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Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash, Star Plus

The show starts with Air Traffic controller Mumbai staff speaking to themselves at 1:00 PM that they are not in contact with IDF 413 since some time though the co-pilot had asked them for emergency landing. The air traffic controller Chief Shravan Sharma learns that there are 120 passengers on board and he tries to contact them. The staff suggests that the airline is changing the flight path as it is seen on the radar and thinks that there is a hijack possibility.


The scene goes back to 5 hrs earlier and flight pilot is seen at the airport and the first flight officer Ananya is approaching the airport in her Ambassador car with family members. She has a younger brother and they reach the Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi and she is being told where to do the parking and in that process she hits a car and her cousin sisters begin a fact with the other car person. Ananya tries to apologize on her sister’s behalf but that man speaks that men are not wrong. Ananya wishes her uncle and leaves for the duty and he informs that she is fulfilling her grandfather (Nanna) incomplete dream. Her aunt informs that she has to help them in paying the mortgage amount of their home. Ananya’s mother speaks that she is proud of her daughter and wants to give an advice which is to walk with your head high and fight for your problems. She hugs her sister and goes to take the flight and comes first inside a room and she is informed that air hostess lockers are in different place and she is at the wrong place. She opens her jacket to reveal that she is a pilot and they learn it.  The Airlines name is Inde Air and she introduces herself as Ananya – first officer and meets other first officers and they tell her that she is the first women pilot and recruit. Soon there comes Captain Quresh (Q), the ones to whom he gives the right. He informs them the airlines world is not like training and as a commercial pilot you will have lot of moments of distraction and it is upto you will take advantage or loss of those opportunities. He taunts a first officer Karan there by terming his girlfriend presence at airport as a distraction. He informs them that the airlines job initially is excitement but later will now the real passion when flying becomes a routine. He speaks that there is one pilot who is not distracted.  

Captain Q introduces Ananya Rawat to another senior captain – Captain verma and also it is her first flight. Later, captain verma compliments Ananya on her label wing on her dress and she informs that her grandfather gave her and he was in airforce and wanted to become an airpilot and that label wing is her good luck charm. In the airline, airhostesses speak about Ananya flying with captain Verma as a co-pilot. They speak Ananya name is pretty.  Ananya prepares to walk towards the aeroplane with captain verma and looks at the plane and her senior wants her to take her time to sunk in the feelings of her first flight as pilot. She then goes inside the plane and is informed about the cockpit. Captain Verma initiates the first check in of the flight module and hostess Natasha comes there asking him for coffee and Ananya orders tea. He informs that male employees have issues with her and more women employees will be having issues with her. One of the passengers – young man of IDF 413 prepares for the boarding and then all the passengers are informed to take the boarding and people begin the boarding and that young man Mr Saluja boards the plane and is welcomed very warmly by the airhostess. Mr Saluja flirts with that hostess and she informs him that there is a new pilot with captain verma and he speaks Ananya Rawat.

She asks him whether he knew her, and he replies no and asks her whether she needed to be known. Saluja finds his seat and sits beside a man who looked very stiff and stares at him. Saluja looks at Ananya who came to help a passenger who was earlier speaking about juice and have earlier fought with Ananya and her cousins at the parking. He also learns that she is the co-pilot and speaks that she doesn’t know how to drive car and how come she can drive a plane and doesn’t have confidence in her. The hostess informs captain verma that the man informed her that Ananya drove her car in negligent manner leading to an accident so how come she can drive the plane. Captain verma comes to pacify that man and speaks that he has 15 second to decide whether he wants to fly or being offloaded from the plane. Captain verma comes back to the cockpit and wants her to do the announcement since its her first flight and even he has acidity as well.  She makes the announcement that they are ready for departure and the hostesses becomes jealous of her. The pilots then starts the take-off and that passenger becomes worried and prays to God.

Captain verma requests permission for take-off from the ATC and he wants Ananya to take the take-offs and gives her control and she becomes awe and then begins to take-off and speaks to herself inside about her dreams which was about to fulfill and her heart is coming to that reality which is more beautiful than the dream and has never thought. She completes the take off and the plane sails in the sky and captain verma feels bit uncomfortable and wants some soda/antacid and wants hostess to give sandwiches to Ananya. The air hostesses serve food and drinks to passengers and that the same passenger puts some food in his pocket and Saluja again comes to flirt with the same air hostess. He comes close to her and she speaks how many times he has spoken the same line to a girl. She then asks him why is he going to Mumbai ? He replies for some personal work and suggests there can be many.. The same hostess is being told by Ananya to find Antacid for captain verma and the hostess speaks that ananya is showing attitude. Soon., captain verma takes the antacid and feels chest pain and his health becomes more deteriorated. The airhostess learns that captain verma got a heart attack and they are checking the manifest for a doctor. Mr Saluja comes in the cockpit with an airhostess and takes the captain away. Ananya is now managing the plane alone and the passengers asks the hostess whether there is any problem. That same passenger who were angry with Ananya turns out to be a doctor and the hostess informs about the medical emergency and captain verma being the patient. He is informed that there are 40 minutes from landing in Mumbai and he wants the plane to prepare for an emergency landing and the doctor informs that the pilot is serious and speaks straightly let’s watch. The passenger becomes curious to know that the pilot got a heart attack and is not driving the plane anymore and they start to speak loudly there.

