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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins New show on Star Plus


The show is about Nisha and her cousins – Dolly, Kirti, Jwala, Suketu, Umesh, Bunty and their endearing love along with going on a fun and bumpy ride forms the crux of the show.

Nisha: Captain Jugaadu and Tomboy, street smart leader, Nisha is totally different person from her cousins because she is a Tomboy and doesn’t like to do make-ups and shine like other girls. She loves her cousins and likes bikes. Nisha  wants to do something good and adventurous in her life and respects her Dada ji as well though she thinks that her Dada ji follows the old traditions and are strict with them when they commit any wrong.

Dolly: Nisha’s elder cousin who gets credit/debit card from Nisha for her shopping. Dolly is shopaholic. Dolly is very emotional and always makes other sentimental. She is referred as Debit card Addict.

Kirti aka sexy Diva: Kirti has the nickname Flashy Fuljhadi. She loves her cousins but sometimes fight with them as well. Kirti’s mother has defined LOL as Lots of love and she writes it at the end of every comment on social media. Kirti also listens to her cousins and falls in their words easily and on one occasion wears a tight short red dress and pampers herself and after looking into mirror suggests that she is looking like Miss India but changes her plan when Nisha informs her that another girl was seen recently wearing the same kind of dress.

Suketu aka Sukku: He is fondly called Sukku Bhaiya by Jwala and Bunty. He is Nisha’s brother and is fun-loving but commit mistakes and doesn’t respect his family work. Afraid of failing in the exams and tried to succeed in exams through unfair means. Sometimes, he speaks without much consideration but loves her sister Nisha and cousins a lot. He is named as Nautanki Baaz.

Umesh Umesh is names Super Chef because he knows lot of recipes. He is the eldest in all the cousins and humorous at times and works in the family’s jewellery shop and is very friendly with his customers and shares recipes info. He is a foodie and elder brother to cousins.

Jwala: She has the nickname Encyclopedia Guru and many times informs her elder cousin sisters on the realities of life and also tries to know on things which she didn’t know like how to flirt with boys and is very naive in such matters. Jwala’s grandpa (Dada ji) wants her to not get influenced by her elder cousins.

Bunty: He has the nickname Chota Bomb and the little mischief maker

1st Episode Writeup: We are writing in full since the first Episode introduced the characters and showed their nitty-gritty and nuances in detail.

The show starts with Nisha climbing on the fort with much confidence and after reaching the top stands at the edge and shouts and then informs her friend Saurav to inform others about their location via her mobile phone and telling them to come there by 10 PM or by 11 PM. When Saurav cites worry she informs of not fearing anybody except her grandfather (Dada ji) and she can handle whoever comes there except Dada ji. He asks whether Dada ji is also coming and She informs him that Dada ji has went to Ajmer and will come the next day.

Kirti does shopping with her elder cousin sister Dolly and while walking informs her that a boy is checking her out and wants to know whether that boy is cute or not. Dolly informs her that is not a boy but instead a statue at a clothing store and then laughs. Dolly and Kirti’s mothers are there as well but they leave from there after giving their shopping bags to their moms. Umesh works at his family jewellery shop and a lady customer asks him what chutney has he put over the pasta. He replies that pasta should not be weighing more than 10 Tolas and then speaks to his co-worker a senior man why is he not doing dressing to the chutney in that flow and then stops short to realize what he is speaking and then suggests the lady to not say Italian dressing as Chutney. He informs her to send all the recipes by e-mail and leaves from there. Umesh has knowledge on recipes and hence he was asked that question from his customer.

