Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 22nd August 2014 34th Episode Channel V Written Update

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Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 34th Episode 22nd August 2014

Precap: Cheeku helps Babusha – family guest in Yoga and stretching at his home. Devika asks Sid to first develop emotional bond with her before coming close to her physically. Gattu meets Kimaya and wants her to not loose Cheeku. Kimaya goes to meet Cheeku and hopes he doesn’t messed up. Kimaya sees Cheeku at the cafeteria sharing a hug with a new girl – Babusha and becomes upset

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Kimaya sees Cheeku sharing a hug with Babusha and leaves from there with anger. Dodo comes there and Cheeku sees her going away with anger. Dodo goes out and tries to pacify Kimaya and speaks that cheeku misses her a lot and always think about her. Kimaya tries to get auto but Dodo sends the auto driver away. Dodo speaks that Cheeku is a big drama queen and he speaks that she cares him a lot and says that she is smart and he is dumb and these fights are possible.. Dodo finds auto for Kimaya and wants to go in hurry to meet Babusha after learning that she has hugged Cheeku. Kimaya in her auto remmbers the cheeku’s moments and also the last hug he shared with babusha. Kimaya receives a message and the sender refers to her as Kim and wants to meet her. Kimaya at her home writes down how much importance he gave to Cheeku and  he took just 2 days to move on from her (remembers Cheeku’s moments, selfie with Babusha and also his words on strictly telling her that he has moved on). She writes on not giving any damn about it, and speaks of hating the world, Cheeku and herself. She then throws away the paper and becomes dejected.

Soon, she receives a call from Armaan and she doesn’t wish to talk in first place but then attends the call. Babusha is leaving from Cheeku’s home and Dodo and Sid learns about it and becomes dejected. Dodo speaks of not doing anything until now and she asks what ? Dodo replies his meaning of not doing yoga together and Sid also becomes his life will be very lonely now and she speaks there can be something and Dodo then takes her bag and wants her to not go. She speaks of her Yoga Guru and then comes Cheeku and she asks him the girl he saw at cafeteria and kept mum was Kimaya right. She suggests that all the talks on moving on is all total bull….. She speaks that both haven’t moved on and then suggests to him to be a man and get Kimaya back. Dodo tries to flirt with Babusha and wants something special and she then speaks of her thinking that she will send Dodo Rakhi even when she goes very far. Babusha leaves from there and Dodo and Sid are back to square one and Sid speaks of his dreams with Babusha and Cheeku comes there and Dodo speaks that Cheeku hugged Babusha in front of Kimaya and calls it drama. Dodo suggests that Kimaya still loves him and Sid receives a message from Devika that she needs a break because of her exams and he thinks that she thinks of him as a puppy. Cheeku jumps in and tries to motivate Sid and wants him to grow up and speaks that Devika was always honest with him and she is not like other girls who always lies. Cheeku speaks of Kimaya’s lies and how can she think about himself and becomes agitated and leaves. Dodo speaks on Cheeku’s situation and if he goes in this way then he will become mad and he thinks Cheeku needs some distraction.

Sid interrupts Devika at the jogging park and tries to convince her how much he likes her and can’t stay away from her. She speaks that he needs to be more mature and then speaks of her worry in how to pass exams. She now needs somebody who can handle and consolidate her. He speaks of following her by his heart since the first time he saw her at the canteen and wants to run with her and not after her and wants one chance from her. She agrees and tells ok and wants him to run with her. Dodo wants Cheeku to open the door and he opens it to find Devika and her friends. Gattu is also there. Cheeku speaks that Sid is not at home and he went to meet a senior photographer. She speaks of knowing about Sid and then informs Cheeku that actually she came to meet him and infact all her friends as well. Cheeku sits with him and Devika informs girls about Cheeku and calls him the smart and genius. She then informs Cheeku of getting lower grades in first year English and if this time they don’t pass then mom and Dad will be very much worried. She wants some help from Cheeku in that regard. Cheeku speaks how could he helped her while Dodo tries to convince that Cheeku will indeed her and also her friends. Cheeku speaks about all the work he has already like preparation for US admissions and Devika wants him to help her otherwise she will be having problems. Cheeku agrees to help them though he doesn’t know how much he would be able to give them.

Cheeku then wants the girls to follow so they can study together and Dodo and Gattu becomes happy. Gattu speaks that Dodo is a long thinking player and he knew that Cheeku will only listen to Devika and also now he will be distracted from Kimaya and their issues and also Sid will be having good times with Devika. She also suggests that Dodo will also try to flirt with the girls who come there to study with Cheeku. She calls him brilliant and he replies on doing it since his childhood. Gattu speaks of being worried for Cheeku as well. Kimaya at her end receives the call from her friend Armaan who wants her to see him for only 5 minutes and tries a lot to convince her to come. Devika at her end finishes the study session with Cheeku and she thanks him. She speaks that her driver Ramlal has informed has just informed that he will be late because the car is punctured and will take him 1 hr more. After citing that reason, she wants to go by taxi and then Cheeku informs of dropping her on his bike. Devika speaks that he is a nice boy unlike Sid and suggests that his girlfriend will be lucky to have him. She wants Cheeku to not be negative and then goes with him.

Kimaya comes to see his former boyfriend Armaan at the bus stop and she finds the bus stop to be decorated with the words – Mere Liye BUS Tum Hi Ho.. Kimaya.. After seeing it Kimaya becomes nervous and anxious and comes close to him. He speaks that Bus Tum Hi Ho Kimaya and then suggests yes its bit over the top and then goes down on his knees with a rose in his hand. He speaks that his jokes might be sad but promises to not make her sad. She speaks Armaan and removes his hand. He then proposes to Kimaya asking her to give him  a second chance to become once again her boyfriend. Cheeku also drives nearby that bus stop and finds Armaan proposing to Kimaya and on his knees and kimaya pondering on her decision. Cheeku becomes much dejected and carries angry look as well.

Next Episode: Devika speaks to Cheeku that he is not upset with yesterday’s episode. Cheeku replies that like Kimaya he has also moved on from his past. Kimaya is seen with her boyfriend Armaan at a cafeteria and he gives her a gift. She unwraps it to find a key chain with heart shaped locket. Gattu at her end in Cheeku’s home speaks to the girls (Devika’s friends) that the tuition cost will be 500 INR per subject. Devika speaks that now Cheeku can date other girls and then meets Cheeku another time. She speaks of coming to see him and then pampers him a bit and he then speaks that she is not doing the right thing since she is Sid girlfriend.

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