Saluja informs them all to be quiet and also speaks that he is also a pilot and the landing will be safe. The doctor again speaks that a female pilot is driving the pilot and even that for the first time so there is a problem. Akash Saluja tries to pacify people again and the airhostess Natasha with whom he was earlier flirting with suggests that Ananya is flying for the first time and asks him to drive the plane. He informs her that he is not on duty and according to rules he cannot drive the plane but she again insists that passengers will not listen and he then agrees to help Ananya. Captain verma wants Akash to support Ananya but not interfere when she is driving the plane and only help her when she asks for. The doctor steps in there and wants captain verma to shut up and speaks that he is very critical. Akash then asks him how much time captain verma has ? The doctor informs 15 to 20 minutes and then Akash comes into the cockpit  and he informs Ananya that they need an emergency landing since captain verma health is stable but they don’t have much time. He comes and sits in the captain’s seat and she informs him that he doesn’t have her permission. He speaks on being a pilot for the same airlines and she informs that according to rules if a pilot becomes ill then the command goes to the co-pilot. He replies that’s well and good but that would be the case when he would have not present on the flight and then goes on to say that he has hundred of hours of flying time and also the weather conditions are not good and then adds that she is flying for the first time. She tells him to go back to his seat and the plane feels some turbulence. He informs that her attitude is not good and its not who came first and its not a competition and its about the life of passengers and crew members and suggests that he will be quiet but what about passengers who will not remain quiet.

She reiterates that he is interfering and informs him that she is a trained pilot who has been trained of emergency situations as well. Natasha again comes in the cockpit and ananya informs her to take Akash Saluja back to his seat and wants flight attendant to see her. Akash leaves while speaking that this is not over. Akash goes and sit beside the pilot captain verma and all the passengers again start to make noise and not happy with Ananya flying alone. Ananya becomes nervous and tries to contact the ATC speaking her flight no IDF 413 but unable to contact. On the ground at ATC Mumbai, the staff informs their chief that the flight IDF 413 contacted them earlier last communication for emergency landing when co-pilot was in command but since then haven’t contacted them. There are 120 passengers on board and Ananya at her end is still unable to understand why she is not able to contact with ATC and at ATC end, the ATS chief Shravan Sharma tries to asks IDF 413 to identify themselves and he then learns that the flight is changing its flight path as seen on radar. The staff then suggests that if the flight is unable to communicate then thats means there is a hijacking possibility. Ananya wants to land and then changes her headphone of captain verma and she is still unable to reach the ATC. She speaks on not failing and remembers her grandfather’s words of fulfulling his incomplete dream and also remember her mother’s words of walking with her head high which is difficult to follow in life and also needs to fight the problems to become successful. She then gets a voice from ATC Ahmedabad which came as a ray of big light and she informs that ATC that the captain verma got a heart attack and she needs to have an emergency landing for her flight IDF 413.

She then prepares for an emergency landing and makes an announcement informing the passengers that they are going for an emergency landing because of medical emergency in Ahmedabad and wants to tighten their seat belt and sit straight because in Ahmedabad there is cloud cover and the landing can be bumpy as well. ATC Mumbai learns that IDF 413 is going to land in Ahmedabad because of medical emergency (co-pilot got heart attack) and the radio contact is again back. Ananya wants the flight attendant Jennifer to come in the cockpit and help her and all the passengers are supporting themselves for the landing and are anxious and even the air hostess are anxious as well. Ananya begins to land the plane and succesfully lands the plane on the track and feels confident after landing. The plane trails on the runaway and the passengers, hostess, and the doctor feels relieved and happy. The ATC officer in Ahmedabad compliments Ananya and the announcement speaks that they have landed safely and informs them of their connecting flight. Ananya comes out from the cockpit and all the passengers begins to applaud her because of her efforts and Akash Saluja becomes not too happy and leaves a file for the person who was sitting beside him.

Akash before leaving informs Ananya that she will hear from pilot’s association tomorrow. The doctor and other passengers applaud Ananya as they leave and shower their blessing as well and one small girl gives Ananya a chocolate. Ananya while going back to her place/hotel at the airport speaks that for any dreams to realize and to be true they need to become the reality and the reality is the only place where you have fear of dreams not able to realize. But the dream which has power to be realized and there it has also the determination of not breaking up and she cannot lose that determination not only for her but also for the ones whose reality get wings because of her determination.

Next Week: Ananya faces disciplinary action and she is informed by the pilot’s association that on disciplinary ground her services are not required and she is being fired. The ATC receives a call that there is a bomb in flight 216 and the ATS chief wants the flight to not take off but the pilot takes its own stand and does the take off by saying that its too late.

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Tulip Joshi portraying the role of Flight officer Ananya Rawat
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