Suketu at his end was eyeing a girl while talking on phone and waiting for his sister Jwala and soon he finds her coming towards his car. She informs why does he park his car very far since she needs to walk quite a distance. He asks her to come on bicycle from tomorrow instead and tries a joke on her. She informs him that boys tease her and one of them told her that she is FTUC. He speaks that its a compliment and it means Future Tota Under Construction. Jwala begins to get puzzled and he informs that means that in future she will be hot. She replies oh fish and inform Suketu (Sukku Bhaiya) that she has slapped that boy and because of that attitude nobody sends friend request on facebook. Suketu gets a message to pick Kirti, Dolly and Umesh from one place- Albert Hall. Jwala suggests they need to be home by then and speaks that if Singham (referring to her grandfather) knows about them getting late then will get scolding.

Nisha’s Dada ji is seen at a shop and compares fake diamonds and liars as equal and then asks the man there to make 4 lockets for four of his grand daughters. The first locket should be of Mahalakshmi for his eldest grand daughter Dolly because she only loves shopping and has big heart to spend money. The 2nd locket of Maa Parvati for Kirti with the wish that she gets a good husband. The Third locket is of Maa Saraswati for Jwala so that she is always gets first rank in studies and also doesn’t get influenced by her cousins (brothers and sisters) [she was seen taking help on how to flirt from Kirti] and the fourth locket is for Nisha who is like a ice block which gets stuck in his neck. He speaks that Nisha is 20 years old but always doubt others and also doesn’t think of herself as a girl and therefore wants a Durga Maa locket so that she gets intelligence and use it for good things.

Suketu at his end brings them (Kirti, Dolly, Umesh and Jwala) to the fort where Nisha and Saurav are already stationed there. They greet Saurav and Nisha informs them to not hug her and they should keep one arm distance from her. She goes on to share some incomplete quote and suggests that they came too early. As Dolly is getting married soon so Nisha has done all that decoration there at the fort. Dolly speaks – I am touching and Nisha suggests its I am touched. Nisha informs them of her responsibility for the party and has brought dresses for the girls and wants them to find some place to change their dresses. She informs her friend Saurav that all the costs is borne by Suketu as he holds a joint debit bank account of all cousins . Jwala speaks to Nisha Di of being afraid since somebody can know about them and Nisha reminds them of the song they sang yesterday during Antakshari. They all then begin to sing Chaar Botal Vodka song. Rukmati, a helper at their home is worried because she is being told to manage things at home and make sure that Nisha’s family doesn’t come to know they are away. She puts the tape recorder with the same song – Chaar Botal Vodka just to show Nisha and her cousins presence there. She is then called by Nisha’s Chachi who suggests her to inform Nisha and others to not make noise. Rukmati has a script in hand where it is written that Nisha Di has told that practice is going for Dolly Di Sangeet ceremony and nobody is allowed there. She informs Nisha’s Chachi and granny the same and the granny understands that Nisha and others went outside and then suggests to her daughter in law to make something spicy instead of Daal since her husband (Nisha’s Dada ji is away). Soon, Nisha’s Chachi gets a call and she sincerely listens and says yes and when the call ends her confidence is completely gone.

She informs her mother-in law that Papa (father-in law, Nisha’s Dada ji) is not going Ajmer and will come back home the same day. Nisha’s Dadi ji becomes worried on hearing it. Kirti at the party scene on the terrace of the fort speaks that Nisha is very mean than she thought which is actually a fun taunt and then Suketu informs her that Nisha learnt from her mother (his Chachi – Kirti’s mother). Jwala speaks of Vimla Tai’s reaction (Nisha’s mother) – cousins have lot of love and Kirti’s mother after learning about cousin’s mischief would speak that all the party and things is Nisha’s idea and her daughter is like a cow (to refer as very innocent). All cousins laugh on that thought from Umesh and Kirti informs Umesh that though he is a big bro but why he is like a zipper in front of their Dada ji. Nisha wants Kirti to shut-up and then wants to say sorry to her brother Umesh on behalf of Kirti. Umesh replies that he just proved what he does in front of his Dada ji which is dumb look and silent. Saurav then asks what is that Buddhu look ? Nisha replies that after getting firing at home then they all have one standard Buddhu look and then all cousins in sync dons the innocent look on their face and looks down and after doing it have a laugh. Saurav says its fine but what’s new in it and speaks that normally they look Buddhu as well. Kirti calls him the biggest Buddhu of that group and he calls her heroine in his reply. Suketu steps in there and informs Saurav that he used to stay in their home during childhood and suggests him to go and ask his mother whether he is their real brother.

