Love By Chance 23rd August 2014 13th Episode Bindass, Shekawat and Pari's love story – Promo Snapshot


Love By Chance Bindass 13th Episode, 23rd August 2014

The story is about Shekawat and Pari. Shekawat is a hot-headed guy while Pari is the one who is soft-hearted and can get hurt easily. She is being referred as waterfall of love. Soon they meet outside and she introduces herself happily but he is not impressed much. He learns that she just called him there for a sugarcane drink and becomes annoyed.


Shekawat speaks in high voice with her asking about her identity and whereabouts to make a taunt on her which led to her cry since she is very soft-hearted. She leaves from there. Later, she calls him after becoming relaxed over the matter and informs him that he has to spend one day with her without becoming agitated and angry. He accepts her challenge and sooner they meet for a date at a restaurant where he tried his best to shun his anger though on one occasion he was agitated with a waiter there and is seen putting paper in his mouth. At the end of the day, he apologizes to Pari for not able to control his anger but on the contrary she asks him how come he has controlled his anger since the start of the day. He then realizes that actually he has managed to control his anger because of the love he has for Pari.

Pari on her end also reciprocated the feelings for Shekawat which led them to realize their mutual love and becoming lovestruck. Some of the questions are, How a hot-headed guy Shekawat accepted the challenge of Pari in first place ? Why Pari after being scolded wanted to give Shekawat a chance and went on a date with him ? What made Shekawat control his anger during that one day, How he developed patience so quickly, Is it because of his inherent good nature which was inside or because somewhere he developed feelings for Pari ? Stay tuned to Love by Chance this Saturday @ 7 PM on Bindass.

Info On Cast:
* Shekawat is played by actor Kunal Verma
– Worked in the role of Lakshman in Life OK show – Devon Ke Dev Mahadev
– Currently seen in the role of Aryan in Zee’s show – Ek Mutthi Aasman (EMA)

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