Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 15th August 2014 13th Episode on Zing TV starring Megha Gupta and Shravan Reddy – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing Riddhima and Rohan Starring Shravan Reddy and Megha Gupta

Meiyang chang (the host) starts the show and speaks that crucial decisions of our life we take in our teenage years like family, career, or love related and then suggests that teenage love which is 100 % from the heart sometimes changes us for good or for the worst. Meiyang welcomes all and speaks about the story which has Rohan – a shy, remains lost and have talent but doesn’t know and like others he wants to roam with friends and girls are much impressed with him but he haven’t found yet a girl which has impressed him a lot.


The story starts with Rohan coming to his home early morning and gets assisted by his elder sister and his father sees him and scolds him for hanging out with friends whole night and speaks that he has already 19 years. Rohan’s father speaks about his shame since society ask what Rohan does. He also asks his daughter Shruti why is he helping her brother. He goes on to speak about spending lots of money on Rohan’s education and life so as to see him succeeding in life. He then speaks that its good that his mother is not there and sighs. Rohan becomes agitated and threatens to leave the house so as to make his father’s happy. His father tries to confront him but then supported by his sister.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that Rohan is a good guy but he doesn’t know what he really wants from his life and he was very close to his elder sister and after his mother she was the pillar of strength for him. But the sister was married so she couldn’t spend much tome with him and he used to feel lonely at times when his sister is not around and also finds pressure since his father wanted him to join his business.Rohan is seen sleeping and his sister is trying to wake him up and there comes his father and he informs Rohan that he will go and work in his office but Rohan doesn’t want to help his father. His father becomes more annoyed and asks him whether he likes to work in the kitchen like women and he speaks the same with much annoyance. He asks his father on his achievements and in return gets a slap and then he leaves from there.

Rohan is seen on the road with his bike and finds some men attacking a woman Riddhima. He helps her in distress and makes the attacker run and even throws stone at one of then. She speaks of complaining to the police and wonders how men are attacking lonely girl. He then offers the lift so as to drop her and she agrees for it. She sits on his bike and thanks him much and he asks for her home directions. Later, Rohan again comes late in the night and his sister speaks that his father is angry because he has concern for him. She gives him an application for hotel management and wants him to focus on his career and pursue hotel management. He agrees to pursue it and thanks his sister and showers her love. Next day, Rohan comes to the institute of hotel management and there he finds the same girl Riddhima. Riddhima is a teacher there and speaks about a unit test so as to check his students while Rohan looks at her. The test is about chopping and Rohan does good chopping in the first class itself and he thanks her since she is the first one to praise him in his life [Koi Khushi Choti Se…song]. She thanks him for helping her a stranger on road and cites that in this time nobody does that. She then speaks that he has to trust more on himself.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that Rohan was already impressed with her in spite of the fact that Riddhima was his teacher and he was falling in love with her. He met lot of girls before but for him Riddhima was very different and liking her intelligence. He was nervous and used to think 100 times before speaking a line to Riddhima.

Rohan cooks breakfast and his father comes to know via his sister who shows her father Rohan’s note. Again, Rohan finds Riddhima on the road and wants to drop her but she suggests of going in an auto and he then wants to help her in getting an auto. Later, he speaks of dropping her on his bike and she reminds him of her fear on sitting on bike which she haven’t shared with him earlier. He then suggests that they can walk instead and she replies that its not needed and carries a smile. She then agrees to walk with him and he leaves his bike there. She asks him what does he like ? He speaks on loving bikes and then suggests that he is actually boring and asks more about her ? She replies on being a single women who lives with her parents and has much interests in cooking thats why she is a teacher at a hotel management institute and teaches cooking. She loves her parents a lot and they are his life. He speaks that she is like his elder sister Didi and his sister loves him dearly because their mother is not there with them anymore. He speaks of travelling the world and learn different cuisines and serve food with smile to them and then talks on trying an Australian dish. She speaks of his favorite dish – I love chocolate pastries. She prefers cold coffee while he prefers hot coffee. Soon, her home comes and they say bye multiple times before leaving and he looks backward at her once again.

Next day, he meets her at the entrance of the institute and speaks that work will go on and suggests that they will go out. Initially she speaks of work load and then agrees to him. He suggests that they will not go on bike but she insists that they will go on bike so as to remove her fears. She sits on his bike and feels afraid a bit. They go to a coast and walks in the water and he stops short of talking. She speaks that he always stop and doesn’t talk. He then speaks that he lost his mother when he was 12 and after then his relations with his dad was not good and cites that the reasons may be generation gap or something else but.. and many times he couldn’t handle the words of his father. She speaks that his father is not alone and they want to see the betterment of their children and suggests that they repeat many times the sam thing without knowing when they have to be quiet for that matter. She speaks of her own experience with her parents and as they grow older they need more care and pamper. She then suggests that as they older we will see our childhood in them and once you know them then your relationship will be better because you will be understanding them and asks him to try. He speaks that she is right and indeed his father is alone and might be feeling the necessity of someone.

In the evening, he drops her to her home and again say bye multiple times and smiles while looking at her as she walks back. He waits for her turn and speaks Palat.. Palat.. She turns her back and sees him and he wishes her goodnight again and leaves with joy. Next day, in the class, Riddhima speaks about a competition and wants the students to focus on the challenge and whoever does the best will earn an internship. She looks at her students work and she then evaluates the dishes and relishes the cake of Rohan and becomes delighted on eating it and calls him a hands down winner. She then tells him that he got the internship which he truly deserves. The story moves forward by 1 month, and Rohan is seen working at a cafeteria and he gets 5K INR for the 1st month of his internship work. He runs from there taking a break and runs so fast on the road not taking much care and reaches his management institute and hugs Riddhima who feels much joy. Later, at night he informs his father on getting his 1st salary for his internship with a smile and the father just say ok and then Rohan leaves from there while keeping the cheque at the table. His father takes the cheque and sees it and becomes relieved a bit and drinks and shouts that his son has earned his first salary and feels happy.