Nisha doesn’t want Suketu to become personal with Saurav and give him straight replies and after then Sukku goes to apologize Saurav. Kirti then wants to share a secret about Sukku and speaks that one time Sukku was eyeing Verma’s uncle daughter at the terrace and the uncle saw him. To his defense, Sukku informs them of removing clothes there and they wonder what ? He then informs them of taking out dried clothes from there and calls then Dudeshwaro. Kirti then informs that Sukku was saved (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) but later Saurav was caught by Virender Tau (uncle, Nisha’s father) and he was thrashed at his Dooii (ass) until it turned blue. She informs that Saurav’s mother confirmed about it since she came to their home with him and lowered his nicker in front of everyone to show how he was beaten badly. Umesh speaks that his mother’s reply was the best who had asked her husband (Virender) that he should have checked to whom he is beating before actually hitting bringing laughter to all.

Nisha gets a call from her father who sings the song – Pyaar Hame Kis Mod Par Le Laya… and he wishes to drink a Lassi since his father went to Ajmer and she replies that they are also enjoying a lot at their end. He informs her to enjoy and not worry much and speaks that he will take care if there is some problem in the house. Nisha’s father who was driving a scooter finds a policeman approaching him since he was talking on phone while driving and thinks that the policeman will need a Lassi as well. Kirti takes Saurav’s photo without informing him and he then gets hold of her hand and doesn’t leave. Nisha comes to Kirti’s rescue and asks him whether this is the way to treat girls. Saurav then leaves Kirti and sooner then Kirti asks him that after Nisha told him he left her so he is just friends with Nisha or more than that. She suggests that Nisha doesn’t give him any chance to flirt. Kirti then asks Nisha whether she came to fight and Nisha responds that if she speaks bull shit then will get the same and asks Kirti whether any time she had made a fun on her. Kirti becomes annoyed and speaks to be perfect and then takes with her Jwala (her sister) with the intention to go away from there. She doesn’t want to party anymore and suggests that Nisha just wants to show off via this party and then begins to walk away.

 Nisha, Dolly and other tries to pacify Kirti. Nisha speaks to Kirti that they will fight after Dolly Di’s party and also Jwala suggests that its her first party which makes Kirti come back even before Umesh ends his count of 5. Dolly thanks God and wants them to not fight and instead wants to cry alone on her marriage. Nisha and her cousins re-initiates their party and are dancing together. Jwala is not dancing and sits beside Nisha and speaks that she feels odd to dance. Nisha informs Jwala that everyone present there knows her since the time she pee’ed in their lap when she was a child/baby, they changed her diapers and suggests that they are all her own and in the whole world this is the place where she can live to the fullest.

Nisha speaks of her hope that they will always remain together and Jwala informs how is it possible since Dolly Didi is getting married and then Kirti and Nisha will be getting married which means one by one they are separating right ? Nisha carries sadness on her face after coming to terms with the reality and Saurav comes at Nisha and speaks of a challenge and to drive her towards it and calls her Fattu. Nisha takes the challenge and runs after him and then they do a jump from the fort top on to the grass on the ground which is then followed suit by Nisha’s cousins as well. After the jumps and enjoyment, they are lying down together with their heads touching  each other. Nisha speaks that this party will be the last for all cousins and they all agree and then suggests that in so many years instead of welcoming someone they will do a farewell for one (Dolly’s marriage). Then, Dolly speaks in a teary voice that this is the first time she is getting something and is not feeling good at all and speaks – I m not likes it na. Kirti speaks Dolly Di please don’t go and then Dolly speaks of missing Bunty and then Suketu takes out his hand and calls himself as Bunty for her so as to consolidate and gets a kiss on his hand from her.

