys , (1) like Dogs you just show them biscuit and they will run after it, (2) Fox,, they act like Dog and (3) Tiger when they will be bite you don’t know. She asks then who is Mihir. Bobby replies that Mihir is donkey and is very cute. Gayatri speaks that Mihir was speaking bad things yesterday and he informs her that Mihir is good at heart. Daadi at her end informs Mihir that gayatri is not bad at heart and suggests that when he reaches her age then he will remember this talk. She asks him to not come to her with broken back and heart.

Mihir speaks that if gayatri really felt something then she would have come and said sorry to him and cites that he is not a dog. [Shikayat Mitane Lagi.. ]. On her end, Gayatri speaks that she is not a dog to go and sort out the matters from her side. Bobby thinks that she will lament if she does in that way. Daadi also says the same to Mihir. Daadi speaks of seeing the 19th boy for gayatri and informs him that he has 2 hours left to make an informed choice and do not commit the biggest mistake. Gayatri cries after hearing Bobby’s words. Mihir comes to the place (her home) where Gayatri was going to meet the 19th boy regarding her marriage proposal. He informs her that she is victorious and suggests that she wanted to see him on his knees in 2 weeks proposing to her like a lover. He then goes down on his knees and says that there is ego but not a problem and apologizes to Daadi and speaks that if he haven’t become a dog for her on that day then he will be a big donkey and then cites that he doesn’t know more dialogues and wants direct answer in Yes or No. Even before his question ended, she replies Yes which makes him very happy. Gayatri and Mihir shares eyelock and he speaks that he has a soft heart which he is showering to her and wants her to take care of it. She smiles and lowers her eyes and speaks why is he putting his soft heart in her lap. He replies that he has to find one partner right and then takes out a red rose cover which has a ring for her. She feels awe and tells him to not take tension since she will make sure that he runs for her a lot. Sooner then, they share a warm hug to seal their love and becoming lovestruck.

Kavi signs off by saying that there is a choice if you want to marry or not but that is not the same for love and you cannot choose because love happens by chance as well and to give chance to that chance depends on us. Kavi asks the viewers to share their feedback on the show or other opinion using the hashtag #LoveByChance at Bindass Twitter and facebook pages.

Love by Chance, 12th Episode
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