Rohan is at his institute waiting for Riddhima and soon he meets her and then couldn’t speak much and says that he has forgotten. She leaves from there and soon they again meet in the campus and she asks him not to bunk his office where he does internship. He informs about his holiday and wants to go to some place since he needed to talk with her. She agrees and they again come to the coast and she speaks that the place is beautiful. He takes out a small cake for her and gives it to her. He then speaks that this place is not more beautiful than her and suggests that now he cannot keep quiet and has to say something to her without offending. He speaks of his strange feeling like butterflies in stomach and he is feeling experience of change though he wakes up on time, eats on time and sleeps on time. He then speaks of his love for cooking and also reminds about her suggestion to love his dad and he is trying his best to pamper his dad. She then speaks of not understanding what he is saying. He speaks of telling her all those things with much thoughts and wants to finish speaking his lines. He speaks on making his life around her and then the ones which he didn’t got in life he will get via her. She again cites that what he is speaking doesn’t make any sense at all. He then speaks – Riddhima, I love you, I really love you.

After hearing it, she becomes shocked and removes her specs, and in a heavy voice speaks whether he knows that he is 10 years younger to her. He speaks of knowing that she also feels the same for her. She replies thats not the case and such thing will never happen and suggests him to remove all things from his mind and then becomes annoyed and wants to go from there and asks him how does he think all those things, a big mistake ? Rohan feels lost and later he tries to call her but she didn’t attend his call.. [Adhoori Adhoori..]. He sends a message on why is she ignoring him but she deletes the message. Later, he meets her and wants to sort out but she is not listening to him. He speaks on his knowledge that she loves him too and later in the night his sister asks him why is he so upset and even he has a job now ? He cries in the lap of his sister and speaks of loving a girl and the problem is that the girl is 10 years older than him. His sister becomes amused and he speaks on not able to live without her. Rohan’s sister confronts Riddhima at her college and speaks that she must be smiling after trapping his brother who is 10 years younger than her. Rohan’s sister suggests that he was so lively before but now lives in depression and warns Riddhima to not look at his brother anymore. Riddhima’s senior comes there and wants to see her in his office. Riddhima feels to cry.

Rohan’s sister informs her father on meeting Riddhima and asking her to stay away from her brother. Rohan sees that conversation and becomes worried. He then goes to Riddhima’s house and wants her to open the door and speaks that his elder sister has spoken to her a lot but she has a good heart. He speaks of being younger to her but wants to grow old with her. Riddhima cries and speaks on knowing his feelings that he loves her a lot but this is not the reason for them to stay together and asks him to look at them (herself and Rohan). She says its just not possible and wants him to remove the thoughts from his mind and suggests that this is not possible. He speaks on his confidence and wants a chance from her. She speaks of getting a deceit once and doesn’t want to have another time. He doesn’t leave her and she shrugs him off and wants him to go from there. He asks her to open the door but in vain. Riddhima at her end cries while Rohan feels helpless and also cries at the doorstep. [Adhoori Adhoori song plays. Rohan comes home and looks at the portrait of his mother pic with him and cries. His father looks at him in that state and then goes to meet Riddhima at her home. Riddhima checks who is outside and opens the door. He introduces himself as Rohan’s mother and wants to speak with her. She offers him tea and he apologizes for his daughter (Rohan’s sister) behaviour and insult. He speaks of knowing what’s going on between Rohan and her and then informs her that after the demise of Rohan’s mother he never gave much attention to him.

He always scolded Rohan for not taking responsibilities and in the last six months Rohan is changed and the changes are the ones which have not happened in the last 12 years. He gives the credit to her and as a father he is very proud of her and thankful to her. He speaks of losing his son once and doesn’t want to loose him once more and as a father he saw that his son has found true love in her. He speaks that the society and culture might not accept their relationship but he doesn’t worry about it and he only worries about his son’s happiness and he has told whatever he wanted to say as a father and also shared his son’s feeling for her and now she has to take a decision. Rohan is seen walking back and finds his father with Riddhima.

Riddhima comes forward and shares a warm hug and smiles. He also reciprocate the same warmth and Rohan’s father feels his son has lot of happiness on his face now and speaks of being very proud. He asks Riddhima that she lied on not loving him and again hugs her. Rohan thanks his father and shows his love for him with a hug. Rohan’s father speaks that the parents though scold their children but from inside they only love them and children’s happiness is the happiness of parents as well.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that in this way Rohan and Riddhima’s love story is realized and we often thinks that the generation gap our parents doesn’t understand but our parents know better what is good for us and what is bad since they have seen the world longer than us and have more experiences. Rohan the one who didn’t saw feelings for him from his father saw for the first time much concerns from his father and Riddhima on her end accepted Rohan’s sincere love. After seeing Rohan’s much efforts to win Riddhima’s love, it can be said ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’. Meiyang wants viewers to share their opinions using hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV’s facebook and Twitter pages.

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing, Meiyang Chang Co-Host

Info on Cast:
* Riddhima is played by actress Megha Gupta
* Rohan is played by actor Shravan Reddy

PTKK 13th Episode, 15th August 2014
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