Sooner then, they then hear some sound and Suketu goes to see a man Mishra who brings some food for them and Mishra wants money from him at the same momen. Suketu speaks of giving it but the man takes back the food and suggests to informing police which makes Suketu angry and he then gets hold of Mishra’s collar and sooner then his cousins also come there and wants him to leave him. Suketu asks Mishra why is he speaking only about money as he was about to give it. Mishra becomes annoyed and suggests that they are doing an illegal party there and then speaks of his hardwork in arranging food/things for the party. Umesh tries to calm Mishra ji and Nisha asks Suketu that Mishra is asking his own money so why he is not giving him ? Sukku informs her that Mishra misbehaved with him and then she informs him of becoming angry because of his behavior. Umesh comes and reiterates that Mishra is asking for his own money so please give him. Sukku then spills out that he doesn’t have money and Umesh asks where has the money gone ? Sukku lower his head and then informs them that he has given all the money in the college as there was a paper leak.

After hearing it, Umesh asks Sukku whether he has intelligence or not? Sukku becomes much nervous and in a teary voice asks him whether he should fail again since his Dada ji will be very unhappy if he fails and will make him sit and work at their family jewellery shop along with his Papa, Chacha and also Umesh. He speaks of giving up his life but doesn’t want to sit and work in the family shop and become a loser like them. Nisha comes and gives him a tight slap after hearing it while Umesh feels very sorry to hear those words. Nisha becomes very upset with her brother Sukku. Sooner, Umesh gets a call from his Laxmi Chachi who informs that Dada ji is coming back home and haven’t gone to Ajmer making all cousins very worried which adds more trouble to their existing problems with Mishra’s payment. Nisha decides to pay for the food and other items to Mishra by selling off her scooty and giving the keys to him. Mishra accepts it and soon the cousins find that Dada ji is coming in the car and approaching Nisha. They want her to run/escape from there but she couldn’t listen. The car comes close to Nisha and Dada ji sees her with Mishra. Will she able to get herself out and not get a scolding from her Dada ji ?

Comments: The show revolves around the bonding between Nisha and her cousins who love each other a lot and also fight sometimes because of their attitude and teenage age. Nisha is a peacemaker and problem solver for her cousins. They have a strict grandfather (Dada ji) who keeps a tab on their mischief and keeps them in check. Nisha loves and respect her Dada ji but wishes to live life on her own terms and ponders that her Dada ji has also lived his life on his own whims and thinking. They all believe that there is no life without cousins and also thinks that sharing is caring motto and the only different person is Nisha who doesn’t share her secrets with her cousins so as to not give them problems or affect them in any way. We will provide some info on the cast of the show below and thinks that their (actors – youngsters) off-screen camaraderie translates into celluloid (on-screen). Some of the fun elements in the show are abbreviations like Kirti’s mother speaks LOL means lots of love which she writes below every message she reads, FTUC (future tota under construction). Nisha Aur Uske Cousins offers something refreshing with a layered story and more importantly dvelve into nitty-gritty of relationship between cousins and their life. The show is promising and unique. Stay tuned to the show on Star Plus @ 8:30 PM from Mon to Sat. Keep Reading !!

Info on Cast:
* Nisha is played by actor Aneri Vajani. Aneri’s Twitter page
* Dolly is played by actress Purvu Mundada. Purvi’s Twitter page
* Jwala is played by actress Barbie Jain. Her Twitter page
* Umesh is played by actor Meherzan Mazda. Meherzan’s Twitter page
* Suketu is played by actor Parv Kalia
* Kirti is played by actress Heli Daruwala. Heli’s Twitter page

Image credit: Twitter page of Star Plus, and shows actors (Aneri, Purvu, Barbie, Heli)

Sneak Peek: 1st Episode, 18th August 2014
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